(AN: I am changing things slightly so that the ages are not weird, when samba leaves because of scar he is 11)

"Naomi! Pease pay attention." Called the professor from somewhere near the front of the Jeep.

He then went back to his lecture on the different animals that we were going to encounter while here in Africa. The boarding school that my parents had so kindly sent me to, in an effort to get me out of their hair in order to have their perfect life, took us to Africa in order for us to study the animals there. I unlike the rest of the students on this trip enjoyed wild life and nature. I was not one of the girls that were too afraid to do anything, less they break a nail. I also am very fond of animals. I spent a lot of my time volunteering at the local animal shelter and the zoo. Surprisingly all of the animals that I have ever encountered have taken a liking to me. We were currently on our way back to civilization from the safari trip we were on, when the weather suddenly took a turn for the worse. The big jeep that we were is was the typical tourist one, meaning that there were no windows. Obviously they didn't really care if anyone got hurt or if any animal tried to attack us.

The rain began to pour much harder than what was expected. As I looked out over the lands all you could see was darkness and a solid sheet of rain. Just barely peeking through the rain was a large rock face. The rock was tall and there was another coming out of it at a little more than perpendicular angle that looked perfect for a ruler to address his people from. The Jeep began picking up speed eliciting screams from the passengers as we went over hills, ditches, and completely uneven surfaces. As we flew over one particularly large hill everyone flew out of their seats. As we landed back on the ground I realized that I was no longer inside of the jeep, but instead watching it drive away without me.

I got up and began to run after the Jeep calling for them to stop. Unfortunately they could not hear me and continued on their way. Falling to the ground I realized that no one was going to realize that I am gone. My parents are not going to miss me, the other students barely know that I even exist, and the teachers are going to obviously make up some excuse so that they will not get into trouble for loosing me. Tears fell from my eyes as I got up from my place on the ground and began to wander around in the rain. Thunder rattled through both my air and my bones. I was more afraid than I had ever been in all of my twelve years of life. As I was walking I tripped over something on the ground that resembled a staff. As I fell to the ground, I felt a pain so strong that I knew that I had to be hit by something. That something had to be lightning. As I felt the shockwave go through my body, the darkness around me started to get darker; and I soon felt myself slip into unconsciousness.

Light streamed through the branches of a tree shining onto my face waking me up from my pain induced slumber. My body ached and all I wanted was a couple of pills to stop the pain. Through the pain I could feel the eyes that were burning holes into me. Looking up I noticed a baboon sitting right in front of me.

With a yell I shot backwards scooting back so that I was not so close to the ape. I had seen baboons before at the zoo. The zoo keepers defiantly tried to keep their distance when dealing with these creatures.

"Don't be afraid," said the baboon, as he moved closer to me.

The baboon said…said…wait it talks.

"Wait…You talk?" I asked looking at it with a very confused look on my face, "And I can understand you."

"Everything speaks," he began as he took a seat in front of me, "you just have to listen."

All I could do was sit there and stare. Never in my life would I believe that I would be sitting down talking to a baboon and both of us understanding what was going on. He then handed me a piece of fruit that looked safe enough to eat.

"I found you last night and brought you here." He began, "but now I must take you to someone that will know what to do with you. Mostly, because you cannot stay here."

Looking at him, and knowing that there is nothing that I can really do in this situation. All I can do is hope that I would be safe. Well it cannot be worse than living with mom


The baboon, who I now know as Rafiki, was taking me to see someone known as Mufasa. We began our journey across the open plains, which I have been informed are the pridelands, without much talking. It did not take long until I noticed the rock face from the night before. Then I noticed that we were heading straight towards it. The closer that we got the bigger and bigger I began to realize it was.

"This is Pride Rock," said Rafiki as we continued to walk, "the home of Mufasa and his pride."

I began to think Pride…he said pride…what animals live in prides? And then it dawned on me Lions.

As soon as the thought entered my head I saw the first one. A Lioness was looking straight at me. We were now standing in front of Pride Rock, looking up at it I could see a HUGE lion and his cub descending from much higher up.

"Rafiki, My friend," said the big lion, that I am assuming is Mufasa, before stopping short, "who is this?"

"I found her last night," replied Rafiki.

He then gave me a gentle push forward. I guess he wants me to introduce myself. "My name is Naomi."

"Perhaps we should take this inside," said Mufasa as he handed off his cub to a lioness.

Rafiki and I began to follow him up Pride Rock when I felt a strange sensation surge through my body. I entered the cave slowly in an attempt to discover what was causing the sensation to run through my body. I sat down next to Rafiki as the sensation began to slowly change into pain. This pain was streaming through my bones exponentially intensifying. It reminded me of a pain that I had felt before…

"The Lightning!" I yelled in shock halting the conversation of the other two, "last night, I was struck by lightning."

Upon this realization the pain became too much and I let out a yell curling into a fetal position.

"What is happening to her?" Mufasa asked as the two came closer to my trembling form.

I could feel the hair on my legs and arms growing while the hair on my head was shrinking. My bones were also growing and changing.

"The lightning," said Rafiki "the kings of old must want her to do something."

My teeth were getting sharper and my body was changing. The pain was becoming so intense that I welcomed the darkness as it enveloped me.

No sooner had I succumbed to the darkness I felt a painful whoop on the head.

"Ow!" I snarled, growling at whoever woke me from my slumber. Wait growled..?

Looking down I saw myself staring at my front legs. They were covered in a golden yellow fur that was glistening from the little light that was being allowed into the cave. Getting up I realized that I had four legs not two. I felt flies around me and began swatting at them with my tail. The tuft of fur at the end of my tail was a beautiful off white, much lighter than any lion that I had ever seen. Looking over at the other two in the room I realized I have been turned into a lioness.