Chapter 10: First Fight

Matthew wasn't far when Blados appeared. He and Sveta had been near the buffet table, both starving. But everything had been ignored once Blados appeared. Every Warrior or Child of Vale who heard Blados strike Rief instantly turned their attention to him.

Ten Adepts turned to face Blados. Ivan, Piers, Nowell, Mia, Matthew, Sveta, Amiti, Tyrell, Karis and Himi all faced the brutal assailant. Blados grinned and held out his large sword. With a wave of his hand, Blados waved for the Warriors to attack.

Matthew sped forward with uncanny speed. Only Sveta managed to reach Blados before Matthew. Sveta swung her clawed hand at Blados, unfortunately Blados had swung his fist and struck Sveta's gauntlet. Though Sveta wasn't particularly wounded, her blow was canceled out. Luckily, Matthew sped forward and struck Blados.

The Dark Adept flew backwards in the room, but rolled to stop the momentum. Standing upright, he lurched forward, striking a random guest, severing her arm, and causing immense bleeding. Blados launched himself forward, swinging his blade directly down at Rief, who had just gotten up. Unfortunately for Blados, Piers was already upon him, parrying the strike.

Piers pressed forward, putting Blados on the defensive and masterfully blocking each strike that Blados attempted to make. Unfortunately, Piers didn't know that Blados was a Mercury Adept, and was unpleasantly surprised when Blados unleashed a torrent of water at the revered sailor.

Blados quickly turned and blocked a strike from Ivan, before flipping backwards and kicking Tyrell into the Jupiter Adept. The Tuaparang General ducked in order to dodge Karis' incoming strike, and then kicked out, striking her stomach and launching her into a wall. Blados leapt back further, and was given a quick moment of respite before Nowell and Mia combined their abilities in a heroic display of Ice Missiles. Unfortunately, Blados blocked their strikes by summoning a tundra of ice.

Next, the Tuaparang General turned towards Himi, swinging forward with his huge sword. Himi blocked the strike with her staff, then unleashed attacked back at him. Unfortunately, Blados dodged the strike and swung once more at Himi. Just before his blade bisected the Young Adept, Rief leapt in the way, taking Himi's blow for her. Himi instinctively reached down and used a Potent Cure on her fried. Blados stopped momentarily, but then simply ignored the duo, and rushed towards two more guests of the ball.

At this point however, Matthew and Sveta were both ready for more action. Matthew sprinted forward quickly, and swung the Sol Blade down at Blados, who blocked the strike. Matthew rolled to the side just in time for Sveta to come soaring at Blados, who narrowly managed to divert her into the ice wall he'd made. Matthew's blood boiled slightly, and the Venus Adept erupted forward and swung at the Mercury Adept. Blados swung his huge blade at Matthew, but the Earth Adept ignored it and struck Blados in his stomach, cracking a rib. Blados' eyes narrowed in anger, and he launched a pillar of ice out at Matthew, knocking the Adept across the ballroom.

Sveta watched as her date flew across the room. Her eyes slimmed, and she let out a powerful roar before transforming into her Beast Form, ripping her beautiful dress apart. Sveta flew forward and struck Blados in the abdomen, wounding him. Then, she picked up the Tuaparang General and threw him into his ice wall. Finally she zoomed forward and struck his stomach, shattering a portion of the armor, and causing Blados to cough up blood.

The Tua General stood up straight after a moment, but instead of fighting more, he summoned up an ice pillar and launched himself into the air, escaping through an open window. Sveta leapt up after him, but wasn't able to climb up the wall. Sighing, she transformed back into her normal form and sprinted to Matthew, who was finally standing up.

"Are you alright?" She asked quickly.

Matthew nodded. "Yeah, just a few cracked ribs. Uh Sveta, what happened to your dress?"

Sveta looked down and saw that her dress had been torn up badly, and barely covering up her private most areas. Sveta sighed and ignored it for the moment; more important things were going on. "I went into beast form." She revealed.

Matthew simply nodded, and then wrapped his jacket around her.

"Matthew! Sveta! Do you know why Blados was here?" Himi asked, jogging over to the young couple.

The Venus Adept shook his head. "The Tuaparang must have something planned. They probably want to disrupt peace talks."

Himi nodded. "I'll have the guards hunt him down. I hope you are okay Matthew. Do you require healing?"

Matthew shook his head. "I'll be fine, thanks Himi." The princess wandered back to the other Adepts while Matthew turned to his date. "We should get you back to your room, no one needs to see you like this."

