HI! I finally finished this story, so even though I'll be spreading it out over the course of a couple of days (or a week or two... I haven't cut it up yet), fear not it's completely finished, I just want to touch it up~ I have been working on this for at least six months, but I kept scraping it, because I LOVE PrussiaxCanada, my favorite Hetalia couple if i absolutely must pick, so I wanted it to be really, really, good. I've mostly written just straight smut for Hetalia, but this is a little deeper, thankfully. I hope you enjoy it~ Side note: this story comes before either of the other two that I've written, just BTW

Warnings: Yaoi, and cursing, smut, and all that other good stuff.

Disclaimer: I sadly, do not own Hetalia, but if I did this would be a good example of what it would be like~

His skin seemed translucent in the moonlight, his red eyes stood out under his sliver-white bangs. I was amazed that this man saw me, me. Not my loud mouth brother, not through me, he actually saw me. And I wanted to be seen by eyes like his.

Some may be wondering why I, the awesome Prussia, am attending yet another boring meeting, and I'm wondering the same thing at the moment. I mean I know it's because West and I are working under the impression that both halves of the country have to be actively involved in their country in order to survive (like the Italy twins) so I have to attend the dumb meetings, I'm not stupid. But during the actual meetings I'm not exactly sure why I have to be present at all. Disappearing would not be awesome though, so maybe I should be paying attention….


Some may be wondering why I even bother attending the meetings, Germany (the moderator for most if not all the discussions) never calls on me, or acknowledges my existence, and today I'm wondering the same thing. I try not to let it get me down, but maple, sometimes I just get so mad I could scream. But I don't, and I can't, so I just sigh and listen to every other country get their turn (or turns as in Alfred's case) to talk about whatever subject we're on next. Maybe I'll just skip out on the closing discussions tomorrow.

I'll probably end up going, I always do.

In comming chapters there will be translations down here, feel free to correct me if google fails me in translating what I want to say. Thank you~