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1 year later

"You guys don't have to come if you don't want to, we know you just got in and everything—"

"—shut up, Zexy! Yes they do!"

Roxas could hear them from all the way across the room the argument that was taking place in Axel's phone, which Axel held six inches from his face with an amused expression.

"Relax, guys, we'll be there, the moving truck doesn't come until tomorrow morning anyway."

"Well good!" said Demyx's voice, "We can't have you missing you own housewarming party."
"Which isn't even being held at our house," Axel reminded him. Roxas heard something like a 'pfft' from the other end of the receiver. He tuned out the conversation and looked around the empty room.

In the last year, they'd both gotten jobs, and had put every penny of it away.

They'd just bought a little house, with their own money. Roxas couldn't say he wasn't nervous. He'd have to do adult things like pay bills and do taxes and worry about insurance and feed himself, but at least he wouldn't have to do it alone. They only had one car, which was fine, because the house was only a block away from the university and Roxas took a bus to work, where he was a student- teacher at Twilight Town high school.

He didn't make much, just a few dollars over minimum wage; Axel provided most of the income, having kept his apprenticeship at Dusk, which in another year would be a full time job. Roxas always felt a little conscious about it, but Axel never minded. He loved his job, and he loved Roxas. They weren't disgustingly happy, like Riku and Sora, but they rarely got into fights. And on the occasion that they did fight, they always made up by the end of the day, usually by means of raucous and kinky sex.

"Hey, Roxas, bet ya don't know why the sun sets red."

Roxas thought about it. He vaguely recalled learning about light in elementary school. Axel was full of useless information.

"Uhh doesn't red travel the furthest?" he guessed. He thought he'd heard something like that in a video game he'd played once.

Axel grinned smugly, "Nope. The dust particles close to the horizon distort the color of the light. That's why sunsets look different depending on region."

Roxas rolled his eyes, "Did I ask? Know it all."

Then he was against the wall. "I know you did not just call me that," the redhead growled playfully.

Roxas raised his eyebrows, "you gonna punish me?" he teased, slipping his fingers through Axel's belt loops.

Axel's head swooped down and started to nip and suck Roxas' neck, "you bet," he murmured between kisses, "shorty," he added for good measure.

"Oh, I'll show you who's short," Roxas panted. He was starting to form a plan in that evil brain of his; Axel wasn't the only one who could be an asshole.

Roxas viciously yanked Axel by the hair, eliciting a yelp from the redhead before messily pressing their mouths together. As always, Axel's tongue battled Roxas', trying to force him into submission.

Well that just won't do.

He bit down on Axel's tongue, making the unsuspecting redhead yelp again. He retracted his tongue, giving Roxas the opportunity to lead, which he took. He took advantage of Axel's temporary lack of defense and switched their positions, instead forcing the taller male against the wall. He moved his mouth against Axel's cheek, trailing over the hot skin. He teased the soft skin behind his ear, the soft groaning from the other man became more consistent.

The redhead began to sag against Roxas' knee, which he had conveniently fitted between that man's legs. When Roxas bit down on the crook of his neck, Axel moaned loudly and bucked his hips. Roxas could feel him hard against his knee. His evil plan was working.

"Short, huh?" he said huskily, trying to make his voice sound as enticing as possible. He moved his lips to the base of the other man's throat, "Know what else I am?"

The other man groaned in response, the noise sent vibrations through Roxas. He struggled to focus on his task. He played with Axel's waistband.

"A great… big…" he whispered the last word in the other man's ear, "tease."

He half reluctantly pushed himself off the wall and took several steps back. He laughed out loud at Axel's face, which was utterly bemused. He watched as realization dawned on him, bracing himself for what was coming.

"Oh, hell no," Axel growled. He reached the blonde in two strides and crashed into him with so much force they were both knocked onto the floor. Roxas wasn't much into fighting it; he wrapped his legs around the man and kissed him some more, this time giving the eager redhead dominance. Axel ground his hips into Roxas, who mewled and arched his back.