Sveta smiled seductively; "I can think of one guy who should."

Matthew's face instantly turned bright red as he realized what Sveta had just suggested.

-The Patio

Kraden had rushed towards the door when he heard the loud crash. Unfortunately, Kraden was quite slow, and the door was locked by the time that he reached it. Sighing, Kraden was surprised when he felt someone grab his arm. The wised Sage turned and saw that it was Meisa, a member of King Wo's court.

"I'm scared!" Meisa admitted. "You're a Warrior of Vale, protect me?"

Kraden was about to note that he had little fighting ability, but then he realized that the whatever was going on was taking place inside the ballroom. It wasn't likely to come after the patio guests. And Matthew and his friends were inside, almost definitely taking care of everyone indoors. All Meisa wanted was some hope. Hope that Kraden could provide most easily.

"Of course. Stay behind me." Kraden motioned for Meisa to move behind him.

Meisa moved behind Kraden, touching his arm briefly. She gave them a quick squeeze. "What fine muscles you have." She said slyly.

Kraden smiled. His hypothesis must be correct. Meisa was likely deluding herself into believing that Kraden was strong, which would allow her to escape the reality of the situation. That, or Kraden's late night work outs had actually done something.

"Shouldn't we leave, just in case the assaulter comes after us?" Meisa questioned.

Kraden nodded. "That is a good idea, come, let's go." The wisened sage smiled and led Meisa away from the patio and towards the rooms that all guests got to stay in.

"So where are you from?" Meisa asked innocently.

Kraden smiled again. "I grew up in Tolbi, King Babi saw my brilliance when I was young; he brought me to Tolbi where I learned even more about Alchemy and such things."

Meisa smiled seductively. "I've always thought intelligence to be a key attribute in the men of my liking."

Kraden's heart nearly stopped in surprise. Was he seducing this girl? He hadn't done that successfully in nearly fifty years. That's why Kraden had stooped to peeping, it was the only chance he ever had on seeing any girl. But, maybe that would change. Maybe Meisa would be a fresh start.

"My room is close to here, let's go; we should be safer there after all." Kraden spoke directly.

Meisa nodded, quickly following behind him. After a few minutes of walking, the duo arrived at the esteemed sage's room and made their way inside.

Once inside, Meisa walked out onto the balcony, looking out at Yamata City.

"Quite the view." Kraden said quietly.

Meisa nodded. "The city is quite beautiful."

"Meisa I have a question for you." Kraden said softly, getting his wits about himself.


"Did it hurt when you fell from Luna?" Kraden asked, it was his secret weapon, even though it often didn't work well.

Meisa cracked a smile and laughed. "Only a little bit."

Kraden smiled. IT WORKED! He thought in his head.

"So what now?" Meisa asked.

"Well, the assailant is likely dead or defeated by now, you could probably go back to your room." Kraden muttered.

"All by myself? No thank you! Besides, I have a feeling that this room will be a lot more comfortable." Meisa said, winking at Kraden.

Kraden blushed. "Well, what would you like to do?" Unsure of what else to say.

Meisa took a small step forward, and locked her lips with Kraden. "You." She said quietly.

Kraden's face exploded in red, as he fell upon his bed.

A few minutes later though, Meisa stopped suddenly, "One question." Meisa said, stopping her kissing abruptly.

"Anything!" Kraden shouted, slinking his robe off.

"What do you know about the Tuaparang?" Meisa asked, caressing Kraden's cheek.

"There a military threat, and possess some advanced technology. We don't know what it is that they want though. They're lead by a mysterious leader known only as The High Empyror. And he has Psynergy Generals, and something to do with Dark Adepts. That's all I can think of." Kraden shot up and kissed Meisa's cheek.

"Why are the Children of Vale here then?" Meisa questioned, her hand moving to Kraden's bare chest.

"Emperor Unan wanted protection just in case any attacks happened." Kraden slowed. "Why do you ask?"

"Kaocho's intelligence network has failed considerably. And because you're the smartest man I knew of… not to mention the hottest."

Meisa waved her hand a little, and Kraden felt his chest heat up just a tad bit; however he now understood her reasoning.

"Ah okay. Let us continue my love." Kraden said, smiling as he placed his hand on Meisa's rump and leaning forward to kiss her.

Meisa recuperated, but suddenly stopped once more.

"Give me just a moment, I need to refresh myself." Meisa stood up from the bed, sliding her eschewed dress back into place and quickly went to the bathroom.

