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This story is a Clone Wars crossover, but what it's a crossover with will remain a mystery until the appointed time. ;)

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Emblem Star

Chapter 1: A Sword and a Strong Mind

The sun hung in the sky lazily on Coruscant that afternoon. Ahsoka Tano stood on the landing platform at the Jedi Temple, looking up at the bright, blue sky. Hearing someone approaching from behind, she turned around, finding her master, Anakin Skywalker, walking up to her. "Is there a mission for us?" she asked him.

Shaking his head, Anakin sighed. "Nope... the Separatists have been really quiet lately."

"I know... it's so strange..." Ahsoka turned around and began to walk back to the Jedi Temple, when she spotted something—or someone—not too far away. Looking confused, she went over for a better look. When she got closer, she gasped.

Laying face-down on the ground in front of her was a girl, unconscious, about a year or so older than herself. The girl's brown hair was splayed out on the ground. A dark green cape covered her back like a blanket.

"Master!" Ahsoka called, motioning for him to come over.

Anakin walked over and his eyes widened as he spotted the girl. Without a word, he gently took hold of her shoulder and turned her over onto her back.

The girl's clothes seemed strange, a style neither of them had really seen before. She wore a green tunic and light tan leggings tucked into brown, knee-high boots. Forest green shoulder pads with yellowish-green trim adorned her shoulders. A leather belt was wrapped around her waist, and attached to another belt underneath it was a sheathed sword. A cut along her right arm was very noticeable. The cut trailed from her wrist up to a stop a little higher than her elbow. It wasn't deep, but it was still bleeding. A lot. The charcoal gray fingerless glove on her right hand already had a maroon stain along it.

Ahsoka wondered about her interesting clothing, and the sword. You don't see too many swords around here...

Anakin, on the other hand, had other thoughts on his mind. "That cut looks pretty bad. Let's get her to the Jedi Healers."

Ahsoka nodded and watched as Anakin lifted the girl bridal-style into his arms, and the two began to make their way to the Jedi Healers.

The girl felt her mind shift slightly from the dream world back into reality. She opened her eyes slowly as she awoke, trying to make out what she was seeing. She was lying on her back, on a long bed. She noticed two figures sitting across the room. One was a man with light brown hair, who looked like he was in his early 20's. But the other... from what she could tell, it was a girl... but she had orange-ish skin, and instead of hair... what looked more like horns rested against the top of her head.

The young man seemed to notice she was awake. He stood up and walked over to the bed. "Are you alright?"

The girl put a hand to her head. "I... don't know..." she said slowly, looking around. The room was definitely not like anything she'd seen before. She looked down at her right arm and frowned. Why was her glove missing...?

"Do you remember anything before you blacked out?" he asked.

The girl started to shake her head before she stopped and looked up at him again. "Who are you...?" she asked, a note of caution in her voice.

"I'm Anakin Skywalker, Jedi of the Galactic Republic," said the young man. "Who are you?"

The girl looked confused. "Jedi...?" She shook her head again, as if trying to clear her thoughts. She still was unsure if she could trust this man.

"We found you on the landing platform outside," said the girl with orange skin, coming over to the bed as well.

"Landing platform?" Now she was REALLY confused. "Where am I?"

"Coruscant," Anakin, he had said his name was, said.

The girl was silent for a few moments. Finally, she said, "I... am sorry... but until I know where your allegiances lie, I must keep such information to myself."

"You're not from around here, are you?" the orange-skinned girl asked.

The girl shook her head. "I never knew such a place like this even existed," she answered truthfully.

Anakin and the other girl looked at each other. "What... exactly do you mean by that?"

The girl pressed her lips together. "I'm sorry, but I feel that information could be used against me if it fell into the wrong hands, and I still don't know who you are..."

"We're Jedi, peace keepers of the Galactic Republic," said the orange-skinned girl. "My name's Ahsoka Tano."

The girl looked down at her hands for a minute, flexing the fingers of her left hand. "I..." She paused. Peace keepers... She supposed it was alright to at least share her name. But she would wait to tell them anything else until she knew their whole story and could decide for herself whether they were her allies or enemies. "I am Amara," she said finally.

"Nice to meet you, Amara," Ahsoka said pleasantly.

Anakin looked at Amara's right arm. "The Healers fixed your arm, so, I suppose that means you're free to go..." He trailed off, a hint of confusion in his voice. You're free to go back to where you came from... Which is where, exactly?

Amara looked down at her right arm before closing her eyes. Her fingers trailed along the bedding beside her, as if she were looking for something. Suddenly her eyes flew open and she sat up quickly. She stared down at her side before looking back up at Anakin and Ahsoka. "Where's my sword?"

"Relax," Ahsoka said, noticing her anxiousness. "It's right here." She gestured to the sword which was set atop a counter on the other side of the room.

Amara looked at her weapon before sighing and leaning back down again. This place... was so strange. Where was she? What had happened? Where were the people she had been with before she had blacked out? A thousand questions buzzed inside her head. She ran a hand through her hair, trying to control them all.

Suddenly she kicked her legs over the side of the bed and stood up, unaware of how unsteady she was from going such a long time without using her legs. She nearly lost her balance and put a hand against the wall to support herself.