"Ah ah ahhhh Axel!" he gasped, his breaths were hitched an erotic.


Ding dong!

Wow, Roxas thought, Worst. Timing. Ever.

"Wanna ignore it?" Axel suggested. The hornier half of Roxas thought that ignoring it sounded like a great idea, but sensible Roxas wasn't having it.

"The window's open," Roxas pointed out. Axel grinned.

"Then we'll give them one hell of a show," he suggested, winking.

"You should probably get it," Roxas sighed.

Axel got up. The button on his pants, and his tanktop was off his shoulders. He made no attempt to tidy up; apparently he wanted to make clear to whoever to whoever was interrupting them exactly what a cockblock they were being.

He opened the door to a man with white-blonde hair. He said with an obvious English accent, "Good morning, old boy."

Axel raised his eyebrows. Apparently wherever this man was from they didn't have proper introductions.

"Umm… can I help you?" Axel asked him, eyeing the heavy looking cross the guy wore around his neck.

"Oh, sorry, generally I skip the formalities," the blonde man laughed, "my name is Luxord. I live next door," he pointed to the complex next to them. "Tell me, have you heard the good news?"

Axel held back a snort. He knew where the man was going with this. He was raised Christian by his mother, but this particular man seemed like the radical kind that would not approve at all of Axel's relationship. He was still irritated at this Luxord for interrupting him, so he decided to fuck with him a little.

"Hmmm…" he scrunched up his face in false concentration, "Oh yeah! They legalized same sex marriage last week, didn't they? Don't gotta go to Hollow Bastion for that anymore."

Luxord opened his mouth briefly in surprise, then closed it and shook his head, "Young man, do you have time to learn about Jesus Christ today?" he asked formally.

Ah, so he was one of those holler rollers.

"No, but maybe my boyfriend does," he said thoughtfully, "hang on lemme get him."

He left Luxord stammering in the doorway and turned towards the direction of the living room, "Hey Roxy! The neighbor slash holy roller's here! Wanna talk about JC?"

"Axel, get your ass back in here and nail me to the floor!" Roxas called, making sure it was loud enough for the man to hear him.

"Sorry," Axel said, winking at him, "little busy. Some other time, yeah?" he shut the door in the man's face.

"Now, where were we?" he said, climbing back on top of Roxas, who had taken the liberty of stripping while Axel was talking to the infernal cockblock with a British accent.

He removed his own shirt, "something to do with nailing you to the floor I think?"

Roxas pulled him down so they were flesh on flesh. "Just shut up and kiss me."

Axel obeyed him, Roxas was pretty sure the redhead liked it when he was bossy.

Axel tugged lightly at his bottom lip with his teeth, making Roxas gasp a little. The other man took that chance to plummet his tongue into the blonde's mouth. Roxas gladly let him his, he flicked his tongue against the other, initiating a war for the second time in ten minutes. Roxas gave out this time though, letting Axel lead, as usual. He tried to resist bucking his hips into the other man, without much avail. Axel shook his hips furiously, both trying to work off his pants and pleasure Roxas. He was successful in both; he finally kicked off the last of his cloths and turned his full attention to the writhing boy beneath him. He started kissing down his chest, around his navel, on his hip bone, pumping him all the while.

"A-Axel!" he gasped, "I'm- I'm close," he cried thrusting into Axel's hand. Axel removed his hand and replaced it with his mouth, putting both hands on Roxas' waist to try to hold him still. Within the minute Roxas threw his head back and screamed, his eyes rolled back as he came between the man's lips, who took it all without complaint.

Eager to please Axel as well, Roxas took his length in his hands and pumped until he saw him make 'the face.' He then gave his dick one long lick before Axel convulsed, then came too, screaming Roxas' name.

Axel collapsed on him, spent. He wrapped his arms around the redhead and kissed his cheek.

"I love you," he whispered. Axel grinned like a kid on Christmas.

