AN: HEY. TO ALL MY READERS... IM BACK! FROM MY HAITASU! (im really sorry about not writing for all dat time :() but anyways now its tim 2 return with part 2 of hearts on the nobodies


Axle: use ur power lizie

Lizie: but... i dont know what it is

Arcade fire: oh no we're ded

Chapter 16: Every tear drop is a water fall 2

When I woke up that morning... axel was cryin. there were pure tears streaming down his boyish face and dribbling down his chin drippin to the ground to form a big puddle of tears just looking at it. Axle was singing 2 himself...when hes sad he writes songs. this time he was singing "when i was a young boy my father took my into the city to see a band"

i cryed because his song was so bootyful

ALL OF A SUDDEN artic monkeys were attackin! not cute monkeys the DUMB EVIL MONKEYS THAT PLAYED THE OLYMPICS ISNTEAD OF MCR!

but axle...he didnt get up to fite. he wouldnt do anythin. there was hurti n his eyes. i didnt no y... i got rely mad at da artic momkeys "CANT YOU SEE HES GOING THROUGH AN EMOTIONAL YOURNEY?" I yeled at them

"YA" donky sed

they loked at me for a minute then lafed becaus they didnt have hearts "we are 10 times more evil than arcane fires! ur doomed! we dont care about him we wany U LIZY"

"but tats me? i said frantically. "WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH A PURE INNOCENT GIRL LIKE HER ANYWAYS honk" said gamzie who was sober

"we want/... HER POWER"

i gassed "but i dont kno wat it is"

they cast soul sucker THEY HAD TO SUCK MY SOUL OUT! All of a sudden AXLE SPRUNG TO LIF he didnt wan me to di

he…. jumped….. in the way…. of … the…..


"lizzie i dont want to dead" axel said. but then he became dead. and lzze sad.

the tears of a maiden (me) fell to the ground in torrents, over the death of he who i lovd so much...

What wil happen

to be conintued.