35 Things Bianca Should Not Do

1) "I should learn to slow the hell down."

2) I was told to say that by Ash.

3) I shouldn't listen to my father.

4) I mean, I should, but I don't want to.

5) …Don't look at me like that, Dad.

6) "I shouldn't be a Pokémon Trainer because I'm not very good at it."

7) Hey! Who told me to say that? That wasn't nice!

8) I should never be put in a room with Barry alone. We should always be monitored so that we don't wreck havoc.

9) No, that was not supposed to imply anything sexual!

10) I shouldn't visit Platinum's mansion again.

11) I broke an expensive vase last time I was there… Sorry.

12) I shouldn't abuse Cheren when he's being mean to me.

13) Apparently, he's just teasing me because he likes me. At least, that's what Hilda told me.

14) But then Cheren said that was absurd and said my Intelligence Quotient didn't meet his standards. I didn't know what that meant at first, so I looked it up.

15) Then I almost killed him.

16) "I shouldn't encounter Ash and his friends when they are near bodies of water for one, two, or all three of them will inevitably land in the water."

17) …I was told to say that by Ash.

18) I shouldn't get in Black's way when he's trying to do something.

19) He yelled at me when I accidentally screwed up his chances of catching a Pokémon. Y'know, yelled at me in that loud, obnoxious, window-shattering voice of his.

20) You never, ever want to be yelled at by Black. Trust me.

21) I shouldn't mess with anything in Professor Juniper's lab.

22) Or Fennel's.

23) I keep breaking things…

24) "I shouldn't drink coffee."

25) No, this shouldn't be mine. This one is for Barry.

26) I shouldn't question why the pairing between Black and I is called CarCrashShipping.

27) Iris says that should be the name of the pairing between Ash and I.

28) I shouldn't wonder if Barry and I are actually long-lost siblings.

29) Especially considering that we may have kinda not really sorta made out with one another once, I mean never.

30) …Cheren, why are you looking at me like that? I've kissed you, too. And Black.

31) And Hilbert. And maybe once, even Hilda.

32) I shouldn't have mistaken that funny bottle in Fennel's lab that one day we were all over there for sparkling grape juice.

33) That was definitely not sparkling grape juice.

34) I shouldn't have used my Musharna to peek into everyone's dreams when they were passed out that night.

35) …I learned some things about my friends that I cannot take back…