This is just a smutty epilogue, because I know you want one! Think of it as my way of saying, Thank You for, one sticking around this long, and two correcting me when I don't use proper foreign language. Please enjoy! -bows deeply-

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"That was a nice dinner." Birdie called from the dining room where he was cleaning up. After our talk, the past couple of months have been better than great. I hadn't had another nightmare yet, but I didn't worry about them either.

He had thrown a dinner for our respective families. Bruder and Feli had come from my side, and America and Artie had come for him. America still didn't like the idea of us being together, but he would get over it. I saw Mattie leaning over the table, possibly cleaning it. That gave me an idea so I ran back to the sink where he kept a bottle of lotion.

He was standing up now, "Hey birdie, I think you missed a spot" I walked up behind him.

"Where?" He looked at the table with a little frown on his face.

"Here, let me help" I leaned him over and into the table.

"Gil, I have dishes to do," He whined then gasped when I ground into him.

"They'll still be there when we're done." I reminded him, grinding again.

"I guess you're right." He said a little breathlessly.

"Of course I'm right," I had permission now so I pulled his pants down, and got him to step out of them. I unbuttoned my own not surprised to see my own manhood jump out of the confines; it never ceased to amaze me how hard he made me.

"Gil," he moaned as I circled a finger around his tight entrance.

"Yes?" I chuckled then draped myself over him, and ran my hands up underneath him, opening his shirt and tweaked a nipple, all while grinding against his bare ass. His moan was music to my ears. I ran my hands back down his body to his manhood. Another moan as I gripped it harder than necessary.

He was already hard, all I had to do was run my thumb over his slit and, "Gil!" he cried as I spread the pre cum around the head of his penis. "Stop teasing me" he panted.

"But why? It's so much fun." I moved my hand to his sac and lightly gripped that. I buried my face in his neck and gently bit. Another moan, so I fingered his entrance, lightly at first then carefully moved in.

"Please," He begged, and I pulled the finger out.

"Please what?" I squeezed his ass, causing him to squeak in surprise.

"Please stop teasing," He did a half turn so I could see his face. He was panting hard. I found I loved the look on his face, it was full of want. "I need you Gil." Now I have to stop teasing him I thought with a smile. I grabbed the lotion from earlier and put some on my member, then on my fingers.

"Look at me for a moment," I asked once he turned back around, he obeyed, that pleading look still in his violet eyes. I placed two fingers at his entrance than leaned over and kissed him deep, moving my fingers in at the same time. He was breathless when I finally let his mouth go. The third one moved in.

"AH, Gil!" He shouted arching into the fingers. I didn't stop moving them; I searched for that sensitive area of nerves. "GIL!" Found 'em, I thought contentedly. I loved making him scream.

I pulled out of him after another minute, satisfied that I wouldn't hurt him, much. I lined us up, bending over I kissed his neck and placed my hands on his hips. Slowly I entered him. It nearly killed me to go so slowly, but I wanted to draw this out. When I finally filled him I pulled back just as slowly, the noises I heard from him were wonderful. I did this about two more times until I heard "Faster Gil, PLEASE" Always so polite this one. So I went faster, and harder, soon he was off the ground and I was pounding into him probably too hard, but it felt so good.

Remembering that he needed something from this too, I wrapped my hand back around his manhood. The only thing he was saying at this point was my name, and I found myself repeating his.

I worked him until he was close, then I pinched him at the base. "Gil Please," he said again,

"Please what? Harder?" I pushed him harder and his moan turned into a scream.

"No Gil let me co-" The last word got overpowered by another scream.

"Let you what?" I leaned closer keeping the same pace, though I wasn't fooling him I was going to come any second now and then it would all be over anyway.

"Gil Please!" He said again, and I let him go, he came right away, another scream falling from his lips and his walls tightened around me. I saw white lights for a while before slowly falling to the floor with him. "Gil" he whined again in my lap, and I realized I was still inside him. We maneuvered slowly, a sharp gasp when I finally exited him. And then I held him, leaning up against a chair.

"Those dishes will be there in the morning still, won't they?" He whispered, drifting off to sleep.

"Should be," I commented, and moved the hair out of his eyes to stare at his face.

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