Author: enchanted nightingale

Beta Reader: pussycatadamah

Disclaimer: The characters belong to J.K. Rowling. I merely use them in my plot for fun.

Chapter 17 – Kiss, Kiss

Andromeda bounced Teddy in her arms, the boy giggling with delight. The witch smiled at the happiness in the boy's face. Across from her, similar smiles appeared on the faces of her friends. She had invited Augusta Longbottom, Minerva McGonagall and Molly Weasley over for tea that morning. She had not seen them in a while, not all gathered like this and the other witches had been eager to see how Teddy had grown.

"My Frank was like that, easy to smile," Augusta sighed. "Neville too. They both loved their stories as well."

"Harry has that department covered," Andromeda replied.

Molly blinked. "You did mention he works long hours. Bill seemed to know in what, he was downright envious as well."

"Then it has to be dangerous and exciting," Minerva grinned. "I swear that boy can't take having a slow paced life, like he swore to never have one the moment he was born."

"That's the potter gene," Augusta replied. "I recall James and his play dates with Frank..."

"Charles too," Minerva added. "I went to school with him so I remember him well."

"I think I had a Potter in my year as well," Molly mused.

"Heracles," Augusta replied. "He died young that one. He was a Potions Master and something went wrong with an experiment. He was James' uncle..." Teddy tagged at her arm and she turned to him. "Yes, Teddy?"

"Can I have a cookie?" Teddy asked, already eyeing the ones with chocolate.

The women shared a smile and Andromeda complied. Teddy was beaming at her when he got his cookie and started munching on it.

"Classical Remus," Molly sighed, recalling that the werewolf had the same look on his face when chocolate was involved.

"You know," Augusta remarked. "Teddy speaks quite well for his age. He's what, two?"

"Yes, he had a birthday but we had no time to plan a party," Andromeda replied. "I talk to him all the time, Harry does as well." Inwardly she added a 'so does Lucius whenever he comes over'. "No baby talking and such but clear sentences. We also encourage him to talk and sing. Harry's idea that one. He also ordered Kreacher to speak properly so his godson does not pick up bad habits."

"And Kreacher," Minerva commented, she and Molly remember all to well the foul language of the old Black house elf. "He really has changed?"

"He adores the boys," Andromeda answered truthfully. "He's also glad he does not need to take care of Teddy like he used to do with Sirius and Regulus. He is not as young as he used to be and he knows it. Also, Teddy is nice to him."

"Takes up after Harry in that regard," Molly tittered.

"The house elves at Hogwarts still ask about him," Minerva confided. "Portraits too."

"Oh, before I forget," Augusta told them in general and looked at Andromeda in particular. "I saw that Muggle doctor you sent me to."

"Doctor Peele," Andromeda replied and the Longbottom witch nodded.

"She is quite good," Augusta admitted.

"The Muggle mind healer you mentioned?" The mother of seven asked. "You finally went?"

The other three witches all looked interested.

"Yes and I need to thank you Andy," she told the Black witch. "It helped with a lot of things. I also had a session with Neville." She sighed. "It was hard but we solved a lot of things..." she trailed off.

"As long as she helped," Andromeda soothed her long time friend.

"That good?" Minerva asked.

"Harry was seeing her after the war," Andy admitted. "He was in a bad shape then. He was the one that suggested her to me and even took me there himself."

"He's a good boy," Molly commented.

"And he was right too," the dark Teddy's grandmother replied. "I still see her once a week and Harry every month at least once."

"You know, Hermione suggested the same at some point," the red haired witch admitted. "She went herself, a friend of her parents or something like that but I refused. My Bill heard her though and suggested it to George. Ever since Fred... He's not the same, never will be, but he's better."

"I'm glad," Minerva told her as the other witches nodded in agreement. "I never thought I'd see those two separated. In fact, I am still expecting Fred to pop out and prank me."

Molly grinned, eyes watering. "As do I," she admitted. Then she wiped her eyes and smiled.

"How is Hermione doing?" Augusta asked her. "Neville told me she was pregnant..."

"Just entered ninth month," Molly replied. "Ron is back from Brazil too. We are expecting the baby any day now."

There were lots of congratulations.

"Still, neither Hermione or Ron talk about Harry since that lunch," Molly sighed regretfully.

"Well, Harry mentioned he met with George last week," Andromeda told her.

"He told me," the mother of seven admitted. "Harry has been talking to him non-stop. Arthur and I worry; he's not had any relationship since Fred died. Charlie also spoke with him but they came to a sort of agreement and neither are telling us what was discussed. Do you..."

"Have any idea? Not really," Teddy's grandmother responded. "Just that Harry mentioned that George was getting better. He told you he was planning to go to Romania for a month?"

