"Mr. Puckerman? Mrs. Hudson? May I speak to you for a moment?" A man asked, walking over to the Finn, Rachel, Quinn, and Puck.

"What is this about?" Quinn asked, hesitant of the man standing before her.

He outreached his hand. "I'm Doctor Allen Haley. I'm with the Neurology department here. About Grace."

Quinn covered her mouth. "Neurology?"

The doctor shifted his weight. "Yes. Please, come to my office?"

Quinn and Puck stood up, and started to walk with the doctor. Puck suddenly stopped and turned around. "Wait. Finn's her father too."

Finn's eyes widened but he whispered something to Rachel and headed down the hall with the trio.

The doctor took them into his office and offered them seats. "Now, about Grace. Grace's fever has been above 104.00 for weeks now. When she wakes up, if she wakes up, she could have serious complications."

Quinn gasped. Finn and Puck exchanged glances. "What kind of complications?" Finn asked, nervously.

The doctor tapped his pen on the desk. "She could have brain injuries, deafness, vision projects, motor delays or a number of other things."

Quinn silently began to weep. She buried her face in her hands. "My baby. My poor baby."

Puck raised his hand. "But none of this is for sure right? Like she could wake up totally fine?"

The doctor nodded. "At this point it's fifty-fifty."


Rachel nestled her head on Finn's shoulder, nuzzling her face in his neck, finally sound asleep. She had been so distraught when they told her the news of what could be Grace's future. Finn gripped his cup of coffee and starred down at her. Even with the horrible uncertainly of the future, everything felt at peace when he was with Rachel. Puck sat under the window looking into Grace's room, playing a game on his phone. Quinn remained perched at the window, keeping vigil. Grace lie motionless her skin pallor and ashen, except for a fire that burned in her cheeks. She was noticeably thinner, her face shrunken and hollow.

"I just want to hold her." Quinn said pressing her hand to the glass.

Puck slid his phone into his pocket and stood up next to her. "I do too."

Quinn turned to face him. "I made you miss so much."

Puck slid his arm around her waist. "But I'm here now."

Quinn began to cry. "I hope you get to see her grow up."

He hugged her tight. "Hey, hey! None of that. What happened to the strong girl I knew in high school."

Quinn pushed a stray tear off her face and glanced up at him. "She's gone."

Puck brushed a strand of her hair out of her eye, and held her chin. "No she isn't. She's inside there. I see her. Quinn you're strong, and amazing. You're beautiful. You've become so much more than that girl I met in high school. I am so proud of you."

"I. . . I love you. I always have."

He smiled at her. "I love you too." He waited for her response but she was staring into Grace's room, mouth open wide. She gasped loudly. Puck stood there stunned. "She. She's awake."

Finn jerked up spilling his coffee on to the pristine white tile floor. Rachel awoke, startled. "Wha…What's wrong?"

"She's awake!" Finn cried out, tears streaming down his face.

Grace was lying on her bed; a nurse was checking her vitals. Her big Hazel eyes stared out confused and scared. Quinn tapped the window. "Mommy's coming! Baby Mommy's right here!"

Finn picked up Rachel and spun her around. "She's awake!"

appeared, rushing into the room. "I'm going to evaluate her and then you can see her."

Quinn gripped Finn's hand with one hand, Puck's in the other. She looked at Rachel. "Pray that she's alright."