Everything was back to normal for King and Vicki, the mobsters eventually went on trial and were sent to prison for 20 years.

They went on a second honeymoon to Niagara Falls. Everything was new for Vicki; she had never been to North America before coming over with King. King arranged accommodations at the Marriott Niagara Falls for four nights. It wasn't a long holiday, just long enough to light a fire in their marriage. The tension of last year's events seemed to weigh heavily on their minds. Their love life was good but not like when they first met.

At the Falls Overlook Chapel, they renewed their vows; pledging to celebrate every day in sweet loving ways, a card, flowers, a special meal or night out, poems or songs; anything romantic. That evening they enjoyed a candlelight dinner in their suite; strawberries and Champagne; a great meal and a fabulous desert.

King turned on the radio to a soft rock station; dancing and romancing Vicki; making her feel like the special woman she was. She had won King's heart so easily; he wanted to let her know how much he loved her. His loving, softly passionate kisses, soon had Victoria's skin tingling; she felt like she was floating in his arms.

Their kisses left them breathless. He smiled at her; picking her up he took her to the bedroom. Slowly, he undressed her; as she did him. Lightening seemed to strike them both as they embraced falling into the bed. The passion developed quickly and the heights of sensations felt were too soon over. They relaxed in their embrace, not wanting to let go.

The next day was spent exploring the Falls; they were so powerful but so beautiful. At night they took in a couple of shows. Mostly, they enjoyed their time alone, just the two of them appreciating each other's love.

Driving home, they felt renewed. Little did they know their life was about to be turned upside down.

Sal was still out for revenge. The authorities could find no provable connection between him and the gangsters that had set the club on fire. He plotted for a year. An unknown informant had been trailing King for months; he knew everything, even his family including where his sister Sophia lived in Chicago.

Sophia was a respected English teacher at a local college. Sal already knew she usually took the "L train" to work, returning late at night. Two nights ago Sophia sensed someone was following her. She had turned around several times looking behind her but she saw no one. It just made her hurry home that much faster. The man noticed and stopped for a week; reporting the information to Sal.

Sophia was dating a policeman she had met at school; he was working off shift as a security guard. One evening she confided her feelings to him. "Charlie, I never saw anyone, I just sensed it. Maybe it was all in my mind; I've been very tired lately."

"Sophia, usually when a person senses something like that, there is a good reason. I don't want you going home by yourself any more. If I can't go with you, our friend Carl will go with you, he lives not too far from you."

"Okay, that will make me feel better."

The informant watched one night as she got off from work and noticed she was accompanied all the way home. That didn't matter to Sal; he already knew where she lived.

King and Sophia were very close; she was his only family. She had traveled to Montreal shortly after he and Vicki arrived there. She and Vicki immediately became good friends.

During one of King's weekly phone calls, Sophia confided in King about the possibly of being followed home and what Charlie had arranged. This information really disturbed King greatly but he didn't let Sophia know that. Instead he spoke to Joseph.

"I don't like it, King. Let me contact Charlie."

Later that day Joseph had a conversation with Charlie. Charlie told him he couldn't prove anything.

"I think Sal is up to something; please keep an eye on Sophia." It was already too late. By the time he disconnected the phone, it rang.

It was King. In a desperate voice, he told him, "Sal has Sophia, he just called me. If I want to see her alive I need to get to Chicago in the next 48 hours."

"Get Mary to book us a flight to Chicago, first class, I'll call Charlie."

Charlie was very emotional as Joseph told him. It took a great deal of effort to hold his emotions in check. The first thing he did was call the chief of the crime division.

"Charlie, I'll send a squad car to Sophia's house and one to pick you up; there's one right in your area, it should only take a few moments to reach you." Charlie paced outside his home.

At Sophia's, the police put up the crime scene tape to keep people away. They spoke to the apartment manager. They asked. "What happened?"

He told them. "Sophia's apartment had a water leak; I let the repairman in. "He was dressed in the company's uniform. He was there when Sophia got home." The manager was visibly upset. "He was not the usual repairman. I should have checked with the company's manager." Trying to calm him down, they got a description of the man.

"Was he wearing gloves?"


"Do you remember what he touched?"

"Yes, he put his hand along the inside of the door frame as he opened it further."

The manager showed them approximately where he had touched the door. Quickly finger prints were taken from the door. Of course there were many. Forensic science being so advanced, they could easily determine matches to others in their files.

Back in Montreal, King and Joseph were waiting to board their plane. King had already called Squash in Paris. He had given him Charlie's phone number.

Before King and Joseph landed, Squash had already spoken to Charlie and the police captain. The captain had remembered Squash; he was grateful for his assistance. The police had identified one of the prints as belonging to Johnny Moran. He asked Squash about him.

"Yes, he worked with Sal. He's very dangerous and is trigger happy."

That news was given to King and Joseph as they arrived. At the police station, the Captain asked King, "What are your instructions?"

"I'm to meet him at the old club."

"I thought that might be the place, I already have it staked out. The last communication noted nothing suspicious."

"Captain, do you think Sophia will be brought there?" King asked.

"I'm not sure King; we also have both Sal and Moran's homes staked out."

