CHAPTER 30 – Rude Awakening!

This story may contain Nudity, Sexual Themes, Violence/Gore, Strong Language, and Ideologically Sensitive.

A/N: -thought- "speech" (mental speech) *internal conflict/conscience*

They were in the middle of their heated kiss and Bulma's contractions were almost forgotten under the blissful action of his smooth yet firm lips on hers. Slowly the pain returned to the forefront of her thoughts as it tore through her abdomen and spread like wildfire along her nerves. Bulma clung to Vegeta's shoulders as the agony gripped her once again. The sweet moment between the two mates had been ruined. He knew that there was nothing he could do other than stay by Bulma's side holding onto her as the pain laced through her body.

"Ve-Vegeta! Where's the doctor?" Bulma's worsd came out hurried with a sharp infliction of hurt that was woven into every syllable.

"There is no doctor-" Vegeta began almost sheepishly as he averted looking into her eyes.
Her face flooded red as she prepared her rant. Bulma narrowed her eyes dangerously at him. –What is this? This is not happening! First the drugs now the doctor! What's next? If he tells me something stupid like 'You're going to have to birth this brat without screaming me deaf…' , I'll kill him for sure this time!- "WHAT DO YOU MEAN-OW, OW, OUCH!"

Vegeta grits his teeth as her fingers become claws and sunk into his shoulders. Somehow the woman had actually managed to cause him discomfort with her stabbing grip. "I was going to say… That I was a little rough with the doctor for being late…. But the nurse talked me through the delivery of the child. Unfortunately, you've scared that woman senseless and she won't step foot in this room unless you're sedated, so we are at an impasse." He said with a hint of humor in his gravelly voice.

Sweat beaded across her forehead and her light blue brows furrowed under the pain. Bulma's panted breaths came in uneven huffs and she tried to focus on the sound of Vegeta's steady heartbeat. Even if he was a bit thoughtless in consideration of easing her pain with medication it was endearing that he cared so much for their soon to be born child. She smiled a little at that thought even as the agony threatened to bleed it from her face.

Goku entered into the two new parents midst by the use of his instant transmission. His calculations were off and he ended up atop the dresser toppling the grossly large vase to the floor sending the liquid contents all across the linoleum tile surface spreading to the half completed sparking device. "Whoops! Sorry guys." The he said blushing slightly in embarrassment and he was unable to look them in the face from his fumbled entry.

Vegeta jumped up from his exhausted mate's side with anger written heavily into his features. "Kakarott, you fool!" He tried his best to growl at the other warrior quietly as not to disturb his mate and soon to be born heir. He said nothing as he neared the younger saiyan as he walked across the puddle that separated them. He was midway when he stepped on the uncompleted device causing him to be engulfed in a beam of blinding light that only extended to the edges of the puddle on the floor. Bulma shielded her eyes from the extreme intensity of the beam as did Goku.

The device shorted out in a puff of smoke and when the light faded Vegeta lay motionless on the floor. The nearly complete device that Bulma created to drain a person's had been indecently successful. The combination of Goku's blunder and her enraged degenerate genius was all too effective at ending the saiyan prince's life, a second time since arriving on this planet.

The shock in the room was all too thick and no words could be spoken. Bulma had forgotten about her pending delivery of her child and tried to rise and go to her mate's side, but the onslaught of torturous contractions tore through her. Her tear filled eyes refused to leave him as the gap between each wave of agony tore through her. This was all of her fault and now he would never come back to her because he'd been wished back once already. At that realization the tears came faster. Her careless anger had brought this on her and she had no one else to blame... or did she? Her reddened glistening blue eyes watched as the other saiyan knelt down next to her love. Something inside of her twisted as she watched him pick up the prince's lifeless body and then look to her with a hollow expression before he phased out of sight without a word to her.

She watched the empty place where they once were longer than she should have. She snapped back to reality once she discovered that her angered sense of vengeance had found a new mark. Goku. "He will pay!"

Scratch wandered into the room and jumps up onto the foot of her bed and begins mewling up at her for attention. "Well my coconspirator, do you want to help me finish off another saiyan?" She spoke in empty but sinister tones as she scratched the cat's chin.

The cat looked up at her after her caresses had ceased and smiled. "I thought you'd never ask, Bulma." The cat laughed maniacally and the laughter increase at Bulma's half confused, half nervous expression at the cat's speech. Her look soon turned to horror and then screamed shrilly.

