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The Truth About True Love
Part 5

March 6, 200 A.C.

Quatre stood over the comatose Duo. "I leave on the mission with Trowa tomorrow," he stated, fingering the flowers left over from Relena's last visit.

He sighed as he stepped back. "I don't know what to think. Lauren is gone. She went back to her mother's house. She won't return my calls. So I'll really be on my own with Trowa. And, shamefully, I'm not upset about losing Lauren. I'm just disappointed that I couldn't keep her. How horrible is that? Well, more like embarrassed that I, the only male Winner, couldn't keep my wife feeling loved and secure. And being alone with Trowa scares me right now."

Quatre snorted. "Actually, no... what scares me is the fact that you'll have both Relena and Heero to deal with. You see, they both decided to take up our days. So you don't have to worry about being lonely. I just hope they don't run into each other. Their fights... well, Relena's fights... are quite vocal. So much for a pacifist. When she's mad, I think her pitch hits notes that my violin can never hope to achieve. But don't worry. I'll make sure Wufei keeps an eye on those two."


March 7, 200 AC

"Injustice." Wufei let out a tired sigh as he dropped himself in the seat next to Duo's bed. "Quatre tricked me. That's what he did. Would you believe that blond little punk actually convinced me that Relena and Heero would require minimal supervision? Ha! My eardrums are still ringing."

Wufei smirked. "Ill have my revenge. But I'll need your expertise, so do your best to think of a plan while you're just sleeping there. I lack knowledge of mischievous deeds. Only you can pull those off. Even the subtle ones."


March 10, 200 AC

Dr. Johnson gave Sally a tired smile before looking at Wufei and Relena. "Well, the good news is that Duo really doesn't need the respirator to help him breathe. I think its a hopeful sign that his body is healing."

That's wonderful!" exclaimed Relena, as Heero and Wufei shared a smile.

"I'll still come by to check on his progress. If anything, I am upping some of the nutrients being given to him,"

"Thank you," Relena murmured, a hand over her heart and a content smile on her face.

Sally approached Heero and Wufei. "Just so you know, you can call us at anytime if you need us."

"Thank you," Wufei said, bowing deeply.

March 14, 200 AC

Heero caressed Duo's face as he sat in his chair. Without a word, he popped open a box of chocolates and placed one in his mouth, sucking on it. Glancing at the door and listening to make sure no one was approaching, he then leaned forward and kissed Duo on the side of his mouth, slipping in a small piece of chocolate.

He pulled back just as Relena entered.

Heero froze as Relena glared at him. Her eyes narrowed as she took in the box oc chocolates, and the small chocolate smears on both Heero and Duo's lips.

"White Day," Heero murmured.

The door opened again and Wufei stepped in. His eyes bugged out for a moment. "Heero!" he barked out. "Found you. Uh... we need to discuss the possibilities of our assignment."

Heero walked past Relena without a word, and she also remained silent.

Once he exited, Relena let out a huff and sat down. "Well! He certainly had some nerve coming in here on my day. 'White Day.' A convenient excuse. And how shameful!" Relena turned bright red as she covered her face with her hands. "He kissed you while you were defenseless!"

Relena dropped her hands. "Although, I guess, or rather hope, this means that Heero is a liar and still feels something for you. What an idiot." She sighed.

March 17, 200 AC

Duo's room was covered in green. Howard couldn't help but laugh at the thought of Duo waking up to such a vibrant room.

"I almost expected you to be dressed up as a leprechaun," he said, drinking from a mug. "Duo, my boy... you're missing out on one of the better drinking holidays that man created. I think, right now, we'd be in Boston if not Ireland, drinking to our hearts content. But we'll still do that yet. Wait and see."

March 18, 200 AC

Heero shook his head as he took down the St. Patrick holiday displays. "I hope Relena didn't intentionally plan for me to be the one to clean up."

He took down the last of the leprechauns and put them in a box. "I hear Wufei told you the story about St. Patrick."

Silence reigned for a couple of minutes. "I never know what to talk about. I just hope that you know I'm in here with you. Relena talks. That I know. Wufei always tells stories. But maybe you need some silence. I always... I always enjoyed quiet times with you. I wish... I wish that I wasn't so stupid. I wish that I had told Relena about us and never gotten engaged to her. But it is too late and those things we can't change. So I'll just hope for a better future when you come back to me."

March 30, 200 AC
In the L2 colonies

Quatre sighed as he stared out into the artificial night. How quickly things had moved for him. He had expected to be here for months before he had any contact with the slave traders. As it turned out, it seemed that most of the L2 people were plagued with misconceptions about all the rich people outside of L2.

A quick comment on how cute a young boy looked landed him offers for the night. On instinct, he had said he was looking for something more permanent. Now he was part of a hated community, walking through cages of humans to make a selection.

In a short period of time, he had gained enough evidence to call in the others. On one side, he was glad. It meant he would be able to leave this colony much sooner than he anticipated. Not to mention he would be getting away from being in such close quarters with Trowa.

If he didn't know better, he would have assumed that Trowa had been subtley enticing him.

But at the same time, he felt guilty for wanting to get away from Trowa. Not to mention that it would mean pulling Wufei and Heero away from Duo.

"Forgive me," Quatre whispered.

"You look like you need a break," said Trowa, coming up from behind.

"Yeah," Quatre whispered.


Trowa glanced out the window, listening to the soft snores coming from Quatre. He had offered the blond a massage and convinced him to accept. He was careful not to overstep his bounds.

Quatre was skittish around him, that much he could tell. It seemed that Quatre still harbored some feelings for him, and he was afraid to accept them. It saddened Trowa that Quatre, who had been so open in his feelings, suddenly became closed off after the war. He couldn't help but wonder if it had to do with the memories. The romantic times they shared were framed by the horrors of war. Knowing how fragile the blond was emotionally would explain why he was so afraid to resume anything with Trowa.

Their romance was tainted with death.

But Trowa would not give up. He wandered about, jeans hanging low, or short riding up to expose an inch of flesh. He would remind Quatre of the strong body that once held him, remind him of what he let go. And hopefully, Quatre will accept him once more. If he didn't, Trowa was resigned to stay by his side regardless of the outcome.

April 2, 200 AC
Easter Sunday, Quatre's estate

It was like a small party in Duo's room. Balloons and bouquets filled the room, as well as pictures of little chicks and bunnies. Wufei and Heero stood in one corner, somewhat tense, while Relena, Sally, Zechs, and Noin spread out through the rest of the room.

"Be grateful that your eyes are closed," Zechs was saying. "I think you'd die in mortification if you saw your room."

"Milliardo!" Relena snapped playfully, as she adjusted the stuffed rabbit by Duo's side. "He'd go laughing if he had to go."

Sally moved towards Wufei and Heero. "Are you guys all set?"

They nodded despondently.

Relena cleared her throat. "Take care of things as quickly as you can," she said.

"We will," replied Heero.


Night settled as Relena stood by Duo's side, tears cascading down her face. "I'm trying to be brave, but now I realize that even though I still don't forgive him, you do. We both need Heero now, and we both need him for you. Oh Duo..."

Relena sat down and held him hand, brushing the side of her face against the palm of his hand. "I do hope they get back soon. When you wake up, you'll need all of our strength to help you get better. I don't know how much of it I can handle on my own."

Relena picked up a brush and set about to straighten Duo's hair. It was the only thing she could do keep her mind off of how lonely the place was. Sure she had the assistance of her family and Duo's friends. But it didn't seem enough like when Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, and even Heero were here.