The only sounds that echoed in the large room was the sound of skin slapping against skin, panting, moans, and the sound of the bed moving with the furious pace the hanyou was moving at.

Inuyasha let out a small moan as the girl below him lifted her bum up just in time to meet his deep thrust, bucking up against him, trying her best to keep up with his pace, but failing miserably. He let small moans and grunts move past his lips every once in a while. His forehead was against hers, eyes closed, obviously too far gone. The girl below him extended her moans more and more with every powerful thrust, her tight walls only getting tighter each second.

He moved in and out, feeling as if he could not stop himself. He didn't dare slow down. The girl below him didn't mind though, for she only seemed to moan louder, and quietly whisper his name in his ear. Her moans were louder, and he swore that the damn girl was so fucking close to screaming. The sound echoed in the large room.

"Ahh, Inuyasha, please," she whispered as he began to slow down his pace a bit. Inuyasha found it really funny, how she could remember his name, and he couldn't remember anything about her. He didn't know this girls name, he didn't know what had happened between the two of them, how they started out a conversation in school, to the point where he was fucking her in bed. He really didn't know, all he knew was that he needed this. And this girl, whatever her name may be, was giving him everything. She didn't hold back, not at all. But he wouldn't do more than let out a low moan, or grunt every once in a while. After all, she hadn't been the best that he'd had.

The hanyou opened one beautiful amber eye, focusing it on the girl beneath him. He couldn't help but be a little amused. Now both amber eyes peered down at the tiny girl. She had broken out into a sweat, her face red and twisted up into an expression of pure pleasure. He noted that she wasn't even much of a beauty, with her dull, lightly colored brown hair, and her regular, ordinary, everyday brown eyes. She was average. But all that mattered, was that her body felt good against his own.

Inuyasha still moved slow, and deep. Still, it made the girl quiver beneath him and shake. She cried out when he almost pulled himself completely out of her heat, just to pound into her hard again. The girl moaned, said his name a bit louder, obviously pleased with his recent action.

But Inuyasha's mind wasn't there right now. It was focused on someone entirely different. It was somewhere else, and he now thought entirely of the woman of his past. A woman who he'd never thought he could love, but he did anyway, and he really loved her. He tried to get the girl out of his mind, while his thrusts were still slow and hard, but he closed his eyes, allowed his hopes, imaginations, and past to get the best of him. He opened his eyes again, but the girl beneath him had transformed. She no longer had dull hair, no longer had those boring eyes. This girl was gorgeous. Perfect, all he ever wanted. A bit of the girls long, jet black hair shined still, some of the strands spread over the mattress, and some stuck to her porcelain skin. Her eyes opened, and they were a lustful brown, and they shined with confidence, intellect, and experience. He thrust his dick in and out of her, pounding into her, as if it was the end of the world. The 'goddess' cried out beneath him, pleased with his new movements. Her tight walls squeezed around him, and Inuyasha allowed himself to shudder, and for the first time, moan loudly, as he fucked them both into oblivion. Perspiration clung to their bodies, and made it hard for the 'goddess' to keep her legs around the hanyou's waist as he slid his cock in and out of her as fast as he could.

She screamed, and Inuyasha moaned loudly, almost growled, as her walls collapsed around him. Her nails sunk deep into his back, their skin glistening now. Inuyasha buried his face in the girls long, dark hair, and screamed. Did he really just do that?

"Fuck, Kikyo," he moaned, worn out. In an instant, the girl had pushed away from him with no hesitation. Inuyasha growled, not liking the feeling of her heat being removed from his cock. But then, he noticed. His amber eyes shot wide open, almost refusing to believe what he'd just called the girl. 'Damn, did I really just call her Kikyo?

He felt his heart break. God, would Kikyo ever be out of his mind for good?

"Um, excuse me? My name is Emi. I'm Emi." The girl tried to sound touch, but his small, fluffy, white triangular ears that sat atop of his head caught the slight tremble in the girls voice. "It's Emi, not Kikyo."

Inuyasha's gaze went down to the ground as he sat on the edge of the bed, thinking. He didn't know what to say, so he quickly stood up, pulled up his boxers, after that, his baggy jeans. He looked at the time. 3:56 AM. Damn, no use in trying to get any sleep now. He might as well take a shower now. He grimaced. It was Monday morning, which meant school.

