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Misunderstood Chapter 2

Suspected Death and Guilt: Chapter 2

Percy was brought back to Earth when he heard the frightening sound of a certain skull breaking. It was Mark. But then Mark stood up, gasping and looking surprised by what had happened. Then a body on top of him fell down. It was Annabeth. It was Annabeth's skull that broke. Percy fell to the

ground. He gasped and gasped. It was like he was forced back from breathing. Percy didn't know what to do. His only comfort was the pain that was shown on Mark's face. 'Annabeth is dead... Annabeth is dead... Annabeth is dead... Annabeth is...' Percy repeated and repeated this sentence until

he was shaken by Nico. "Percy. It's going to be all right. Annabeth isn't dead. Yet. Chiron and bunch of Apollo's medics are healing her. You're not going to be in a major trouble, though. Thalia told the whole story to every campers and they decided it wasn't your fault." Percy looked around. No one

was there except Nico and Grover. The sun was setting. The waves were calm. It was as if nothing had happened. Percy was relieved a little, but then he knew one thing. He should not be close to Annabeth anymore. They could survive with that, literally. "Come on, Percy. It's dinner time." Percy

definitely heard the horn blare all around the Camp. "Let's go then." Percy and his friends walked quietly to the Dinner Tables.

Everyone was looking at Percy. Some expressions were sad, sympathy, and other sorry emotions for Percy. Few of them were disgust, revolt, and other negative expressions. They came mostly from Athena's and Hephaestus's Cabin. Percy just sat down for he was used to campers staring at him

every day. He was sick of it actually. He gave his offerings to Poseidon, Athena, and Hephaestus. "Sorry, Lady Athena and Lord Hephaestus. I'm so sorry, dad." He whispered and he saw the golden ashes floating upwards. Chiron then spoke. "Get ready for Capture the Flag." Everyone except Percy,

Thalia, Nico, and Grover screamed and cheered with happiness. "This is going to be a long night." Percy whispered to himself.

It was the Zeus cabin who had the flag which was odd because only Thalia was in it. Then she picked Hades, Hermes, Apollo and Ares cabins. The other cabin who had the flag was Poseidon cabin, Percy, who had sided with Athena, Hephaestus, and all other camps. The teams were really unfair but

Thalia paid the price for it. She was washing dishes with the Harpies for a solid TWO months. And she had to give up her hot shower which was a huge thing. "Let's go." Percy told his alliance. "Hephaestus cabin, set up traps east and west. Then lure them into traps or just go all out with your

weapons. Athena cabin, help Hephaestus cabin set up and also do the luring. However, Apollo kids are probably going to shoot you with arrows so make sure to bring your shields. That goes for everyone. Then just sneak up and use your knife to knock them out. DO NOT kill or mane." Percy

continued until he gave missions to all cabins. Then he got ready for the horn. The horn blared few minutes after and Percy charged through the battle. 'Unless Nico and/or Thalia gets me, I'll be fine.' He thought. He ran until he heard the earth rumble and the undead rose from the Underworld. 'Of

course. Just my luck.' Then a lightning bolt skinned him giving him a small shock to Percy. "Drat. Percy's invincibility always ticks me off!" Percy smirked. The undead threw their swords at him. He just let them hit him and used his Earthquake ability to send them back to the Underworld. Percy heard

Nico sneaking from behind. Percy turned quickly and jabbed him in the stomach. Nico winced and said, "Too late." Nico appeared in the back without any cuts and stabbed Percy in the back, aiming for his Achilles heel. Percy used water to trip Nico. Another lightning bolt set the tree 1 foot away from

Percy on fire. Percy looked around and spotted Thalia. An arrow bounced off Percy's forehead. "Bull's eye." Nico joked. Percy kept running until he saw Clarisse grabbing his flag and sprinting toward their area. Percy splashed water on her and she fell back, the flag falling few feet behind their territory.

Nico disappeared and got the flag. Then Percy used a earthquake to catch him off guard, and threw Riptide at Nico to force him to shadow travel. Percy picked up the flag but he felt a pain in the back. "Bull's Eye!" Thalia exclaimed. Percy picked the arrow off, concentrated on the small of his back,

healed it using the water he drank earlier. Thalia pouted. "Darn it!" Thalia used one of lightning bolts to hit him in the chest. Percy was thrown off guard. He saw Thalia charging at him. Then Percy sped up, and threw the flag in the river. He willed the currents to send his flag further and further away.

Nico snuck up, stabbed Percy in the back. Percy groaned in pain, and stabbed Nico in the ankle so he couldn't move. He willed the creek to heal him but Thalia saw that as a chance and used the bolt to connect the lightning with water and Percy. Percy quickly tore off the connection between him and

the water and summoned a little whirlpool that chased Thalia away. Then he felt a little tickle on the head. He looked behind. Mark was standing with a recently-broken hammer (Percy's curse is hard so it broke the hammer when Mark hit him). Percy stood there, understanding what had happened. He

quickly stabbed Mark in the chest and kicked him over the creek. Percy heard Chiron yelling at him. Chiron was furious. But Percy sped up, got the flag, and eventually won the game. "Percy, please meet me in the Big House." Chiron said after the celebration.

Chiron was yelling at him for his behaviors. "Percy! He is a precious member of our community, not to mention that he got rid of the Hephaestus's Curse." Percy talked back. "I'm a precious member of the community, too." "Yes. I know Mark hit you. However, it wouldn't have hurt you in any way.

You can't just stab someone just because he did something that didn't hurt you at all." Percy was so angry. The earth started to tremble, and for once, Chiron did not stop his anger. Chiron got his bow and arrow ready. He notched it at Percy's back, circling around him at an incredible rate. However,

everything stopped when a son of Apollo yelled, "Chiron, come here! Annabeth is in a fatal condition." Chiron didn't even look at Percy and quickly ran to the Infirmary. Percy trailed behind. He stopped abruptly when he heard Chiron's sobs. He never heard Chiron cry before. It struck him. Annabeth

was dead. His final love had passed away. That night, they had the burial of the history's best strategist, Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena and Percy Jackson's ex-girlfriend, who died at the age of 16.