She awoke covered in a cold sweat beading over her smooth pale skin. Vegeta burst through her bedroom door seething. His posture could portray nothing other than how livid he was at being disturbed from a nights rest. He snatched her up from the security of her sheets and held her roughly by her shoulders. "What in this dimension or the next could inspire such an earsplitting sound! An hour ago I would have thought you would have screamed yourself mute by now. I can't take your shrill harpies screeching any longer. Utter another noise tonight and you need not worry about your worst nightmares for I'll release you from them by ending your miserable life!" He huffed after the delivery of his threat. Vegeta looked every bit of serious about making good on his declaration. His black eyes that couldn't be seen to her could have burned away her soul with the intensity of the fire they held.

For Bulma this had been the first time in a long while she had found herself afraid of the dark saiyan prince. Her body betrayed her with tremors of fear. She swallowed the large lump that was building in her throat before she could speak. "I-I was dreaming... I-I killed you! Goku killed you..." Her voice trembled as she looked up into his darkness shrouded face feeling his warm breath fanning over her face. She felt like cornered prey destined for death in the midst of a predator.

Vegeta's grip loosened on her as he realized that she had been screaming as if she were dying because he was killed in her dreams. -Is that what she meant!- Mirth soon filled his voice as he thought of the possibility of her being able to harm him as well as the idea that the simple minded fool Kakarott ending his life. "HA! As if either of you invalid fools could kill me!"

Her face filled with a deep scarlet blush as she thought of all of the contents of her dream more pointedly the more steamy parts of her dream. "And we were... were..." She couldn't finish what she was trying to say for she was lost in her thoughts on the more lusty scenes.

He looked at her with his usual half smirk with one brown cocked in curiosity. "We were what, woman?" The tone in his voice lowered as he waited for her reply, but he got his answer when he felt her skin heat under his hands and the scent of her arousal reached his overdeveloped olfactory senses. -?- He didn't know what to make of it. They hated each other, didn't they? Her released his hold on her shoulders, but his fingers and palms traced down her arms before his arms dropped to his side.

Bulma was confused by how his boiling anger had dissipated so quickly. what had caused the change in him was unknown to her and it unnerved her slightly. She moved away from him by taking a step backward. The way his attention was focused on her made her uncomfortable for she didn't know what he was thinking. She couldn't see his facial features but she still looked away from his face as not to see what emotion or expression was held there.

The silence stretched out between the in the darkness of her room and it nearly startled her out of her skin when he finally spoke. "Do you fear me?" His words were quiet but stern.

She was puzzled and wasn't sure how to answer so she chose to answer truthfully. "Well... Sometimes. I haven't been in a while. I supposed I've become complacent with you living here, but tonight brought that fear back to the surface."

He looked away from her eyes before he spoke. The fear and the edgy nervousness that he saw there bothered him. He could see every detail of her smallest gesture in the dark. "You need not be. I can't explain it and don't ask me to, but I would never harm you." After his words we spoken he looked back to her deep night darkened blue eyes and was surprised by what he saw there, it was awe.

She was about to take another step back, but Vegeta's arm shot out quicker than could be seen and pulled her into a deep and fierce kiss. Due to her surprise Bulma was slow to respond. He had almost thought he had made a mistake in kissing her until he felt her awkward return. Slowly she became more comfortable with him and his confident actions had a huge hand in that no doubt.

Her body felt right in his arms as did the way is molded to his own. Vegeta's hands slid down her back to her ass. Once his hands reached the bottom of both cheeks he picked her up by tucking his palms underneath where cheek met the back of her thighs.

She wrapped her legs around his waist as he walked them backward to the bed without breaking the hungry kiss. He climbed onto the bed with his knees and then let them fall to the mattress, but he extended his arm to catch himself to keep from being over encumbered by his weight. The jolt it cause separated their lips and Bulma fell backwards onto the mattress panting.

She could now see his face from the light that filtered through her bedroom window shone down on his face. She tried to steady her breath as she looked up at him. for the first time since she had known him uncertainty was etched into his face. -What did he have to be unsure about? Is he regretting what he did?- These and other questions flew through her mind. She closed her eyes and gave him a small smile to try and ease the turmoil that vexed him.

The smile she displayed gave him what he needed to be sure that this was what she wanted. Never had he let himself give into what his soul truly wanted. Sure he often gave into his greed by chasing immortality and yes he had killed for the pleasure of it even under Frieza's order. This was the first thing he wanted unselfishly though not entirely with the purest of intentions. No tonight his actions were carnally predatorily, but he made sure that this was what Bulma wanted too... even if it was just for tonight and they never experienced each other again. Something pulled inside of him at that final thought but it was so small that it was quickly dismissed as he again sought out her lips.

