Help from a Stranger

Chapter 1: Do you need a place to live

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XChapter StartX

"Karakura Town... this could b interesting" muttered a spiky blonde haired man who looked no older than 20 as he looked down and the small town in Japan. He wore a high collar black shirt with long sleeves, black pants and steel toed boots and a grey sleeveless zip-up hoodie. He also wore a necklace that had a deep green gem alongside another necklace with a symbol that looked like a leaf but had a spiral inside it.

The man was carrying a small backpack which seemed to contain only scroll of an unknown nature with small calligraphy supplies at the side pocket. This man was Naruto Uzumaki, wandering sage and a immortal ninja that had seen many things in his so far 2 millennia life. Naruto after the ends of the 4th shinobi war ended up becoming immortal through very odd means and seeing what he's become, he set about travelling the world as it changed.

Each century he found a place to call home and changed his appearance to match other peoples so none would suspect much. Much of his life was lonely as he never took anyone as a partner, not having it in him to watch someone grow old and die like he would their children, so he simply made good friends that he stayed with till their days past.

Although oddly he saw their spirits when they left their bodies and when they did had been shocked to find Naruto could see and hear them so he would stay and chat with them before they simply didn't come back to chat, almost as if they had moved on. He accepted this as at times one did need to move on in life.

In his many years of travel Naruto's natural need to learn things continued as he had studied under many people in his life and had changed from the once screaming child in orange into an mature adult with wisdom to give to those around who asked. He had met sages that oddly spoke of the true power of the spirit; they were ones who saw spirits like he did.

They spoke of those in black kimonos helping those gone to pass into the next life and find peace, naturally Naruto had discovered their words to be true as he found out that after many years the term shinigami came to any wearing the black robe and sword at their side, who helped wandering spirits but also strange creatures with horrible white masks.

A few of the creatures had chased him for some odd reason but Naruto dealt with them utilising the Yin chakra which affected the spirit beasts. He did so for some time until he saw one of theses shinigami draw their sword and change its shape by calling out a name, the one he heard was called Nejibana used by a tall spiky haired much like himself who's sword had become a trident. After many years of meditation Naruto hearing had taken a new level so imagine his surprise that with his spirit sense he could feel the connection from the blade to its master. He found that both were apart of each other in synch and one offering power to the other.

After seeing it Naruto decided to have a look into his soul and see if he could find the blade within himself... he did. The blade was peculiar as was its name, the spirit of the blade was like Naruto, a traveller of the world and a great warrior, it's form however was something to see and as such Naruto was always carrying it from that day 500 years ago, he kept it at his side but oddly few took notice of the blade.

After many years his wandering and his spirit sense had led him to the small town of Karakura which for such a small town had quite a bit of spiritual energy, although quite a few had tried to hide themselves it seemed. Offering a mental shrug he went to find the local state agent and find himself a place to live, he found a nice apartment that was close to the local high school where he had managed to find himself a local job as the school's physician.

One might ask where Naruto had the money to pay for things like this, which would be answered by him telling you that good memories make an excellent story as he had turned his life and all his many adventures into a series of books that had become famous where ever they were sold but no one truly knew what the author looked like as Naruto never let it be known, especially as he had republished his godfathers worked on the side for extra money which he had an abundance of. He republished Icha, Icha in memory of the old pervert and would laugh whenever he saw someone reading that little orange book.

"Looks as though this could be an interesting place to live for a while" Naruto said to himself walking the streets at night like he had done so many times in other towns. Streets had a different feel to them at night, a tranquil feeling when no one was around; they allowed him to see how the town felt with no distractions.

"Well, well, well what have we here... you seem to have a strong soul for someone still living" said a dark voice behind Naruto,said boy sighed as this had become a regular thing as he travelled across the world, the white masked beasts attacking him out of hunger.

"Can we not do this, I just got here and I don't want to mess up my clothes?" he asked as the beast gave a hollow scream that didn't even make Naruto raise an eyebrow. The beast that seemed to be shaped like a centipede began crawling toward him very fast "Guess not..." Naruto said as he grabbed the handle of his blade.

The blade was a simple katana featuring a black and red hilt. The pommel was bronze with the kanji for a thousand on the bottom; above the hilt were two parallel lines in bronze. The guard was a bronze oval shape, while the scabbard was red with three black parallel lines where it connected to the blade. The blades itself was in perfect condition despite its age and as sharp as ever, with a wave like effect along the blade it's name... would not be said for the beast.

