Author's Note 1: A.U: the Fabray's adopted Rachel.

This is a piece of fiction that features a semi-incestuous relationship. Inspired by sulkygeek's amazing story Maneuvering Landmines

Summary: Rachel Fabray always got what she wanted. Including Quinn. Girl!Peen Quinn/Rachel

Author's Note 2: (April 18th 2015): I am currently in the process of re-writing most of the chapters. Some chapters will have a few changes, some will have a lot. I'm attempting to keep the fundamentals in place so hopefully the story won't be completely different from the one you all fell in love with. for any new readers, I apologize for the discrepancies between chapters.




Chapter 1

A Wayward Beauty

Rachel Fabray was well aware of how spoiled she was. After all, she was the youngest of the Fabray children and was considered "Daddy's little angel". She had gotten away with countless offenses that would have resulted in severe punishment for her elder siblings. All she had to do was bat her lashes and jut out her bottom lip and her father, Russell, would practically melt before her eyes.

Despite this, she still had her mother to contend with. Judy was always able to reign Russell whenever he indulged her more outlandish desires. Her eldest sibling, Alison was much like her mother, scoffing at any displays of the overt affection Russell showered on her before the girl inevitably went back to ignoring her existence.

Not that Rachel minded her sister's indifference. Alison's apathy often bordered on disdain where she was involved, and while she couldn't understand why the older girl disliked her so much, Rachel had grown to simply accept it. She loved her sister but she knew there was no reason they had to get along just because they were siblings.

Alison's twin, Mark, was more like her daddy. He catered to her every whim whenever he was in town. He and Alison, both twenty-two, lived in California and their visits were infrequent and fleeting.

And then there was Quinn, her older sister by a year and a half. Physically the three older Fabray's were completely alike. Blonde, gorgeous, fair. These traits were just expected when the last name 'Fabray' was attached.

Minus her, of course. The adopted half-Jew.

Quinn was Rachel's favorite for many reasons. Her sister was kind to her, even doting at times but she didn't spoil Rachel like their father and brother did. In many respects, Quinn was the only one who treated her normally. She was the only one Rachel felt she could be herself with.

There was no jealousy between them. Just a quiet sweetness.

Rachel absolutely adored her.

In her own little way.


Even though she was only fifteen, Rachel was far from 'innocent'. She had already been to more parties than she could count where consumed copious amounts of alcohol on a regular basis, routinely snuck out of the house and had lost her virginity at the tender age of fourteen.

Unfortunately, her first time was with Noah Puckerman, then Junior, self proclaimed 'bad boy' of McKinley High at some sleazy party thrown at David Karofsky's house. Noah had been her boyfriend for about a month until Quinn pulled her aside one day and gently told her, with those soft hazel eyes sadly gazing down at her, that she had seen Puck making out with some Cheerio behind the bleachers first period.

Of course, he had promptly been dumped. No one cheated on a Fabray. It just wasn't something that her pride could tolerate. Rachel had moped about it for a few weeks but had eventually gotten over it.

Despite the fact that nearly a year had passed, she still missed him every now and then. Noah was funny, charming in his own way and had been a decent enough boyfriend minus the infidelity. The sex had also been good, which was always a plus in her book. Still, she hadn't really been with anyone since him.

Rachel had been feeling antsy lately. Maybe it was time to finally move on and find a new boyfriend. Or at least have a one night stand because God knows she missed getting fucked.


Rachel stared at her towel clad form in the huge mirror across her bed. Droplets of water slid down her leg and her head tilted, vague disinterest in her gaze as she followed the motion with her eyes. She fluffed her hair and pursed her bee stung lips before spinning on her heel.

She walked over to her bed, tapping her chin deliberately as she stared at her clothing options for the week. Santana's party was Friday and she wanted to make sure she had her outfit picked out in advance.

After ten minutes of fretting about, she decided to head to Quinn's room to ask her sister to give her a ride to the mall. Rachel walked the few steps needed to get to her sister's room and knocked firmly on the door.

