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I wonder how Silver's doing…


When I woke up, I recalled two dreams. One was weird and one was just a nightmare. Silver was there, and so were Karen and Green and Will.

"Hey, Blue! Let's go down to the river!" Will smiled at me. Karen had her usual scowl on, and for some reason Green was there too, just nodding.

"Uh, okay." We walked down to a stream, too small to really call a river. The water bubbled over rocks as it flowed downstream. Suddenly we were all in black clothes that were like swimsuits but covered as much as normal clothes. We jumped around in the river and laughed and had fun like normal children would.

But then, I remembered, it got nightmarish.

"Downstream's no fun! Let's go upstream so we can see some Goldeen!" Will ran up the stream, making us follow him. After a few minutes stumbling over rocks, Will screamed. Then Karen ran after him, and me and Green heard her scream too.

"Wait here," Green said. "We can't have a pretty little lady like you getting hurt, can we?"

He ran off. What was weird about what he said, was that once the Mask made fun of me by saying,

"We can't have a pretty little lady like you getting hurt, can we?"

When I refused to go into the forest without Silver. After a couple minutes, I heard Green yell. I ran upstream and cut my ankle on a rock, making it bleed. I kept running towards them, though. I saw Will from the back, and what was weird was that he appeared to be wearing Green's clothes. Karen was also now wearing bright red leggings and a strapless black top. And Green was wearing… a blue jacket and short denim shorts. Odd, right? But I caught up with them. I looked at what they were looking at, and was horrified.

It was Silver.

He was obviously dead. His neck was at a weird angle and blood was everywhere. He was cut in a million places. I tried to scream but nothing came out. I wanted to cry so badly, but I didn't at first. I just stared at his empty silver eyes, those eyes I had loved so much…his eyes, his eyes. His namesake eyes. Those beautiful, gorgeous depths I could stare at forever if I had to. They were cruelly empty, no longer filled by life. I couldn't handle it anymore, and I turned around and sobbed. I looked down at my feet and noticed my bloody ankle, which was bleeding more than a cut should. I stared at my ankle, tears still running down my face. The tears stung my cut, and blood eventually covered my entire ankle, then my foot, and then it somehow ran up my leg and covered my leg. All I could remember was I died from blood loss, thinking, 'At least I'll be with Silver…"

I shuddered at remembering such a horrible dream. I tried to get my mind off of it. I took my Poké Balls out of their little holder sort of thing on my back and looked at them. There was my partner, the first Pokémon I ever owned. Jigglypuff. She was the only one without a nickname, because of that terrible masked man. Of course, I also had Silver's Horsea… I didn't want to have to think about Silver right now. Then there was Ditty, my secret weapon in disguises. I also had Clefy, my Clefairy. I originally caught it because of its rarity, but I got too attached to it… haha… and then there was Squirtle, who I just decided to nickname Blasty. Maybe now I should introduce it to everyone. It had to have woken up by now. I took out its Poké Ball, and sure enough, it looked at me in panic. I released it from the capturing device to have it looking around wildly.

"Hello, Blasty!"

The Squirtle didn't seem to recognize its name yet. It looked at me in confusion.

"Your name's Blasty now, okay? I'm your trainer now. My name is Blue. Do you think you could meet my other Pokémon as well?"

The Squirtle still looked kind of afraid, but nodded. I released my other Pokémon out of their Poké Balls.


"Dit, dit-ditto!"


My other Pokémon looked at the newcomer. The blue turtle-like Pokémon stared back at the pink and purple Pokémon of mine.

"Okay, Jigglypuff, Clefy, and Ditty. I want you to welcome Blasty to our team! Be sure to give him a warm welcome!"

The Pokémon immediately smiled at the Squirtle and in turn, greeted it.


Hi there! The pink, balloon-like Pokémon greeted the blue one.

Um, hello. The turtle-like Pokémon was still nervous meeting the other Pokémon, but was nonetheless less nervous.

My name's Jigglypuff! I'm Blue's first Pokémon!

That's, uh, cool.

Hee hee, yeah, it is! Jigglypuff giggled.

You're the only one without a nickname, though. The Squirtle was confused now.

Yeah, it's because I've been with her even when she was with that evil man that was against nicknames…

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I asked.

It's okay! I should let the others introduce themselves now! The Jigglypuff's mood changed immediately.

Okay, sure. Nice meeting you.

You too!


Hi. My name's Ditty. You're Blasty, right? The blob Pokémon was next.

Yeah, I am. Nice to meet you, Ditty.

The Ditto smiled. You too!


You're welcome. I'm Blue's second Pokémon.


Haha, yeah. It is. Don't be afraid of any of us. We're all really nice and Blue will take good care of you.

Thanks. The Squirtle smiled at the purple blob.

I'll have Clefy talk to you now; she seems to really want to talk to you.

Okay. Nice meeting you.

Bye! The purple Pokémon went back to Blue and snuggled up to her.


Hi! I'm Clefy! I know how you feel, being new and all, because the truth is, I was caught maybe a month or two ago!

Oh, hi. That's cool.

Hehehe, you're funny.

Um, thanks.

You're really funny! I like you!

The Squirtle's cheeks turned a little purple. Thanks…?

Buh-bye! It's time to leave this city already! We've been here too long!

Wait, what?

The Squirtle was confused. Why couldn't they stay? And were the others going to leave him behind? He looked over to his trainer, Blue, and saw her smiling at Clefy and putting her back in the Poké Ball. She left Ditty and Jigglypuff out, however. She then looked at him and said, "Ready to go?"

The turtle-like Pokémon nodded slowly.

She smiled. "Okay, then get in the Poké Ball!" She took out the said red and white sphere and pressed the middle button. Blasty was returned to his little home. "Take a rest before we get into our next adventure, okay?"

The now miniature turtle smiled, nodded, and curled up for a nap. Blue turned her attention to Ditty.

"Okay, Ditty. Are you ready to take this to Silver?"

The little blob nodded determinedly. He transformed into whatever bird Pokémon he chose. Today he chose to be a Noctowl. She handed him the prepared letter and sent him off with a hug. She watched the loyal bird fly off until he couldn't be seen any longer. She did the usual, told Jigglypuff the destination (which happened to be Celadon City, thank you, Green.) and hopped on. She decided against taking a nap, even though it might take a day or two to get there depending on the location. Just in case she had to be alert. She then realized Horsea and Blasty never got to meet.

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