Big Time Deal

"Hey," Kendall called as he saw Lucy walking in through the lobby. He grabbed her arm and turned her towards him.

"Woah hey Kendall," she gave him a surprised smile. Kendall smiled in return loving the surprised look on the beautiful girl's face.

"Wanna come to the studio and listen to us record? We're doing another rock song and I wanna make sure with the queen of rock that it does in fact rock," Kendall seemed pleased.

"Well I have nothing else to do and I'd love to come with you," Lucy said allowing Kendall to take her hand and lead her to the car.

She was surprised when Kendall slid into the driver's seat. Lucy grabbed James's arm as he took ahold of the passenger door. She shook her head and sent him off towards the back. "No way friend zone number one," she climbed into the passenger seat and took Kendall's hand gently. He looked over shocked but didn't say anything he just smiled.

Once at the studio the gang unloaded. "So here we are," Kendall gestured to the studio. He led the whole group inside and they reached recording studio A where Gustavo was waiting.

"Dogs and snob girl!" Gustavo roared turning in his editing chair.

"Lucy is also an acceptable name, or rocker if you can't think of anything else." Lucy commented before noticing that somehow she and Kendall had interlocked hands once again.

"If you're going to be in here sit down and hush up!" Gustavo yelled.

Lucy raised her eyebrow and sat as Kendall, Friend Zone 1 & 2, and obsessed with a fictional character all went into the studio. The beat came on first and Kendall face palmed himself as a very 'cute' beat came on. Lucy smirked from the couch and waved as the beat continued. Soon the boys began singing and Lucy heard some potential in the lyrics but the beat was the abhorred 'cute.'

Kendall and the rest of the bad came out of the studio while Gustavo went about tweaking. "Gustavo you know that didn't rock right?" Kendall asked.

"You sit!" Gustavo yelled in reply.

"Ya sit!" Lucy yelled chuckling.

"Don't start with me," Kendall said tossing his feet up beside Lucy and resting his head back. She turned her body and laid between his legs her hands resting on the upper part of his pants. Kendall and Lucy hadn't noticed but the other boys definitely did. "So other than the beat what did you think of the song?"

"Well Kendall there are only really two things in a song. Your super cute sounding beat-"

"I thought I said don't start with me," he smirked down at her taking a hand through her hair.

"And the lyrics which were eh," she waved one of her hands back and forth in an ify manner.

"Only eh! Lucy you're killing me," Kendall said lounging back.

"Well I don't blame you entirely after all you don't write the songs," Lucy glared over at Gustavo.

"Fine dogs go home! Critical girl go with them!" Gustavo yelled banishing them all.

"Wait we need to talk to him first," James yelled as he grabbed on of Kendall's arms and Logan grabbed the other. The boys yanked Kendall from under Lucy and she plopped face first on the couch.

"I'll be in the car!" Lucy said getting up and walking out.

"So," James said nodding towards Kendall.

"Did you get it!" Carlos jumped into the questioning.

"Remember the deal," Logan poked Kendall's chest.

"What are you guys talking about?" Kendall asked giving them all incredulous looks.

"You know the feeling," James looked down at Kendall's crotch.

"Ya sex and tell," Carlos reminded.

"Ew guys no! Lucy and I aren't like that," Kendall said.

"Well you never got it with Jo so we thought maybe Lucy was more your type," Logan shrugged seeming disappointed.

Kendall rolled his eyes and walked out the other boys following and grumbling.

"Hey you came back," Lucy said putting her phone back in her purse.

"I did," Kendall smiled. He got into the driver's side and the three other boys got in the back.

"Wanna come up to my room and watch TV?" Lucy asked as Kendall parked the car and the other boys raced back up to the room but Kendall lingered.

"Sounds great," Kendall said and the two made their way up to her single room apartment.

"My room is more spacious," Lucy said locking the door behind Kendall. She led him into her room which was still a little tight especially with the entertainment unit shoved against the wall. "Sit on the bed," she said nudging him. Kendall sat on the bed and Lucy followed him. She grabbed a remote by the bed and clicked a button and the unit opened up revealing a pretty cool looking TV.

"Sweet," Kendall said looking on as Lucy fiddled with the channels.

"Thanks," Lucy smiled. "Anything you wanna watch?"

"Before or after you get rid of the static?" he joked. Lucy swatted him with her hand and he chuckled. "So what did you like to play with as a kid?"

"Um well I was a Barbie girl," Lucy said.

"No!" Kendall said gasping and smiling widely at her.

"Yes, yes, I was a Barbie girl. I played with my dolls almost every day, Barbie and Ken and- hey! Kendall, Ken doll omg that is your new nickname with me," Lucy smirked wickedly.

"Oh gosh that's never gonna go away is it?" he asked.

"Nope," Lucy said abandoning the staticy TV and flipping over on top of Kendall.

"So what else did you like to play with?" Kendall asked as Lucy began fiddling with her fingers on his chest.

"I played with Barbies," Lucy said and kissed his cheek. "And Polly's," she kissed just next to his lips. "And stuffed animals," she kissed his chin. "And I played with X-men action figures," she kissed below his neck. Kendall's breath began to hitch and he gripped her hips pulling them down on him. Lucy began grinding on him and kissing and nipping his neck. Kendall pulled her close and began rubbing up her sides.

Suddenly Lucy's breath hitched as she felt Kendall against her thigh and she stood from the bed. "Ok boys all done he's yours," she opened her bedroom door and the three other BTR members erupted into the room.

"Thanks Lucy," James said shoving a twenty into her hand.

"You rock!" Carlos said handing her two tens.

"Thanks Luce!" Logan also jogged in handing her a pristinely crisp twenty.

"And your payment is thanks enough," Lucy said going to put her newly acquired next month's apartment payment down. As she looked back she saw Kendall glaring at her before looking away.

Lucy couldn't shake that cold stare out of her head so she returned to the room where Logan, James, and Carlos were interrogating Kendall. "Hey guys Gustavo just called me Logan and Carlos you need to go lay over tones for the new track. James you're needed for a photo shoot. Kendall he didn't say anything about you so I guess you're free."

"Oh ok thanks Lucy," the boys said waving and leaving. "And Kendall," James popped his head back in. "This isn't over," and with that the boys left.

"I may have lied," Lucy said as the door shut.

"Ya ok whatever," Kendall said getting up "I have homework to do," Kendall said.

Lucy was quiet for a moment "you didn't have homework before."

"Well now I do," Kendall stormed out.


AN: This will be a two shot series please review I really love Kendall and Lucy together!