This is a VERY short drabble that I just had to quickly type up before the thought was lost in my jumble of a mind.

Seriously...just read it and you'll understand.


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Robin ran along top the buildings of Jump City in pursuit of a villain on the run. He had been out on his nightly patrol, bored out of his mind, and he was more than happy to break up a mugging when it came about. He was even happier when he found out it wasn't just a normal mugger, but some super powered villain that would offer more of a challenge. Normal people wouldn't want this, but Robin was not normal in the least bit. He thrives on adventure, and even the villains seem to notice this time and time again.

Robin growled as he saw the man up ahead, hauling multiple bags as he floated from building to building. "Freeze!" He picked up his pacing, hoping that the villain would actually stop, no mater how unlikely it seemed, which didn't cause him much surprise when the man didn't stop.

He watched at the crook turned a sharp corner and then head straight down the side of a building, which Robin knew was the local auto-part store. He also knew that the only ways for the villain to go without making himself visible again was to go through the narrow pathway behind the videogame store next door. He smirked to himself, knowing that he had him; he just needed to go ninja on his ass.

He silently crept down the building and caught sight of the villain sneaking down the exact path he expected, making him feel a sense of pride. Now all he had to do was make it to the end of the path and hide, and then jump out at him when he goes by. He kept his eye on the man as he slowly lifted himself up the building again with his grappling hook, and moved swiftly and silently across the buildings until he hit the dead end. He slowly made his way down the side of the building and hid in a crack between the two buildings creating the dead end.

He knew the crook was coming closer. The footsteps were louder and closer together; he had to guess he was now moving on only twenty-five feet away. Robin cracked his knuckles, ready for a good beat-down. When he was about to pounce out, he suddenly heard a 'swish', and then nothing. His brow furrowed and he slowly peeked out, eyes widening when there was no one there. He stepped out of the crevice completely and scanned all of his surroundings, completely at a loss. "Wha-"

He was cut off when he noticed a small letter on the ground.

He kneeled down with a confused expression, picking the piece of paper up, only to find his name written on the front. He unfolded the paper and read it.

"You should really re-think that outfit of yours. No sneak attacks when the villain can see you from a mile away."

His face was set in a tight frown and he tore up the paper, throwing it to the ground as he began to stomp away.

"Stupid crooks."

Okay, so I know the costume holds sentimental value, but seriously. I mean, it has to be hard to hide in those bright colors.


Yep, this is what I think about in class.

Also, with me creating all these drabbles/one-shots that totally pick on Robin, I'm really thinking I should start calling them like..."Robin Torture" series. You know, whenever a one-sot about him comes out, it would be a part of the series and stuff...

No? Maybe.

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