A/N: This is my first Criminal Minds Fic, so bear with me. I just lovvve this pairing and think the storyline could have gone a lot farther so in my imagination it did! Yay! Lol enjoy. FYI spoilers for those who have not seen season six/7. And Doyle's Reappearance WILL be explained later just FYI….Oh and thoughts are all from Emily's POV for now, may switch to Ian's in later chapters. ALSO The first couple chapters may go a little fast, but only 'cause I wanna get to the juicy parts ))

A/N 2: Ok, in the deleted scene from "Lauren" Emily swears again she never saw Declan again, but he seemed very comfortable around her in the premier, so my guess is she was lying in order to diffuse Ian's rage a little bit. I don't know for sure, just my inkling. So in my fic, he knows Emily fairly well after he was relocated.

Warning: Language Angst, Trauma, Dark, NC17 in certain parts.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters…

Intro: Everything happened including the season seven premier, but everything is not as it appears…..

"Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living."

ARTHUR C. CLARKE,2001: A Space Odyssey

Emily Prentiss sat at her small kitchen bar inhaling a muffin, while trying to read the morning paper tapping her heels impatiently against the bar stool. Ever since the fiasco at the airport, she had felt it imperative Declan live with her from now on; transferring him to a private school in DC, and staying with Garcia when she had to leave on a case, or her mother, god forbid, if Garcia was called away as well.

"Declan, lets go. You're gonna be really late, hun. And I don't want social services knocking on my door this soon for truancy of all things. She thought humorously to herself. She had never really pictured herself having kids, but she loved this one and for once she wasn't the lonely crazy cat lady either!

"Sorry Em," he said rushing in grabbing a muffin out of the basket. "I'm used to wearing a uniform everyday…I never had to decide what to wear!" He said, blue eyes twinkling. He seemed to be adjusting well to his new school, had made several friends already too. Emily smiled enviously at that. Being a daughter of a politician moving around so much had made her by defense a natural loner.

"Alright last one out to the car has to clean Sergio's litter box!" She said high fiving him and bolting to the door. Naturally he squeezed passed her through the door and down the stairs before she could even make it to the elevator.

When she finally made it to her parking spot, Declan was nowhere to be seen. Instant panic began to set in, her heart started racing. "Declan? Declan? De—" "Boo!" He cried jumping out from behind the bushy tree in the landscaping in front of her spot.

"Oh, god Declan, Don't do that ever again! I literally had a heart attack and called Homeland Security!" She said in exasperation. "I know you don't understand, but I already almost lost you once," She said hugging him, before tousling his hair. Becoming lost in thought as she empathized with how Ian felt the day he was arrested at the Tuscan Villa. The thought of losing this precious child must have nearly killed him. She winced at the memory, as her and Declan got into the car.

After dropping Declan off at his new school and promising to take him out for Chinese for dinner, she drove to the BAU HQ. They had no new cases so she had to file a lot of paperwork for just finished cases, some forms for Declan's school trips, etc. At around noon she went out to lunch with JJ and Garcia at an outdoor café. "Ohh Don't you just love these flowers!" Garcia squealed as they sat down at the little wicker table. On it sat some lovely blooming Freesia flowers. Emily froze mid-sit down glancing around. She didn't recognize anyone around, and all of the other tables have flowers of a similar color, so she dismissed the feeling of unease that made her nauseated, and commented on how lovely the décor was.

"So how is Declan doing at his new school?" JJ asked, after they'd ordered and their drinks had came.

"Great, yeah, he seems to really like it here. He already has tons of friends and tried out for basketball in the winter!" Emily said smiling like a proud parent would. "His grades didn't slip a smidge, and the social worker had nothing but praise to write in her report, so I think things are finally beginning to work out for him," She said sipping on her iced tea and nodding enthusiastically.

"That's awesome," Garcia said clapping her hands chunky jewelry clinking in unison. Emily smiled and they continued chatting throughout lunch, before returning to the BAU, consulting on an old case with Morgan and Reid.

At 5:30, she bid adieu to her colleagues and headed for the elevator so she could pick Declan up from his afterschool program he was a member of. She unlocked her car, throwing her purse into the passenger seat, flipping her hair over her shoulder and starting the engine. Hearing the purr of the motor she fiddled with the radio before shifting the car into reverse. Looking into the rearview mirror as she backed out she slammed on the brake, for looking back at her was a pair of glacier blue eyes. The eyes of a ghost…

"Hello, Emily…"