Author's Note: AHHH NEW STORY TIMEE! I decided out of the three twilight stories I was writing, that I've been working on this one a lot! && I won't be doing a high school musical one for a while. I want to focus on Edward & Bella right now. But when I do come back with HSM stories, I will come back with a big BANG! :) Anyway, this is sort of based on the one tree hill plot, but it's my version and I like it better! :)) Haha, but this story is actually based on the song, "BLAME IT ON THE RAIN" by He is We...and the fact that it rains a bunch in Forks, WA and that in one tree hill, Nathan & Haley's finest moments were caught in the rain, forever & always babii :)

Now I'm done ranting, here is the freaking first chapter of Blame It On The Rain :)

written by missefron15

I really wish I could see the freaking chalk board but big head in front of me was blocking my view. I sighed and just looked beside me and saw that Emmett was copying the notes and I decided I would just borrow them from him.

I just sat there for the next fifteen minutes looking down at my paper until I felt someone nudge my arm. I looked up and saw Emmett staring at me.

"What?" I asked in a solid whisper.

He grinned at me. "Why didn't you write the notes?" he asked with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes at my best friend. "Big head in front of me was blocking my view." I told him and then big head himself turned and glared at me.

"I do not have a big head." He told me.

Emmett rolled his eyes. "Really? I mean your mom was in labor for a pretty long time…maybe it was because your head was too big to fit through her vagina." No he did not just say that.

The green eyes of big head himself stared hard into Emmett's blue eyes. "What the fuck did you just say about my mother?" he whispered harshly.

"Oh I wasn't talking about your mama, I was mainly talking about your big head." Emmett smirked.

I bowed my head trying to stay out of their constant drama. "I'm going to beat your ass." Big head spoke a little louder, which grabbed almost everyone's attention.

Emmett glared at him. "Bring it on, Edward." Big head, also known as Edward stared hard at him and stood up.

"Come on Emmett, I can take you any fucking day I want." Edward snared at my best friend. This was going to end very horribly.

Emmett stood up and now both boys were face to face and seething at one another. "Like I said; bring it on."

Before they were about to beat each other, Mr. Banner our biology teacher snapped at them. "Cullen!" Both heads snapped at Mr. Banner's voice.

"What!" they both snapped.

"Mr. Greene's office now." Was all Mr. Banner said before writing them referral slips.

Emmett's mom was going to murder him for getting into it with Edward once again. I felt a piece of my hair fall out of my pony tail and I pushed it back behind my ear. Edward had already grabbed his stuff and was at Mr. Banner's desk getting his pink slip.

I looked at Emmett and saw him slid his notes over beside me on our lab table. "I wrote them down. Copy them. I got to go deal with this shit once again." He spoke, walking towards Mr. Banner's desk, grabbing the slip and going out the same door Edward has left out of moments before.

You probably want to know what that whole thing was about don't you? Well, it's goes a little something like this.

Twenty years ago in this same exact high school Carlisle Cullen and Sarah McCarty started dating their sophomore year at Forks High School in Forks, Washington. Carlisle and Sarah were the ideal couple and their love was so passionate and amazing that everyone was jealous of them.

They both were prom King and Queen of all their proms and were both captains of their respected sports teams. Sarah was captain of the volleyball and cheerleading teams, while Carlisle mastered all the sports at Forks High; baseball, basketball, football, etc., etc.

When it came towards the end of their senior year, they were the most wanted couple in the entire town, but it would soon come to an end.

Carlisle decided that he wanted to go into the medical field and he really wanted to be a doctor after high school so he applied to a few of the top medical schools in the United States and he got in at Johns Hopkins Medicine Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

While Sarah, she wanted to go into to the business field and open up her own café, she applied to Stanford University in California. But neither Carlisle nor Sarah knew which schools they applied too.

When graduation came and went and they only had a few weeks before they had to leave and had yet to talk about their future plans…but Sarah had already found out something very important.

She was 3 weeks pregnant and she was absolutely terrified, of course being best friends with her son, she told me the whole story. When she told Carlisle, he freaked out and told her he got accepted to Johns Hopkins Medical School and he was going.

Sarah and Carlisle fought that day about the baby and their college plans. Sarah of course was not going to give up her dream to go to Stanford and she told Carlisle that. Now at the time, Carlisle's brother, Ezra was already attending Stanford for business as well and he had heard about what happened to his brother and Sarah and immediately was there for Sarah.

Two months after Carlisle and Sarah had separated; Carlisle fell in love again but with a woman named Esme Elizabeth Masen. With only knowing her for two months, he ended up getting her pregnant as well, but this time he had time to accept that he was ready.

When Carlisle called his older brother to tell him the good news, Ezra had blown up at him. Ezra laid it all out on the line. That day ended the relationship between two brothers.

When Emmett was born, Sarah of course called Carlisle to tell him but when a woman picked up the phone she was confused. You see Ezra never told Sarah about the other baby because he wanted to protect her heart because the man she had been in love with for three years was accepting another baby with another woman that was not Sarah.

When Sarah had asked who the woman was, Esme said her name and said she was Carlisle's fiancée and that they were expecting a child in two months. Sarah's heart broke when she heard that Carlisle wanted his other child but not this one by her.

So she told Esme who she was and that to tell Carlisle his son was born a day previous. Esme told Sarah she would, but Esme had felt betrayed by Carlisle that he abandoned a woman with his child. When she'd asked him about it, he told her that he didn't love her anymore but he would be there for his child. Esme is a very forgiving woman and forgave her soon to be husband for lying.

Two months later Edward was born and Carlisle and Esme got married.

Ezra helped Emmett's mother out all his life and he considered his uncle as his father. Speaking of Carlisle, he did keep to his word and sent money in the mail every week to Sarah and Emmett. It helped Sarah tons and she was really thankful for that.

Eventually Sarah and Carlisle were on semi terms but then just had a falling out. Money was still sent for Emmett every week but Emmett never really met his father until Carlisle, Esme and Edward came back to Forks when both boys were six years old and Carlisle transferred his schooling back to Washington. By then Sarah had been back to Forks, Washington for two years, to build up her first business, Sarah's Café.

Carlisle decided that he wanted to get to know his other son but Emmett wasn't too thrilled with Edward, seeing as though he was spoiled rotten and stuck up.

Ever since then, Emmett and Edward have been at each others throats trying to beat each other at everything. Edward got everything he ever wanted, while Emmett had to work hard for everything he wanted. The only thing that is hilarious to me is that Emmett is twice the size of Edward and could pummel Edward in a second.

I met Emmett when we were in kindergarten. Of course, Edward was picking on me and Emmett did not like that at all, so he stepped in and made Edward stop and ever since then, Emmett and I have been best friends.

You may ask, who am I exactly?

Well, my name is Isabella Marie Swan, but please call me Bella.

In high school, I'm known as the tutor girl and this story is one big flipping mess. Oh goodness gracious…