Title – Jack's new pet

Summary – Jack is more of a dog person really, but when a random cat shows up at his house on a stormy night, Jack takes it in; he may be evil but not heartless, but there's a secret to the cat…the cat isn't really a cat. CHACK!

Warnings – CHACK! Yaoi, T for cursing and blood, rating may change but probably won't. From here on out this story will contain an MOC.

Disclaimer – NOT MINE, as sad as it is T3T

Only one thought passed through Chase Young's mind before he fell asleep with Jack snug against him.

'Why does this feel so right?'

When Chase awoke again he noticed the bed was empty; he lifted his head and looked around, he lowered it once he smelt the signs of a shower. He opened his eyes again once he smelt the tell-tale sent of hair dye; he slowly got up, the bed creaking at his large weight leaving it as he made his way to the attached bathroom where Jack was shaking the dye.

"Hey Chase"

Jack looked at him and smiled, Chase sat down and watched him before Jack chuckled at him; Chase growled lowly as he glared at him.

"What is so funny?"

Jake looked into the mirror and lightly ran his hand through his hair, he actually liked his snow white hair but his step-father didn't think it was natural and made him a freak.

"You're still in your dragon form looking like a dog"

He mumbled as he sighed and went to add the dye in when a gloved hand stopped him; shocked Jack looked over and stared wide eyed as Chase stood in full human.



Was his answer, Jack watched confused as Chase took the dye and threw it away; Jack made a small noise when he did so before he looked back at Chase to yell at him, his words died in his throat as Chase leaned down and rested his head against Jack's. Jack closed his eyes and sighed.

"Why did you throw it away?"

"I like it; just like this"

Chase reached up a gloved hand and gently touched his hair as if it was going to brake, Jack leaned into the hand for what felt like forever but it was only for a few moments and when he opened his eyes again, Chase was back in his Dragon form. Jack opened his mouth to say something when his Wu detector went off, detecting another Wu.

"What are you going to do?"

Jack asked as he walked out and started to get dressed; Chase followed him and laid back on his bed, Chase's eyes never left Jack's body. Why has he never noticed Jack in this way before? Has it always been due to the red dye?

"I will go with you"

Chase stated as he turned back into his kitten form; Jack looked at him and smiled before he walked over to him and picked him up, he petted him lightly as he grabbed his helipack and pulled it on; he walked over to the hole in his wall and activated his pack. He jumped off and held Chase close as he flew to the new Wu, his Jackbots flying behind him.

Jack Spicer sighed as he landed in the ankle high grass, he looked around and frowned; this place…he's been here before. He looked around and stopped at an old vine covered hut, Jack couldn't help but slowly walk up to the hut, and slowly he ran his hand over the closed door.

Chase tilted his head confused, he could tell that Jack had some past here but why so far out in the forest; it was like this area was hidden away. Jack jerked out of whatever daze he was in when he heard the familiar voice of Omi yelling at him.

"JACK SPICER! You will not be getting the Wu this time!"

Jack turned around and smirked in 'normal' cocky grin; as he crossed his arms over his chest, but that didn't last long when the door was banged on, which made Jack run away from the hut. The Monks glared at Jack as he stood across from them; Jack opened his mouth to say something before a loud squeal stopped him.

"Jackie~! You have a kitty on you~!"

Everyone blinked as Katnappe ran up to him and grabbed Chase off his shoulder; Jack gasped and bit his lip so he didn't laugh as Katnappe rubbed her cheek against Chase and purred lowly…Chase on the other hand was not amused, not only was he stuck as a cat but now that crazy cat woman was purring at him and rubbing against him.

"Ashley, can I have him back"

Jack asked as he walked over and pulled Chase away and to his chest; he gently pet him before Wuya and Bean landed, Jack looked over at them and stared as Wuya moved and hid behind Bean. Jack smirked as Chase got back on his shoulder; he looked over as the Monks landed, he blinked confused as Master Fung was with them. He nodded to him when he saw the older man smile and wave at him.

"Anyways Jackie! The Wu is mine!"

Ashley or Katnappe smirked as she pushed Jack to the ground as she ran to the hut; she missed that the push made him land on a small boulder and arch up in pain as his wound was hit again. Jack slowly rolled over and got up, breathing heavily; Chase watched him, did this happen every time? Jack got to his feet fully he swung around to face her form and threw out his hand and pointed it at the fleeing cat lover before he yelled loudly at his bots.

"Jackbots! Stop her!"

Jack's white hair whipped around as his bots whizzed past him and headed for Katnappe; the Monks blinked as they finally took in Jack's white hair, it was longer now that it was down and not gelled like normal. He watched as his bots were destroyed by Katnappe; he glared before he called out.

"Code 13!"

The Jackbots froze and started to shake before their eyes glowed and they exploded; everyone's eyes widened as Katnappe was blasted back, Jack started to walk up to her.

"What did you think, Ashley?"

He asked as he looked down at her with a slightly evilly look as he arched an eyebrow; she groaned and looked up at him.

"Pretty cool huh? Explosions are nice aren't they?"

Everyone jumped when a loud laughing echoed through the cabin; Jack backed up and started to shake slightly. They all watched as the door slowly opened with a slowly and creepy creaking; Chase stood with his fur on end and growled lowly as a figure started to walk out of the cabin.

"I knew ya could do it"

The figured turned out to be a man of about thirty years old with dirty blond hair; they were dressed in bloody filthy clothing and had a crazy yet shit eating grin on his face. Jack blinked at him confused before his eyes widened when he remember who he was but Master Fung beat him to it.

"Hiro…my old friend, it's nice to see you"

The person just smiled more; Jack looked over as Master Fung walked up to him and Chase jumped on Jack's shoulder.

"Sup. Ya old man?"

"What are you doing here? You don't hunt for Shen Gon Wu"

The man shook his hair before he moved it out of his face. His green eyes bright yet tired.

"I'm here for my son"

Master Fung nodded and chuckled as the Monks came up to him and around Jack.

"I see…I knew you would"

Wuya, being the person she is, appeared by Hiro and smiled at him; she liked the way he looked and the power that rolled off of him.

"Who, may I ask…is your son?"

She asked in a purr before Hiro looked at Jack and smirked.

"Jack is"

He ignored the gasps and shocked looks to continue with what he was saying.

"Let me intraduse myself. Names Hiro….Hiro Spicer; Jack Spicer's father"

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I also want to say that Hiro speaks funny, so the misspellings are on purpose