Title: Scandalous Affair

Author: enchanted nightingale

Beta: pussycatadamah

Timeline: After Book 7. I've taken many liberties with the timeline. Details as the story progresses.

Summary: No one expected them to be together, not even themselves. But magic wished their union and nothing else mattered.

Pairs:Harry Potter/Lucius Malfoy

Disclaimer:The characters belong to J.K. Rowling. I merely use them in my plot for fun.

Chapter 1

The mists were thick that night, enhanced by the fires that had burned since the night fell, hiding the moon and the stars that stood over the ancient woods. The drums had long since stopped but the magic was still strong resonating in the air. The insanity they had been driven by had long ago dissipated. They could now both see and feel and think clearly. The unlikely pair were still entwined on the soft forest bed, the high from the magic making both light headed and tired. Green eyes tried hard not to stare at the white blond haired man that was resting on his chest, head tucked just below his chin. It was even harder to ignore the larger and wider frame that was crushing him pleasantly, keeping him warm as the heat from their coupling was fading.

When Harry had turned seventeen Hermione had given him a book on wizards' traditions. He had read it only recently and he had been reluctant at first to participate in a traditional All Hallows Eve celebration. But Charlie and the Twins had insisted and he had had a wonderful time. So he was understandingly eager to participate in more ceremonies.

The night of Beltane (1) had intrigued him with the vivid celebrations, though the descriptions the books gave had not done it justice. The twins and their dragon handler brother had been shocked when he had told them and they had been the ones to tell him that Beltane was a very intense celebration where magic run rampant. It was Spring time after all, the time of fertility and creation, and magic usually pulsed strongly, calling to the attendees and initiating hunts during which no one knew what would happen. Harry had listened mortified as they told him that orgies were not excluded as magic had to be paid in some way, blood, sweat and other bodily fluids were payment enough. But Harry was curious and he had resolved that he would follow whatever magic wanted. After all, magic had saved him when he was an infant, had gotten him away from the Dursley's, led him to Hogwarts and his friends, he felt it was a duty.

When he had arrived in the island in the middle of a lake at the magical preserve in Snowdonia, Wales. There had been many wizards and witches, adults young and old and not just from the British Isles either. It started normally enough. The fires were built by the wizards manually, twig after twig, until there were piles all around. The women carried various foods and wines as offerings. Harry had brought his own offering, bread he had made without magic that very morning. He joined the festivities, drinking the wine, eating the fruit, dancing half naked, face and torso covered in paint, around the festive fires. Gradually the mists had thickened around the clearing and a thrum of magic pulsed around them, through them. Harry had felt something similar during Halloween but not of that magnitude. He was one of the few who could still stand once the pressure left him, leaving his body burning with an inexplicable fire.

Harry did not realize why or how but the magic was like a whisper urging him to run, to hunt. He moved stealthily through the ancient forest, feeling the magic urging him, feeling the other wizards and witches enter the hunt. But there was one signature that caught Harry's attention in all the frenzy.

After that it was a blur. And now he lay there with Lucius Malfoy resting on top of him.

"This is so… weird," Harry sighed.

The blond lifted his head and the former Gryffindor found himself staring into smoke-grey eyes.

"Magic has a mind of its own," Lucius whispered as he pulled his body up, peeling it away from the younger wizard. Even naked as he was, hair not as primp as Harry was used to seeing on the man, and with his fine toned body covered in paint, Lucius had an odd sort of dignity and class that Harry could not tear his eyes away from. It was only then settling in that he had spent the better part of the night in that man.

"And I must say," Lucius continued in that lazy drawl of his, "You have amazing skills."

Harry's breath hitched as the blond moved down his body with all the grace of a panther and the dangerous feeling one gave. The magic was no longer in control of them and Harry could not imagine why Lucius was acting much like he had when the green eyed wizard had caught up with him earlier that night. A gasp escaped him when Lucius' mouth latched on the skin of his stomach, licking away the evidence of their coupling. Harry's eyes went wide as he watched Lucius, especially when the older wizard met his eyes and gave him a dark smirk. Harry was tired but despite that his cock was stirring again.

