A/N: Hello my lovely readers! I'm having writers block with my other stories so I'm writing/typing this. This is based on no book, it's my original story, though it was inspired a little by Twilight

Disclaimer: Do I need to do these? This is MY original story!

Anne POV

I was walking home from the store wondering what mother would say when she saw that my dress was completely drenched. I stop to shiver as a cold breeze brushes past me.

I am halfway home when I have a dreaded feeling that I'm being watched. I freeze suddenly paralyzed as something rushes past me.

I feel a presence by me, and open my mouth to scream, but a cold long hand clamps my mouth shut. I struggle and try to bite the hand, but I am hit in the head with a rock and pass out cold as my attacker carries me away.

Some hours later I wake up in a cold, dark, damp room and to my embarrassment I am only in my underwear. I am tied to a chair and struggle to get free, but the ropes are extremely tight and I cry out in pain as they dig into my wrists.

Suddenly the door opens and in walked my attacker. To my surprise I see that he is tall and lean with big brown eyes, with long lashes and longish brown hair.

The ropes are hurting me and I'm starting to cry. My attacker walks over to me and wipes my tears away with his finger.

I am extremely frightened and in a voice just barely above a whisper I ask "who are you? Where am I? What do you want from me? Please let me go! Where's my dress?" He replies "My name is James Adams, you're in my home, I want nothing from you, you're clothes which were soaked are currently being washed and dried now who are you?" "I'm Anne Williams and my mother is probably worried sick right now PLEASE please let me go! Please!" "I can't let you go" I started crying harder and I asked "please why not? Why won't you let me leave why are you holding me prisoner here? I just want to go home!" He says "I'm trying to protect you" and I react to this with surprise.

"Wha-what are you trying to protect me from?" "You're being hunted… by vampires" he replies "oh my God! What? No!" I say this while shaking then stop "are… are you a vampire?" "Yes" he says lowering his head as if he is ashamed. I gasp and try to scream, but he covers my mouth. I struggle and though he has to let go of my mouth he clasps my hands against the chair.

So there you go! It's an original story and I'm not sure if it's all that good. I'll continue it, and if you hate it please don't read!