Title – Jack's new pet

Summary – Jack is more of a dog person really, but when a random cat shows up at his house on a stormy night, Jack takes it in; he may be evil but not heartless, but there's a secret to the cat…the cat isn't really a cat. CHACK!

Warnings – CHACK! Yaoi, T for cursing and blood, rating may change but probably won't

Disclaimer – NOT MINE, as sad as it is T3T

It was a nice quite day, Chase Young was meditating, no Sheng Gong Wu has gone off, Spicer has yet to come bug him….yes today was quite nice.

"Chase Young!"

A female voice suddenly yelled, forcing Chase to open his eyes, fearing it was Wuya; but the sight he saw was a female in a cloak, who stood bare footed with her arms to her side, her hands were hidden by her long sleeves and Chase could only make out the bottom haft of her face. Chase glared at this intruder and wondered where his warriors where.

"Chase Young; evil Heylin warlord who once was the Xiaolin Dragon of Fire, turned evil due to drinking Lao Mang Long soup given to you by Hannibal Roy Bean."

The female had a smug smirk on her face as she spoke, this annoyed Chase to no end.

"Thank you for telling me my own life. Now leave before I get my warriors on you"

Chase, who stood when his name was yelled, turned around and began to leave; but her voice stopped him.

"Go ahead, call your warriors…they won't come"

Turning around he glared at the female, and silently called for his warriors; and too his annoyance they did not appear, just like she said. Slowly she raised her right arm and pointed at him.

"Chase Young! For your heartless actions, I am here by forced to take action!"

Chase's eyes widened when he felt his bones start to shift and move, but this movement was different; it wasn't like when he would turn into his dragon form…no this was smaller and unnatural. Glaring at the female with his teeth bared he noticed that the way she held her head was as if she was of importance.

"Damn witch! Who are you? What have you done to me?"

"Вам не нужно знать мое имя. Что же касается того, что происходит с вами ... Вы скоро узнаете."

She spoke in Russian; the last thing Chase saw before darkness claimed him was the bright, almost neon, sky blue eye as she tilted her head up more with a sadistic grin on her lips.

Let me know if the Russian words are wrong!

Translation - You don't need to know my name. As for what's happening to you...you will soon find out

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