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We at ChaosKA were going to use our Kamen Rider Shinigami story but we realized that it will be hard to Bleach Elements to the story and it would end up to much like Kamen Rider Blade. The story will be discontinued. Now onto the show.

A School bell rang in the air. Teens were walking out of a small high school. The sign on the front of the school read Vick Charles High School. Two teenage boys stopped right outside the building, both are wearing glasses. One of them is about six-four and is wearing sneakers, jeans, an AC/DC t-shirt, and a red plaid jacket. He has short black hair. The other one is about a foot shorter with brown hair. He is wearing sneakers, cargo shorts, and a Star Wars t-shirt.

"Wait, where is Kylie?'' said the tall teen looking around.

"Yeah where is she?" asked the small teen.

"Hey guys, wait up," said an African American girl. She is wearing a pink t-shirt, a blue skirt, and sneakers.

"Kylie we were about to leave without you," said the tall boy

"Ken you liar," said the small boy

"Dang Andy, she didn't need to know that," Said Ken giving the small boy a noogie

"Ken stop messing with Andy," said Kylie punching Ken in the arm, there was a poping sound from his arm.

"Kylie you dislocated Ken's shoulder again," said Andy

"Sorry," said Kylie as she popped Ken's shoulder back into place.

"Watch it you broke my arm last time," Said Ken as he moved his arm around to see if it was ok

"I said I was sorry. Now let's go see that new Nickolas Cage movie," said Kylie running to a grey jeep.

"I get shot gun," said Andy running after her.

"Why am I the only sane one," said Ken running after his friends

-Later –

Ken is driving the Jeep, Andy is in the passenger seat and Kylie is in the back seat.

"That was a good movie," said Andy

"It sucks that there can't be a sequel," said Kylie

"Yeah," said Ken

While Ken was looking away they felt a large bump. Ken hit the brakes immediately and everyone got out of the car.

"Ken you hit someone," said Andy

"Let's see if he is ok," Said ken heading towards the body.

When they got to the body they saw that it was covered in black energy

"What the? Said the three friends in unison.

The black energy spread and Kylie was being covered by the energy. As it was covering her she screamed and she was slowly being ripped apart.

Ken and Andy ran away from the energy as it continued to spread. They wear feeling fear because everything the Black energy touched was being ripped apart. They ducked into a nearby alley

"The world is falling apart," said ken

"I know, said Andy

Ken noticed a door in front of them and opened it. They both ran inside and closed the door behind them. The dark energy stopped at the door.

"Hello," said a man in a black suit and sunglasses

"Who are you," asked ken

"You can call me Mr. C," said the man in the suit

"What do you want," asked Andy

"To give Mr. Ken Axis these," Said Mr. C as he gave ken a black Deca Driver and ten cards.

Only one card had a picture on it. The picture was of a white Decade with a Black X on his chest. The helmet has red eyes and the barcode on the helmet makes an X

"Mr. Ken you want to save your world right," Asked Mr. C

"Yes," said Ken

"Then you must defeat Kamen Rider Decade Also known As Tsukasa Kadoya by gaining the powers of nine other Riders," Said Mr. C

"How are we supposed to do that?" asked Andy

"By traveling to nine other Rider worlds," Said Mr. C

"Ok but how do we navigate through the worlds," Asked Ken

"With me," said a computerized voice as a metal sphere floated into the room. The metal sphere has a screen with an eight-bit face on it.

"What are you?" asked Ken and Andy in surprised voices.

"I'm D.A.T.A. Data – Atonomus – Terminal – Asset," said the voice in the metal sphere.

"Now I will be leaving you. Have a safe trip," said Mr. C as he vanished in a puff of smoke

"Ok Mr. Axis, Mr. Tembers Onto the first world," Said D.A.T.A. as he floated to a platform with a black cover on it. The cover flew off to reveal a Ming vase. It was green with a tiger and ninja star on it. " First Destination : the World of Kamen Rider Claw."

Then light shined through the glass door. Ken, Andy, and D.A.T.A. went outside. When Ken and Andy got out they found themselves in black leather uniforms. On their backs and shoulders was the world SADE.

"What's up with this get up?" asked Ken

"That is the SADE uniform for our field agents. We are in New York City the Riders here use the Claw systems to transform, which consist of a key that is in the shape of a weapon and a cybernetic animal called a claw beast. The Monsters here are Dreamon, Which are monsters made out of Nightmares. After eight hours of existence they turn into D-Brids, Which are half human and half Dreamon. They can turn into humans to hide," said D.A.T.A.