Lucius' smirk turned into a devilish grin as he moved his body lower along Harry's until his mouth was directly above his member. Harry's breath was knocked out of him when he was enveloped by the blonde's talented mouth.

"Oh, Merlin!" Harry exclaimed as his back arched off the ground. Lucius' big hands held onto his thighs, pulling him down as the blond used his tongue around the head and slowly worked his mouth so that Harry was soon panting. He was still sensitive and the blond knew exactly how to make him lose his mind. Harry felt the heat pooling and he tried to push the man away.

"Let it go," Lucius pulled away long enough to tell him.


Again that infuriating smug look and Harry was unable to hold back anymore. Soon he was crying out his release in the night.

Harry was seeing stars for a while and his dazed appearance made the older wizard look smug.

"You have amazing stamina," Lucius commented. "I'd forgotten what youth does to libido." He was now sitting close to Harry looking around for whatever clothes he wore before the younger wizard had jumped him. He noticed a cloth that was more like a rag. "Ruined," he said with a sneer. "You Potter have claws."

Harry snorted while inwardly thinking about a certain animagus form of his. The wizard stood and looked around for his pair of pants, trying to avoid looking at the very naked blond man.

"Try the tree branch," Lucius told him.

Harry started. "Yes, I'll do that."

A chuckle came from the blond. "You can look at me you know. I've had your cock in my mouth and arse. That is familiar enough, isn't it?"

Harry could not hold the blush that spread on his face. He turned around and saw the man sitting comfortably on the ground as if it were his own prized couch, not caring that he was naked before a former enemy or that Harry was his son's age.

"Spill," Lucius told him.

"This is…" Harry groaned. "I can't believe I had sex with you."

"That makes two of us," Lucius told him. "I did not know you were a Pagan, though."

"I wasn't, still am not," Harry replied. "But I was curious about magical traditions so..." he shrugged.

Lucius shook his head at that and he slowly stood. He was still taller than Harry but the raven haired wizard had hit a growth spurt at eighteen so he just came up to the blonde's chin now.

"That explains how I've never seen you before," Lucius commented.

Harry blinked. "This happens often?" he yelled.

"Only when the Magic wants it to happen. It feeds from the wizards attending. Last time a similar event happened was when the Dark Lord attended Lughnasadh (2). My father had attended. The stronger the wizards…" he trailed off. He eyed Harry with a new found appreciation. "You are full of hidden talents Harry." His grey eyes trailed along the younger wizard's body, stopping appreciatively at his hip level.

Harry fought any urge to squirm as he was under the older wizard's scrutiny. He quickly, wordlessly summoned his article of clothing and hurriedly dressed in his jeans after using another wordless spell, a cleaning spell this time, to refresh himself. He eyed the aristocrat one last time. Lucius nodded at him and Harry turned around and left.

End of chapter

(1)A/N: Below I have posted a bit on Beltane as a festivity and its meaning:

The Witches' Sabbat of Beltane officially begins at moonrise on May Day eve, April 30th. Beltane is a fire festival and is opposite Samhain on the Wheel of the Year. Samhain is the time when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest, and Beltane is the time when the worlds are furthest apart. On this day we celebrate the May Queen of fertility and passion, a time when the Maiden of Spring comes of age and celebrates the fullness of her sexuality. The Maypole, symbol of the Tree of Life, or Moon Tree, is decorated with flowers and ribbons. The Great Rite is sexual license, "When we act out the lovemaking of nature by loving each other". It is the celebration of youth, of love and fun. It is a time of jumping through the Beltane bonfire. You can also light a fire in your fireplace. If you do not have a fireplace, you might light thirteen dark green candles to symbolize the Beltane fire.

(2) Lughnasadh: Autumn Equinox