"I love your pretty hair, I love your eyes, I love how you drive me crazy. I love hearing you say that. Yeah, I pretty much love you too."

He kissed him softly. Roxas could taste himself but returned the kiss nonetheless. Axel rolled off of him onto the floor, breathing heavily.

"Wanna go get something to eat?" Roxas asked. He couldn't help it, he got hungry after sex. Axel chuckled.

"How bout after I shower?" he smirked.

A shower would probably be good idea, he thought, considering he was drenched in sweat and cum. He surveyed the mess. Yeah, a shower was definitely in need.

"Only if I can come with you," Roxas teased.

"Hey! You guys came!" said Demyx, tackling them both with enough velocity to effectively knock the wind out of Roxas.

"Of—course we—came…" Roxas gasped, trying to form words around his surely collapsing lungs, "It's our party."

"I missed you guys!" Demyx shouted excitedly, "Come on, come on, come inside, everyone's waiting!"

"Let them breath, Dem," said Zexion, who had just appeared behind Axel.

"Zexy! You're home early!" said Demyx.

Zexion was obviously well prepared for his boyfriend's welcome hug, because instead of falling down he responded by lifting Demyx off his feet.

"I wasn't about to miss out on any of your fun," he said, grinning, "hey guys," he added to Axel and Roxas.

Roxas gave him the 'sup' nod, but he was preoccupied by Demyx.

"You—are—too—sweet!" he said, kissing Zexion on the lips between each word. Axel snorted and cleared his throat obnoxiously.

"I got lucky," the slate haired boy explained, "My last session canceled on me last minute. So, naturally I came home as quickly as possible."

"Zexy's tutoring now," Demyx informed them proudly, "Three nights a week, over at the university! And he works part time at the café, so come on down and get discounted mochas!" he said jubilantly, winking at them.

"He's kidding about the discount part," said Zexion quickly, "and you," he said, turning to Demyx, "brag more about me than my mother."

Demyx blushed, then started jumping up and down, "Come on then, let's go in," he said.

His and Zexion's apartment was large and very open. The kitchen, living room, recording studio, and laundry area was all in one spacious room. Technically so was the bedroom, since they put it on the loft. The only secluded room (aside from the bathroom) was made into a comfortable quiet area for Zexion to read or study in while Demyx played his music. Three of the four main walls had several windows, and that added to Demyx's décor gave the apartment a very cheerful atmosphere.

Sora, Riku, Kairi, Naminé and Xion were all sitting at the table, which was surrounded by beanbag chairs instead of dining chairs. Sora looked the same as always, his hair unruly and spikey as ever. Riku's silver hair had grown very long. It fell past his shoulders and down his back. He obviously hadn't gotten a haircut in a while, his bangs hung unevenly over his eyes. Surprisingly enough this actually added to his good looks. Kairi, on the contrary, had gotten a shell cut like she had when she was in high school. Upon seeing this, Roxas realized that if they had the same colored hair, she and Kairi could probably pass as identical twins. He wondered for a moment if that's what originally drew Axel to her.

The three of them remained as close as ever, and she had actually even moved in with them, for a while after Demyx and Zexion left. Axel and Roxas were the last to leave the boarding hours their parents paid for, finally stepping up when they couldn't deal with the new housemates, Rikku, Yuna, and Paine anymore.

The three girls had come right from the center of high-class Hollow Bastion. They were rich, preppy, and relentless partiers. All three of them were extremely high maintenance and had completely taken over their bathroom, diet, and sleep schedule. Though they were considerate and good natured (except for Paine, who came across as rather sadistic) there was only so much of them the boys could take.

So there they were, with a teensy, drafty, cheapie, run-down house of their very own.