Molly nodded. "He said his therapist suggested it."

"And I bet Potter convinced him," Minerva smiled.

"I hope this works," Molly told them.

"Nana?" Teddy turned amber eyes to his grandmother. "Another?"

Andromeda sighed. "No, Teddy. You'll spoil your meal later," she told the boy who pouted.

"Please?" Teddy's eyes went round.

"I know that look," Minerva grinned. "It's the Marauder look, don't let him get to you," she advised Andromeda. Then Teddy stared at her and she sighed. "Oh dear!"

"I hope you've retired by the time he goes to Hogwarts," Augusta told her, "Or he'll leave not a rock of Hogwarts standing."

The witches laughed and Teddy got his second cookie in the end while the talk turned to other matters, like the newest robe fashions.

Harry was carrying a stack of books and parchments on his hands, reading the top parchment as he worked. A line of six small stacks of books, about a dozen in each pile, following behind the green eyed Unspeakable. It was not an unusual practice not a foreign sight in the corridors of the Department of Mystery. He barged into the office he shared with Luna and promptly let an unmanly yelp of surprise as he stumbled in on Luna and Draco Malfoy snogging heavily.

The two blonds sprang apart as the stacks that had followed behind Harry fell to the floor with a lot of noise.

"Harry!" Luna chirped with glee. "You finally came back from the archives. What did you bring me?"

Harry spluttered. "Luna... Don't you want to tell me something?"

The witch cocked her head to the side, her radish earrings tilting along with her head. "Not really. Oh! Stay away from the coffee pot from the hallway. I think Matthias mentioned something about a prank but I'm not really sure."

Harry sighed. "Hello Draco," he bowed his head to the blond wizard, who was looking flushed from the kissing and embarrassment at being caught snogging the witch, especially by her brother-like figure.

"Morning Pot-Harry," Draco replied, shifting awkwardly.

Luna blinked. "Right! Draco's here. He came to have lunch with me. Isn't that sweet?"

"Very," the green eyed wizard agreed. "Did you finish eating?"

"No, we were too busy making out," Luna replied.

Draco groaned. "Luna... We talked about over sharing, remember?"

"Well, I have no girls as friends and Harry is the only one I can girl-talk with."

The two wizards sighed. She was a lost cause and explaining girl-talk and privacy and boundaries would be a waste of time. However uncomfortable or bizarre this was, it was so typically Luna that it was endearing and sweet and they would never judge her or begrudge the witch her own little world. So they both nodded and she grinned.

"I'm ready to eat now though," she declared. "Care to join us Harry? Draco doesn't mind, do you?"

Draco met Potter's eyes and shrugged. "No, I don't really mind," he agreed.

"So," the raven haired wizard asked. "Does that mean you are boyfriend and girlfriend?"

He received two nods.

"As long as you don't use my desk," he told them and went to put the books away.

It was a simple date. They travelled to the Muggle world to get some semblance of privacy since the magical world would offer them none. Lucius had been quite nice about it as well, not one nasty comment. They ate in a small restaurant and then they went for a walk that took them to a small park and a nice bench. They had been talking, of their days at work, the food, even the weather until the tension became too much and they gave into their urges, kissing each other eagerly.

"Merlin," Lucius muttered when they pulled apart to breathe.

"We really can't keep doing this."


"That was bordering on molesting each other in public," the green eyed wizard quipped.

Lucius smiled. "Then we can keep kissing."

"Weren't we going to take this slow?"

"But why fight it?"

Harry had no idea how to answer that. Was there really any need to fight it? Already he knew Lucius had a killer body. The physical attraction was there, unmistakable between them. The mental connection was also there and the emotional was slowly following. It still mostly revolved around their upcoming baby but they were forming a connection of their own nowadays. He was still thinking about it when Lucius kissed him again. It was hard and passionate and Harry loved it. He moaned and pressed closer, enjoying the proximity, the way the blond smelled, the way his hands ran through the blond man's silky hair. They stayed on that bench, kissing and touching as much as they could. When they needed to properly breathe and could feel a chill, they decided to call it a night.

"I want to see you soon," Harry told the blond.

"I do have to meet Marlan again," Lucius responded.

"What time?"

"At six in the afternoon," the blond wizard answered.

"Well, I'll be there and then you can come by my place," the green eyed wizard.

"Alone in your house, Harry?"

The younger wizard grinned slyly. "Lucius, you look like you anticipate getting taken advantage of."

Lucius smirked. "Would that be bad? Having sex with you again? Preferably on a bed..."

"I'm sure I can get Andy and Teddy out of the house."

"Good," Lucius told him and pecked his kiss swollen lips.

