Chapter 6


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Harry tossed and turned all night but he hardly slept. He could not make his brain stop. Memories would invade his thoughts until he could no longer stay in bed. He growled as he left its warmth. Heading towards his living room, he quickly lit the fire and made his way to the sofa.

He was currently in his quarters at Hogwarts. Normally Harry would have waited to move into his quarters until right before school was going to start, however this year he decided to move in earlier. This year things were different.

He still could not believe Ginny was back! But he still didn't understand what was going on between her and Severus. If he hadn't known any better he would assume they were intimately involved and that felt wrong on so many levels.

Still, it appeared as if Severus had known about Faith since the beginning but had never been told something he was furious about. They had often talked to each other, they were not best mates too much history would never allow it, but they had managed to meet each other quite civilly. For Severus to have kept something like this from him Ginny must have not wanted him to know. That thought left a huge ache in his chest right in his heart.

He gave a deep sigh, Severus was right though it was his fault that he did not know his own daughter, or at least it was mostly his fault. He really couldn't take all the blame but if he had only tried to listen to Ginny he would not be a complete stranger to his daughter. He couldn't help the tears as he thought about how the chain of events transpired how everything changed so fast before he could stop it.


They had finally caught the bastard! He had managed to evade them twice before but it's true what they say, 'third times the charm'. They knew Veritaserum was useless on him so they would use Legilimency instead.

"Potter, Weasley, here he is," another fellow Auror gestured to the man.

"Thank you, Watkins," Harry dismissed the wizard.

"Well, well, well, I bet you didn't think we'd ever catch you, did you?" Ron asked the man that had forcibly entered.

"Whatever Weasley, give me your little potion so I can be on my way," the man sneered unworriedly.

"Oh, no Zabini, there's no 'little potion' this time, no it's just you and us and a little spell," Harry told him smirking.

Blaise Zabini looked for the first time truly scared.

"W-what spell?" Zabini asked hesitantly.

"This one,"

"Legilimens," they roared together. They went through several memories and made notes of what memories they would need to indict himself and others. They also went through memories of future plans that had yet to be set into motion. However, before they pulled themselves out they noticed a set of memories that he had obviously tried hard to hide. When Harry and Ron decided to check out these memories they had no idea what they would find and later couldn't help but wish they never looked.

It felt like no time at all before he was Flooing home to the Burrow. The confusion and disbelief at the memories was soon replaced by an anger that he had only felt once before when he still believed Severus Snape was a traitor and had murdered one of the greatest wizards alive. He arrived in the living room of one of his favorite buildings, not feeling the usual warmth it always gave him. Harry could hear Ginny and Mrs. Weasley in the kitchen. He quickly and quietly made his way there he stood just in the doorway watching as Mrs. Weasley bustled about the kitchen, while Ginny chatted to her and continued to plan their wedding. However, his silent watch was interrupted by the noise of the Floo and its occupant yelling loudly, "GINNY! GINNY WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU?"

Harry quickly sidestepped the door as Mrs. Weasley and Ginny hurriedly moved to the living room.

"Ronald, I don't appreciate your language," his mother admonished the grown adult Auror.

"Mum, stay out of this!" Ron practically screamed at her.

"What the bloody hell is your problem?" Ginny asked angrily at the way he talked to their mum and herself, but before she could threaten him with her infamous Bat Bogey if he didn't apologize immediately his wand was pointing directly in her face.

"Ron -"Mrs. Weasley began but was once again interrupted.

"What you didn't think we were going to find out, huh Ginny? Did you think that we were just gonna pretend we hadn't seen what you did? How could you do that to Harry, to your family? You make me sick!" Ron screamed spit flying out of his mouth.

"Ron what are you talking about?" Ginny asked truly scared.

"What am I talking about, huh, what you don't even remember torturing those first years? Did you have so much fun being a Death Eater whore that you can't even remember all the shite you've done?" Ron continued to look at Ginny with such an utter hate in his eyes.

"Ron I would never do that, you have to believe me," Ginny pleaded to her brother with tears streaming down her face.

