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Mission: Make Mom Happy

Eight year old Suzu rubbed the nice smelling shaving cream that belonged to his father over his soft, hairless cheeks and chin, snickering quietly to himself. This was sure to make mom laugh! He didn't know why, but his mom just got sad around this time of the year, every year, for as long as he could remember. (Which wasn't very long...) He thought maybe this was some sort of anniversary of a day something bad happened. He shrugged to himself. Well, whatever the reason, Suzu was determined to make the brunette revert back to his usual cheerful self- even if it did include a bit of self humiliation.

Sighing, Misaki peeked out from above a dark blue comforter. Looking at the digital clock on the nightstand beside him, it glared angry red numbers that stated the time 12:56 PM. Past noon. "It'll be a miracle if the kitchen isn't burned down by now..." He thought to himself dryly. Yes, this was the anniversary of his parents' death. The day his life suddenly got turned upside down, jostling everything he new here and there, leaving him to pick out the remains from the debris left behind.

Misaki couldn't help but let his mind wander. "Aki's probably with Akihiko in Akihiko's study, reading or brainwashing the poor man... which means that Suzu is most likely off doing something that'll get him into trouble... or watching Animal Planet... but I banned him from Animal Planet..." Misaki let an amused expression slip onto his face as he remembered a few weeks ago, when Animal Planet gave poor Suzu nightmares for days. Something about a dead dog... why did the boy insist to keep on watching that program?

Shaking his head, the brunette hid himself under the comforter again, thankful for the silence. Akihiko had learned long ago to just not interact with Misaki on this day, for Misaki was liable to lose his temper very easily. He laid there for some time, just doing nothing, taking deep breaths. And then that horrible stinging sensation in his eyes persisted, threatening for tears to spill over and multiply.

And then a soft creak.

Peaking from under the covers, Misaki arched a fine brow at the sight before him. In the dimly lit room, his oldest son stood before him. With shaving cream smeared all over his face, no less. "... Suzu, what are you doin-" The light haired boy put a finger to his own lips.

"I'm here to make you happy again." Misaki couldn't help but let a smile slip onto his face.

After switching the light on, Suzu walked back over to the big bed and pulled on his mom's hand until the man was in a sitting position. "Hope this works..." Suzu thought to himself. Crouching over and putting a hand on his lower back, he said "Guess who I am." The boy furrowed his eyebrows and groaned, waddling around like an old man. "T-The eggs... they're just so... yellow..." Misaki chuckled. Actually, the brunette didn't know whether to laugh or be disturbed...

"Um... Your father?" The boy nodded and grinned.

Suzu stood up properly and swiped some of the shaving cream off of his face with his shirt sleeve. "So are you happy again?" He sat beside Misaki on the bed.

Said man put a thumb to his son's chin, wiping off a small portion of the thick cream. "There's no way I couldn't be, with you and your brother around." Misaki said contently.

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