A moment passed and Rachel frowned as she rapped her knuckles against the wood once more. Pressing her ear against the door, Rachel's brows furrowed when she heard quiet, almost inaudible whimpers coming from the other side. Despite warning signs going off in her head, Rachel twisted the handle of the door and propped her head inside.

She glanced around in search for Quinn and when she didn't immediately spot her, she carefully stepped inside the room and delicately shut the door behind her.

Nibbling on her bottom lip, Rachel stared at the ruffled bed in confusion before turning curious chestnut eyes to the slightly ajar door that lead to the older girl's bathroom. Treading lightly, Rachel tip-toed over to the door and peeked inside.

The sight made her gasp.

Quinn was leaning over the toilet, rumpled jeans unzipped, a steady hand wrapped around her—

Okay, Rachel was aware that her sister wasn't like other girls but to see her sister's dick first hand was...

Rachel's throat felt dry as she attempted to swallow, a twinge of guilt flowing through her as a blush worked it's way up her face. Quinn was releasing soft little moans, canting her hips into a fisted palm while she jerked herself off roughly. Her gaze stayed locked on the sight of her older sister touching herself, her eyes lingering on her sister's cock in interest.

Well, she's certainly bigger than Noah, Rachel mused to herself, her thighs pressing together tightly as she felt herself dampen a bit. Thick too. God, she looks hot...She frowned, confused at where that thought came from. She returned her focus on Quinn just in time to see her cum.

Rachel licked her lips at the sight, dimly noting the expression of immense pleasure on her sister's face.


Her sister.

As if finally realizing what she was doing, Rachel reared back from the door, slightly horrified at her actions. Panic pulsed through her at the thought of Quinn catching her. She turned on her heel, practically tripping out of the room in her haste to escape.

She stubbed her toe and hopped to her room, quickly slamming the door shut behind her.

Breathing deeply, Rachel shuddered against the door and slumped down to the floor.

Running a hand through her hair, she let out a soft sigh and closed her eyes tightly. The image of her sister jerking off played beneath her eyelids. She squeezed her legs together, trying and failing to ease the ache that had been slowly forming since she realized what Quinn was doing.

I should not be turned on from seeing my sister touch herself.

Rachel paused, inhaling once more as she attempted to sort through her conflicting emotions.

On one hand, she knew she should not have been watching the older girl masturbate. It was wrong. They were sisters. Sure, they weren't related by blood but still. This was Quinn. The same person who held her hand when she was scared and protectively guided her when she was too young to cross the street by herself. The same person who placed bandaids on her scraped knees and kissed her face until sobs turned to giggles.

But maybe that was precisely the reason that Rachel wasn't...disgusted by what she saw.

Sighing to herself, she lifted her legs and wrapped her arms around her knees. Resting her head against her arm, Rachel allowed herself a moment to indulge in her perversity.

She could admit that a part of her had always found Quinn appealing. Those thoughts stemmed from childish fantasies mostly but actually getting to see Quinn like that was exciting.

Quinn's cheerful and roguish demeanor had quickened her heart on more than one occasion. And when her sister had cut her gorgeous blonde hair short, Rachel had nearly swooned. It was almost unfair how attractive Quinn was.

Rachel had never permitted herself to actually consider what those reactions meant. After all, it was Quinn. She had always felt a little weak kneed when it came to the older girl.

But now...

God, it was all so...wrong.

And sexy. Quinn looked so sexy touching herself.

Once again, arousal pooled in her stomach. She wanted to watch Quinn touch herself some more, wanted to be the one to make Quinn cum.

She wanted Quinn. Period.

Gosh, this certainly was going to be a challenge.

Releasing a soft giggle, Rachel stood and pulled her towel off her body. She strode over to her bed and collapsed onto the silky sheets. Curling around her blanket, she closed her eyes as images of what she wanted her sister to do to her passed through her mind.

She had two options. Either keep what she had seen today to herself for her fantasy fodder, or make her fantasy a reality and seduce Quinn.

Rachel sighed and shook her head, smiling a little as her clit throbbed at the thought of being with Quinn in that way. Her body made the decision for her.

The choice was obvious, and she was now determined to succeed in her goal.

The selfishness of her decision eluded her; she was a Fabray after all.

And I always get what I want.