"We saw the memories from your Death Eater boyfriend, Blaise Zabini, memories don't lie Ginny! It was you! Everyone thought you were risking your life saving innocent muggle-borns when the Carrows were running the school but you were helping them terrorize the students! You were torturing them just like the rest of those sons of bitches! How could you Ginny?" Ron accused her.

Neither of them heard the arrival of Hermione or Mr. Weasley. Both were standing there with absolute faces of shock. Harry also stared unmoving at the girl that he had planned on spending the rest of his life with. Mrs. Weasley was crying on the couch when Mr. Weasley sat next to her.

"I didn't! You have to have to trust me! Mum, Dad, you know I would never do something like that, I wouldn't, I couldn't! Please," Ginny begged her parents. Her mother continued to cry into her husband's chest as her father looked at her as he had never done before.

"I saw the memory, Ginevra! You are no daughter of mine! Leave my home, now!" he roared.

Ginny looked around the room as if looking for some kind of life line. Hermione's corner offered no kind of support. She finally turned her attention to the last occupant.

"Harry -"Ginny whispered, "Please, you know me, you know I could never anything like this-"

Ron slapped her before she could finish, "How dare you speak to Harry! Get out! Get the bloody hell out of his house! You are no longer my sister, you are no longer a Weasley!" Ron raised his hand to slap her again but she raised her wand to him, seconds later she felt a curse cut her wand arm. Ginny flinched from the pain and turned to see who had cast the curse.

"You've been told to leave, I would suggest you do that before you are forced to go," Harry coldly addressed her; there was no spark in his normally lively green eyes. His face, really his whole body, was giving off an air of complete and utter loathing she had never experienced before. She was almost undoubtedly sure that he was reigning in himself from not physically attacking her.

Ginny stood positively still, still not believing that her family would not believe her. She moved as if to make her way to her parents but Harry could no longer hold off his anger.

"I said GO!" Harry shouted still pointing his wand at her sparks flew out of his wand. Ginny flinched but ceased her movement.

"Harry, please," Ginny sobbed then she screamed as she felt another cutting curse hit her cheek. She could feel the blood pouring down shock written all over her face.

"You are dead to me. I want nothing from you, I don't want to see you, speak to you, or even think about you ever again. I should have known better than to get involved with someone who played with Tom Riddle's Horcrux for almost a year. That thing turned you evil. I just can't understand why we didn't see it before," Harry threatened Ginny with his wand right at her throat, "I never want to see you again. Stay the hell away from me and my family!"

Ginny couldn't believe that Harry had mentioned Tom that had always been her biggest fear, that he had left something evil inside of her. She had told him right after the final battle, they had reunited two day later. They had stayed up talking: their dreams, their nightmares, and their love. Ginny, filled with so much hurt and anger, retaliated without truly thinking she sent a stinging hex that Harry easily batted away.

Ginny knew she had no choice if she didn't leave right now, while she still had the chance, she may not get another one. With one final look at the other in the room and a quick glance at Harry she ran from the room. Ginny didn't stop running until she had run all the way to the edge of the wards. She looked back at the home she had for the seventeen years, then with a pop she was gone.

End Flashback

Harry shook his head as the tears refused to stop. They had been had. The whole thing had been an elaborate plan to gain revenge on Harry; Ginny had been framed and Harry and the rest of the Weasleys had been left to pick up the broken pieces of their lives. They had tried to contact her but every letter that had been sent had returned unopened.

Still they had hoped she would one day return and here she was. He had to talk to her he just hoped she would listen.

Ginny couldn't sleep. Though when she actually thought about it she never slept not anymore and if she was completely honest with herself she hadn't slept well since before she went to Hogwarts. She knew she would have to talk to Harry but was not looking forward to it. That conversation was bound to open old wounds long thought healed, still Ginny knew Harry could not be avoided.

