SO I recently FINALLY watched Megamind… and LOVED it. For a DreamWorks movie I thought it was positively phenomenal! I think I've watched it at least 4 times in the past few days, just picking up on all sorts of different details all around. And of course I read a few amazing fanfics on here. And then just the other day, I was struck with inspiration! Just how might have things gone had things gone a little differently that night Megamind's Bernard disguise was busted. (Personally I think Roxanne was just a little too prideful to be anything but hurt and is why she dumped him BUT.. hey that might just be me.) But anyway … now there's this lovely little story that I hope you will all enjoy. (and for anyone here who reads my other stories, never fear! I am still writing those, I just had to get this one out before it left my mind!)

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Chapter 1

She walked down the sidewalk through the unyielding rain, hardly aware of how soaked she had become. Her arms wrapped around her tightly; not from cold but from fear that if she let go she would fall to absolute pieces. It killed her to believe that all this time the one man she regarded as normalcy in her life, the one man she actually opened up to, turned out to be no more than the one man that she was supposed to hate. And yet…somewhere deep inside, past all that pain, a tiny voice nudged at her that it wasn't Bernard that she had fallen for but the personality of a certain blue villain. She shook her head, willing herself to stop anymore tears from falling when the purring of an engine and the screech of brakes stopped her at the curb of the sidewalk. There in front of her he jumped out from his invisible Hudson.

"I can explain!"

She turned from him, scoffing.

"Roxanne, please!" he called out to her. She didn't stop and he called out to her once more, quickening his pace to catch up with her. "What about everything you just said? About judging a book by its cover?"

She turned on him with cold eyes.

"Well let's take a look at the contents shall we? You destroyed Metro Man, took over the city, got me to actually care about you… what did you have to gain in tricking me?" she stepped forward as she spoke and he backed up as if her very words had shoved him.

"I never meant to trick you…I never meant to hurt you!" he pleaded.

"…oh that's rich." She shook her head in disbelief, too hurt to believe anything he said.

"If there's one thing you believe that I say tonight, it's that I never meant to hurt you. Just let me explain." he looked to her, his green eyes pleading.

"Well, go on then; explain." Her eyes regained their steely gaze as she looked to him, crossing her arms over herself once more; this time in stubbornness.

"I didn't…I never…" he took a deep breath, trying so hard to gather his thoughts and wondering just where to begin; and sometimes it's best to just start at the beginning. "I never actually intended to become Bernard. It happened that night…on that tower. I- " he paused not wanting to admit he had been in his pajamas. "..couldn't sleep and went for a walk to clear my head."

She scoffed once again.

"I was feeling guilty, alright? And then…I heard you. And you were coming around looking for the voice you heard. And I didn't want you to know that it was me, and then I bumped into that curator and…" he moved his hands gesturing up and down himself. "I never meant for it to go any further than getting you out of that building safely. I planned on re-hydrating him after you left and carrying on as normal. But then everything changed; for once you actually regarded me as a person. And the way you spoke about me, as Megamind me, it was like you were actually defending me." He paused to look at her and watched as her expression softened slightly. He sighed; when he spoke again his voice was quiet.

"Something in me knew that I should have stopped…that I should have told you the truth sooner. But for once in my life it felt good to just be accepted; I just didn't want to give it up." He hung his head, ashamed at his admission.

"So you can be mad at me all you want, but the one thing to remember Ms. Ritchi, is that this whole time, all those feelings you've had, and all that time you've spent has been for me…not Bernard, but for the person behind that disguise." He looked at her, his brow furrowed. Some part of his large brain was screaming at him to shut up while he was ahead, but he had to be honest and he had to get his feelings out while she was listening.

"You still lied to me Megamind. You tricked me; to make me fall for you! How could you be so…evil?"

His heart ached at her pained expression; at what she thought of him now. Any chance he might have had with her was ruined now, and he knew it. In the back of his head a voice that sounded strangely like Minion told him that he never had a chance to begin with. Might as well tell it like it is then, he had nothing left to lose after all.

