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xii. epilogue

In one universe, Rose Tyler was trapped.

Somehow, she didn't escape the pulls of the Void and fell in, trying to save her beloved Doctor. She was lucky that her father from another universe was there to catch her and take her to another universe. But, the two time travelling partners were separated. From then on, the Doctor met a bride, and Rose saw...


There was nothing in the dark and hopelessness of her new universe. There was no Doctor, no travelling, no saving the universe from evils. No, it was just get up, work, go home, have chips, watch telly, go to bed, every single day. She worked at Torchwood, high up, and then she knew what to do.

Rose Marion Tyler was a fighter. She was going to find her way back to the Doctor.

Of course, it wouldn't be easy, she'd have to get through everyone else at Torchwood, find the way to do it, and... well, apart from that, it was easy.

So, the plans for the Dimension Cannon started. And two years later, when the walls between the worlds were breaking and the stars were going out, Rose Tyler left the universe she had lived in for two years, alongside her mother and her ex-boyfriend and best friend.

And the two time travelling lovers were united.

They didn't kiss, a Dalek made sure of that. They didn't tell each other they loved each other, a Dalek invasion and a certain metacrisis of the Doctor made sure of that. So, Rose Tyler was trapped once again, in a parallel universe with a Doctor who wasn't the Doctor.

Five years the metacrisis and Rose's relationship lasted. Five very long years. Rose wanted her Doctor, not some faux human one.

One day, passing a cliff, she got out of her car. The metacrisis and her had fought the previous night, and it was getting too hard to handle.

She jumped.

It wasn't until five metres from the bottom she realised she was jumping off a cliff into Bad Wolf Bay.

In another universe, Rose Tyler stayed with the Doctor. They travelled, met the same bride and met Martha Jones. But then they were alone again.

But then came the battle in old New York. The Daleks returned.

And Rose Tyler died. It was noble, but stupid.

But then she woke up.

Well, that's a whole different story.

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