Finally after lying in bed going over how to properly heal a leg perfectly, three times, she knew she could no longer stay in bed. Ginny got up to get ready for the day. A shower, light make-up (to cover the dark circles around her eyes from lack of sleep), all she needed now was a strong cup of coffee and Ginny would feel great. It was half-past eight but she did not hear any movement from the room across from her which was hardly a surprise. If Ginny let Faith sleep, she would sleep until noon and still take a late evening nap. Ginny silently chuckled at the thought of her daughter's sleep routine. Faith certainly is not going to like Hogwart's school hours, she thought silently. The chuckle died on her lips though, as she thought about what she should do. Should she go straight to Harry's classroom and talk to him, should she go to breakfast and wait for him there, or should she just go about her day and wait for him to find her? Ginny bit her lip trying to decide. Her stomach managed to make the decision for her with a startlingly loud growl. Definitely breakfast, she thought. With that choice made she quickly left the quarters after having written a short note to Faith in the off chance she woke before Ginny made it back.

However whatever divine entity there was, it was most assuredly not on Ginny's side her thoughts of Hogwart's breakfasts was interrupted by a voice down the corridor.

"Ginny, I'm so glad I ran into you," exclaimed the voice.

"Harry good morning," Ginny returned civilly.

"Gin, I was hopping we could talk," Harry said calmly though his eyes told another story.

"Actually Harry I was just on my way to the Great Hall, perhaps we could talk some other time," Ginny responded.

"We could have breakfast in my quarters, please Ginny I really want to talk to you," Harry's tone matching the emotion in his green irises.

"I'm not sure if that's entirely appropriate Harry," Ginny hinted.

"Please Ginny, I promise just breakfast and talking, please," Ginny knew she could not fight his gaze she never could and it annoyed her to no end that after all these years she still couldn't.

"Fine, but you might not like what I have to say," Ginny warned him.

"I'm okay with that, I just have to know," Harry answered more to himself than to Ginny.

They quietly made their way to Harry's quarters. It looked only slightly lived in as if it was solely used to sleep.

"Kreacher," Harry called as they made their way to his small dining area.

"Master Harry called Kreacher," the old house-elf croaked.

"Yes, Kreacher could we have some breakfast?" Harry gestured toward Ginny and himself.

Kreacher gazed at Ginny for a second before he answered Harry, "Yes, Master Harry," with a pop he was gone.

Harry pulled out a chair for Ginny before sitting down. The silence stretched with neither one willing to break it. A second later another pop announced the arrival of the food, a much larger amount than Kreacher was prone to bring. Kreacher remembered the girl as a Weasley and after having served several Weasleys throughout the years he knew their appetite was larger than most.

"Thank you, Kreacher, that's all for right now," Kreacher nodded and popped away.

It was through a silent agreement that no hint of the conversation they would soon have interrupted their meal.

Soon a somewhat large portion of the meal had been consumed, though a rather large amount still remained, Kreacher apparently registered Ron's eating habits and considered it to be all Weasleys.

"Would you like to move to the living room?" Harry asked awkwardly.

Ginny agreed mostly to have something to do the quiet was getting to her. She chose a chair by the lit fireplace which left Harry to sit on the chair opposite her.

The silence was irritating, she reacted the only way she knew how, "Well you wanted to talk, so talk," Ginny stated icily.

Harry looked at her then quickly away to the fire, "Why Ginny? Why did you not tell me I had a daughter?" Harry glared.

"What makes you so sure she's yours?" Harry's eyes widened, "Don't you remember according to you and your friend's I was just some Death Eater slag, how do you know that Faith is yours?" Ginny asked sneeringly.

Harry looked shocked, "Ginny, I-".

"You know what Harry stop, all right, I don't want to hear. It's not like it's going to change anything," she gave a great sigh.

"You asked me why I didn't tell you, why do you think? I didn't know I was pregnant until I left. Besides even if I had told you, after everything that had happened you probably would have thought I was making it up or worse, that the baby wasn't yours," Ginny explained.

"What happened? After you left, I mean? How does Snape fit into all of this?" Harry asked, ignoring what she said about Faith. Would he have believed her if she had said that she was pregnant with his child? He wasn't entirely sure so he put that to the side for now.

