Cordelia breathed into her hands, cursing the fact that she hadn't brought gloves. Buffy was perched on top of a grave, swinging her legs idly, and Cordelia was sitting cross legged behind the grave, trying to get warm.

They'd been sitting here for almost 20 minutes waiting for this one vampire to rise. Slaying was a lot less exciting than Cordelia had thought it would be.

Cordelia opened her mouth and looked up to complain to the more experienced Slayer, but she fell silent when Buffy gasped. Angel had snuck up on them, as silent as a cat. Cordelia was mostly hidden behind the headstone, so she remained silent and watched.

Buffy scolded Angel for sneaking up on them and then explained why they were just sitting there. When Angel asked if Buffy was alone, Cordelia quickly smoothed down her hair, hoping she didn't look awful.

"Nope, Cordelia's with me." Buffy said, swinging her arms back and forth.

Angel's brow furrowed. "Cordelia? The cheerleader?"

Buffy sighed. "It's a long story."

Cordelia glared at Buffy and said, "I'm a Slayer."

Angel's mouth opened and he gaped at them. Buffy shot Cordelia an annoyed glare and grabbed Angel's arm. She then pulled him aside and started talking to him in a low, quick whisper.

Cordelia rolled her eyes, and rubbed her hands together more fiercely. Buffy was probably going to yell at her for telling Angel like that. It wasn't that big of a deal. Buffy probably just wanted to keep the whole "I'M the chosen one, I'm the only Slayer" thing going. Well sorry, Buffy, but there were two Slayer's now.

Cordelia's thoughts were cut off abruptly when a vampire jumped on top of her, clasping his hands around her throat. Gasping for breath, Cordelia tried to yell to Buffy and Angel but they were having an intense conversation and didn't notice.

Cordelia's hands scrambled in the dirt as she tried to gain leverage, her head weaving from side to side.

Finally she managed a kick on the vampires back, and she rolled them over so she was on top. Cordelia reached out desperately for a stake; however, the vampire pushed her and sent her flying backwards. She collided into a grave, and lay there dazed.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Angel and Buffy were having some sort of argument and didn't notice her in the slightest. It would have been comical if she didn't run the risk of being eaten by a vampire.

The vampire was approaching swiftly, and Cordelia scrambled up, head throbbing. She'd just gotten up as the vampire reached out to punch her. He was a new vampire, which meant he was extremely strong but uncoordinated. Cordelia pressed this to her advantage, ducking swiftly and rolling to get behind him. He spun around and she landed several blows on him, one after the other.

She continued ducking his punches speedily, bobbing and weaving to land several well placed blows. The vampire landed one harsh kick, and Cordelia crumpled, her leg erupting in pain. He grabbed her throat again, and she had even less strength to fend him off.

Behind her she saw that Angel had finally noticed she was getting her ass kicked. Great timing. He ran forwards, Buffy following him. Angel yanked the vampire off of her, sending him flying. Buffy scanned the area and yelled frantically "Where's my stake? I had a stake!"

Angel turned his head to look at her just as the vampire's fist collided with his face.

Cordelia sat up, rubbing her neck as Buffy battled the vampire, a flurry of kicks and punches. The stake she had been looking for had disappeared, but she spotted a shovel nearby. Rolling neatly, Cordelia grabbed it, and ran back to where Buffy was beating on the vampire. Pulling back the shovel, she plunged its handle into his back, and he burst into dust.

"OH MY GOD! DID YOU SEE THAT?" Cordelia squealed at the top of her lungs.

Buffy looked at her breathing hard. Cordelia ignored her puzzled expression, jumping up and down wildly.

"I staked a vampire! Wasn't that sooooo cooool?" Cordelia yelled, reaching down to help Angel up. She started doing a happy dance, jumping up and down in absolutely no rhythm.

Buffy smiled and Angel stared at Cordelia in amusement; however, Cordelia didn't care. She was unbelievably happy.

She started doing a little chant with her dance, moving farther and farther away.

"I am so cool!" Cordelia said gleefully, eyes alight with excitement. "I can't believe I- aah!"

She fell about 5 feet into an open grave, her back colliding painfully with the ground.

She opened her eyes to see Buffy and Angel staring down at her. "Ow?" She offered abashedly.

Buffy sighed and reached a hand out, pulling Cordelia out of the grave.

"Stupid vampires, leaving open graves wherever they feel like it." Cordelia griped, rubbing her sore back. "No offense, Angel."

Buffy ignored her, staring intently at the ground surrounding the grave. "I don't think it was vampires. It looks like someone was dragged."

Cordelia looked where Buffy was staring, identifying the drag marks. She bent down and picked up a white heel, offering it to Buffy.

"And just when I thought things couldn't get weirder." Buffy said with a sigh.

Cordelia tucked her hair behind her ears, listening absently to Buffy recount what had happened last night. The empty grave belonged to a Meredith Todd, and Giles decided that they should have Willow look her up online. Cordelia waited impatiently for him to finish and then leapt out of her seat.

"Okay enough about the mysterious grave." Cordelia snapped. She smiled widely, swaying back and forth. "Guess what else happened last night?"

Giles took his glasses off. "You killed a vampire. Yes, Buffy told me. Good job."

Cordelia scowled at Buffy. "I told you to let me tell him! You ruined it. Thanks a lot."

Buffy and Xander shared an amused look and Buffy hopped off of a table. "Okay I'll go grab Willow."

Cordelia sighed. "I have to sign up for the stupid science fair. I'll go with you. Even though I'm very displeased right now."

Buffy shrugged and they left the library.

They found Willow standing talking to Darrell's younger brother, Chris. Cordelia reached out and grabbed a clipboard, writing down her project. She'd decided on "The Tomato-Fruit or Vegetable?" as her working title.

Buffy walked around her and started talking to Willow. Cordelia set her clipboard down and was about to walk over to them when some idiot walked over and flashed a camera in her face. Her hands flew to her face in protest. "Knock it off. We are under florescent lights, are you insane?"

He smiled in an irritating way and said, "The camera loves you."

Cordelia glared at him, and was about to retort, but Buffy grabbed her arm and she followed reluctantly.

Willow set to work immediately when they entered the library, and Cordelia sat near her watching with a bored expression. She spent the rest of her time inspecting her nails, trying to get the dirt from the night before out. She looked up when Willow was explaining how the girl from the empty grave had died.

Apparently she and several others had been killed in a car crash. The gang made plans to go dig up graves to see if any other corpses were missing.

Cordelia tapped Giles. "As much as I'm wanting to dig up graves and look for bodies, I have to go to cheer practice tonight. Can't I can skip out this one time?"

Giles frowned at her. "You are a Slayer now. You have certain responsibilities, you know that."

Buffy interjected. "Let her go, Giles. We don't need her tonight."

"Thanks, Buffy, I owe ya." Cordelia said, cheerfully. Xander glanced around. "I still can't get used to the words Slayer and Cordelia used in the same sentence."

She shot him a dirty look but didn't respond to the bait. "All right if that's all, I've gotta go. I'll come train tomorrow and you can tell me what you guys found."