Hello everyone! This fanfiction is an experiment, inspired by "Herald of the Void" by Nim Maj, "The Familiars of Zero" by Corvus no Genmu and "Points of Familiarity" by Charles Bhepin. The poor Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière was teamed in other various fanfictions with all manner of people, beasts and, funny thing, machines. But how many have been generous with the little tsundere pinkette and have granted her request for a "sacred, beautiful and strong familiar"? Few I believe. I decided to become one of them.

This doesn't mean I don't intend to troll her in every way possible and imaginable.


It is dying. Zeruel is dying.

All had started so well. After observing its brethren fall under the blows of the worthless Lilim and learned from their deaths It had gone into battle. Everything to reach the Father. Or the Mother. Whoever was first.

At the beginning the weapons of the Lilim couldn't do anything against the might of the Light Of Its Soul. Oh, It didn't deny the usefulness of such tools, as with such tools the abominable Shadows have killed many of its brethrens: if It was less strong It would have contemplated the possibility of using such tools against their creators.

But It is Zeruel. It is the Strength and the Ire. And with the Strength destroyed them, with the Ire pierced the Earth and descended in the Nest of the Mother, where the Mother and the Father rest.

The red Shadow was waiting for it. It had never sensed the Lilim inside before, it was not one of the usual three. But it did not matter. The Shadow attacked and was rejected. Many times. The Light Of Its Soul was not denied. It tried with Madness to gain sufficient power to destroy It, but two simple attacks mutilated the poor fool and left it in the dirt.

The orange Shadow, with the First Lilim inside, tried to use one of their most powerful tool in a suicide attack, but the Light Of Its Soul was not denied. But suddenly the red Shadow rose again and destroyed the Wall.

It did not matter: his flesh surrounded its Soul and even when the tool ignited with the force of a newborn sun his flesh was not denied. The orange Shadow survived, but in a pitiful state.

It was then that It had an idea: one of its brethren still alive, He Who Wears The Shape Of The Lilim, had informed it of the presence of traps along the path: they activate when something unfamiliar tried to pass. That they could hurt it was unlikely, but existed the possibility that the Father and the Mother, now weakened, could die.

Unacceptable. So It extended itself and engulfed the orange Shadow, using his DNA to change its presence making it look like the Shadow to not to trigger the traps. It trapped the Lilim within its soul, using it to become even more powerful. It continued its descent.

And just when It was ready to destroy the leaders of the Lilim the purple Shadow appeared. It pushed back and wounded it, but soon ran out of energy and then it was easy to defeat.

That was when everything went wrong. The purple Shadow stood up and the Light Of His Soul began to shine in a way never seen before, a Light who sang of Solitude. Fear. Longing. Each Wall was broken. Each attack ineffective.

It don't stand a chance. Its flesh is damaged, its Ego is breaking and its Soul is in heavy danger.

It is dying.

No! Not when It's so close! Not when the target is near its grasp! It could not die yet!

Not when...not when It wasn't still able to find out what was the reason It was born. Its Purpose! It had to know! It had to meet the Father or the Mother who certainly knew and ask them!

Luckily for it the purple Shadow chooses, instead of giving it the coup de grace, to first recover the Lilim It had imprisoned inside. This gives it Time.

Its Ego, a shadow of his former self but still functional, begins to think: lets the Shadow rescue the Lilim; lets the flesh outside fade; focus everything that remains inside the Soul. Its Fruit of Life is damaged but still partly recoverable, it can no longer support the Glory of its former self but a lesser form would suffice. It didn't have to fight the purple Shadow, just elude it and reach the Father or the Mother. But its DNA is damaged and It doesn't have samples with which repa...


Yes, It has one. Let's use the first Lilim the third Lilim was about to reach. It had used the Shadow, It will also use the Lilim.

Silently It copies her DNA and use it to create a new form, a hybrid. Even if unsightly for its tastes it will serve its purpose.


While It was busied with its efforts to stay together and created a new body, It didn't notice when the Evangelion Unit 01 pulls out from its Core the Core of the Unit 00 with inside it Rei Ayanami.

Or when the green portal appears under it and sucks up its Core while its flesh was destroyed.

Needless to say, it is the beginning of another headache for Akagi Ritsuko.


In the prestigious Tristain Academy of Magic today is the day when the second-year students summon their familiars, life-time companion that in addition to defining their elemental affinity (although sometimes it was unclear, such is the case with normal cats and dogs) would be their eyes and their ears via the telepathic link and guardians that would protect the mages from dangers (again sometimes this wasn't so plausible, given that a little blonde with impossible long ringlets was about to summon a frog of all thing). Long story short, you can say the mage summon the familiar that best matched him or her.