Ginny gazed into the fire before she closed her eyes and took and deep breath, "I had no idea what to do. My family had just kicked me out of the only home that I had ever known and I was completely lost. When I Apparated I just went to the hill over looking the Burrow. I could not understand why everyone thought I did those terrible things, I wanted to cry and scream all at the same time, but I was still numb. The whole thing still hadn't sunk in yet."

"I know I couldn't stay on that hill forever so I had to think about where I was going to go. My first thought was Luna and Neville they would believe me no matter what, then I remembered that they had gone on holiday in Switzerland to try and fine some animal or something. I wasn't sure who else knew about the fake memories, so I wasn't sure who I could trust. I briefly considered Denise but thought better of it, the next person I knew I could completely trust was Hagrid," Ginny let out a small chuckle.

"I Apparated straight to Hogwarts, I think I knocked on Hagrid's door for at least fifteen minutes before someone interrupted me. Severus was kind enough to inform me that Hagrid had gone on holiday to Beauxbatons. He was my last hope and I truly felt alone. I started to leave before Severus invited me to tea. I was hesitant at first. I knew he hadn't actually been a traitor but he was still imposing. But I didn't know how to respectfully decline, so I accepted. He led me to his quarters and we had our tea. I was completely dazed the whole time the whole world seemed to spinning. I think he may have slipped me a truth potion and a calming draught because the next thing I know I'm telling Severus everything. He didn't interrupt me once; he just let me pout it all out. I think he may have even given me a hug at one point. I remember afterwards he thought you all were crazy for every thinking I would ever do something like that, I believe his exact words were, 'Typical bloody Gryffindors, acting before thinking, as if you could ever do something so cunning and Slytherin. After the hell you put me and the Carrows, they must be the biggest dunderheads imaginable.'" Ginny chuckled, "When I told him I had no place to go, he offered me his extra room. I was going to decline but by this time I was too exhausted to fight. He gave me a sleeping potion and told me to rest. I had only planned to stay that one day but I ended up staying two weeks," Ginny paused, Harry conjured her a glass of water. She took it gratefully

"The first few days were awkward I wasn't sure how to act, the man had just stopped being my professor just weeks before. But he was very respectful and I have to admit he was comforting. I knew I couldn't stay there forever. If for no other reason, than because the students would be returning soon and I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea," Harry could no longer wait, he had to interrupt.

"But why? Why did he want you to stay?" harry asked curiously.

"I asked him once, he said that he reminded be of your mum, the red head was obvious but he said more my temper. The year with the Carrows he said that she would have the same thing she would have fought the same way we all did. Plus, I think it helped that I was amazing at Potions and I never pranked him the way the twins did. Well, at least not until that year. He said that I was the Weasley he disliked the least," Ginny gave a hallow chuckle.

Ginny gave another deep breath, "Then as if I didn't have enough on my plate I realized something else, I had missed my period. So I asked Severus if he knew how to brew the pregnancy potion, which he did. It confirmed what I had already suspected I was pregnant. Now not only did I have to worry about myself, but I now had to deal with the fact that I was going to be a single mother."

Ginny smiled as if remembering something pleasant, "Severus was very good about it, he offered me his extra room for however long I wanted or his house if I did not want to stay in the castle. But I knew neither would work I decided that since Quidditch was no longer an option, I'd become a healer. I applied to school's abroad not wanting to stay in England. I was quickly accepted to a healer school in the states to my surprise considering it was so close to classes starting but I just managed to beat the dead line. I don't think Severus was too happy we would be so far away but he never said anything. I didn't have long so I hurriedly rented a flat near the wizarding district, it was in a pretty terrible condition, but I didn't have a lot of money, only the bit of galleons I managed to get from working for the twins," Ginny shook her head a gave a great sigh and a slight chuckle, "But when it came time for me to take my leave Severus gave a sack full of galleons. Naturally I refused but he told me if I didn't take them then he would send two sacks tomorrow and if I still refused he would send three and keep on sending until I finally accepted. I knew he was telling the truth, so I hesitatingly accepted."

