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Chapter 10.

It had been a full week and a half, 10 days to be exact, since Annie's assault and rape. She had been moved to a rehabilitation floor on day 6 to start walking better and moving her body more. Dr. Charles ordered her to stay in the center for 2 more days just to make sure everything is clear and she is fully recovered.

'Annie, you've been moving around a lot better than you were a few days ago! I think you're ready to go home!' The red-headed nurse said, helping Annie move along. It wasn't that Annie couldn't walk, it was just hospital precaution to have a nurse with her at all times.

'Thanks Jess, my bruises are almost gone too. I'm excited for that.' The little Wilson said, checking herself out in the mirror, she was almost back to her full self, mind and body.

'Okay well I think that's enough for today.. come back tomorrow at 10 am.' Jess said, she left the room so Annie could spend some alone time in her room before her friends came for a visit.

'4:57.' Annie looked at the brown clock on the wall and went to her dresser. She pulled out black sweatpants and a white racer back tank top and put on black socks to match. Annie then walked over to the mirror and put her wavy hair in a high pony tail. She then walked over to her night stand and pulled out the book, "50 Shades of Grey", laid on the bed and started reading it. The little brunette had about an hour until the girls came over to bring Chinese food and scary movies for a girls' night.

About 20 minutes into the book, Annie started getting into the juicy parts, or dirty parts, of the book. She was really into it when she heard a knock on her door. Annie looked at her watch '5:24.. Girls are early.' She said to herself. Annie put the steamy book away and got up to open the door.

'Liam?' Annie said, confused.

'Hi.' The handsome dirty blonde said. He gently smiled, but did not get a warm reception back. Annie looked more than mad, she looked pissed. 'I know you're mad because'

Annie crossed her arms before cutting him off. 'You haven't visited me since you stormed out a week ago?' She walked over to her bed and casually sat. 'I'm going to guess you have something to say to me so begin.'

Liam didn't really know what the right thing to do was. Should he go? Should he stand in the door looking like a fool? Should he go over and sit by her? As he pondered these questions, he stood in the doorway as time flew by.

'You can come in yano.' Annie said plainly.

Liam took this as a positive and walked over. He took off his blue sweatshirt and placed it on the chair across from the bed, he then walked over in blue jeans and a white v neck, sitting adjacent to the small brunette on the twin-size bed.

'So..' Silence filled the air as Liam spoke, he was never one to have a long and deep conversation, but he didn't know where to begin, especially when it came to Annie. 'How are you?'


'When do you get to go home?' Liam asked, hoping to get a longer answer out of her.

'2 days.'

'Why are you being so short with me?' He asked again, his short temper was starting up again but he knew better than to act on it.

'Why didn't you come see me every day?' Annie asked, finally saying more than one word. 'I waited for you. Every day.' Annie knew by saying that, there might be more awkwardness between them but at that moment she didn't care, she wanted her answer.

Liam, hearing the strain and sadness in her voice, scooted over towards Annie, pulling her tiny frame her up into his lap with ease, and hugging her. They were so close, they felt each other's heartbeats racing. Last time Annie was straddling Liam, it was more in a sexual manner. Liam didn't look at this as a chance to act on his feelings, but as a chance at forgiveness. As they hugged, Annie could feel watermarks falling from the man hugging her onto her shoulder. She pulled back and brown eyes met blue.

'Liam.. don't cry.' Annie smiled, wiping his tears away with her finger. She hugged him one last time before parting again.

'I should of came every day, like you said.' Liam began. 'I wanted to so bad I really did. I was just so upset with the whole situation all I could do was drink to stop myself from killing Jeremy.' Once again, Liam started tearing up.

Annie was a shocked at what Liam was telling her, but she was happy that he didn't hurt Jeremy and be in jail for the rest of his life over her and what happened. 'I forgive you.' She smiled.

He wiped his face and smiled back. 'You do?'

'Of course Li, you did what you had to do, for me.' Annie said, she ran her fingers down his shirt and grabbed his hands, intertwining her pink polished hands with his rough. 'Even though we may not be together, you still mean more to me than anyone else does, and that will never change.'

Liam, feeling the tingly feeling that he always felt when Annie touched him, was bashful at first with what he was about to do, but the moment felt so right that he couldn't stop himself. He released Annie's hold on his fingers, and placed one hand on the small of her back while the other was gently wrapped around the back of her neck. With ease, he placed her on the bed and leaned over her body. Before continuing, his blue orbs looked directly in her brown eyes, as if he was asking permission with what he was about to do. Annie leaned her head up and bit his lower lip, signaling him. They looked into each other's eyes one last time before he reached down and kissed her. The feelings that overcame their bodies was almost too much too handle. In all honesty, as sensitive and caring as Liam is, he was still a man and got turned on by Annie. He wanted to just rip her clothes off right then and there in the twin size hospital bed, but decided against it. He fought his urges and just continued the kiss. Deepening it, he slipped his tongue into Annie's. Annie of course allowed this to happen, and as they tasted the sweetness of each other's saliva, she traced her hands on his chest. Those Abs. Annie remembered the steaminess of her book and decided she should make her own chapter. She grabbed the end of Liam's v neck and started to pull up on it, she had it half way up when Liam broke the kiss and sat up.