Roxas didn't really feel like he was an adult yet. He did adult things, but it wasn't much different from living at the boarding house. Even so, he enjoyed the freedom. He hadn't been living with his parents for the last three years, but there was something empowering about knowing that he owned a house. It was his (well, Axel's too) and he could do whatever he wanted in it, because he was responsible for himself now. He could come home at 3 a.m. in the morning, drunk off his ass without worrying about his parents or Sora bitching at him, because now he dealt with his own hangovers. He could screw Axel into the wall instead of doing his homework, because he knew that eventually he would do it. And if he didn't… well it was his problem. The last bit of parenting he'd gotten out of Cloud was a box of condoms, much to his embarrassment ("look, Roxy, they're cotton candy flavored!"). After that, if he ever saw Cloud, they talked more like old friends than anything else. Sure he asked friendly questions like how school was going, how work was going, if they were having any money troubles, but mostly they just talked, like Roxas would talk to Sora or Xion. He liked it better that way. Cloud was never much of a dad. He tried his best, but being maternal was never his forte.

Axel plopped down on the last available beanbag chair, so Roxas sat on his lap.

"Sooooo, how's life in your brand new house?" Demyx asked them. Axel was the one to answer.

"First of all, Dem, it's not new. Have you seen it? It's older than Professor Vexen. Second, how should we know? We've been there for all of one day. The only thing we know is that the carpet gives nasty rug burn and the shower works," he winked at them.

"Axel!" Roxas shouted, elbowing him in the ribs.

"Ooh, do tell," said Kairi, leaning forward.

"No!" Sora interjected, "I don't wanna hear about my brothers sexcapades! Just think of what it'll do to Riku's poor virgin ears!"

Riku raised an eyebrow, "Who you calling virgin, Sora? I'm not even a backdoor virgin anymore as of last week!"

Everyone widened their eyes at this.

"Dude, you dominated Riku?" Axel asked Sora amusedly, "Kudos to you," he held his hand up for Sora to high five. Roxas snorted.

"Bet he didn't tell you that I topped him months ago." He was thoroughly pleased with himself, as Axel was left stammering. "He liked it" he added to everyone as they laughed at Axel.

"Who's on top for you guys?" Naminé conversationally asked Zexion and Demyx. Demyx blushed and mumbled something.

"We haven't done it yet," Zexion said bluntly. Axel laughed.

"What are you waiting for?" he asked. He didn't ask it condescendingly, he was just curious.

Zexion shrugged, "Dem wants it to be special. I don't mind waiting."

Kairi nodded in understanding, and nobody pressed the matter any further.

To Roxas, they were all teenagers again. Even though not much had really changed, a feeling of nostalgia washed through him. They could, at least for this evening, grow down and be stupid together again. They all had lives, and jobs, and expenses to pay, but it gave Roxas comfort to know that they all still had each other. They were all still them. Demyx was the same mullet-headed idiot he met three years ago. Sora still looked at life like a six-year old would, Naminé was still an artist. They could go months without talking, but when they were all together like this, it was like nothing had changed.

They talked for hours and hours, and when the night was over, Roxas was sad to see it go. Everyone exchanged numbers of course on the promise to call, but Roxas knew that he probably wouldn't. It made him sad to know that all of them may not be together like this ever again.

"What's on your mind, sport?" Axel would ask him later.

"I—what's going to happen to us?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" Axel asked warily.

"I mean, all of us. You know, as friends? Do you think the gang will drift apart?"

Axel pondered this for a moment before speaking. "I don't think so. I'm not naïve, I know things won't be the same as they used to be. We can't all party together every other weekend like we did when we all lived together, but we'll manage."

"How you do figure?" Roxas asked.

"Well, Sora and Naminé are your siblings, and Kairi's my sister. So automatically we'll always be close to the three of them. And if Sora's around, you know Riku will be. And we hang out with Xion all the time, way more than the rest of them. And if anybody will actually honor the 'call every week' promise, it'll be Demyx." They both laughed a little at that. "And as for me," he added, wrapping his arms around Roxas' waist, "I'm not going anywhere," he kissed the tip of his nose.

"Hey," said Roxas, "I bet the sunset would look really great from the clock tower right now."


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