"Why did you say all that," asked Andy.

"I am programed to give you general info on the location, Riders, and Monsters of each world when we arrive in them," said D.A.T.A.

"Yaaaaah!" screamed a woman

"Let's help," said Ken said as he and Andy ran to the source of the scream

They ran to the park and found three red and black monsters fighting three armored figures. An eagle monster is fighting a white female samurai/ fox themed rider, a spider monster is fighting a blue marksmen/wolf themed rider, and a tiger monster s fighting was fighting a green ninja/tiger themed rider with a ninja star over his face. The samurai rider was trying to slash at the eagle dreamon but it kept flying out of reach. While dodging the eagle dreamon launched feathers at the girl pushing her backwards. The marksman rider kept firing with a pistol at the spider dreamon, but the spider kept firing webs that explode when they hit the bullets. The tiger ninja rider is in a sword fight with the tiger dreamon but was slowly losing.

"C.J., Tyler use the support claws," said the female rider pulling out a white claw shaped machine.

"Yes Julie let's go C.J.," said the marksman rider pulling a red claw shaped machine.

"ok," said the ninja rider as he pulled out a blue claw shaped machine.

All three of them put the claw shaped machines on braces on their left wrists. "Fight mode." "Power mode" "Speed mode" said three mechanical voices coming from the braces.

C.J. gained blue armor with rockets on his wrists, ankles, and waist. Tyler gained red armor as a rocket launcher appeared on his back as well as a second pistol in his left hand. Julie gained white gold armor with wings on her back. The three riders then tried to counter attack.

Julie chased after the Eagle Dreamon but it dodged every attack because he had greater speed. Then the Eagle dreamon turned around and shot out a tornado made of red and black feathers causing the girl to fall to the ground. When she hit the ground her transformation was cancelled. Julie looks like a teenage Asian American girl.

Tyler put his two pistols together to form a shot gun. The shot fired from the shotgun hit the spider dreamon because the web shots kept missing. When Tyler turned to chase after the dreamon he couldn't move. He looked down and saw his legs were stuck to the ground by the webbing. "Crud," he said trying to break free. It was too late the Spider dreamon fired a large ball of webbing that exploded when it hit Tyler forcing him out of his transformation. Tyler is a muscular white Teenage boy.

"Turbo Shot," said C.J. as he vanished into a blur. The blur ran back and forth hitting the tiger Dreamon. C.J. stopped for a second so he can move his claw beast from his belt to his brace. "Final slash attack," said the claw in a robotic voice. C.J. vanished in blur again. The blur came up behind the tiger dreamon but the dreamon spun around and swung his sword across C.J.'s Chest. C.J. stumbled back as his speed armor vanished.

D.A.T.A. then said "Mr. Axis I think this would be a good time to transform. Just put on the belt, pull the switches to open the buckle, and insert the Henshin card with picture on it."

"Ok," said Ken as he put the belt at waist, a belt strap wrapped around his waist as he pulled on the two switches on the sides of the buckle, thus turning the buckle 90 degrees to have the slot pointing up. Ken pulled out the card with the picture of the white Decade on it. "Henshin," he said as he flipped the card to show a blue back with an x made of barcodes on it. Ken then inserted the card into the belt.

"Henshin Ride," said the belt in a mechanical voice. Ken pushed in the switches to close the belt. "Excade," it said as ten silhouettes appeared and covered Ken. Ken was covered in armor that looked like the picture on the card.

"Lets go," said ken as he ran into the fight.

The three dreamon noticed Ken as he was running towards them. The tiger dreamon swung his sword at Ken but he jumped over him, jumped off of the spider dreamon and kicked the eagle dreamon

"Mr. Axis the Exa booker at your right side holds support cards and it can turn into a sword or a gun," said D.A.T.A.

"Thanks," said Ken as he pulled out a purple card with a picture of three Excades on it.