Before the beach could even touch Naruto, he was behind it walking away, flicking the blood off his blade. He put the blade back into its sheath and slowly clicked the guard to the hilt as the beast was cut clean in two without so much as a scream from the beast. "I'm glad I have you otherwise taking care of them would have ended up becoming a big problem I think" Naruto said to his blade which seemed to hum in agreement.

'You always know what to say to someone Naruto, still part of me does wonder what will happen when we meet a stronger opponent. The last few battles we fought in showed me the world prefers those firearms as opposed to the sword now' said the voice of the blade to him in a feminine voice.

"Can't be helped, the world kept changing around us, even before you came out ever since the sengoku period the change in arms has happened so quickly. A shame really a gun doesn't have the majestic beauty that a blade does" he said to the blade.

'I suppose, still one can dream which reminds me when you come in here later don't forget the sake, I can't make my own in here' his swords voice told him.

"Don't worry I'll bring it, but the way you just handle your liquor, it amazes even me who can't even get drunk ever" he chuckled which was returned by his blade as he put it back into its bag. "Well at least it was only the one tonight, guess I should head home" he said to himself walking back home, under the gaze of several figures, which he took note of.

"What do you think Kisuke, does he look like a soul to you or is it a gigai?" asked a black cat next to a man with a green hat, holding a small telescope in one and a fan in the other.

"Not sure Yoroichi, I've made a fair few gigai in my time but from what I can see he isn't wearing one at all. He barely even gives off much reiatsu, wonder why that hollow went for him, even the local girl didn't seem to take not of it really" said the man named Kisuke.

"I don't feel anything hollow about him either, he just might be a skilled swordsman with the ability to see spirits, it's happened before" mused a blonde haired man whose hair cut off at the end of his neck and had a small smirk on his face.

"Shinji why did you bring me here, I have better things to do then see the new kid on the block" said a girl with dark hair, wearing a sailor uniform and glasses to the blonde man.

"Like what read those books you discovered in the shop a few days ago Lisa, honestly they say men are bad with perversion" said Shinji referring to the orange book Lisa was reading from.

"Don't knock this piece of art, it's pure gold and actually had a decent plot as well. At least Love and Rose get's the book like I do, you and the rest are just prudes" said Lisa not taking her eyes from the book.

"I agree this is the best read in many years, and they just keep coming out alongside the other book that gets published by the author. I think these books must be a family tradition due to the number of them and the fact only the surname is given of the author. I'd like to meet the man behind this masterpiece" said Kisuke holding a orange book too giggling with a small blush, only to receive claw marks from the cat.

"I can't believe I'm friends with you" said the cat Yoroichi shaking its head at Kisuke rolling across the roof holding his face that now had four scratch marks. "Also the boy's gone" said the cat as they all looked from the humours sight of Kisuke to the street where the boy was no longer there.


"Sigh no places sell decent enough sake anymore and not enough of it as well" said Naruto now picking up some extra groceries for the night. "What to have...maybe a curry flavoured ramen with some melon bread covered in paprika" he muttered to himself catching someone else's attention.

"That sounds like a really good meal" said a voice to the side of him. Naruto turned to see a teenage girl of average height, brown eyes, long waist length darkish orange hair that was held by the sides of her head by two flowers like hairpins. She was wearing a cream turtleneck and crimson jogging pants, although the turtleneck did nothing to hide her very impressive figure to Naruto, who thankfully had never fully stooped to his master's levels of perversion so didn't stare.

The girl looked up at Naruto with a warm smile "You really think so? Most people don't tend to like my combinations" said Naruto. This was in fact true as after many years Naruto began experimenting with cuisine to find new interesting tastes, sadly whenever he tried to offer them to the people he knew, more often than not they would flat out refuse.

"Well yes, I like to try tasty thing together for meals, like chicken ramem with pears, leaks and sushi" she told him a little embarrassed but then remembered she hadn't introduced herself. "Oh I'm Inoue Orihime, pleased to meet you sir" she said with a small bow.

"No need to call me sir, I'm around your age. I'm Uzumaki Naruto, I just moved here to Katakura not long ago and thank you, rarely people actually like my combinations. I take it you live round here Orihime-san?" he asked the girl who nodded at him.

"Oh yes Uzumaki-san, I do I attend the local high school here and I live close by. Have you found a place to live as well?" she questioned him as they took their groceries to the checkout.

"I do actually, there's some local apartments nearby that I chose to live in right now as it's near my new workplace. It's only a mile away really as well so it's pretty good for me" he explained to her as he pulled out his address that he had on a small piece of paper. "It's a bunch of apartment's right next to some houses room 2B" he told her.

