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Arc One: Prologue

The sun hung high in the sky, the port down as busy as always. People going from here to there, dockworkers carrying around crates on and off ships to be taken elsewhere. Children running about, a fish monger spinning his deal of the day. All of this was a new sight to the blond German currently making his way to the docks. Living his life inland far from the sea, Ludwig had gotten tired of the farm life and wanted to try something else. Interestingly enough, he followed in his brother's footsteps, but unlike him, Ludwig had every intention of keeping contact with their parents and sending some money back when he could.

Ludwig adjusted the bag on his shoulder, which held all he would have with him for his new life on the ocean. Now all he had to do was head to the docks and see if he could get on a merchant ship. However he was distracted by loud voices shouting in his direction, and turned to see a young Italian man weaving through the crowds to try and lose his pursuers. Copper colored hair glinted in the light as a wayward curl bobbed energetically with the man's movements. The Italian gave a startled cry as one of the people chasing him caught him by his collar and yanked him back, choking him as he still squirmed and struggled to get away. Doe brown eyes made contact with sky blue ones, a plead for help obvious in them.

Watching the scene unfold, Ludwig couldn't help but feel a bit of guilt when their eyes met. While everyone else just ignored what was going on or watched for a moment before moving along, the blond took action. Mutti would be disappointed with her son if he didn't help the poor kid out...

Reaching out he grabbed the wrist of the one that had caught the Italian, squeezing hard and causing him to release the other, the brunette darting behind Ludwig as soon as he could. There were three other men besides the one Ludwig had ahold of, and there was no way he'd get out of this without at least a few bruises. Being a good samaritan never was good for his health it seemed...

"You have any idea of what you're getting into, blondie?" the gruff sailor snarled, holding his wrist. Ludwig's face was hard and his gaze cold.

"Nein, but four on one doesn't sit well with me..."

Feliciano peeked at the face of his savior, shocked and very grateful that someone had actually helped him. Suddenly he grabbed the German's hand and took off, his pursuers making a noise of surprise before following them. Despite the Italian's slight stature and weak looking build, he was easily able to drag Ludwig behind him. "Ve! This way; hurry!" Hurriedly he ducked into a grimy alley after putting enough distance between himself and the sailors, making sure it was out of the way but still near port. Enough people had been between them that the four men chasing them wouldn't have noticed the sudden change in direction, instead running right past Feliciano and Ludwig's hiding place.

"Vat the hell was that about?" Ludwig asked as he took some deep breaths, looking at the young Italian that drug him away. First day in town and what the hell has he gotten himself into already?

"They thought I stole from them, but I didn't! Honest, ve!" Now that they were out of harm's way, Feliciano appeared to have calmed down a bit, offering Ludwig an innocent smile. "Ve... Grazie for saving me. I-is there any way I can thank you?" He pasued for a moment, looking the other man up and down, sizing him up.. He hummed for a bit, a satisfied noise. "You look pretty strong. Why don't you come work with me? The merchant ship I help out on needs more people~"

"V-veally?" Ludwig blinked at the other man, who was smiling broadly, as he adujusted the bag that had began to slip down his shoulder during their little escape. Maybe being a good samaritan wasn't as bad as he thought. "Th-that would be wunderbar!" At least his search for a job went better, and quicker, than he had hoped. "Mein name's Ludwig," he said, giving a small smile in return and offering a hand. The Italian's smile brightened even more and he took the much larger hand, shaking it.

"Ve~ I'm Feliciano! It'll be great to have on board, Ludwig~" He checked to make sure the men from before were long gone, starting for the docks when he saw that the coast was clear while still keeping a firm grip on the taller man's hand. "So we don't get seperated~" he chirped. Ludwig felt slightly off holding Feliciano's hand, however. About the only thing that kept him from ripping it out of the other's grip was memories of him doing the same to his father and brother. Yeah, just think of the Italian as a little brother and all would be fine.

They took some alleyways at first, just in case the sailors were still looking for the smaller of the two. Eventually they had to take the main road and wound up at the docks. Ludwig looked at the ships wondering which was the one he was going to be working on. The further down they went, the fewer merchant vessels they passed. Most down to the end they were at were locals or less savory looking ships. "That doesn't look like a merchant ship..." After all it was crewed by men that looked like the ones he just saved Feliciano from.

"It's over down this way. Don't worry; we're almost there." Sensing that Ludwig was getting a tad suspicious, the Italian sent back a reassuring look. "Ve~ We're here~!" Feliciano waved with a flourish towards a well kept ship that looked much too nice to be a merchant ship, as well as much too big.

The people milling about on board appeared less rough than the ones chasing Feliciano had been, but still bulky enough to snap the young Italian in half without a second thought. A small glimpse of a bright red and gold accented coat fluttering in the sea breeze could be caught before it was gone.

Looking over the ship, something just didn't sit well with Ludwig. His mind was screaming that something was up, and he watched as some of the crew stopped what they were doing when they saw the small Italian with a large unknown man, appearing ready to attack should the need arise. "Eh... Feliciano, I'm sorry but I think I'm going to have to turn down your offer..." the blond said looking to the smaller man, every so often casting a glance up at the deck. In response the younger gave him a confused and hurt look, gripping Ludwig's sleeve in a dainty looking hand.

"V-ve? But why? Didn't you need a job?" he asked, expression giving off the feeling of a child who had just been denied something they'd really been looking forward to.

"Sorry..." was all Ludwig said turning on his heel and started walking back down the dock. He felt bad turning down the other like that, but with everything that just seemed off with the situation... The German sighed. He'd probly kick himself later for turning down that job...

Feliciano stared after him for a few moments before a dark smirk crossed his face, turning the childlike innocence that usually resided there into something much more cruel and dangerous. Suddenly the Italian broke into a fast paced walk, grabbing Ludwig's shoulder roughly and spinning the man around before kneeing him in the stomach and bashing the back of the German's skull with his elbow. He caught Ludwig as he collapsed, unconscious, grunting slightly under the sudden weight. "Hey! Some of you come down here and help me with him, quick!" he shouted, shifting the burlier male so that he was face up. The Italian smiled softly, leaning down to press a kiss to Ludwig's crown. "You're coming with me, mio salvatore~"

So, how was it? Good? Bad? Looking back over it I realize Feli comes off as sorta Russia-like, but, that's how he supposed to be. And yep, another GerIta pirate story. However, this is not the only pairing that will be focused on. Not even close. I must warn you that there are some OCs in here, mostly from some RPs where we've made personifications of the cities/capitals and all that jazz. New York City, Sicily, Venice, Munich, and some others (though even I have no idea when they're going to show up, if ever.)

Anyway, at the end Feli calls Luddy his savior. Aw, isn't that sweet~? In a strange twisted way, given the context of the situation, yes! Yes it is! :D