So, what kind of familiar could be summoned by Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, a student that despise her glorious pedigree (her father was a Duke and her mother...let's say her legend nowadays still cause people to shit their panties) is branded as "Zero" from her peers because every spell she tried to cast end in a explosion?

A very big, powerful explosion as can testify any of the traumatized professors. Seriously, such talent would be very useful in battle: even the barbaric Germanians should not stand a chance against it. Old Man Osmond, the Headmaster, seriously considered the possibility of introducing the child to some of his old friends in the military. Certainly better than having to renovate weekly the classrooms where the La Vallière kept her practical trainings.

It did not stop her classmates from mocking her for her failures, a bullying that the pinkette's short temper only contributed fuel to.

"Miss Vallière. It's your turn." Her professor, Colbert, says.

'At last!' She thinks. Despite everything today is the day in which she will finally prove she too is a mage. Not a Zero but a real mage: all she had to do was to summon a familiar, one that would put in their place all those that until now had dared to mock her. Especially Kirche. And Tabitha...no wait the little bluenette had never harassed her, it was only her apparently friendship with the Germanian that she didn't like. 'No! No! Let's focus!' "I'm ready." She says. She advances in the summoning circle and begins the chant. She had passed many nights reading and re-reading every possible scrap of info on the ritual as to not make mistakes. Her movements are perfect, her voice firm, her face a stone.

And yet her emotions whirl like a tornado.

"I beg of you…" She really meant it: despite her pride as a noble she is ready to beg anyone, even the most abject of beggar if this would enable her to do a spell right.

"My servant who lives somewhere in the universe!" It don't matter where: surely...surely somewhere exists the perfect match for her!

"Oh sacred, beautiful and strong familiar spirit!" Yes: she wants it to be sacred, like an angel from the Holy Books; beautiful, to destroy the ego of the von Zerbst who dare to pollute the school with her lewdness and corrupt the young male nobles; but especially, she wants it to be strong. More strong of her, more strong of her mother's Manticore, more strong of a Fire Dragon or even one of the legendary Rhyme Dragons, more strong of a Elf...wait, was that possible? Screw logic: even that!

"I desire and here I plead from my heart!" She speaks the truth: her magic answers to the single wish born from the heart of its wielder and, unseen to all, with all its might pierces the barrier between worlds, sailing deftly in the Void which is the source of all his power searching, searching until it founds the perfect match. For the descendant of the one which today is worshiped as a God, it gives her a Servant of God.

"Answer to my guidance!" It does.

With the mightiest explosion yet produced, an immense wall of smoke and dust covers the courtyard obscuring the ground in front of her from view.

"I knew it!" Someone shouts in the crowd while the others are busy coughing violently. But Louise stands: even with the explosion she have not yet confirmed whether or not something has been summoned. Her failures had never killed someone...yet. As the dust falls she tries to see what she had summoned.

She is greeted by a wall. A wall of red.

The...thing, because there are no words to exactly describe it, soars over the gathered there like a mansion, its height almost fifty feet, its form a perfect sphere with a single depression at the top.

And the transparent surface allows her to see inside. 'God, it's like standing before a immense glass full of blood!'

"W-what the hell did you summon, Vallière!" Montmorency cries. She expected the "Zero" to fail or summon something pathetic, not this...this creepy thing. Is it a egg? If so what manner of creature can lay an egg so big?

"This makes all you said worth it! Only you would summon a egg that has yet to hatch, Louise!" Mocked Kirche, but contrary to the purpose of such words her voice is strained and faltering. The cause?

The terror her new familiar Flame was transmitting through their mental link. A terror that each familiar shared, even Sylphid: no matter how much Tabitha is trying to calm her, the poor dragon child couldn't avoid that. A single, absolute statement printed itself in large letters in her mind.

That. Thing. Is. Deadly.

Louise, still shocked at the sight, turns to ask for another attempt from Colbert. She don't have the time.

A CRACK! draws her attention. A rift has formed on the surface. CRACK! Another.

And then the thing, simply, melts: a wave of red liquid flood the courtyard. A thick, sticky red liquid which smells of blood. Louise and Colbert, who was still trying to regain control of the situation, retreat just in time to avoid being submerged, but this doesn't prevent their feet becoming wet. Theirs and those of all the other students.

A pair of familiars drown. They and their owners are not important so we will not touch them ever again. Just out of curiosity, they are some of Louise's most persistent tormentors.

