Pancakes, Baby Curls and Laughter

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. All credit goes to Ryan Murphy and CP Coulter

Summary: Dalton-verse. This is a drabble from my fic Oh Bad Boy, My Bad Boy. Shane and Reed hanging out.

Author's Note:The Rane addicted reader in me, started to scream and asked what happened to Reed and Shane when Kurt and Blaine were in the bedroom in Oh Bad Boy, My Bad Boy. So here is the result of that.

Reed slowly rolled over in his sleep, as he slowly opened his eyes. He stretched his arms and feeling the burn of stretched muscles. He had not that great of a sleep in forever. He opened his eyes and he started to freak out. The room was unfamiliar, but the smell was as familiar as he stood up and looked around the room. He saw some pictures on the cabinet. One was of Blaine and Shane, when they were around 5 years old. Reed laughed to himself as he saw the funny face that Shane was pulling. Therefore, he must have fallen asleep last night during the movie. He walked towards the door and snuck out into the lounge. He saw Shane curled up on the couch. It did not look that very comfortable, and Reed felt bad for taking the bed, when Shane had to sleep on the couch. He lightly brushed one of the curls from his face. Reed knelt down next to Shane; he always admired Shane's boldness for doing anything he wanted, for following his heart. That was something Reed had always wanted to do but unfortunately his mother had his future set in stone. He just wanted to move to New York and be an artist. He did not really want to take over his mum's fashion magazine.

"Do you always watch people when they are sleeping?" Asked a voice from behind Reed, Reed jumped up and grabbed his chest as he turned around to see Blaine standing there.

"Oh you scared me Blaine," Reed whispered, looking from Blaine to Shane. Shane was still out of it, snoring lightly, as he mumbled something in his sleep.

"Sorry Reed, didn't mean to scare you," Blaine said chuckling as he moved to the kitchen. "Coffee?" He added

"Yes please, Thanks for letting me stay last night," Reed added with a soft smile.

"It's okay, I wouldn't have let you or Shane drive home, it was too late anyway," Blaine said as he turned on the coffee machine.

"Where's Kurt?" Reed asked as he sat down on the stool.

"Asleep still, that reminds me I should get in the shower before I wake him, help yourself Reed, and just throw a bucket of cold water on him" Blaine said laughing as he walked off into his room, quietly shutting the door behind him.

Reed looked at the coffee machine and took a deep breath, he could work this thing easily. He grabbed his cup and started pressing buttons. The machine started to hiss and make weird noises. He started to freak Reed out as he tried to turn it off. Suddenly hands appeared around Reed, touching some buttons and taking the coffee cup out of his hands. "I got it," Shane said with a half smile, as Reed ducked out of his arms and sat back on the stool. Reed's heart was racing a hundred miles an hour. He couldn't believe how right it was having Shane's arms around him. He was just staring at his hands, as a cup was placed in front of him. "Here you go," Shane said with a huge smile, "Did you want anything to eat?" he asked as he turned around to look in the cupboards. "So we have cereal, toast or I could make pancakes," Shane said as he turned around to see Reed laughing. "Okay skip the pancakes, and it wasn't mean, I swear the Tweedles put something in the pancake mix," Shane said as he laughed with Reed.

"That's always your excuse," Reed said though laughing. "And toast is fine Shane,"

"Okay toast it is, also I pulled some strings and we don't have to be at Dalton till tonight," Shane said with a smile.

"Why?" Reed asked a bit confused.

"Well I called Charlie and said you and I got food poison over the weekend and we won't be able to be at classes this morning," Shane said as he put some toast in the toaster.

"Okay," Reed nodded.

"Okay we have strawberry jam, peanut butter, or um... I think that's it," Shane laughed nervously.

"Um... strawberry jam!" Reed said excitedly. He had not had strawberry jam in ages and was excited to have it again. Shane smiled and pulled the jam out.

"I should have a shower," Reed said as he scrunched up his nose, in discomfort.

"Okay, I think Blaine is in the shower at the moment, hold on I'll tell him to hurry up," Shane said just before he disappeared into Blaine's bedroom. Reed took a sip of his drink of coffee. After a couple of minutes Shane reappeared, "I think they having sex in the shower," Shane said matter-of-factly.

Reed spat out the coffee he was drinking, choking slightly on the coffee.

"Sorry I shouldn't have said that while you were drinking," Shane said as he softly patted Reed on the bed. Reed just nodded with a small smile as he tried to breath normal again.

"Okay Strawberry jam toast for Mr Reed," Shane said as he turned to started making toast for Reed.

"So did you really have to disturb them?" Reed asked with a small laugh

"I was trying to be nice!" Shane turned to look at Reed was a mock hurt expression on his face.

"Well you probably hurt your brother's chances of getting laid," Reed said laughing.

"Reed, no not you too, You've gone over to the dark side!" Shane said mocking Reed. Shane heard the bedroom door opened. He walked out into the hall to see Kurt standing there in a towel. "Finally!" Shane called as he walked into his bedroom.

"Blame your brother!" Kurt yelled back as he walked back into the bedroom. Shane laughed as he looked threw his clothes to see if anything would fit Reed. Reed came into his bedroom and sat on the bed. "What you doing?" he asked with a small smile.

"You need some clothes to wear!" Shane said as he tossed a pair of sweat pants at Reed, who dropped them and then picked them up. "Forgot you are an awful catch," Shane said laughing as he picked out a t-shirt and handing it too Reed.

"Shower's in there," Shane pointed to the bathroom and smiled. "Spare towel in the cupboard, just yell if you need anything," Shane said as he went out into the kitchen to continue making breakfast.

10 minutes later, Reed walked out in Shane's sweatpants and shirt. Reed had to roll the bottom of the sweatpants up and the Shirt was nearly looking like a dress on the small boy. "So feel better?" Shane asked putting some toast in front of Reed.

"Yeah, thanks," Reed mumbled.

"Morning Shane, Reed," Kurt said as he grabbed his bag and turned to Blaine.

"Mornin'" Shane said with a laugh.

"Why aren't you guys gone yet?" Blaine asked.

"Shane, called in a favour and apparently we're sick at home or in our dorm room," Reed said as he took a sip of his coffee.

"We should do that too," Blaine whined.

"I know what you want to do Mr Anderson, and the answer is no, get going now!" Kurt said as he took a piece of toast off Shane's plate.


"Thanks for the shower interruption!" Kurt said as he walked out of the door, Blaine had already gone in front of him. "See you whenever!" Kurt called out as he closed the door to the apartment. Reed just laughed, as he watched Kurt go.

"I told you not to interrupt them!" Reed said as he placed one of his pieces of toast on Shane's plate. Shane just smiled as he took a bite.

"So Shane, What are we gonna do today?" Reed asked as he looked around the apartment.

"Well if you feel uncomfortable I can drop you back at Dalton. I don't mind," Shane said but the sadness reached his eyes, as he watched Reed for the answer to his question.

"Well no not yet, I was hoping to spend the day with you, and saying thank you for letting me stay here last night," Reed said with a small smile. "And also thank you for letting me sleep in your bed," Reed added. Shane mumbled something, "What Shane?" Reed asked with a laugh.

"Sorry, I said you're welcome, I mean the couch isn't the most comfortable thing to sleep on and either is the floor," Shane said looking at Reed and then at his plate in front of him.

"Well you are a really nice friend," Reed said with a soft smile.

"Thanks," Shane muttered as he got up, and put his dish in the dishwasher.