"Hey this is right next to me, you're the new tenant at the apartment?" Orihime said shocked hearing that the man she just met was her new neighbour.

Naruto smiled at her handing over his money "Looks like I am Orihime-san, and call me Naruto anything else makes me sound old" he said thinking 'Even though I am ancient by today's standards, still looks like I'm making a friend already.'

"Well if you're my new neighbour would you like to come round for dinner, if you're new here and you're my neighbour it only seems right" the bubbly girl offered to Naruto smiling excited to make friends with her new neighbour.

"I'd be happy to Orihime-san, but only if I cook one part of the meal otherwise I won't feel right" he said smiling as she nodded happily at him and went to pick up her groceries, only to have Naruto pick them up. "Can't let a pretty girl carry all that can I?" he chuckled as she tried to stop him.

"Naruto-san you don't need to carry that for me" she said only making him chuckle more at her slightly shy response.

"it's fine, I'm pretty strong Orihime-san and I don't mind at all since we are heading in the same direction anyway" he said as she looked as though she wanted to argue but relented seeing as Naruto didn't look like he would give in.

As the two walked back to their apartment building they both shared their likes and dislikes and learned a little about each other. Naruto learned that Orihime lived on her own after her brother had dies in an accident but she had managed to cope with her friend Tatsuki at school who often came round to eat and hang round with her on some nights. Orihime learned that Naruto was an orphan that had been travelling for quite some time learning new things; he even impressed her with his ability to speak different languages.

They enjoyed their odd meals with Naruto making a peanut butter and rice desert which Orihime loved from one bite. He told her he'd be working at her school which had made her happy but pouted when he refused to tell her where he would be working.

He said goodnight to her before washing up the dishes as a gentleman should, and made sure she was okay as he left her room to go to his. Orihime almost couldn't sleep in the excitement that her new neighbour would be working at her school, and could wait to tell Tatsuki all about it.

Naruto was just looking forward to working a nice simple job after some hectic times in the past century. He was happy to make friends with the ray of sunshine Orihime was, even if she seemed a little ditzy, he could tell she had a good head on her shoulders, and a smile that could melt the hardest of faces. The night between him and his sword went well with her celebrating Naruto finding such a nice girl to be friends with.


The next day Naruto was up bright and early for the first day of his new job, he quickly set about taking a shower and getting dressed into a pair of black pants and wearing a navy blue shirt, he knew the physician's coat would be at the school waiting. He made himself a nice breakfast before collecting his work bag and blade, the later safely in its bag as he hastened it to his shoulder.

He opened the door to find Orihime in the motion of knocking "Oh good morning Naruto-san, I was about to check if you were ready to head to school?" the girl asked him now in her school uniform that was a grey skirt, white shirt with a small red ribbon around her neck, she still had her hairpins in her head, overall she looked cute.

"Yes I'm ready Orihime-chan, it'll make the walk less quiet before we get to the school" Naruto replied as they walked down the stairs and walked in the direction of the school. As they walked Orihime took note of her neighbour's features.

'His hair is like Kurosaki-kun's but more wild, those marks on his face look cute too, wonder if it's because he had some powerful animal like a fox stuck inside him when he was little' only Orihime would be able to guess that with her imagination. "Naruto-san is that a kendo stick you're carrying?" she asked a little curious seeing the bag she'd seen a few students have.

"Hmm... of this, no it's a real sword. It's a family heirloom left to me, I never go anywhere without it" he told her to which she gave a small nod to him. "Orihime-chan, what are the students in your school like?" Naruto asked wondering what kinds of kids he'd have to deal with.

The girl tapped her chin in thought "I guess they are okay, I think everyone is really nice, but that may just be our class. I'm usually just spending time with my friends so I don't take too much notice" she told him.

"Well I guess I'll have to expect the unexpected then, although I'm looking forward to meeting your best friend Tatsuki, she sounds nice from how you described her" said Naruto as Orihime nodded in agreement.

"Yeah Tatsuki-chan is great she's always there for me, always has been too. It's one of the reasons why I keep my hair so long" she said remembering how Tatsuki had protected her from bullies about her hair length when they were kids and her brother had passed away.

"Sounds like a great friend in my books" said Naruto but his body moved on instinct to catch the foot aimed at his head, the leg oddly enough belonging to Tatsuki herself.

"Hey you, what the heck are you doing bothering Orihime like that?" said the irate and slightly over protective friend Tatsuki, having spotted Orihime with a stranger and thought he was bothering her for a date. Although she was surprised that he had caught her kick like that so easily.