As they were speaking a call came in for the Captain. He put in on speaker.

"Captain, I'm here at Moran's house, the guys in the back just saw the door open.

Oh my! I was just told me they saw Sophia, she's bound and gagged. They're forcing her into a car."

King's heart fell; tears came to his eyes. He thought about Vicki. He had only told her he was flying out for a quick visit.

One of the officers at Moran's house had his private car, a black Mercedes. He tailed Moran's car. Another officer was hiding in the back seat. Keeping the radio open, he detailed every turn to the Captain. In a moment it was obvious they were headed to the club.

The Captain radioed the information to the guys on the stake out at the club.

"Remember, he told them, Sophia's with them. We'll be there soon."

Racing to the club, they arrived before Moran did. They had a dozen men in place. The Captain had just been told Moran was about ten blocks away.

Moran's car did not go directly to the club. It stopped on the street and picked up another passenger; Sal. King was standing by the Captain when that information was radioed to him. King gasped at the news.

The Captain knew this was going to be difficult, taking King off to the side. "King, I think they will exchange Sophia for you. You know Sal wants you. I don't think he will harm Sophia."

He gave King a "Mouse" gun. He put it in his boot.

Moran's car arrived at the club. Every patrolman had his gun set on Sal as he got out of the car. They pulled Sophia from the back seat. She could barely stand.

Sal shouted, "Come get her King, I only want you."

All eyes were on King, slowly he walked towards Sophia. She knew her brother very well; he knew he would have a plan. As soon as he was close enough he grabbed Sophia's hand; pulling her so she fell to the ground.

A gun battle broke out; Sal was shot in the arm. While he was stunned, King reached for his gun and hit him in the chest. As soon as the others saw what happened to Sal, they gave up, including Moran.

King turned his attention to Sophia. He held her in his arms; others arrived with tools to cut her free. The tape across her mouth was carefully removed.

The ambulance arrived; quickly they attended to Sophia. They left the site, King riding with them. They just wanted to get away from the crime scene.

Sophia had passed out. The EMT put an oxygen mask on her. Her vital signs were fine; "she probably just fainted," the EMT told King. At the hospital the medical staff checked her out. She had no obvious injuries.. King sat beside her. It wasn't long before she woke up.

"King, oh thank God you're okay."

"I'm fine Sophia."

"Does Vicki know?"

"I only told her I was coming to see you for a quick visit, she had to practice her new number. I didn't want to worry her. I know she'll understand. Will you and Charlie come back with me? I think you both need to get away for a while."

Charlie came in the door at that moment. "King, I think that is great idea." Then he rushed to Sophia's waiting arms.

After another hour, Sophia was released. The doctor on duty took King aside, "she's going to need lots of rest and emotional support. This has been very traumatic for her."

"Yes, I know my wife had a similar incident; she and Charlie are coming home with me to Montreal."

Later that night King called Vicki. "You need to plan on some visitors; Sophia and Charlie are coming home with me. I've missed you, darling. We'll be home tomorrow afternoon. Love you, bye.

King didn't want to tell her everything over the phone. He wanted to tell her in person not over the phone.

Vicki didn't know why, but she sensed something in King's voice. It wasn't like Sophia and Charlie to suddenly come for a visit. After all Sophia had classes to teach and Charlie didn't have much vacation time.

King called her shortly before boarding, "the plane seems to be on time Vicki, air time is only an hour and a half, I love you see you soon." Vicki thought, there was nothing wrong with what he said; it was his voice that disturbed her. She tried not to give it anymore thought.

Instead, she played the instrumental track to her new number several times while she waited. The phone startled her; she was concentrating so hard on the lyrics. "Vicki, we're in the car, be home in twenty minutes – I love you."

"Love you too – drive carefully."

As soon as she saw Sophia and Charlie together, arm in arm. It seemed like she didn't want to let go of him. She embraced them both and even that seemed strange.

"What brings you to Montreal?'

"We just needed a quick vacation." Sophia told her as King took Vicki's hand and Charlie took Sophia upstairs to their room.

"King, what is it – What happened?"

"It was Sal, Vicki."

What do mean?"

"He kidnapped Sophia to get me to come back to Chicago." Vicki collapsed against his chest – I knew something had happened, I just felt it."

"I didn't want to tell you before I left – I thought it was best. Please forgive me."

"King, I'm not upset – tell me what happened." They sat together and King told her everything.

"What will happen, now?"

"Kidnapping carries a long prison term – he'll be an old man before he's eligible for parole, if he lives that long."

Charlie and Sophia came back downstairs. "Sophia, I'm so sorry. I knew something had happened, I felt it when you embraced me."

"Charlie and I have decided not to return to Chicago."

"You can stay with us for as long as you need to, I know your mind will take a long time to heal. It was like that for me."

Soon after, they married and now live in a suburb of Montreal. Both were able to find work in their respective fields.

The trial of Sal and the rest of the mob led to reforms and new laws. The ruthless mobs were virtually eliminated. Businesses thrived without having to hire "big guns," or pay bribes to the mob. Chicago finally became a great city.

A/N: With the mob finished in Chicago, so is this line of stories. I have some ideas for future stories, but they're just ideas.