She wriggled out of pajamas and panties with Vegeta's assistance. He pulled them down her thighs and freed them from her legs with one swift motion. Afterward they were thrown over his shoulder with his eyes following the dissuaded garments to the floor. He turned his focus back to her and found Bulma in the middle of shedding her shirt. Since she was otherwise occupied her took that time to remove his spandex shorts. He then took a short moment to take in the sight of her naked body: pert round breasts capped in pinkish brown buds, toned stomach that let down to bare puckered tight nether lips. She lay there becoming for him to have her in any way he desired. She did the same, her eyes soaking him up, as stood there at the foot of the bed. Her eyes roved ever inch of his muscled form traveling down to his engorged package surrounded by a midnight black thatch of hair. She swallowed at the impressive sight with her genius brain trying to contemplate the possibility of how that was going to fit.

He positioned himself between her thighs and she bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes in anticipation of his entry, but felt none. She opened one eye to see why nothing had happened. When she opened one eye he then spoke. "Are you sure this is what you want?" There was a underlying sense of annoyance in his voice.

She then allowed her other eye to follow suit and open. She smiled at him and then swallowed nervously. "I'm sure..." She spoke in hushed tones before she continued in a normal voice. "It's just I'm afraid-"

His brows knit together in aggravation, but his face soon relaxed. "I said that I would never hurt you, woman. I meant what I said. Do you trust me?" His dark onyx eyes held a questioning in them as he waited for her answer.

"Yes. I trust you." She spoke softly as she rose to reach to cup his face pulling him into another deep passion filled and devouring kiss. She looked at him with curious eyes. She was relieved and afraid that he chose to take her. Her fear was that she didn't know who would be claiming her. Would it be, Vegeta or the dark prince? Or both, one in the same? Her passion flooded her senses and for now she didn't care.

He took the swollen proud flesh of his cock and teased her entrance with the dewing head of his shaft. The combination of their juices created a pleasing lubrication for him to rub the organ up and down her tight cleft. He prepped her for a few minutes before circling her wet entrance with the tip. He pushed at the tight opening and pulled back several times testing her limits to see if she was ready before he pushed his hard shaft into her slippery viselike warmth.

She smiled sweetly and gasped as he pushed deeper. Her blue eyes gleamed up into his fathomless black eyes and she holds her breath to stifle grunts of mild pain. Her hurt shown in her eyes but she endured it as he combined their bodies. She hissed at the sting of his penetration and her claws harshly dig into his back drawing a minute amount of blood. She grabs his lips with hers and pushes her tongue into his mouth tasting the heat and addictive taste of him. The soreness faded and then her animalistic nature took over and her actions became hungrier.

The minute pain of her scratches excites him further and he growls in response to the craving she shows for him. Vegeta builds up to a steady rhythm as he movement climb desperately to match his. He pistons his straining length within her clinching walls in frantic movements earning mewls and gasps of pleasure as he slams back into her hot depths.

She grits her teeth as he pushes and pulls within her walls. Her nails dig deeper into his skin as the feeling becomes more intense. Euphoria overtakes her senses and then she gives the reigns over to passion and the waves of completion surround and abound within her taking him along for the ride. She releases her hot juices coating his cock. She shivered as her pinnacle was reached and her legs tightened around his waist pulling him deeper inside. She screamed her pleasure as her inner walls clinched at his proud muscles thrusts. Each snap of his hips added and intensified the feeling until she felt as if she could handle no more. She felt his hot seed spread through her womb. She reveled in the feel as he spurted several times and the spasmic rhythm of his pulsing shaft sent her sensitized nerves into electrified ecstasy. She moaned and arched her body into his as she felt him release thick bursts. "Mmm… you're amazing, my lover." She purred into his ear as she wrapped her arms around him.

Vegeta chuckled into her ear from where he had buried his face into her neck during his climax. He rose up enough to where he could see her clearly before he spoke. A all knowing smirk crept onto his lips before her eyes. "We are far from finished, woman. This was only round one of many more to come before I'm through with you."

Her eyes went wide at his bold statement and she could already feel his member hardening again inside of her as it twitched with the after tremors of sex. She smiled broadly and clinched her inner muscles to grip around his shaft in response to his teasing. "Are you going to make good on your threat or are you going to talk me into an orgasm?"

Everything before her waking had been a long rollercoaster of a dream sequence. From the plotting of her revenge with the accidental aide of her father's cat in Vegeta's first death to the second accidental death with Goku's misguided instant transmission killing him a second time it had been a combination of sleep deprivation and a mixture of odd foods.