Ginny took another sip of her water and continued, "I made do with what I had, fixed the flat a bit, and prepared for the baby. Severus even came over for Christmas. I managed to get a job at a local bookstore a few blocks from school and home. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to find one at first. Considering I was young and pregnant but apparently that's not as big a deal in the states, the witches don't face as big a stigma as they do here. I was pretty lucky that I did not go into labor until early May, when I had already finished my end of the term examinations. I thought I was going to be alone for the whole thing but Severus was there with me holding my hand the whole time. Before I had mentioned it to him being, there he suggested asking Luna and Neville, but Luna couldn't come on account of her healer putting her on bed rest. She was about seven months along. Severus heard this and came for the weekend, it just happened to be the right time. I don't know if I was lucky or not but I was in labor for five hours and Severus never left my side. I don't think I could every repay all that he has done for Faith and I. The first time he held Faith, he had this look on his face, this softness that I never seen before. I asked him to be Godfather to Faith and he loves her more than anyone else and she truly loves him," Ginny finished with her first real smile in Harry's presence, it was like a kick to the gut.

Ginny drained the rest of the water in the glass, "I raised Faith with the continuous help from Severus, Luna, and Neville. I eventually got my healer-ship and I became a certified healer from New York City's Magical Metropolitan Hospital," Ginny smiled again, "In fact I almost ran into Lavender and Seamus."

"What Seamus never told me that?" Harry said angry that another friend had held out on him.

"That's because he never knew, back when I first started attending school I noticed that they had misspelled my name horribly, the student that was registered was somehow, Guinevere Wesley, so I just never corrected. I usually signed my name G Wesley and just conveniently left out the a. So when I was paged, the name Healer G Wesley was paged, I convinced another healer to take the call instead when I saw the name on the parchment and they never knew."

Harry's head felt as if it was going to explode so much information at one time was overwhelming. His heart ached at the thought of all the times he had missed with his daughter, all the times that he could have been with her but she had Severus. As much as he hated that it wasn't him there with her, he knew he would forever be grateful that Faith and Ginny both had someone.

"Ginny I am so sorry, I wish I could have been there for you, for Faith, if only -" Harry looked at her with glistening eyes.

"Harry stop, there's no point wishing for things that can never happen or thinking about what if's," Ginny shook her head, "Listen Harry, I forgive you, okay. In fact I forgave you a long time ago, do you want to know why?" Harry nodded.

"It's because of Faith, I had to make myself let go of all the pain and anger, because if I didn't, then I would have treated her the way the Dursley's treated you and I just could not allow that to happen. So, I forgave you but I can't simply forget everything that happened. So I will allow you to get to know Faith, if she wants to, but if she doesn't then I strongly suggest you don't push it. And as for the two of us, there's nothing between us but our daughter," stated Ginny firmly.

Harry looked as if he wanted to protest but he knew he was rather lucky to be getting what he was, "Okay Gin, if that's what you're offering I'll accept it, I'd accept whatever. Thank you for letting me get to know Faith."

"That's not up to me Harry, it's completely up to her," Ginny replied.

"Does she know about me? Who I am, I mean?" Harry asked nervously.

"Yes, she asked when she was younger why she didn't have a daddy, but I explained that not every family is the same. Then she asked again when she was seven after I talked to her about 'accidental magic' but I told her I would tell her the whole story when she was older. She didn't ask me again until she was ten I told her everything, from the first war to the final battle. At first she said she didn't want to speak to you but I told her if she didn't give you a chance to speak then she would be no better than how everyone was when it came to my situation," Ginny confessed.

She tried not to let the fact that Harry flinched when she said that Faith did not want to speak with him bother her.

"So what happened after I left?" Ginny asked to cover-up the tense moment.

"After you left and everyone sorta calmed down, we all realized that we should have at least let you talk. Percy was a git he just hoped that it wouldn't come out. Bill was angry that we hadn't let you explain but he knew that Ron and I were just doing our job, but I don't think he ever truly believed it. Charlie was in Romania and I think that's how he liked it. The twins were the most vocal, they flat out refused to believe that you could do something like that, they even tried to find you but they never could. Your hand on the family clock refused to move from 'lost'. Things were pretty strained for a few years the twins didn't really talk to Ron," Harry grimaced as if remembering things he wished he forgotten.