"Zero! Are you trying to kill us all?" Guiche screams crying for his ruined expensive new pants. He turns to Montmorency to check and finds the girl with her eyes wide. "Monmon. Is something wrong?"

"L-look." She lifts her hand and points.

"What?" Guiche looks, and promptly gasps. Louise hears the conversation and looks too. Her reaction is the same.

Because something is coming from where the egg was before.

It is female, its shape similar to that of humans but certainly not human, of that there is no doubt: high as Colbert, her body is wrapped in a white and black tight suit that emphasizes her body and would be considered obscene by the present females if they had the courage to speak. The color changes to orange over the breasts and the hips and to blue over the arms, high-heel boots help to make her imposing. Her face is, by common agreement among all the males present, beautiful: pale skin, red eyes and pink hair. Those of Louise are strawberry-blonde, but these are really, really pink.

But here end the similarities with the human body: spaulder shaped bones encase her shoulders, two blunt horns of the same materials rise from her head and a red gem, similar to the egg, is embeded in her chest.

And ultimately there are the wings. Two pairs to be exact: one under her shoulders, little and pink in color, and another above, bigger and azure, thin like paper and jagged at the end.

She advances, her steps uncertain and eyes staring into empty space, until she gets in front of Louise who stands enchanted, and drops to her knees as if she had lost the strength to stand up.

"Miss Vallière, you must complete the ritual." Colbert say still trying to at least understand the strange turn of events.

"Eh? But professor Colbert...what is it?"

"Ah. A kind of...Birdman. I think." 'Is it? The Birdmen are a race of demi-humans with wings who live in the forests.' But Colbert has already had met such creatures in the past, and the female in front of him doesn't radiate their presence at all. 'Plus the Birdmen do not lay eggs, surely not as big as that.'

Louise stares at her familiar. 'A Birdman? Well, she is certainly beautiful, and with those wings looks like an angel (she has no idea), but strong? Those arms do not seem capable of heavy work.' And who cares! She summoned a familiar! The first part was creepy but now the opportunity she was looking for all her life is in front of her! She waves her wand and begins the binding chant.

"My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. Pentagon of the Five Elemental Powers, bless this humble being and make her my familiar." She brings her face closer and kiss her on the lips.

Light begins to shine on the familiar's left hand and she jolts.


For the magical contract of the Gandalfr runes it is a great day! Usually it has to work on weak beings that are of any use to the Master only with the enchantements it grants. But this new Being, even alone, has an incredible power! It did not even need to add the physical boosts.

But the mind is a mess. It don't even possess a sense of self and every Gandalf worthy of respect must be intelligent. This must be corrected.

With the power of the Void it begins to re-arrange the thought process: it provides the being with a gender, it chooses female; the ability to speak and understand human language; the ability to learn new things and evolve (The Fruit of Knowledge would say a certain blonde scientist, before running away screaming). Now it remains only to ensure the obedience of the familiar to the new master.

Even this is easy: the familiar searches a Purpose.

Let's give her one.


Zeruel is confused: any known presence is gone and replaced by a myriad of other different ones. There's nothing It recognizes. It don't even know what It should recognize. It only knows that It must find...its Purpose.


An unknown voice resounds in the depths of its soul.


Mission?...Its Purpose? Is finally about to find out why It was born?


A guardian? She can do that! She is strong! She...SHE?

Yes: she. She don't know why or how, but now she is aware of her identity. She know herself.

It fell right. And good.


And so she went.


Suddenly her eyes recover their focus. No, they acquire it for the first time. She sees Louise and knows who she is. She gets up and bows with a expressionless face, the right hand over her Core. On the back of his left hand the runes of the contract shine with all the ever changing colors of the rainbow. The runes, however, are slightly different from the usual.

"Your..." She speaks uncertainly. It's the first time she speaks, she must become used to it. But her voice sounds melodious: she doesn't know what it means, but she knows is a good thing. "...orders, Master?"

Louise is taken aback. 'She is intelligent?' Of course! She's her familiar! Plus she is respectful and polite like a proper familiar. But if she can think does that mean she already has a name? "Do you have a name?"

She thinks: she has a name, no a definition, but she must communicate it in a way that is understandable in the human language. Now what was the correct...Ah, now she remembers.

"I am...Zeruel."

The Left Arm of God.

Finished! What do you think? Zeruel means literally the "Arm of God": when I read it looking for a protagonist for this story I immediately understood I hit Jackpot! Gandalfr is the "Left Hand of God", Zeruel the "Arm of God": together they become the "Left Arm of God".

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