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Chapter 13: Finding the Source

Third Person POV

Akari walked to the Goddess Pond but when she arrived no one was there. The place was deserted. Edge looked around with a puzzled look on his face. "Hm… that's weird. The Harvest Goddess and the rest of the Harvest Sprites are ALWAYS here. This is really strange huh Akari?" Edge turns around to see that Akari is not there. "Akari?" Out of the corner of his eye Edge sees Akari walking toward Finn's grave.

Akari sat down on her knees in front of Finn's grave and she could feel a small tear falling down her cheek. Akari rested her head against the top of the grave as more tears started to fall. Edge came over to Akari. He poked her in her back trying to get her attention. "Akari? Are you okay?"

For a moment Akari didn't respond until tears started to stream down her cheeks rapidly. "I miss him so much Edge. I feel like it's all my fault: the fire, him breathing in too much smoke, Luke having to come rescue me, him, and Berry. The guilt is wrecking my insides," she said. Akari looked at Edge, her eyes and nose were red from crying and her cheeks were wet. Edge hugged Akari's shoulder trying to comfort her.

"He's in a better place now and I don't think he thinks it's your fault. It was his duty to guide you everywhere and he couldn't just let you and Berry die there," he said. Akari grabbed Edge and hugged him back.

"Hello Akari," someone suddenly said behind her. Akari could recognize that voice from anywhere. Akari let Edge go and she turned around to see the Harvest Goddess. She quickly wiped her wet cheeks on her arms and rubbed her eyes.

The Harvest Goddess walked (more like glided, the Harvest Goddess's feet didn't really touch the ground) over to Finn's grave and stood beside Akari. "I miss him too Akari. And Edge is right, he is in a better place now," she said. She turned to Akari. "I'm sorry you came here to ask me something, what is it?"

"Something has been troubling Luke lately and I don't know what it is. When I asked him at first he wouldn't tell me but earlier today he finally said that his mother's birthday is today and that he's remembering a bunch of things of when he was younger and his mother was still alive and it's making him really sad that his mother is gone. He also told me that a fire killed his mom but he won't say anything else about it. Can you tell me the full story of how his mother died?" Akari asked.

The Harvest Goddess started to tell the story:

It happened when Luke was only 12. The Harvest King thought Luke and his mother were both very annoying because they were too hyper all the time so while Luke and his mother were walking through Fugue Forest one day, the Harvest King decided to set the forest on fire. Nearby the fire a much younger Gill was playing in the forest. The Harvest King liked Gill very much and he made sure that the fire did not reach the part of the forest where he was.

At this time Alan, the Harvest Sprite of fire, was playing with his powers near his bell when his powers suddenly stopped working. He quickly went to tell me and told me what had happened. I already knew what was happening so I shared some of the protection ring that always surrounded me with Luke. Because of that Luke survived but his mother was not so lucky.

Back at the forest right before it was set ablaze Luke's mother was telling Luke all about a tree's life cycle. Then the trees around them were suddenly on fire. Luke's hand slipped out of his mother's and he never saw her again. Luke has no idea how he survived the fire but he survived it because of me.

After the Harvest Goddess was done she looked straight into Akari's brown eyes. "After that incident I let Luke keep the small ring of protection that I gave him (and of course it couldn't be seen by anyone but me or the Harvest King) just in case something else like that happened but for some reason after that the Harvest King mysteriously disappeared. His ring of protection only protects him from fires though. Do you remember when Luke rescued from the fire?"

Akari nodded. "The only reason why Luke survived while getting you out and only breathed in too much smoke was because of the ring of protection that he had. I think I might let him keep it though, just in case something else happens in the future." The Harvest Goddess smiled mischievously as if she knew something that Akari did not.

"Wow. That must've of been really hard for Luke. I think I understand now. Thank you so much Harvest Goddess," Akari said.

She turned to leave but someone said, "WAIT!" Akari turned around to see the Harvest King appear.

"I overheard your little story time and I just wanted to add to it," the Harvest King said.

"Sure, just go right ahead and butt into our conversation," Akari said sarcastically.

The Harvest King rolled his eyes. "The only reason why I set the forest on fire is because I despise Luke and his mother greatly."

"Ya I know that because the Harvest Goddess just told me. Also how could you be so cruel?" Akari asked.

"No one liked that boy and his mother, he even annoyed the mayor slightly. I figured I was doing a favor for you wretched mortals for once by getting rid of them!"

"Well this 'wretched mortal' is leaving now," Akari said with a strong hint of anger in the tone of her voice. She turned and left the Goddess Pond.

When she was gone the Harvest Goddess looked at the Harvest King. "She's right Ignis, how could you be so cruel like that?"

Akari arrived home by 10:00 PM. She found her two children asleep and her husband still wide awake, staring up at the ceiling. Akari crawled into bed beside him.

Luke didn't tear his eyes away from the wall to look at her. "Where were you? I've been really worried," he said.

Akari sighed. She grabbed Luke's hand. "I went to go find out what the truth of your mother's death."

Luke's hand tensed up inside hers. "And..?" His eyes were still stuck to the ceiling.

"I went and asked the Harvest Goddess what happened." And Akari started telling Luke the story. After she was done she giggled quietly. "I guess you do have some super powers Luke!"

"YEEESS!" Luke exlaimed too loudly. He fist pumped the air then suddenly realized what he had just done. "Oops. Sorry."

Akari nestled herself into Luke's chest. She yawned suddenly realizing how tired she was and could feel her eyelids starting to droop. "No, it's okay Luke. It just makes you more awesome," she said quietly.

Luke chuckled lightly. "Extremely awesome," Luke corrected her but Akari was already asleep. Luke closed his eyes too and fell asleep.

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