He quickly tossed Emi her clothes. He could smell the girls tears, and he couldn't help but chuckle a little out the girl. That was why he couldn't stand relationships. Girls were too clingy, and there were too many cigarettes too smoke, too much weed to smoke, too many girls to play, so much sex to have. He was smirking now. If this wasn't the life, he didn't know what was. Things were good.

Well, sort of. He still thought of that one woman of his past. The emotions clung to him, still, even now. He didn't like to feel them. But, he couldn't convince himself that he didn't miss that woman.

Emi sighed, obviously displeased. Inuyasha watched her as she slowly fastened her bra, and slid her panties up her long legs and around her wide hips. Her waist was flat, her legs long and slender. She had her hair in his face, probably hoping that Inuyasha wouldn't see her watering eyes. But oh, he knew. And yet, he didn't care. She was just a good time.

"Bye, Inuyasha," the girl said, her voice almost completely broken.

"Bye, Emi," Inuyasha's voice sounded amused. He hurried up and rushed into the his large bathroom after the girl was gone, and hopped into the shower, hoping that the hot water would relieve the stress that was going on in his head.

He dressed quickly, and before leaving, he grabbed a blunt he'd rolled from last night, made up a list of regrets in his head, and breathed the poison in hard, then slowly exhaled, hoping that it'd take all his confusion and pain away. It never worked.

The sleeping figure awoke at the sound of a constant beeping. Frankly, the girl was annoyed. She uncovered herself from the blankets with a sigh, sat up and wrapped her arms around herself. It was freezing, and she began to regret coming out from beneath the covers. She shivered involuntarily, and scowled at the digital alarm as she reached a pale arm out to stop the noise of it.

Life for Kagome Higurashi had never been that easy.

Kagome lifted herself from the bed, and slowly made her way into the bathroom. Her ebony hair that had slight curls at the end, sat everywhere atop of her head. Her chocolate brown eyes looked the most tired that they've ever looked. She sighed and rolled her eyes, annoyed with herself.

She quickly shed her pajamas, her body sculpted into perfection. Not that she noticed, though. She jumped into the shower quickly, hoping not to be late for her first day at Shikon High. She was nervous you could say, not very excited. She knew that some at the school wouldn't be human like herself. It didn't scare her much, but she wasn't sure if she'd fit in or not.

Kagome had always wanted to be a teacher. She wanted to prove all of the bad teachers, all of the ones who never appreciated kids, who wanted nothing to do with them, teachers who thought bad things of children who couldn't learn as fast as others. Kagome had a gift. She had kindness, and patience.

Of course she knew it wouldn't be easy, wanting to chase this dream she'd had. But if you knew Kagome Higurashi, then you'd know that she was very determined, and bright. And here she was, hopeful everyday, living in this small shrine with only her mother, her little brother, Sota, and her grandpa. Her father had died 5 years ago. It had been hard on Kagome, but she made it. After all, no matter how bad the goodbye had been, when he had wrecked coming home from work that evening, she knew there would always be a good in goodbye. But here she was, good, happy, healthy, cheerful Kagome. Some nights, she still though about him. Some nights, she cried herself to sleep, scared and alone in this world because she missed his touch, missed the things that he taught her about life. She'd learned much from him, and she wanted to pass it on to other people, teach them things. Sometimes, she was scared because she wanted to hold onto his memory, and it completely scared her when it felt like his face was slipping from her memory. Letting go of things that were once so close to her heart scared her.

The main reason she wanted to teach was because of her father. He'd been a great teacher, always patient. He was her dreams, and everyday she tried more and more to be like him. She didn't think that pursuing her dream would be easy. She wasn't going to cheat. She was going to try. Taking was for ruined men, you have to earn your way.

She hurried up took a quick, hot shower, then brushed her teeth, dressed, and grabbed her backpack and ran down stairs, grabbing a seat at the table.

"Thanks Mom," Kagome smiled sweetly at her mother as she took her fork, brought it to her mouth, savoring the taste of the eggs, that had just enough salt and pepper.

Kagome's mother smiled back, said nothing though. Kagome couldn't help it when her smile dropped. Her heart ached for her mother. Though it had been only 5 years ago when they lost her father, Kagome's mother still struggled. Some days, she was just sad, no matter how much she tried to be happy. Sometimes, Kagome thought she was the same.

She quickly left, giving her mother, Sota, and her grandpa a kiss on the cheek. As she walked, she prayed that her first day wouldn't be so rough.

Inuyasha was driving like a mad man, trying to hurry up to get to school.