Anakin was quick to react and ready to catch her if she fell. "Maybe it'd be wise to stay a little longer to build up your strength."

"Mmh..." she murmured. She looked back up at where her sword lay. "Could you get my sword for me, please?" she asked.

Ahsoka nodded and carefully picked up the sword. "Wow, this is a lot heavier than a lightsaber," she remarked as she handed the weapon to Amara.

Amara took the sword gratefully. "Arigatōgozaimashita," she told Ahsoka, then caught herself as she realized what she had just said.

Ahsoka blinked. "... Huh?"

"Ah... um..." Amara stuttered, trying to figure out a way to cover up her blunder. "Th-thank you." She secured the sheath around her waist and looked at Ahsoka. "What's a lightsaber?" she asked suddenly.

Ahsoka reached for one of the silver weapons clipped to her belt. She unclipped it and was about to ignite it, but Anakin stopped her. "Snips..."

"It's ok, Master."

Anakin sighed. "Just... be careful..."

"When am I not?" Ahsoka grinned and pressed the little red button on the side of the weapon. A blade composed of bright green energy came up from the silver hilt, and a humming sound filled the air.

Amara gazed at the 'saber in awe. "Never... I've never seen anything like it before..." she breathed.

Ahsoka smiled. "It's pretty amazing, isn't it?"

"Indeed." Amara glanced over at the window, trying to make out what she could see outside. "This place..." She trailed off, then shook her head. "I don't know how I came to be here. It's all so strange."

"Is there anything we can do to help?" Anakin asked.

"Not that I know of, at the moment." She closed her eyes, as if concentrating on something. For a few moments she was still before she opened her eyes again. "As I thought..." she murmured to herself.

"What is it?" Ahsoka asked her. Is she Force sensitive...? she wondered.

"Ah..." Amara glanced at the window again. "N-nothing..." She stepped towards it, gazing out at the view, her thoughts partially consuming her.

Anakin looked at her. Hmm... He began to concentrate on the Force, entering Amara's mind and trying to search her thoughts. Suddenly he hit a wall of energy. Amara whirled around, staring at him. Their eyes locked for a minute. He felt a presence shoot back at his own mind.

Ahsoka felt waves of energy going back and forth between them in the Force. "What are you two doing?"

Anakin rid his mind of Amara's presence. "I'm not sure I should be the one to answer that," he said, glaring at Amara.

Amara glared silently back at him. "Why did you try to enter my mind?" she demanded.

"I was just trying to get more information!" Anakin exclaimed. "How did you block me like that? The only beings powerful enough to do that are the Jedi and the Sith."

Ahsoka inwardly gasped at his mention of the Sith. "Master, you're not thinking...?"

"I didn't say that, Snips."

Amara narrowed her eyes before sighing. "Look," she said, "I don't know anything of this place. But believe me when I say that I am not against you. If I was, I would have made it very clear a while ago." She looked at Anakin again. "How were you able to get to my mind like that...?"

"The Force," Anakin replied quite simply. "We Jedi are trained to harness the power of the Force and use it to aid us in many things... reading people's thoughts is one of them."

A strange look came across Amara's face. "You mean..." She touched her shoulder, as if doing so would help her better understand all this. "What else can this 'Force' do?" she asked warily.

"It helps us with our lightsaber duels," Ahsoka began counting off Force-enhanced abilities on her fingers, "it allows us to jump higher than normal, as well as cushion landings from high falls; it can be used to move things around," she lifted one of the chairs briefly before setting it down, "and it can even—" She stopped herself, wondering if it would be wise to let Amara know of the Jedi mind trick.

Amara looked as if she had just receiving horrifying news. She put a hand to her forehead. She murmured something under her breath and pounded her fist against the wall, a dull thud filling the air.

Ahsoka and Anakin exchanged glances.

Amara closed her eyes and bowed her head a little, a sigh escaping her. A look of defeat labeled her face.

"Is everything alright?" Ahsoka asked, looking concerned.

"It's not something you need to concern yourself with!" Amara cried out, sliding to her knees and covering her face in her hands.

Ahsoka didn't know if it would be awkward to try and comfort Amara. After all, she didn't even know what was really going on. But still, at least she may be able to help a little.

She sat down next to Amara and put her hand on her shoulder. "It's ok, Amara," she said gently. "We can help you, if you want us to."

Amara slowly got control of herself and shook her head. "No, I'm... I'm fine," she told Ahsoka. "It's not something that can really be helped... it's just... this Force that you talked about... it countered something that I've always believed... and it was just a little too much to take in..." She stood up. "I'm fine now."

"You must be here for a reason," said Anakin. "Last time I checked, people don't just appear out of nowhere and not know where they are."

Ahsoka rolled her eyes at Anakin's "joke." But he did have a point.

Amara looked down at her hands in thought. "But it doesn't make any sense..." she murmured. "Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Then suddenly everything went black and when I woke up..." She shook her head. "It doesn't make any sense," she repeated, more to herself than to Ahsoka and Anakin.

"Maybe we should talk to Master Yoda," Ahsoka suggested. "He's the wisest Jedi there is. If anyone would be able to help you figure this out, it's him."

Amara looked at each of them in turn. "... Thank you," she told them.

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