"Please hurry up in there my dear, I don't have the youthful endurance of my past!" Kraden shouted.

Meisa opened back up the door, wearing nothing but incredibly tight and small undergarments. In addition, her lips glossed brightly.

"Never mind, my endurance is going just fine!" Kraden stated excitedly.

Meisa leapt forward, thrusting her lips against Kraden. After a moment, Kraden felt Meisa press against his arm, heating it once again. Impulsively, Kraden stuck his tongue out, licking Meisa's lips accidentally.

Immediately, Meisa leapt back, breaking all contact with Kraden. "That should be more than enough for you to forget this entire encounter, old geezer."

Kraden stopped as his eyes began to darken. "How?"

Meisa smiled, her lips shining briefly; allowing Kraden to realize that she must have glossed her lips with some kind of chemical that caused him t-

-In the Throne-Room of Yamata City

"King Susa, I heavily beseech you to send a letter to my father. We've severely misplaced the threat level here." Matthew explained. "On our journey to the Apollo Lens, we fought with Blados multiple times, and it was always a grueling battle. I suspect that if Blados is here, then his partner Chalis will be here as well. And it is quite possible that there are even more Tuaparang soldiers in waiting."

King Susa nodded, hearing the worries. "Very well, I will commission my fastest carrier pigeon to take a letter to Isaac and Garet."

"Father they wouldn't get here in time. You need to send your fastest ship for them; otherwise it would be pointless to send the letter at all." Himi spoke up from her position to the left of her father.

Susa sighed after a minute of thinking. "Very well, I'll send my fastest ship after them."

"Thank your highness." Matthew said, kneeling and nodding.

Susa smiled softly. "The pleasure is mine, thank you for protecting us. You are dismissed, all of you." The Children of Vale stood to leave, one by one exiting the door. But, just before Rief and Himi stepped out, Susa spoke. "Halt, I want to talk to the two of you."

Rief and Himi exchanged a nervous look, before approaching the throne slowly.

"Yes father?" Himi asked.

"I wanted to thank Rief here for protecting you when Blados attacked." Susa explained to Himi. "You have my thanks Rief."

"You're welcome your Highness." Rief said, kneeling.

"You are dismissed." Susa commanded.

Rief nodded and turned around, leaving Himi alone in the throne room.

After the door shut behind the Mercury Adept, Susa addressed Himi.

"You have feelings for him, don't you?" The King questioned.

"FATHER!" Himi shouted. "That is none of your business! Who I like and don't like doesn't pertain to you."

Susa smiled faintly. "I approve."

"And another thin- wait what?" Himi asked, puzzled.

Susa smiled bigger now. "He's the son of the leader of Imil. That'll lead to close ties with them. Plus he has a brilliant mind, and is a Adept. He's a great choice. I approve of him. Did he ask you out yet?"

"Uh… no." Himi said, feeling incredibly awkward that her father was talking to her about boys.

"Shame." Susa shook his head. "Perhaps you should make the first move."

"Father!" Himi shouted.

"After all, you are 17. You're getting a bit old."

"Father!" Himi screamed.

"Yeah first move is a good idea." Susa replied.

"Father! I'm not gonna go do that, that's wrong!" Himi bellowed.

"I'm not saying sleep with him! Sol forbid! I just mean, talk with him, flirt a little. Show him the signs, he'll get interested. You're a beautiful young princess. He's bound to." Susa monologued.

"Err, uh, I'll talk to you later Father." Himi said; unsettled by what her father had said.

Susa just smiled. "I'll let you get back to your love bird."


-Twelve Hours Later

Kraden woke up groggily, looking around. The sun was just rising, so it must be the early morning; or was it setting, maybe the day was almost over? A mind splitting headache struck Kraden's mind, and he cringed as a result. Stumbling through the drawer to his side, Kraden eventually discovered a potion; which he took immediately. Instantaneously Kraden's headache dispersed.

Relieved, Kraden sank back into his bed only to realize that he wasn't wearing anything. Kraden sat up quickly and saw his clothes from last night leading towards the door; apparently he'd been in a hurry to get them off… Kraden also noticed something highly unusual. Female undergarments. The hopeless girl crazy man tried to think back to the events of the previous night, but couldn't remember anything after the loud crash that had come from the main ball room. Frowning, The Wise Safe finally put two and two together.

"I must have gotten drunk last night. Really drunk, and then bedded one of the woman here. And then, forgot about everything. Yeah. Wonder who it was…"

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