…He really didn't feel like hearing that old hag Kaede's voice. The bitch drove him crazy at times.

Kaede was Inuyasha's first period teacher, and she would constantly scream, shout, and fuss if he wasn't there. He didn't mind her though. She had been his mother figure, since he'd lost his a long time ago. He would never tell the hag how much she meant to him though.

As Inuyasha parked, pulled the keys out of the ignition, and stepped out of the brand new car, he couldn't help but let a wide smirk show on his face as he saw girls standing there, there eyes wide, either sighing, or their jaws dropped. After all, he was Inuyasha Taisho, the hottest and most popular guy around.

He had money, he had girls, he had friends. He had everything. Or at least he let himself think that.

As he stepped forward, a cigarette between his lips, he was greeted by the many girls that passed him. Most of them were girls he had had sex with before, others were nerdy girls or ugly girls, only wishing that they would be lucky enough for Inuyasha to say hi to them. Hell, as long as you weren't repulsive, fat, or sick in your pants, Inuyasha could have any girl he wanted in his bedroom in only a matter of time.

He took one last puff of the cigarette before throwing it to the ground, his sneakers smashing it. He winked at the girls he continued to past, said hello to the guys he usually talked to.

As he entered the school, what he saw made him freeze.

Against the lockers, there was a girl with long, midnight colored hair, her lips locked passionately with Naraku. Inuyasha scoffed, feeling sick just looking at them. Finally the two had pulled apart, the girls eyes drifting over to meat Inuyasha's angry ones. He couldn't help but feel pained when the girl mischievously smiled at him, her red lips turned completely up at the corners. She looked amused.

Inuyasha looked down. Why did he still love this girl?

Inuyasha had never been so confused, or angry. He hated it, he hated how he trusted her, how she knew he was already broken from before, and he hated how she just took his heart and decided to fucking break it again. He wasn't one to let emotions get to him, being hanyou and all, but Kikyo? Kikyo made him feel insane, gone in the head. She made him want to rip something, anything, to shreds. But no, he didn't blame her for anything. It was all his fault, anyway. If he was Kikyo, he would be mad at him too.

He didn't like feeling so vulnerable.

"Um, Inuyasha? What's wrong?" Inuyasha was startled at his friend's appearance. Inuyasha and Miroku went way back. Inuyasha rolled his eyes at the perverted monk when he also looked at Kikyo and mouthed an O to Inuyasha.

"Don't say shit, monk. I don't need your damn words." Miroku looked at his friend, knowing that he was truly hurt. Miroku knew people and their emotions well. Sure, he was a lecher, but he was wise in words, and in ways. His brown eyes shown brightly, and his black hair was always back in a low pony-tail. He was usually good with girls (not as good as Inuyasha), except for whenever he groped them or asked them to bear his children. He didn't show it, but he'd be lost without Miroku. And Sango, too.

Before Miroku could say something wise back, the bell had rung, and Inuyasha and Miroku groaned before hurrying off to their lockers to gather up their books for first period.

"Inuyasha, baby," his head turned at the sound of his name being called by a girls deep, sexy voice. He licked his lips as he turned to look at the voice's owner, not being able to help his roaming eyes. The girl wore denim shorts, so short that they practically showed all of her ass. Her long, tan legs moved towards him, her hips swaying slowly as she did. Her breasts bounced with every step she took, and they were practically falling out of the skimpy, tank top she wore. The top showed her belly, which was toned and adorned with a belly ring. She licked her pretty lips, flipped her medium length jet black hair back. Her green eyes showed brightly as she looked at him, her eyes heavily made up.

"May, baby. I've missed you," Inuyasha was now smirking, all pain vanished from his features. He took a hand, grabbed her by her ass, and pulled her closer to him. She giggled, slowly trailing a finger down his chest. Miroku couldn't help but shake his head at is friend, wondering why the hell he was called a pervert when Inuyasha did this kind of shit. Miroku shook his head once again and began walking to class, deciding that he would not stand here and feel like a third wheel, or come in to class late and have to deal with Kaede's lecturing.

Inuyasha was now kissing her neck, both against the wall. He brought his lips back to hers, kissing her anything but softly. Her arms were around the neck, her back against the wall, and moaned when Inuyasha's tongue dove into her mouth. Inuyasha smirked. This was too fucking easy.

She pushed him away, panting, then smiled seductively. "Save it for my place tonight?"

