Note: This is a series of short chapters that I've worked on over the years, writing this and that when I get the time or inspiration. Enjoy!


As much as he hated to admit it, Sasuke Uchiha was terrified. He sat in the uncomfortable plastic chair beside the door, his fists clenched white as he listened to the screaming coming through the door. There was nothing he could do but wait and hope for the best.

Hours passed and the situation seemed grave. He wondered why it was taking so long, but dared not venture into the room. His presence had been forbidden, and crossing the wrath of those inside was not something he planned to do.

Finally, a break. The screaming had ceased, and the door opened. An exhausted looking Sakura peered out of the door and smiled at Sasuke.

"You can come in now." He stood slowly, somewhat unbelieving. He could hardly have imagined something like this years ago. But here he was, entering the room where his wife had given birth. There, sitting up on the bed sat Hinata, who looked even more exhausted than Sakura, as she held a bundle wrapped in blankets. Tsunade stood beside her holding another.

"It took them long enough, but they both came out just fine." Tsunade said. Sasuke could only nod as he looked between his wife and the two newborn children. Hinata smiled and held out the bundle in her arms. Sasuke stepped forward and took the child, amazed at how small it was.

"The firstborn." Hinata said, answering the question running through Sasuke's mind. "She has your eyes." The statement carried a heavy weight with it. Sasuke looked at the face of the little girl. She was making a soft gurgling noise, and staring blankly at Sasuke. He looked into her dark eyes and a twinge of fear raced through his mind. He was both glad and terrigied she had the potential for his kekki genkai. He handed the girl back to Hinata and took the other bundle from Tsunade.

"And he has mine." Hinata said, watching as her husband looked down into the creamy eyes of their son. Sasuke smiled down at his son and then up at Hinata. She met his eyes. He knew she felt his concerns about their children and the future. But she gave him the small smile that eased his tension.

"Her name is Yukiko." Hinata said, her voice low. "And his is Kazuki." Sasuke went over and sat on the hospital bed beside his wife, marveling at the two newborn children. "This is a new beginning, Sasuke. For all of us." Sasuke could only nod in agreement. It was the new beginning he so desperately needed.