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The Truth About True Love

A.C. 200

True love wasn't something that ended in happiness.

In truth, true love was nothing but a tragedy waiting to happen. True love was just an illusion to hopeless romantics, something to look forward to.

But those that found out the truth, knew better.

True love was unjust, maybe to the point of being evil.

That is what Duo realized, and that was what he truly believed in.

His lungs fought for air as the warmth of his blood coated his tuxedo. Something small but sharp poked his chest. His head hurt, and he could almost feel the bullet that was lodged somewhere there in his head.

And above him, Relena. . . sweet sweet Relena, wept as she held him in her arms. She looked like the princess she was in her wedding gown. . . but her dress. . . he had once again tainted purity.

He whispered his last apology, as his sight began to go grey.

He would not be alone at this time of death.

He could sense the others standing near.

And to be held so gently. . .

One last tear fell from his eyes.

Shinigami. . . I'm coming home. . .

A chorus of mourning and denial was heard. . .


tbc. . .

Believe it or not, I don't like Relena. However, seeing all the bashing the poor girl gets, for despite her annoying behavior, she tries. . . I've come to feel sorry for her, thus decided to write a fic without the Relena bashing. Sort of pro-Relena. Why? I don't know. Must be PMS, more susceptible to feeling pity and wallowing in depression, thus everyone must be depressed, including Relena...