In response, Inuyasha kissed her hard on her slightly swollen lips again, then pulled away, his brow slightly raised, a smirk on his lips.

"I'm in," he kissed her goodbye again. This was what he loved about May. She was so easy, and even though they were friends with benefits, he knew that the girl was fucking head over hills for him. He had known her for about 5 months, and as soon as they met, they'd hit it off. Fortunately for him, May hadn't been a virgin when he'd met her, so he didn't have to have a relationship with her. It was as simple as this. They both loved sex, and they loved attention.

Suddenly, his eyes glanced around, realizing there was no one in the hall now, except for him, Kikyo, and Naraku. Kikyo watched him, a hurt expression on her face. Naraku was desperately trying to get Kikyo to pay attention to him. Inuyasha couldn't help but feel regret, something that he barely ever felt. How was Kikyo the only woman who could make him feel like that? Her brown eyes narrowed about after a second of eye contact, and she turned away, leaning on Naraku, before standing on her toes to give him a long, hard kiss on the mouth.

It hurt inside. Why hurt his heart, of all places? Why internally? Why not externally? He seemed to handle physical pain much better.

But he walked on to his first period, and Kikyo did too. That look in her eyes when she looked at him, it left him scared, cold, alone. And she walked away, like she always did. He held the door open for, smiled, but all he received was a cold look from the young woman.

Inuyasha sat down, trying not to doze off as he listened to the old hag explain something about a new student, and some English test that was supposed to be this week. Inuyasha honestly didn't care at all, all he knew was that he wanted out of here, and he wanted a smoke too.

Before he knew it, he was gone.

He was tired, considering the night that he had with the girl this morning. It was a good thing that he hadn't seen the girl at school all day, he knew how attached girls could get.

What was the deal with them anyway? Inuyasha wanted nothing to do with love.

"Inuyasha, I believe that your saliva is coating the desk. Seriously, wake the fuck up. I honestly don't feel like hearing Kaede give a lecture," Inuyasha groaned at the sound of his friends voice, not wanting to hear his voice either. He just wanted to be alone.

"Please, Inuyasha," a girl named Sango butted in. Inuyasha couldn't help but smile inside. She was about the only girl in the whole school who he hadn't slept with. He'd broken every other girl. That was why Sango and him were always close. She wasn't easy, and she clearly showed it to the world when she was pissed off. Of course, he'd try to get into Sango's pants, and after that time, she'd promised him if he ever tried to try it again, she'd castrate him. Yes, Sango Tanaka scared him shitless. Plus, he just knew that the damn girl had feelings for Miroku. Sure, whenever he groped her, she gave him a well deserved slap right on his face, but she turned red, and she didn't threaten to castrate him. "You know that she goes on and on. Just sit the fuck up in the damn desk."

Inuyasha scowled, but did as Sango told, not wanting to know what would happen if he didn't obey her. He was seriously cautious around Sango.

"And what the hell are you staring at, Miroku?" Miroku sat at his desk, dark eyes staring intently at Sango. Inuyasha smirked and Miroku let a hopeful smile show upon his features when he saw her face already turning red.

"You're just beautiful today, Sango. Though, it's not much of a surprise." Sango turned redder than a tomato, fighting a small smile. She'd learned never to expect much from Miroku, for he'd tell you one beautiful thing that trapped you, and the next minute, he'd have his hands all over another woman. Sango rolled his eyes.

Inuyasha let out a low growl, slightly scoffing at the two. Love. The shit fucks your head up, and your life. But, he was happy for the two, though he refused to ever let them know.

Suddenly, all heads shot to the sound of the door opening. Inuyasha turned, and he couldn't stop his jaw from dropping.

Kikyo had a twin?

No, no.

This girl had long ebony hair, cascading down to her waist, ending in slight curls, where Kikyo's was midnight, longer, straight, and always held in a low pony-tail with some sort of white ribbon. Plus, Kikyo had confidence that this girl could never have. He could tell, as he studied her cheeks that looked so hot under all the unwanted attention. Her eyes were a unique brown, glowing. He stared at her, studied all of her, watching as her big, pretty eyes looked down and as her feet shifted. And he watched as she lifted her pretty face, an unsure frown on them. And god, her scent was the best thing he ever- "Students, this is Kagome Higurashi," said the young, pretty counselor who had escorted her to her first class. "Please, make her feel welcomed." The counselor gave a small smile, before leaving Kagome alone, extremely nervous, her face getting redder by the second.