Healer Marlan Keash was happy to see both Lucius and Harry. His little girl Cara was there again and she chatted with Harry. Lucius smiled at the sight. He had seen the green eyed man with Teddy but he had not dared believe that it could happen with other kids as well.

"He's a natural," the healer told his pregnant patient.

"I can see that," Lucius said, not taking his eyes off Harry.

Marlan chuckled when he caught the blond wizard staring. "So, not just convenience then," he commented.

"Pardon?" Lucius asked, taking his eyes of his one time lover, a fact he hoped would change soon enough. His body had needs and the green eyed man was both the cause and the solution. He tried, even the previous night, to tell himself that it was just Harry's body he craved, but he had been deluding himself. Andromeda's words and taunts, the short conversation with Harry, the dinner date that was more romantic than any previous outings they had... Marlan was right. It was not convenience and that was what made this difficult. Harry met his eyes just then and smiled softly at him, before little Cara demanded his attention again.

"You know," Marlan told Lucius, "Go for it."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, to be blunt, don't hold back. Pull out all the stops, go for it."

Lucius stared.

Marlan grinned. "Don't get me wrong. I'm never this nosy, but seeing you and him... You kind of remind me of how Benjamin and I used to be on that awkward stage when we first met. It's cute but I thought to save you the trouble. Plus, what do you have to lose? No matter what happens, you still have a kid together."

"It could still ruin things," Lucius voiced his number one reason to hold back, to turn down the invite Harry had issued on their date the night before. It would be too easy to fall into bed with the green eyed wizard and the results would be pleasurable, he knew. But for the first time he feared failure and that was because he feared what would happen if they had a falling out, what would happen to their coming child in that case.

"Hey," Harry walked over. "So, what did the exam show?" he asked as he sat near Lucius on a couch, thighs touching with the proximity.

This sent a shiver down Lucius' spine and just like that, his body, not his mind, decided for him.

"Well," Marlan announced. "It's all well, the blood results, the physical. You have been keeping up with the list I gave you," he looked rather pleased.

Lucius offered a nod. "I dropped the workout but I do walk," he informed the healer.

"Good," Marlan replied.

"I read a book," Harry cut in, "That swimming is also an acceptable form of exercise."

"It is," the healer beamed. "I would suggest this when the weight of the baby starts causing strain to you Lucius, before that even. It causes less back pain for you."

A few more questions followed but everything turned out fine and Marlan booked their next appointment before sending them off. They took a Magi-Taxi to Grimmauld Place and the moment they stepped through the door, Andromeda was coming out.

"Oh! Good!" she told them when she saw them. She rounded in on Harry. "Molly Weasley just sent a letter. Hermione went into labour and they are all in St. Mungo's waiting for the baby."

There was a lot to be said about best laid plans, Lucius mused as he kept company to Teddy Lupin. Andromeda and Harry had gone to St. Mungo's to welcome the newest Weasley into the world. When they came back it was well after ten and they both looked tired and pleased.

"It's a boy," Harry informed Lucius. "Healthy and big and has quite the set of lungs."

The green eyed wizard looked wistful and Lucius knew why. When he had heard the Muggleborn witch had gone into labour he wondered what would happen in a few more months down the line, as the pregnancy progressed. He was already two months along and he would soon start showing. He met Harry's grinning eyes and the wizard kissed his cheek.

"I apologize for leaving you so suddenly," Harry told the silver eyed wizard.

"Couldn't be helped," Lucius replied.

Andromeda grinned. "Well, I'm just glad to be home. Teddy?" she asked her former brother in law.

"Asleep in his room," the blond wizard replied.

"Well, I better check on him again before I turn in," she told them, bowing her head at Lucius, kissing Harry's cheek and proceeding to head upstairs, leaving the two wizards alone.

Harry, the moment Andromeda was gone, took Lucius' hand in his.

"Come on," he said, and led the man up the stairs.

The blond wizard was not only surprised but a bit excited.

"Did you eat anything?" the green eyed man asked.

"With Teddy."

"Good, I want you energetic," Harry replied.

"My, you are quite bold."

"If you don't want this..."

They had reached the top of the stairs when Lucius pulled Harry to him and crushed their mouths together in a kiss. He clutched Harry tightly, pulling him close to his body. With his tongue he probed Harry's mouth, urging the younger wizard to open up for him. The green eyed man was happy and eager to comply, the warmth Lucius provided spurring him on. The stayed that way for a while, kissing with abandon as Lucius made his point crystal clear: he wanted this and Harry should really stop trying to give him ways out, he would not be taking them. They separated, panting for breath, gazes locked together.

"I see," Harry licked his lips.

"Do you?"