Ken pulled the buckle open and inserted the card. "move ride," said the belt. Ken then closed the belt after which the belt said, "illusion"

Two copies of Ken appeared, one had the Exa booker in sword mode and the other had it in gun mode. The gun copy took out another purple card that has a picture of gun fire and put it in the belt. "Move Ride: Blast," said the belt as the copy fired off large blasts of energy at the Eagle Dreamon

The sword copy charged the spider Dreamon. The dreamon fired its webs at the copy. The copy pulled out a purple card with a picture of a transparent figure on it and inserted it into the belt, "Move ride: invisible," said the belt as the copy vanished, "move ride: slash," said the belt as the copy appeared behind the spider Dreamon slashing it in the back

"These cards are very useful," Said Ken as he pulled out another purple card, the picture on this card was of a blurred Excade. He put it in the belt and closed it. "Move Ride: Dash," said the belt as Ken began running at high speeds around the tiger Dreamon puching and kicking it. Ken Delivered a powerful kick to the dreamon sending it flying.

"Mr. Axis use the silver card to finish them off," said D.A.T.A.

"Thanks again," said Ken as he and his two copies pulled out silver cards with the X made of Barcodes for a picture. Ken put the card into his belt while the copies put in theirs in a slot on the Exa booker.

"Finisher Ride : E-E-Excade," said the belt and bookers.

Ten Silver hoolagram cards the size of Ken appeared in front of all three dreamon. Ken jumped up while his hologram cards angling downwards. Ken performed a tornado drop kick through the cards destroying the Tiger dreamon when he hit it. "Parallel Kick," He said as a small boy falls into a pile red and black sand where the dreamon stood. "Parallel Slash," Said the sword copy it ran through its hologram cards slashing the spider dreamon after running through the last card. A teenage girl fell into a pile of red and black sand where the spider dreamon stood. "Parallel Shot," said the gun copy as his hologram cards angled upward towards the eagle dreamon. The gun copy fired a blast of energy that got bigger every time it passed through a card. When the blast hit the eagle dreamon it blew up. The gun copy caught a business man falling in a rain of red and black sand.

The copies vanished as they were a pile of black that was falling apart. Then out of nowhere C.J. Slashed his sword across Ken's Chest.

"What the heck," Said Ken punching C.J. in the face.

"We were lucky that decade did not visit us," said C.J. he then pulled a silver shuriken from his claw beast on his belt and flipped it to reveal a gold side. "Cho Henshin," said C.J. as he put the shuriken backj into his claw beast.

"Kaiser Mode," said the claw beast. C.J.'s armor turned gold as the ninja star on his helmet opened and a larger one replaced his sword.

"Hey man! He just saved your life," Yelled Andy

"C.J. he's right, you need to step off, Yelled Tyler.

"As your commanding officer I order you to stand down," Yelled Julie

"Their right C.J." said a female voice over the communicator, "Switch the communicator to speaker," she said

"Yes Sara," said C.J. as he pushed a button on his helmet.

"Julie, Tyler, and C.J. you all are to return to base and bring Excade and his friend with you. This is an order from commander Daniel," said Sara over the speaker.

"Yes ma'am," said Julie, Tyler, and C.J.

C.J. cancelled his transformation as Julie asked, "You guys need a ride?" C.J. is an African American teenage boy with glasses.

"Ye….," started Ken until D.A.T.A. interrupted

"We already have one," he said projecting an image of a motorcycle that looks like a dirt version of Decades Motorcycle. D.A.T.A. stopped projecting but the bike stayed.

"Ok I guess we already have one, "said Ken as D.A.T.A. gave him and Andy helmets.

"Then follow us," said Tyler as he Julie, And C.J. rode off on their bikes.

Ken and Andy put their helmets on and rode off after them. When they got to SADE HQ Julie led everyone into an underground garage. Everyone got off their bikes and entered an elevator. Then they got off on the top floor. They walked down a hall and entered a room. In the room was a desk with a computer. Behind the desk sat a Hispanic man with a robotic partner on his shoulder.

"Hello Excade, and friend, May I ask for your names," said the man

"Ken axis," said Ken

"Andy tembers and this is D.A.T.A.," said Andy as he pointed to D.A.T.A.

"Thank you for saving my Riders, I am Commander Daniel," said the Hispanic man

"You're welcome," replied Ken

"I have a favor to ask of you two, Sara bring in the report," said Daniel

A teenaged African-American girl walked into the room holding three file folders in her right arm. On her shoulder is a snow panther claw beast. She sat the folders down on Daniel's desk and stood next to C.J.

Daniel opened the folders and leaned them out to show everyone. All of them had a picture and report on those people. One picture is of a teenaged male while the other two are teenaged girls. The male is an Asian American with red. One of the girls is an African-American with a ponytail and the other is a white girl with curly blond hair.

"Who are these people?" asked Ken

"They are D-brids and powerful ones at that," said Daniel in a worried voice.


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