Chapter 1

It was a fall afternoon that Mark Sloan was waiting at the bus stop for his daughter Sophia to arrive off the bus. A little while later a school bus pulls up to the stop and he sees a little body get up and walk towards the doors.

"Daddy!" Sophia screeches and jumps off the bus into his waiting arms

"hey lady bug. How are you, how was school?" he wonders

"Good, I love school daddy!" she tells him

"I bet you do pal!" he smiled

"Daddy where's Momma Zona?" she wonders

"Mommy Zona got paged right as she was about to come and get you so she had me come and get you." he tells her

"oh okay." she says all let down

"sorry sweetie, but hey Happy Birthday kido!" he tries to cheer her up

Sophia just shrugs "thanks daddy." she says

"but were gonna go to the hospital right now and see both Momma Zona and Mommy." he tells her

She just looks at him "right now?" she wonders

"yeah do you not want to go to the hospital or do you just want to go home?" he wonders

"we always go to the hospital on my birthday when can I have a normal birthday at home?" she wonders

"well you'll have to talk to mommy on that one." he tells her

"oh, okay." she says and just walks home with him hand and hand to thier house since Mark bought a house across the street from them in a nice neighborhood with lots of kids

"so ur um how old now um 8?" he jokingly wonders

"daddyyy 7." she exaggerates

"I know lady lady bug you're just growing up so fast." he tells her and gets to thier driveway getting the mail taking it inside

"Daddy can I have a snack before we go?" she wonders

"okay what would you like?" he wonders

"um chocolate donuts!" she screeches

"okay, sounds good pal." he says getting them down from the cabinet into a little sandwhich baggie for her to take them with them

"okay, lets go see mommy and mommy."he tells her locking up the house and getting in the car with her