Summary: Rewrite of Peregrination. A sudden explosion of chakra throws Minato and Kushina into a coma. Days later, a nine year old boy is found. "This darkness will end when the moon sets." Timetravel. Family!NarutoxMinato

Disclaimer: Masashi Kishimoto owns Naruto. The following is a fan-made fictional piece of writing authored by PromistDream based on Kishimoto's Naruto. No monetary profit is gained from the writing of the following fiction.

When the Moon Sets

Prologue: It Begins

Namikaze Minato looked down at the simple yet ornate ring nestled in a pillow of dark stain. He gently ran his thumb across the ring once more before closing the small box with a quiet snap.

Okay you can do this, Minato mentally repeated to himself. He looked up at his reflection in the mirror, pretending it was violet eyes staring back at him.

He let out a pent-up breath. "Kushina, will you marry me?"

His racing heart belied his steady words.

Tonight, Kushina would be returning from a B-rank mission. Tonight, he was going to ask her to marry him. He knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and he was not willing to waste anymore time. As ninja, they both risked their lives on a daily basis. And every time she left the village, he feared that she would never return.

Resolved, he tucked the box into his pants pocket, pressed it securely at the bottom, and gracefully slipped out his bathroom window into the moonlit night.

Minato stared at the red-painted door in trepidation. (He had yet to figure out how she got away with painting the apartment door her signature color.)

Just knock, invite her out on a walk, and then ask her. Despite his self-coaching, his stomach was still flipping at the 'ask her' part.

You can do this. He let out another calming breath and he steeled his nerves. He lifted his hand and knocked firmly against her door.

He waited…

And waited…

Odd… It is only just past eleven; she usually is still up. Minato peaked his head around the side of the apartment building, confirming that the shining lights from her bedroom were still on.

He counted to thirty. No response. Bending down, Minato place his hand against the ground. He sent a pulse of his chakra through the floor and closed his eyes in concentration. He felt his chakra brush up against an immense, fiery chakra – Kushina.

She's in there and alone. Minato stood and knocked again – louder this time.

Still no response… One minute. I'll wait one minute.

He made it to forty seconds when an ear-shattering scream followed by a loud thud! suddenly rang out from behind the apartment door.

Minato's eyes widened in alarm and he wrenched open the door (breaking the lock, he noticed distantly), unwilling to wait any longer – Kushina never screamed like that.

Seeing no initial threat, he moved swiftly through her small living room to the hallway beyond. Her bedroom door was propped open, a slew of angry curses issuing from behind it. Minato took less than a second to reach the door and fling it open.

"Kushina!" He yelled worriedly, brandishing the kunai that somehow made it to his hand.

Almost instantly, another yelp sounded and kunai flew through the air at him. He swiftly dodged them but stumbled back as a body crashed into him. The air was knocked from his lungs and he was suddenly falling backwards with cold steel pressed against his neck. Acting on reflex, he swiftly flipped them so that the arms and body were pinned beneath him while the offending kunai clattered off to the side.

Wide violet eyes met blue.


"Kushina, are you alright?"

"What are you-" She cut off suddenly.

Minato watched with mild fascination as her face flushed tomato red. Is she sick? Minato quickly placed a hand against her forehead. She feels warm. Is that why she screamed? Because she is sick? But that doesn't really make any sense…

He opened his mouth to ask but was promptly stopped by a strong punch to his gut.


Yet again, the air was forcefully pushed from his lungs as Minato stumbled up and back, wincing at the strength behind the blow. She's sounds mad… But she is safe.

The thought caused an unknown weight to drop from his shoulders. Absently, he heard Kushina get up.

He looked up at her and started to ask, "Kushina, are you o-"

But the words died on his tongue while his thoughts simultaneously derailed and crashed as he finally took in Kushina's form. Her dark violet eyes glared harshly at him and her face was flushed an even deeper red than before. Growling lowly, she took a step forward, causing her wild red hair to sway in dripping wet strands around her naked body.



Dazed, he watched the world spin as she flipped him over her shoulder and into the hallway. A loud slamming door sounded behind him as he skidded to a halt on the cold floor.


"Next time you decide you need to save me from Kami-knows-what," Kushina yelled angrily, stomping (fully clothed this time) into the front room, "don't!"

Minato gave her a guilty look as he stood up from his seat on the couch. "When you didn't answer the door, I started to worry."

She gave him a skeptical look. "Uh-huh..."

"And when you screamed I assumed the worst."

Kushina crossed her arms and glared at him. "You honestly believe that if an enemy ninja was able to sneak up on me, in Konoha no less, the first thing I would do is scream?"

Minato gave a guilty chuckle as he stepped closer to her. "Well I wanted to protect you from whatever made you scream."

A dark blush crept across Kushina's cheeks. She glared at a random corner and mumbled, "I just got out of the shower and I tripped on my towel."

"But you're a ninja," Minato teased. "Shouldn't you be more aware of your surroundings?"

"You slammed open my door and scared the hell out of me. I reacted accordingly," she growled as she took a threatening step towards him. "I'd say I was pretty aware of my surroundings."

"But you slipped on your towel."

Kushina gave him another scathing glare. "Don't make me kill you."