Brief mention of suicide

"It wasn't until about five years after you left that we managed to detain Zabini. We had caught him once before but he escaped again. He had been beaten badly. We went looking through his mind again for any kind of Intel when we stumbled upon a memory of a potion that had been invented that altered memories so accurately that it was impossible for even the best mind healers to know what was real. We dug even deeper until we found the original memories, despite having the altered memory your memory bank still contained the original memory. When we found out what had happened everyone was pretty out of it. We saw what you did Gin, what they did to you," Harry gave a dry sob, "We all sent letter but they came back unopened. Ron took it the hardest, he felt it was entirely his fault, he was your closest brother he should have trusted you. He tried to kill himself twice," Harry said in a somewhat chocked voice.

"What?" Ginny asked completely shocked.

"It was about a week after we learned what really happened. Hermione had run to Diagon Alley for something. Apparently, Ron had taken the same poison he had been slipped back at Hogwarts. His body had a bit of natural immune to it it's what saved his life. Hermione came home to find Ron barely breathing in the loo. He was rushed to St. Mungo's and had to see a mind healer for a few months. He was taken out of active duty for three months. The twins were pretty upset about it I think that's what made them start talking again. Things seemed okay for awhile then about two years ago we were investigating this old warehouse that supposedly held several dark artifacts. Well it wasn't just dark stuff we found in there Gin, there was a body of a young woman, the tests the DMLE performed proved the woman was a young witch from another country, but Ron took it really hard. We made sure to keep watch over him but Hermione had an emergency at work and I got help up over a case, by the time we realized no one was there with him we rushed back to find the door barricaded. We managed to get the door open to find Ron with a gun, he misjudged to the power, and he shot himself in the chest. The department forced him to take a six month sabbatical and he had to see a mind healer again. But I think it was Hermione that really got through to him the healer told Ron that putting all this stress on Hermione wasn't good for the baby. Hermione was pregnant and had almost lost it. Ron finally started to truly heal and after his sabbatical he quit the Aurors and went to work for the twins," Harry finished with a deep sigh.

To say Ginny was shocked would have been a huge understatement. She could not believe that her brother had seriously tried to commit suicide all because he felt guilty, "I thought about it too, when I Apparated to that hill above the Burrow, I thought perhaps my life would be better if I just… but something inside me, deep inside me told me I couldn't."

End of mention

Ginny gazed at the fire for a long time before she gave a deep sigh that clearly expressed the exhaustion she felt and had felt throughout the years, she stood up and looked at Harry, "Look Harry, I already told that if Faith want to have a relationship with you I wont stand in the way. Now as far as my family is concerned I'm not quite ready to see them but I know I'll have to face them eventually. I know they're going to want to be in Faith's life, and that's fine, I just don't know how much I want them to be in mine. You and I, we have a daughter, all the feelings I had they're gone. I just hope that we can be friends, for Faith's sake, at least," Ginny told Harry.

Tears had long since run down his face, "Okay Gin, I can do that," he held out his hand for her to shake, Ginny hesitated briefly before shaking his hand.

"Can I ask you something?" Ginny shrugged.

"How did you get the name Faith?" Harry asked curiously.

Ginny smiled, "It was the one thing no one had in me and it was the one thing I had in myself, when thing seemed the darkest. I had faith that everything would turn out okay. So, I named her Faith, Faith Lily Weasley."

"Lily? You gave her the name Lily?" tears appeared again in his eyes.

"Yes, when she was born and I saw her I knew there was really no other choice. Beside I think Severus liked it too," Ginny shrugged nonchalantly, though deep down she knew just how meaningful this was for him.

"Thank you Gin, I can't tell you how…" Harry stopped but he didn't need to finish. Ginny already knew.

She nodded, "I know. I'm just going to go and talk to Faith." With that she left.

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