"…N-no…" Saliva dripped out of his mouth and onto the soft white sheets of the bed. His body unwillingly twitched, shivering and trembling weakly as those long magnificent fingers dipped deeper into his entrance, teasing and playing, dancing within him. His fingers tightened on the sheets as a jolt of pain shot up his spine as he was being stretched to his body's outmost limits, being prepared for something bigger, longer…

"W-why, Dad…? We're both men, and we're related…t-this is w-weird…" he stated, before being cut off by a loud gasp as somewhere deep within him was brushed by those fingers, sending pleasure tingling within his body. "A-ah!" he helplessly moaned out in pleasure, drops of tears appearing at the corner of his eyes as he cried out, wiggling in the entrance of the larger stronger man who he called 'dad'.

Minato had on a pained face as he looked down at Naruto, his eyes speaking of volumes of pain and hurt which Naruto did not notice with his eyes shut tightly together in an attempt to cut himself from reality.

He already knew that it was forbidden, this was forbidden. Yet the forth hokage simply just could not stop himself from lusting for his son. Naruto was so bright, shining so radiatingly despite having seen all the filth that the world has to offer. He was like the ray of hope amist the dark suffocating Shinobi world, and everybody just could not help but be attracted to him, like moths to a light. He was so pure, so innocent.

Minato retreated his fingers from Naruto, leaving him feeling empty, crying and panting on the bed, outstretched. But it was only for a second before it was replaced by Minato's long sheath.

Naruto's eyes widened and he let out a pained cry, struggling to escape that warm hot and mostly, big thing that was breaking him into half. Minato hushed the smaller blonde, hugging him close to his body and whispering sweet nothings into the boy's ears, kissing him harshly to distract him.

It took all of the older blonde's control just to not move and fuck the boy crazy right then and there. He was finally there, in the tight little hole which he had dreamt of a million times and fantasized about. But he did not want to hurt the boy.

Naruto's sobs which wracked through his little body soon stopped, and Minato began to move.

On the first thrust, the boy let out a loud scream of pain and pleasure and Minato let out a smirk. It did not take an idiot to know that he had hit his son's prostate and Minato was no idiot.

He pulled back until all but his head was still stuck in Naruto before slamming back in, hitting the prostate with accuracy. He repeated his actions, turning the boy into a mess of screaming blond substance.

With a grunt and a moan, they came together.