Akuto Sai entered the academy, looking forward to his future.

Ever since he was old enough to be aware of such things, he's wanted to be Grand Priest, and use that position to change the world for the better.

He was now standing in line, along with some other new students. This was not only to evaluate their heath, but to determine their futures.

Akuto couldn't help wondering what would happen if a student got a prediction he didn't like, but was assured that these were mostly based on what was in the students' hearts.

On his way to the school, he'd met, and made friends with, another student. They did some ceremony with her sword, the meaning of which he still didn't quite understand, but with she said bound them together. Although he really didn't care for the threatened consequences of betrayal...

Finally, Akuto's turn had come. He walked up to what turned out to be a bird smoking a cigar.

"I know that look," the bird said, "but don't you give me any grief about my smoking. It's none of your business, and besides, magical beings such as myself aren't harmed by cigarette smoke -!"

"Okay!" Akuto said. "I get it already!"

"As long as we understand each other." It looked Akuto over. "No health problems, good physical condition. Future occupation..."

Akuto braced himself.


The students and faculty freaked out. One of them asked the bird to try again.

It gave Akuto another look.

"BURGER KING!" It repeated.

Several more attempts were made, but the answer was the same each time.

All present were scared and horrified at the thought of being in the same room as the future Burger King.

"Alright," one of the same, "all of you, back to your classes!"

They dispersed as ordered.

Akuto Sai could only stand there, stunned. Him, the future Burger King? He could hardly believe it, though it wouldn't stop this from affecting how people saw him.

Just like that, he dreams for the future slipped away.