"It was never like that! But admit it; you would never have given me a chance if you knew it had been me the whole time!"

Roxanne jumped as if she had been shocked and her eyes opened wide. What he had said most certainly hit home. The two stared at one another in silence as the rain pounded on. Finally she found her voice again.

"What do you want me to say? I'm not supposed to be with you. You're supposed to be the bad guy."

"Maybe I don't want to be the bad guy anymore! Maybe I found something more important than all that! Maybe for once I didn't want to lose the one thing that actually made me happy." His hands gestured to emphasize the passionate point he was trying to make; he was lost in his fear at losing her for good to even think about wearing his normal bad-boy façade.

Once more Roxanne Ritchi was rendered speechless. She watched in stunned silence as Megamind stepped towards her slowly and removed the cape from his shoulders before wrapping it gently around her to keep her from getting any more rained on. He spoke the entire movement; his voice was soft and remorseful. He could hardly stand to look into her eyes and instead took to staring from the clasp of the cape as he attached it, to the sidewalk as he dropped his hands back to his sides.

"I thought that maybe…with all the goodness in your heart, that if I was able to show you something good that I could do that maybe, just maybe, I could make you see differently. But then I guess inside I knew that I was always wrong. It's how everything goes for me. Everything I touch just blows up in my face. But I get it now; I can't be your hero… I'm a villain through and through…and the thing about villains is: they don't get the girl." He finally turned his vibrant green eyes up to her, they were so full of pain that Roxanne's breath hitched in her throat. After one last gaze into the blue eyes that he had come to cherish so much he turned and walked in the opposite direction, his shoulders and head slumped and his gait slow.

Roxanne watched him walk away and a gust of wind fluttered the ends of the cape she now wore. She shifted her arms to close the long garment the rest of the way in an attempt to save what body heat was left lingering on the material. She was struck by its softness, and then struck once more by the instant realization of just whose cape she was wearing, and just who had put it around her shoulders in a moment of pure chivalry.

Suddenly; one by one and all at once, thoughts and memories began to barrage her mind. The kidnappings: in which she was never in any actual danger; his always apparent excitement at seeing her; their witty banter which always toed the line of flirtation. And then Bernard and her escaping The Lair together; the park and city being cleaned not even a full day after she had voiced her dismay at how much of a dump that it had become; the paintings all returning to their home in the museum; sitting in a corner of the library until late hours of the night; snuggling into the side of the curator on a picnic blanket as they shared secrets and stories. Hit by hit more memories impaled her mind. It suddenly became all so clear and she kicked herself both for being so slow on it all, and for being as cold-hearted as she had been.

What a hypocrite she was.

Claiming not to judge a book by its cover, but knowing that she would never had before allowed herself such a relationship with Megamind due to his status of villain. All along it had been him; that one normal constant balance in her life, he had done it all for her, to impress her, to gain her trust and…love even? To show her just how much he cared.

And look how she treated him.

She felt absolutely despicable now.

Realization slammed into her again. This whole time…she had been right. Maybe he wasn't evil; maybe just maybe, he had been a victim of circumstance. All this time no one had ever given him a chance; he was raised from a baby in a prison, he'd had to experience his experiments blowing up and suffer Metro Man constantly beating him and gloating about it. It all made sense: no one had ever given him a chance before, and the one time he had a chance to act normal and be accepted, he did what any normal person would do and took it. And when it blew up, she broke her own promise to accept him no matter what and turned him away. She hugged herself tightly, shivering not from the cold but from the cruel harsh reality of her pain; of the guilt she felt at how cruel that she could be.

And she had called him the evil one.

She closed her eyes, and those giant green eyes so full of pain flashed across her vision. She looked up and she could just make out his shadow as it grew smaller, disappearing into the blurry darkness of the rainy night. Something inside of her kicked, and she realized with a start that maybe her life wouldn't be normal without Megamind in it.