"Wow, she's gorgeous."

"Kikyo has a twin."

"Who is this girl?"

"Whatever. Kikyo is way better than this wench."

All the kids were murmuring, whispering, and Kagome frowned. She didn't like this. She wanted to run away from all of them, back to where she came from.

Inuyasha was already planning in his head, of course. Oh yes, he had plans for her. He watched as Kaede showed her which seat she was supposed to be assigned too, and he watched her walk around the small class room, her hips swaying as she walked. He saw her body, her slim waist, long legs. She had one of the best bodies that he had ever seen. And she was quite the sight, with that body of hers, those gorgeous chocolate eyes, her long, dark hair, and her pretty pink lips. Her face reddened under all the eyes on her. Inuyasha growled. Who were they to stare at her like that? Yet again, he was too, sitting here thinking of how it'd feel to kiss her, or her body on his. He shook the thought from his head. How was this stupid wench making him think these kind of things already?

'But, I'm sure I could have her screaming my name in only 10 seconds. Ahh, she's not my type though. Fuck it.'

Inuyasha knew she was a virgin. All the girls he had had sex with before, they weren't so shy or modest as Kagome. Kagome blushed under the slightest of eye contact. Inuyasha was positive she was a virgin. And even though he wanted to change that, he knew that he couldn't. He just didn't have the time.

After a while, Kaede explained to Kagome what they were working on at the time. Sensing Kagome's nervousness, Kaede spoke up, "Kagome, I hear ye come from one of the best schools in the state? Ye will do fine. We are truly lucky to have such an honorable, smart, brilliant student join our class." Kaede said, all the while, smiling at the young girl. It was one of her real smiles, one of those that she rarely let people see. "Please, take your seat." The old woman pointed to a seat in front of a girl that looked like Kagome. Kagome gasped silently. Her hair was glossy and shiny and just slightly darker than her own, and Kagome's facial features were softer. They did look alike, in some ways, but Kagome could only wish that she could be that beautiful.

She walked down the seemingly long aisle of seats, her eyes down to the floor once again, arms wrapped protectively around herself, not feeling comfortable being in the spotlight once again. Oh, she despised being the new girl. It didn't get any better though when she sat down. All they did was stare at her, looking bewildered. She had no idea what they thought of her. Was it something wrong with her?

Kagome felt tempted to look up, and so she did so, and she gasped. Two honey colored, amber eyes stared at her intently. Her eyes went to his long, silver hair, which seemed to have a glow to it because of the sunlight hitting it through the peak of the window. A pair of small, triangular shaped ears sat atop of his head, and she immediately knew he was a hanyou. She felt urged to feel them.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome looked at the boy who called his name.

'Wow. His name is Inuyasha? He's beautiful.'

The period passed slowly. Kagome couldn't keep her mind on English, the spelling words, the sentences, when Inuyasha was near her. She studied his long, silver hair, his hard features. Luckily for her, taking the scary quiz wasn't required for her, since she was new. But still, this class was hard. She didn't concentrate on studying the words over and over, and when she went to look up a definition, her mind would wonder, and then her eyes. They landed on him. She could see his silver hair, and she couldn't help but study his jaw bone, neck, and his eyes which were now concentrating on the paper. Pitiful, wasn't she? He'd only held eye contact with her today for only about 5 seconds, and already she was thinking of things she shouldn't be thinking of. It wasn't healthy for her. Hell, she hadn't even talked to him. But she wanted connection again. She wanted those amber eyes on her.

She jumped when she heard the bell ring, her eyes finally leaving her desk. She hesitantly reached down to grab her backs, and as soon as she stood up, she already felt hands circling around her small waist. She squealed, and acting by instinct, she tried to pull away from the grip, but it head her still. Her eyebrows furrowed forward in mild anger, mostly confusion. Whoever this was, he was strong.

She calmed down though as she released herself and turned around to see calm, blue eyes of a boy she'd seen looking at her earlier. He had perfect tan skin, and his black hair was styled in a high pony-tail, a blue headband around his head. He flashed her a charming smile, showing his pearly whites and two fangs. She looked down again, her cheeks red for the hundredth time already that morning.

"Aye, I'm Koga. And you, you're so gorgeous, I couldn't help but notice you," he grinned at her. She turned an apple's shade when he slowly brought her hand to his mouth to, his eyes closed, placing a quick kiss on it.

"Erm…eh, thanks."