Harry nodded and pulled Lucius to his room. The raven haired wizard pulled out his wand and cast a charm to make sure no one would disturb them and no one would overhear whatever took place. The moment they both felt the barrier go up they were all over each other, kissing and groping, eagerly drawing closer. Harry buried his hands in Lucius' long hair, mouths never leaving each other. They shared kisses slow and deep, fast and eager as they made their way deeper into the bedroom, closer to the large bed. Slowly, Harry started undressing the blond wizard, his hands gentle and firm. Lucius groaned. He had thought about this, how it would feel if he and Harry had sex again, ever since they tore each other's clothes off during the hunt on the night of Beltane. He was eager to return the favour when he was down to his pants. He then batted the younger man's hands away.

"Let me," he told Harry in his deep voice, smirking at the shiver that ran down the wizard's body. He then started undressing the green eyed man, making sure to press his hands all over Harry.

Their bodies remembered how amazing their last joining had been, their minds as well. Soon all the clothes fell on the bedroom floor and the two men were nude, just like that night two months ago. Green and silver blue eyes roamed all over bared skin. Harry took in all the changes in the blond man. Lucius was beautiful still, his body lean and lightly muscled but the evidence of the last time they had sex was there. It was small, barely there and looking more like the man had just had a full meal, rather than the baby bulge it was. Harry could not help but find the sight sexier than he ever thought possible. Then he kissed the blond wizard again, plundering the man's mouth, hands gripping Lucius to him.

The bed was a step away and they both stumbled on it.

"Much better than tree bark," Lucius commented.

"Or the forest floor," Harry agreed. He too had wondered how Lucius would look, lying on a bed, with luxurious covering and no magic urging them on to a frantic pace. This time, they would take their time, set the pace.

Fingers, soft and eager pull Harry closer. Hands slightly calloused but soft explored Lucius' skin. Drawers open and close as Harry tries to prepare his lover properly, drawing it out, steadily but surely driving the blond wizard out of his mind. Lucius feels everything Harry does to his body, the stimulation more than his sex deprived body can bear; masturbating just does not cut it and it has been too long. Harry prepares him thoroughly.

"Think we'll need the usual spells?" the green eyed man mutters.

"Hardly," Lucius' voice is wry, sarcastic and the younger man grins.

They kiss again and the blond takes the opportunity to explore, his hands grasping Harry's most sensitive points and the younger man moans in want. Harry is reminded how much Lucius likes to bite and nip at his skin, the shoulders and neck being the most usual places, but he does not mind one bit. The pressure builds up in both of them and Lucius quickly demands Harry to get it over with.

"Enough with the teasing," he tells the younger wizard who is obviously enjoying the games.

Harry gives a sweet smile before rolling Lucius on his back, and then he does what the blond has requested. Neither man is surprised that magic is not needed to make this amazing. The tightness and the heat are even better now and the urgency is all them. Harry starts thrusting, spurred by Lucius moans and sharply given orders. They are both vocal and needy. Lucius sets the pace and the green eyed wizard loves it. It is hard and messy and over before they realize it, shouting each other's names and gasping for breath and equilibrium. Harry manages not to crush his lover as he collapses on top of Lucius, heavy breaths mingling and bright eyes staring at each other.

"Mordred and Maab," the blond finally says with a chuckle. "I really needed this!"

Harry laughs and falls to his side. "Forget taking it slow."

"Agreed," the older wizard says and Harry continues to laugh, one of his arms pulling Lucius to him.

The blond turns and kissed the dark haired wizard, hard enough to bruise. He pulls back as quickly as he did this. "You have no idea how much I missed this."

"Sex is amazing," Harry sighs.

Lucius nods.

"Sex with you," the green eyed man goes on to say, "is better than amazing."

"Why, Harry, I had no idea..."

"Well, that smirk on your face tells a different story Lucius. Stop fishing for compliments."

Lucius smirks, resting a palm on Harry's bare hip, dangerously close to his crotch. The younger wizard turns to look at him.

"A dangerous thing to do," he warns the blond.

"Harry, Harry, Harry," he drawls and nips at the green eyes man's already red neck.

The raven haired wizard knows there will be bruises there tomorrow and his bruise balm is over for a while now. Using glamour charms is useless around Unspeakable's. This means Luna will know exactly what he had been up to tonight and with whom and he does not care one bit.

"I can be very dangerous," comes Lucius' next comment and Harry shivers in anticipation because he knows very well that the silver eyed wizard will make sure that he will be unable to properly sit the next morning and Harry finds himself wondering how good it will feel to have the blond inside him. The promise of great pleasure is too much to be ignored. Soon they are all over each other, teasing and touching and building up. Soon, it is Lucius that pins Harry down on the mattress and proves how dangerously addicting he can be.

End of chapter.