Somehow, the glare was not as effective as it usually was. Maybe it is the drowned-cat look she has because of her hair? Or maybe it is the blush? Kami, even in sweatpants and a t-shirt she's beautiful… Minato felt his face heat up as he remembered…

"Hentai!" Kushina yelled as she landed another punch on Minato's chest.

Minato gave a small grunt as he staggered backwards. Abruptly, an idea started to form in his head. Looking at Kushina, he gave her an impish grin. Then, moving swiftly, he dashed forward. Kushina gave a startled yelp as she was swept up into his arms bridal-style.

"You're beautiful," he said, moving his face close to hers.

Kushina's face suddenly went blank and turned a rosy red.

"S-stop distracting me! And let me down ttebane!" She yelled, struggling in his grip.

"Nope," he laughed as he tightened his grip, "I think I want to keep you right here."

The moisture from her damp hair was soaking through his cloths but he could care less. He loved having her so close. Kushina gave a huff of annoyance and settled with crossing her arms and facing away from him. As silence echoed loudly against the walls, Minato took the time to discretely smell her hair. Lovely...

"So…" she trailed off, looking at the stack of scrolls in the corner.

"So…?" Minato prompted, still smiling.

Kushina faced him and, ignoring the small distance between them, poked a finger against his nose. "Other than to break my door – you're paying for that, by the way – and spy on me naked, why else are you here?"

Kushina's words floated past Minato. Instead, he finally seemed to notice how close they really were. The heat that rushed to his face was inevitable – he really wanted to kiss her… A gentle hit against his cheek brought him back to the present and why he was here.

"Oi hentai! Quite dreaming and answer me!"

Minato smiled softly as his stomach began to flip. "You want to go on a walk?"

Kushina arched one eyebrow up. "That doesn't answer my question and it's almost midnight," she stated.

"I'll answer your question if you come with me," he replied happily, trying his hardest to hide his nervousness. Hopefully she couldn't feel his heart hammering in his chest. "Think of it as a midnight stroll."

She narrowed her eyes accusingly at him. "What are you up to? And why are you so nervous?"


"Come with me and find out," he countered, dodging her question and smirking confidently even though he felt just the opposite.

"You know it isn't much of a midnight stroll if you carry me the entire way," Kushina commented lazily.

Minato merely smiled at her. He was fighting hard against the flips and twists of his stomach. What if she says no?

"And why are we out here again?" Kushina looked at him with a raised eye. "It has to be something big since you look like you're about to get sick."

Am I really that bad at hiding my emotions?


Minato whipped his head towards her, faltering in his steps, and looked at her with wide eyes. How did she…?

"I know you Minato," Kushina said with a sly grin. "Others may not be able to tell what you're thinking, but I can. I'm your girlfriend, remember?"

Minato continued to stare at her, now very much anxious. So does that mean she already knows that I'm going to ask her to marry me?

"Unfortunately I'm not always omnipotent, so this time you'll have to tell me: Why. Are. We. Out. Here?" Kushina punctuated each word with a jab of her finger against his chest.

Minato grinned in triumph. Good – she hasn't figured it out yet.

Kushina, seeing that he wasn't going to answer, huffed in mock annoyance and turned her head to continue gazing at the stars.

Minato continued walking up the steps leading to the Hokage Monument. Almost there… Will she even want to marry me? He watched her discreetly. The moonlight played softly against the arches and curves of her face, giving her an ethereal glow. So beautiful.

Minato stopped. They were at the top of the Hokage Monument, just a few feet from the edge of the Sandaime's head. If she says no, then I will wait for her, even if it takes years. I will stand by her for the rest of my life.

Kushina turned her head to stare across Konoha. Her violet eyes seemed to shine in the night and a look of awe was painted across her face.

I love her.

"I love you Kushina," he whispered gently.

She slowly turned her attention to him. Her wide eyes stared back into his. Ignoring the mild nausea in his stomach, he tenderly set her down.

Now… Ask her now…

Carefully, Minato reached into his pocket and pulled out the velvet box.

"I love you," he repeated.

"Minato…" She breathed, eyes wide as she caught sight of the small box.

Okay, she hasn't run yet…Minato took a deep breath and held the box out in front of her. "Kushina, will y-"

Minato paused when Kushina flinched violently. Did I do something wrong?

Her eyes narrowed and her forehead wrinkled almost as if she was in pain.

His eyebrows furrowed in concern. Minato reached out a hand to her when she started to lightly sway in place while her eyes suddenly became unfocused and impossibly wider.


When the redhead gripped her stomach and let a small "Ow…" escape from her lips, Minato knew that her reaction probably had little to do with the situation and more to do with the demon sealed within her. Alarmed, he vigilantly placed his hands on her shoulders and looked into her wooly eyes.

"Kushina, tell me what's wrong. What do I do?" He urged, trying his best to keep the dread and worry from his voice.

She continued to stare sightlessly ahead as her words came out slowly and strained, "The Kyuubi – I don't know what's-"

Abruptly, she gave a startled gasp as she jerked forward, her knees buckling beneath her. Minato quickly caught her with both hands, letting the velvet box fall forgotten to the ground.

"Kushina!" Minato ignored the panic in his voice and instead focused on what to do next.

The seal!

But before he could even try looking at the seal, Kushina pinned him with her suddenly blood red eyes. His blood froze in horror as a silent scream escaped her lips. Flaming red chakra suddenly exploded around them, swallowing them completely.