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This fic is set right after episode 4x03, where Annie is leaving Liam's bar –

Chapter 1.

Annie walked quietly back to her sorority house, cash from the night in one hand and her clutch in the other. As Bree walked aside, she couldn't help to tune her out as she replayed the scene with Liam in her head over and over.

"It seems like we keep hurting each other, I mean, if it's this complicated maybe it's just not meant to be".. "I still love you, I'll always love you"

'How could he just say that to me? After everything we've been through, just end it like that?' Annie thought to herself after replaying the memory over and over in her head. Annie and Bree reached the entrance to the sorority house.

"Look Annie, I'm sorry that I didn't really pay attention to what you were saying, or how you felt about Leo" Bree gave Annie a hug. "At least you made money off of this shitty night" Bree giggled as she opened the main door.

"Thanks Bree, for everything. I wouldn't personally go about this way of getting cash, but you were a good big sister and helped me out when I needed it" Annie smiled as she walked up the stairs, shouting from the top to where Bree was at the bottom, "And his name is Liam!" Annie laughed for the first time that night, closing her door and getting ready for bed.

It was getting pretty late at the bar, or shack as Liam likes to call it, the party was finally coming to an end as the last few guests were leaving. Adrianna wiped down the last few tables, grabbed a rootbeer from the fridge and followed outside to where Liam was sitting on a bench.

"So .. Where's Jane?" Ade asked, sitting next to Liam, mimicking what he was doing.

The tall shaggy haired blue eyed young man seemed to be mesmerized by the nighttime waves that were splashing off of the coast of California, seemingly ignoring Adrianna's question.

"Li?" Ade waved her hand over Liam's face, "Hello?"

Liam then realized somebody was talking to him. "Oh I'm sorry Ade, did you need something?" He snapped out of his trance and turned to face her.

" I asked you where Jane was.. What were you daydreaming or something?" Ade questioned, fixing her hair up in a ponytail. Liam smiled gently at her.

'If only it were that simple' He thought. "She's inside the bedroom sleeping, I guess the baby makes her really tired or something, I don't know" He gazed back at the nighttime sky. "How do you know if you've made the right decision?"

Adrianna got confused at what he was asking, or why he was asking this to him, she was definitely not a person to seek advice on making good decisions in life. "Uhm, I'm probably the last person you should be taking advice from but from my mistakes I've learned that everything works out the way it's supposed to, and if it doesn't, you find your own path" Ade thought of her relationship with Silver to try to help Liam out of whatever situation he was in. "Don't do anything that will hurt the people you truly care about, no matter how mad you are at the time. I did it with Silver and I wish I could take it all back" Adrianna had a tear form in her eye but quickly wiped it away before Liam had a chance to notice.

"I feel like, ugh" Liam sighed placing his hands over his messy dirty blonde hair. "I love Annie. I love Jane. No matter what I do I always hurt someone I love" His own statement angered him, causing him to stand up and punch a column next to him. He let out a loud moan before clenching his hurt hand with his other hand. He turned to face Ade. "Sorry"

"I'm sure that didn't make you feel better" Ade also got up and went to check out Liam's hand. "You'll be fine, killer." She winked at him. "I've got to go home, classes in the morning. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon Li"

Adrianna turned and walked away. Liam then returned to his bedroom where he glanced at a sleeping Jane, took a quick shower, brushed his teeth and hopped into bed to cuddle.

Annie awoke to sounds of the girls in the house moving about. She sat up in her bed and looked at the clock.

"10:22" Annie had said to herself aloud. 'Shit!". Annie jumped out of bed realizing that she had a meeting with one of her advisors at 40 minutes and looked like a complete mess. After a quick shower, she put on a pair of light jean shorts, brown wedge heels, and a white off the shoulder flowy shirt. She put her hair up in a messy bun, looked at the clock, realized she only had 7 minutes to make it to the meeting, grabbed her phone and ran out the door.

About an hour later, Annie thankfully shook the hand of her financial advisor and stepped out of the big, brick building where the advisors building were located. Throughout the whole meeting her phone kept vibrating, she couldn't answer it at the time but she figured now would be good.

'Naomi: Hey gurl, need advice on outfit ASAP!'

The next couple texts were from an unknown number.

'555-555-0055: Annie? ; Hello? ; I need to speak with you ; Please answer me'

After reading the final four texts, Annie got a bit confused and curious as to whom it could be. She texted back asking who it was and went to meet up with Silver for lunch at the café.

"Hey Annie!" Silver excitedly hugged her best friend, Annie hugged her back. They got seated at an outdoor table and ordered two salads, while they waited, they decided to catch up on things.

After Silver got through the whole Navid and Leela ordeal, she asked Annie how things were going. Annie went through the whole situation with Jane and Liam and Jeremy and Naomi versus the sorority.

"How are you taking things with Liam?" Silver looked on in worry, she knew that Liam was the only guy Annie truly cared about. Jasper and Charlie were just flings, she never cared about them the way she cared for Liam. When she dated Ethan she felt sparks but nothing that ever came close to Liam. "Annie?"

"Oh I'm sorry Silver, just talking about that gets me upset" Annie had a sad expression on her face. "I love Liam and I know he loves me, but he's right. He said that we always hurt each other and that's not good for a relationship. I want him to be happy and seeing him with Jane makes him happy" Annie sighed, she picked up her phone that was vibrating. "I have to accept this relationship for what it is, nothing." As Annie read the text, Silver could see that she had a sour look on her face.

"Annie? What's wrong? Who is that?"

"It's Jeremy. That jerk who used me to get information about Marla, he wants to talk in person about something, said it's important." Annie threw her phone back in her bag taking a few sips of her latte before getting up. "He wants me to meet him at his lawyers, it could be about my money, and I better go. I'm sorry Sil" Annie gave Silver a quick hug, gave her the cash for her salad and latte before catching a cab to meet Jeremy at the lawyers office.

End of Chapter 1.

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