This story may contain Nudity, Sexual Themes, Violence/Gore, Strong Language, and Ideologically Sensitive.

A/N: -thought- "speech" (mental speech)

Vegeta had been living a Capsule Corps for a few months and Bulma had just about come to her wit's end. Her saiyan house guest was driving her bonkers with his insults and rude demands. He looked down on her and her family and aggravated her with his implied sovereignty as their master.

She was almost finished with the repairs to the gravity chamber... AGAIN! The monkey bastard woke her at 3:09 AM to demand that she 'fix the machine at once.' Since its last repair the surly saiyan prince rarely made an appearance in the house… save for meal times. It was now leaning toward fifteen after seven o'clock.

"Does that man ever sleep?" She grumbled to herself. She had spent the last few days and nights repairing not only the gravity room, but lying awake in bed unable to sleep from the constant 'booms' and 'crashes' the came from his relentless training. "Oh, of course not! If he did he might have consideration for others… and he wouldn't be up destroying gravity chambers or making a racket at all hours of the night!"

"WOMAN? Are you done with my training quarters, yet?" The peevish saiyan said as he stormed into the gravity room.

Bulma stood from the floor where she was working under the console and she absently placed a small chip she held in her hand into her jean pocket. In her exhausted state she wasn't aware that she placed it there at all. Her weary eyes held fury as she looked into the face of the self serving asshole that towered over her. She swayed slightly on her feet as if she would collapse at any given moment.

"YES! I AM DONE!" She snorted in anger as she stormed past Vegeta. She was on a predestined course straight to her bed and not a soul would stand in the determined woman's way.

Vegeta had notice her pale pallor and the dark circles under her eyes. "Weak!" He mumbled after her retreating form as it disappeared into the house. He couldn't let her get off that easy so he followed after her.

Bulma eased back into her bed and the welcoming warmth it held. "Ah!" She sighed softly as she closed her heavy lids and snuggled her head deeper into her pillow. Her breathing had become even and she was almost into the first stages of sleep.

The door swung open with a crash as it was imbedded partially into the wall with the force that was exerted against it. Bulma shot up out of bed with a start and her eyes darted all over the room until the stopped on a furiously trembling prince. He was beyond pissed at not having his gravity room fixed and from the blatant disrespect that he had been shown. His chest heaved and breaths huffed and puffed through flaring nostrils.

As she realized who had caused the door to nearly come off its hinges, the fear and confusion she felt turned into molten rage that boiled and seethed until she burst. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO STOMP INTO MY ROOM BECAUSE YOU HAVE YOUR SPANDEX IN A BUNCH!" Vegeta inhaled and then opened his mouth to speak to be drowned out by the woman's continued rant. "…AND NO I WILL NOT FIX YOUR INFERNAL GRAVITY ROOM UNTIL I'M GOOD AND DAMNED READY!" Bulma's chest heaved in and out with her panted breaths and she tried her best to calm herself, but like it or not lack of sufficient sleep was taking its toll. "I- *yaaaaaawn* -am… sleepy. If you want me… to fix you gra- *yawn* -room. I'll… after… sleep…" She sunk back into the mattress asleep.

"Woman, get your lazy ass up and fix my facilities at once! Woman! WOMAN? Are you listening to me?" He snarled in disbelief. –What the hell is wrong with her?- "Woman!"

Bulma's eyes snapped open and she did her best to set the saiyan on fire with her hateful stare. "VEGETA I SWARE TO KAMI IF YOU DON'T GET OUT OF MY ROOM RIGHT NOW YOU WON'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE ANDROIDS TO COME FOR YOU TO DIE 'CAUSE I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

Vegeta smirked through his anger. His intrigue to this presented challenge shone in his face. "You and what army? Are you going to get that simpleton boyfriend of yours… oh wait… he dumped you for someone younger didn't he?"

"UUUuuuRAAH!" She roared at his back as he left the room at his evident victory. The last thing she heard from him were his deep throated chuckles coming from down the hall.

Bulma stood from the warm embrace of her bedding and strolled over to a trunk that held her collectables and memorabilia. She searched through the treasure objects from her dragon ball hunting days. She found the object that she was after and she held it aloft in her hands smirking evilly. She stood again and waltzed back over to her bed and flopped down sinking back into its soft confines. She stuffed her retrieved object ynder her pillow and then made another attempt at sleep.