Hello everybody and welcome to the sequel of Going Bananas over you! This story is called "My Heart Cries out For You" as you can already tell. Enjoy Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: Recap


Over the next couple weeks Luke, Dale, and Bo helped me rebuild my house after the fire and Edge was by my side the whole time. He has become more open when he is with me and it makes me wonder. Was he like this with Finn?

Then finally on the day before the last day of Fall (Fall 27) it was finished. During that whole time I camped out at the Ocarina Inn and lived there till it was finished.

We all stood there, admiring our work. I asked Dale and paid him extra to expand my house to a level 2 (which was why it took so long, he also had to rebuild my coop). I bought another duck from Horn Ranch and named it Blizzard. I've given her all the love that I gave to Rain before she died but for some reason Blizzard just hates me.

The whole inside of the house was already furnished with new furniture. It was all so perfect. And along the way Luke I had some touching moments. Being with Edge is so much fun. He is really funny (I hate to admit it but much funnier then Collin).

Berry has been doing great. His fur grew back and he looks like his old self again. My burns have healed too and my animals moved back into the barn.

Life was back to normal. Or so I thought.

That's it for today. Akari's life seems (KEYWORD: seems) to be back to normal. I'm not going to tell you what happens next cause I hate spoilers. Until next time! :D