Happiness is my high.

Happiness feels great inside.

Happiness is quite rare.

Happiness is barely there.

The lonely red haired boy, about seven years of age, wearing a dark black and red jacket, sat and daydreamed during his battle training. Yes, he was supposed to be listening and watching.

Yes, he was supposed to become stronger because of it, because of this.

And yes, he was not happy.

"Silver, are you okay?"

That sweet voice. The only voice that could make him feel good. The voice of the only person who made him happy. The girl, maybe ten years old, leaned over him like he was a little bug she was interested in. Her long brown hair hung down from her head, almost touching his face. Her black attire was almost the opposite of her sunny personality. Her blue eyes showed worry, which he didn't like. She was the only kindness he had ever known.

"Blue, I'm fine. I'm just bored. You know I despise this, this life. I just want out."

Blue was not shocked at the mature words of the seven-year old.

"You know, if…he catches you not paying attention, he'll most definitely hurt you worse this time. Just do as he says. I think I have the perfect thing for you. I've… I've got a plan… we'll talk later, I promise. Listen this once, please. My plan…"

She leaned forward towards the younger boy, and in a voice so low almost he couldn't hear it, she said,

"Will get us out of this place for good."

Silver almost wanted to cheer. If anyone could get the two almost-siblings out of this place, it was Blue.

"Like I said, we'll talk later. But for it to work, we both have to be in tip-top shape. So just be obedient for just a few more days, okay? You can do that."

Silver nodded, a small smile forming on his face. "Blue…"

"Children!" A voice shrieked. "What are you doing? Get over here at once!"

"Yes, great mask of ice." The children said monotonously.

Silver smile melted into a frown. If Blue's plan worked, they would never be hurt or punished again…