Annie, confused, began. 'Did I do something wrong?' Her big brown eyes had a look of happiness and confusion.

Liam grabbed onto Annie's hands and pulled her up on his lap again. 'No No No. Not at all.' He smiled and brushed her hair back, giving her a sweet peck. 'I love you so much.'

Annie gave a weary smile. 'I love you too but what's the problem?'

'I have a pregnant girlfriend. Yes the baby isn't mine but I don't know if I can just leave Jane alone raising a baby when her husband is missing, possibly dead.'

Annie sighed and got off of Liam's lap. 'I know. The baby deserves a father. I just can't help how I feel.'

Liam grabbed onto Annie's hands and placed them in between his legs. 'Feel. Imagine how hard it is for me to stop this right now. No pun intended.' Annie smiled at his little joke. Liam continued. 'Listen to me. I love you and only you. I care about Jane but only in the friend way. I just have to figure out what the right thing to do is.'

Annie smiled and kissed him once more. 'Liam Court. You're such a gentleman. We'll figure this out and be together soon enough.' They kissed again before hearing ANOTHER knock at the door. 'That must be Nay Ade and Silver.' Liam gave her a quirky look. 'Girls night!'

Liam got up and headed to the door and opened it. Seeing Naomi, Adrianna, and Silver in their pajamas was one thing Liam wasn't used to seeing.

'Liam?' Naomi questioned. 'Nice of you to show up. 7 days late.' Naomi's voice sounded aggravated.

Annie, hearing this rushed over and let the girls in. 'Liam came by and explained things to me and he was just leaving.' She smiled at her friends. They sat on the bed and watched Annie say goodbye to Liam.

Annie reached up on her tippy toes while Liam used one arm to pick her up off of the floor. They hugged before whispering 'I Love You's.' in each other's ears. He placed Annie back on the floor before waving the rest of the girls goodbye and carrying on.

'What was that about?' Silver asked. 'You guys looked quite cozy.'

'I think I know.' Adrianna smiled, opening up the bag of chips.

'What? Annie Wilson. Are we doing a round 12 with the tall and handsomeeee Liam Court?' Naomi said slyly.

'No but were working things out. So to say. Complicated. But when isn't my relationship with him complicated?' Annie jumped onto the bed and continued to tell the girls about what happened.

6:30. Jane felt that she was looking at the clock for forever before the door to her & Liam's bedroom opened. There he was. Her MIA 'boyfriend'. Truth was, he hadn't touched her in weeks. Ever since Annie walked in on them, he hadn't bothered to even try to have sex with her. She didn't know if it was because of her getting bigger because of the pregnancy, or his unresolved feelings for his ex.

'Days later. You finally arrive.' Jane said. Liam could tell that she was really upset, and he didn't know what to tell her to make her feel better.

'I'm sorry.' He said. He walked over to the dresser and placed his keys and phone down. He walked over to the bed where Jane was.

'Why didn't you call?' Jane pondered. She looked like she was about to cry.

'I wanted to but I wasn't in the right state of mind..' Liam trailed off.

'You've been doing drugs again?' Jane asked.

'I haven't done drugs since the 10th grade.' Liam snarled. 'I was at a motel, drinking.'

'Excuse me?' Jane fumed. 'I'm sitting here pregnant and you're out at a bar?' She stood up and felt a pain in her tummy. 'Ouch!'

Liam quickly noticed this and placed Jane back on the bed. 'I said I was sorry. You ok?'

'Yeah I think it was the baby kicking.' Jane said.

'I've been thinking a lot about the baby actually.' Liam started. Jane smiled when she heard this. 'It needs a father in it's life, and right now that figure is me. Jim has been missing for a while, but there was no body.'

Jane was confused at what Liam was talking about. 'Huh?'

'I can use some money from the bar and put posters up all around the area and I can hire investigators and make new broadcasts. We shouldn't leave anything out of the search rescue.' He smiled at her, her smile turned into confusion.

'So you don't want to be with me anymore.' Jane started. 'I mean I miss Jim but he's been gone for a while I don't know if he's even still alive Liam.'

'I know that but we should try, for the baby's sake, so it has a real family.' Liam said. He grabbed her hand before continuing. 'I want to be in the baby's life as a father, but my heart is with and always has been with someone else.'

Jane, didn't even have to think twice about who Liam was talking about. 'Annie.'

Liam nodded. 'Yes. You've known that for a while and I'm sorry but I cant help how I feel, I've never been so in love with a person. We can stay together until we find Jim.' He took his hands away from hers and sat up.

'& What if we don't find him?' Jane asked, heartbroken at what she heard.

'Then I stay with you and the baby and we become a family.' Liam said simply. 'I'm not leaving you and a baby alone Jane, I want to do this.' He gave Jane a hug before walking out.

Jane laid on the bed holding her stomach, upset and heartbroken. What was she to do? Try and hope and pray that her missing husband was still alive? If he wasn't, stay with a man who would only be with her for the sake of a baby even though he was in love with someone else? This was all too much for a pregnant 24 year old to handle. Jane quietly cried herself to sleep, while Liam slept on the couch in bar for the night. Hopefully tomorrow would be a much better day.

End of Chapter 10.