Before she knew what was happening, before she even realized her legs had started to move, she was running at a breakneck pace; the cape flapping out behind her.

"Megamind!" a crash of thunder sounded above, drowning out her voice. "Megamind!" she called out again, praying that he could hear her, and praying even harder that he would stop and turn around. He heard the yelling of his name and turned, afraid that Hal had come back to claim Roxanne; he cursed himself for abandoning her and leaving her for bait like that. He'd never forgive himself if something happened to her. Instead he found a body colliding into his with such great force that he stumbled back a few steps. He felt a pair of arms wrap tightly around his shoulders, and his own arms moved of their own accord; winding around the body to support her from falling.

"Roxanne?" his voice was quiet in disbelief as he pulled back enough to look at her. He was shocked to see a smile playing about her lips. She had to yell above the rain which had begun to fall in torrents now; part of her heart was elated at her sudden bravery, and another smaller part was shocked at just what she was about to do.

"Maybe I don't care that you're supposed to be the bad guy, because I know you're really not! Maybe I don't care that I'm not supposed to be with you! Honestly? To Hell with what everyone else thinks!" she moved in swiftly as she captured his lips and kissed him soundly. His eyes widened in surprise; he was rendered immobile until finally his brain began working once more and he returned her kiss; his arms wrapping more tightly around her waist. Slowly Roxanne broke the kiss and pulled back just enough to rest her forehead against his. Her breath was heavy from the run and the kiss.

"Roxanne, I-" his voice was quiet, and she wouldn't have heard it if she weren't so close to him. At this angle, even in the dim light of the street lamps, they could both see that the other was blushing furiously. "I…don't understand. Not that I'm complaining!" he quickly attempted to recover. "I just…I was under the impression that you hated me. I mean…you did just dump me." He looked away, both hurt by what had happened and embarrassed by his lame line; but in his defense, in the simplest of terms he had indeed been dumped. She looked up to him; rain dripping from her hair.

"I think it just finally all came together for me…a little slow I know." She smirked. "I just think that I've realized that maybe you're really not all that bad. I think that really, you're actually quite good. That's why you've never actually tried to hurt me before! That's why you never tried to hurt or kill anybody. And maybe that's why so many of your evil experiments blow up in your face. You weren't meant to do bad Megamind."

"You'll be hard pressed to find anyone else who actually agrees with you." His arms slackened from around her; making to move away. She was faster than him and reached forward and grabbed the front of his shirt, twisting her hands in it to make him turn back and look at her.

"Maybe I don't care what everyone else thinks. I know who you are, and that should count for something. And who cares about any stigma that I shouldn't be with you? Somewhere inside, I know that it's right and it's just taken me this long to figure it out. You might not believe me Megamind, but I know you're good." She said. He stared at her in silence, his expression unreadable and she took it as a cue to continue.

"All I'm saying is, these past few weeks have been the happiest I've been in a really long time, and it's all because of you…or Bernard…or well you really." She smirked to him. "I know there's good inside of you, and you keep proving that over and over. You sure convinced me anyway." She shrugged lightly, referencing his last comment. A smirk crawled across his lips and shook his head as a chuckle rumbled in his throat. Slowly he moved in, intent on kissing her again when a pressing hand on his chest stopped him. Her face was sterner this time. "Now I'm not saying that I'm not mad. But I am saying that I can forgive you."

He smiled to her, shaking his head in amusement. "That's all I ask."

The two pairs of lips met once more in a kiss. They were joined for but a few short moments before a crack of thunder broke them apart and lightning lit up the sky. Megamind smiled to the beautiful woman who stood before him and cautiously reached out to sweep her dripping bangs from her eyes.

"Come on, I should get you home before you catch your death." He turned her back towards his car, a hand resting on her back as a guide. He couldn't help but smirk as he opened the door for her.

"You know, you really do make that cape look quite good."

Whooh! I just couldn't stop writing once I started! But don't go thinking this is the only chapter! There's more to come! Im actually working on Chapters 2 and 3 right now!

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