She heard a laugh, and turned around.

"Well, maybe you weren't what I thought you were," his voice sounded like magic, but Kagome was confused. His amber eyes were on her again, and she felt her breath get caught in her throat. "You've gotta be a whore to fall for Koga's bullshit, or just really fucking easy," he laughed again. "Wow, the little wolf demon may finally get some. I seriously doubt it though, from an inexperienced wench like her," he pointed to Kagome. Her jaw dropped, and all she could do is stare at him dumbly. "Well, what the hell ya staring at?"

"You…You baka! How could you even say something like that. Err…" she struggled to remember the boys name. "…Koga, was just saying hello to me! Who are you to say that? You jerk!"

"Bitch," Inuyasha smirked as he watched her thin eyebrows furrow forward, her pretty face getting red, her lips formed a tight line, "I'm fucking Inuyasha Taisho. I can say whatever the hell I want to you. And you should really watch what the fuck you say to me, wench." He actually didn't want to fight with her, she just looked cute being so angry with him. He chuckled.

"You're such a stupid inconsiderate jerk! I hope you know that the world doesn't spin around you, and my world definitely won't." Kagome struggled not to step closer and slap that pretty little smirk off of his handsome face. She didn't care anymore how beautiful or gorgeous he was. She was pissed.

"Listen, mutt face," Koga was pulling Kagome away. "Stay the hell away from her, okay? Kagome, don't listen to dog breath. He's just being like this because he probably realizes he won't be able to get into your pants, cause he knows your better than all the girls he-"

"Shut the FUCK up, you stupid mangy wolf," Inuyasha and Koga were now face to face, both snarling at each other. Kagome watched, annoyed with both of them. She was startled when someone grabbed her hand, beginning to pull her away from the two.

"Um, you should really ignore them. Those two are at it almost everyday. It's really nothing new, and nothing to be surprised about. Oh, and I'm Sango, by the way. It's nice to meet you." The girl extended a hand to Kagome who smiled warmly at the pretty girl in front of her, but she immediately froze, her eyes wide when she felt a hand grope her ass.

"Umm…" Kagome was petrified.

"Erg, Miroku, stay the hell away from her!" Sango looked angry at the young man, and slapped him on the face before pulling him away from Kagome.

"Now, Now, Sango, darling, I was just introducing myself to this wonderful young lady," Sango rolled her eyes at this.

"Kagome, this is Miroku, the biggest fucking lecher around. He's even worse than Inuyasha."

Kagome rolled her eyes at the mention of his name, wanting to never ever hear it again. She heard Miroku sigh. "Now, what the hell did Inuyasha do this time?"

"Oh, he called me all kinds of names and stuff, and tried to say I was 'easy' just because I talked to Koga."

Sango and Miroku looked at each other in surprise, before Sango spoke up first, "I know you probably hate him already, but me and Inuyasha have been friends since, like, seventh grade. And honestly, I have no clue why he'd do that. Every new pretty girl that comes to this school, he's the first to flirt with her, just to pry her into his bedroom."

"…Err, well, you know, she does sort of look like Kikyo." Miroku spoke up.

"Hmm, she does. Maybe that's why." Sango looked thoughtful, and then she looked towards a confused Kagome. "Oh, Kikyo's Inuyasha's ex-girlfriend. Actually, they broke up last summer."

"Why?" Kagome asked, now curious.

"…I'm not really sure, Inuyasha doesn't like to tell anyone." Sango hesitantly spoke, hating how all the words coming from her mouth were lies. She didn't want to anger the hanyou anymore.

"Oh, well, um, what about him and Koga?" Kagome asked once again, wanting to know everything.

Miroku laughed. "Oh, him and Inuyasha have never liked each other, ever since Inuyasha slept with his ex-girlfriend, Ayame. It's really funny, if you ask me."

"Oh," Kagome couldn't help but frown, disappointed. Did he really just sleep with girls and leave them?

"But hey, lets get out of here, and go to second period? Lets just leave Inuyasha and Koga alone with their fighting." Sango smiled warmly at Kagome, sensing her disappointment.

'Gosh, I really hope Kagome doesn't fall in love with that jerk. He may be my best friend, but still.'

Kagome walked off to second period, still confused. But it was clear in her head, a voice telling her to stay away from him. She decided that she needed to do whatever she could, to stay away from Inuyasha. But…she couldn't help feeling disappointed.

'Ugh, what a horrible first day.'

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