All It Takes Is Faith

Their place was small (just two bedrooms and one bath) but it was just the two of them so it was more than enough. She could still remember how much fun they had together picking out all the furnishings. They hadn't had a lot of money at the time so they made by with things they found at yard sales and second hand stuff. However, even with most of the things in their apartment not being brand new you couldn't find a better home, they try to make sure of it.

As she sat reflecting on the last few years in their home she heard a knock at the front door. Smiling slightly she moved to open the door.

"Hey mom, the party was awesome," her daughter exclaimed as soon as the door opened to reveal her daughter and another woman.

Ginny smiled at the two as she moved to let her daughter inside, "Well, I'm glad you had a good time."

"Yeah, I did," she turned back to the woman. "Thanks for inviting me Mrs. Jamison."

"Oh you're welcome honey, Andrea and I was happy you could come," the woman smiled at the girl who waved and moved further into the apartment.

"So how was my girl? Not to much trouble I hope," Ginny asked her friend, Trish.

"You kidding? If all of Andrea's friends were like yours I might actually invite them over more often. No, she was great, as always," Trish answered back smilingly.

Ginny chuckled, "Well I have no idea where she gets it from, but thanks for walking her down."

"No problem the party was just wrapping, I should head back up though. I need to start cleaning up the chaos that it my house, I'll talk you later. Maybe we can meet up for lunch next week?" Trish asked.

"Yeah sounds great, I'll call you later," Ginny replied as she closed the door. She turned around once again to gaze around her home and couldn't help the feeling that her content little world was going to come crashing down around her.

Four days later she received her answer while she cooked an extra special breakfast for her daughter, after all its not everyday a girl turns eleven. A noise at the kitchen widow broke Ginny out of her routine.

"I should have known," she said aloud. There were three owls outside her window. Seriously considering banning one of the owls from entering her home, she huffed as she threw up her hands, "Oh, all right but I don't like it," glaring at the owl she had wanted to deny entrance to. Glancing at the other two owls she couldn't help but smile, "You two can stay. I'm sure she'll want to send back letters." Beckoning in the two owls, she led them to a small corner where two bowls of water and owl treats were situated.

She then turned to the other and reached out to untie the letter but the owl clicked it beak at her. She knew it was either retribution for almost not letting it in or because she was not the actual recipient, so she replied, "Look here you, you can let me take it or you will have to wait for her to get up."

The owl gave, to her, what had to be the equivalent of an owl glare.

"Hey those are your only choices. Take 'em or leave 'em," she replied.

The owl giving her an extremely reproachful look held out its leg.

"Was that so hard?" The squawk Ginny received told her quiet plainly it was indeed hard; at least the peck to her fingers was hard. Looking down she realized there were two letters instead of the customary one. One letter was addressed to her daughter the other to herself. Sending another quick glare at the owl she took a deep breath and opened the letter:

Dear Miss Weasley

I would like to offer you a position of medi-witch for the next school year. As you may not yet be aware of Madam Pomfrey has decided to retire and we are in need of a skilled healer. It has come to my attention that you come extremely and most surprisingly well recommended. I am also aware that considering certain circumstances you might prefer to be a little closer to Hogwarts. I await your answer.

Yours truly,

Minerva McGonagall



Ginny chuckled silently thinking, 'Slick old witch, Dumbledore must have taught her a few tricks.' Shaking her head, she put the letter down wanting to give herself time to think about the letter.

The sound of doors opening and closing alerted her to her daughter's awoken state. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes and yawning a "Good morning" was the greeting she received as her daughter approached the kitchen.

"Good morning baby girl, happy birthday," she smiled happily at her daughter.

Grinning at her mom, "Thanks mom," glancing at the two owls she asked excitedly, "Are those for me?"

Ginny glanced at the owls then back to her daughter, "Yes they are but before you open them there's another letter that I think you should open first."

Her daughter's eyes fell onto the letter immediately recognizing it from all the stories her mom had told her, "Mom I don't –"

Ginny interrupted her before she could finish, "Baby girl you should read your letter before you make any decisions. But I want you to know that no matter what you decide to do, I love you," hugging her daughter and giving her a kiss on her forehead she handed her the letter.

Hesitatingly, she glanced at her mom several times, she flipped the letter over to read the address.

Miss F Weasley

Apartment 404

New York, New York

United States of America

Fingering the letter H wax seal she finally opened her letter:

Dear Miss Weasley,

We are pleased to inform you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please note the list of necessary items for the school year. On a more personal note I believe that you will do very well should you decided to attend. You will learn to control your magic as well as learn things about yourself you never knew. I hope to see your face at the start of term.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall



Ginny could see the slight tears in her daughter's confused eyes.

She finished her letter more over-whelmed and puzzled than she had ever felt before, even more than when her mom had told her the truth about her mother's life before she was born, her father, and their families. Now she had no idea what to do.

"I'm not going," she stated firmly.

Ginny smiled a little sadly at her daughter, "Are you sure baby girl? Please do not make any rash decisions because you're afraid."

"I'm not," she shook her head stubbornly but ruined it with slightly watery eyes.

Ginny pulled her into her arms, "Oh sweetie, what are you afraid of?"

She pulled back slightly, "I don't want to go all the way over there and leave you here all by yourself," chocking about halfway through her admission.

Ginny smiled at her daughter, squeezing her extra tightly, "I know that's only half of it but if it makes you feel better you won't have to worry about me being so far away. I have just been offered a post at Hogwarts. Professor McGonagall wants me to take over for Madam Pomfrey."

Clapping her hands excitedly she asked her mom, "Really Mom? That's awesome, congrats!"

"Yes, so if you go then I go, but I know there's something else you're not telling me so out with it," staring down hard at her daughter.

She froze with her mom's assessment, holding her head down with guilt or maybe shame, she confessed her biggest fear, "What if they figure out who I am and want nothing to do with me?"

Ginny felt her heat break at hearing the words come out of her daughter's mouth. Silently cursing all the shite that had happened to her when she was younger and at the things that made her daughter doubt herself, she wished she could take everything back and just ignore the owl that had come with the letter clutched in her daughter's hand but she knew she couldn't. She had never lied to her daughter (even when it hurt) and she wasn't going to start now.

"You listen here, Faith Weasley, you are a beautiful, smart, kind, strong girl who just happens to be an amazing witch, now if they don't want to get to know the unbelievably awesome person you are then they are not worth it," Ginny expressed strongly to her daughter who was smiling with silent tears streaming down her face.

"Okay? Do you feel better?"

Faith nodded wiping the tears from her eyes, "Yes, thanks mom."

"Now what do you want to do?" she asked her daughter leaving the choice completely to her.

Taking a deep breath she decided, "I want to go to Hogwarts."

Ginny smiled gave her daughter giving her another hug, "Okay."

She couldn't help the laugh that bubbled out at the excitement that lit her daughter's eyes, the emerald green eyes of her father.