"Tatsuki-chan, Naruto-san isn't bothering me. He's my new neighbour and we were walking to school where he has a new job, so please don't attack him" said a slightly worried Orihime not wanting her new friend and best friend to start fighting.

"Don't worry Orihime-chan, Tatsuki here didn't do any damage even if it was a pretty strong kick I'll have you. You train don't you?" he asked Tatsuki who crossed her arms defensively staring at Naruto.

"That's right; Orihime gets heralded by guys all the time and sadly one gir4l in constant heat so I make it my job to look after her. That goes double for guys that live near her" she said trying to scare the guy off seeing as attacking him didn't work. But was surprised when he chuckled at her, and before she could move to knock his lights out he caught her wrist in a steel like grip.

"Now, now I'm just her neighbour and more than likely your new sensei Tatsuki so please refrain from attack me, any other guys that approaches Orihime-chan go right ahead. Now let's hurry or we'll be late for school, of and by the way I have trained in several forms of unarmed combat so if you'd like to spar sometime my door will be open" Naruto told her letting her wrist go.

After that the three just walked to the school, Naruto giving himself a proper introduction to Tatsuki who relented that she may have acted a bit rash but defended that any other time would be justified seeing a guy next to Orihime which Naruto accepted. She was shocked to learn he had tried her cooking and enjoyed it, but even more when he told her he cooked the same way.

Tatsuki found him to be at least descent as Orihime clearly didn't mind him, plus he kept her company with no ulterior motive toward her best friend. Not to mention strong, a thumbs up in her book really.

When they got to the school, he told them he'd see them in a while as he would be introduced to all the classes during the day and went on his way.


The class filled up with all its students, Tatsuki was forced to put down the pouncing lesbian Chizuru as she attempted to fondle Orihime like every other morning. But once they settled down Orihime and Tatsuki kept hearing about a hot new teacher that would be starting today and knew it was Naruto although they were still curious as to what his position would be.

Eventually the class teacher came into the room "Alright class good morning. Now before we get started the school has gotten a new staff member, he will be here in a moment to introduce himself, so please behave" she said to them looking at the few of the boy in question like a brown haired boy named Keigo.

After a little while in which the teacher had taken attendance there was a knock on the door "It's open, you can come in" said the teacher as the door slid open to reveal Naruto in the same clothes but with a white coat over the top. "Ahh so you're Uzumaki-kun, I expected someone a little older" she said admiring the blonde haired man's good looks.

"I get that often but really I'm older than I look really. Is it okay if I introduce myself?" Naruto asked getting a nod from the teacher. As he walked to the middle of the room many girls' eyes were heart shaped nearly drooling at the man and the rugged look on his face with the whisker marks.

"Hello everyone I am Uzumaki Naruto the new physician/nurse at the school. I am 20 years old and have been travelling around for some time. My job will be to see to any sicknesses and injuries while I am here but I am also available if you just want to talk to someone. Please treat me well" he said with a small bow almost making the girls scream of how nice he sounded, many of them wondering how they could accidentally injure themselves, to have him treat them.

"Thank you Uzumaki-kun and good luck I think you may have found your first problem already" said the teacher seeing the girls going gaga for the new teacher except for Tatsuki, Orihime and Chizuru the later not a surprise.

"I know but I have ways to deal with girls like that trust me, and call me Naruto" he said smiling as he waved back to the class. "See you all sometime later and remember my door will be open" he said walking out and sliding the door closed.

Before the girls could attempt to follow the man the teacher slammed her ruler against the desk "Settle down everyone, Naruto-sensei will be busy introducing himself to the other classes so bother him after my class alright... good. Now on with today's lesson, please turn to page 156 of your textbooks and read the passage to yourselves" she told as the girls hurriedly took out their books so as they could finish faster.

"I almost feel sorry for the guy" said a orange haired boy with a tired look on his face as he began reading the passage to the tall Hispanic man next to him, these two were Kurosaki Ichigo and Sado 'Chad' Yastora.

"I think he may be able to handle himself Ichigo" said Chad.


The day went rather well for Naruto, minus the various female students coming to him with fake stomach cramps and the few male students trying to scare him off the hot girls coming after him. This however had one simple solution, as Naruto had made it a point that he wouldn't waste medical supplies so told them he would happily give them a real injury that required attention with the help of his blade.

This generally had a good effect scare off the less determined of the girls but fan girls were something you generally couldn't get rid of in life. About the time lunch rolled round Naruto was happily eating his chicken and baked beans ramen, good baked beans were a great invention, he had a storage of the stuff from a place in England… Gienz or Jienz he couldn't remember.

As he slurped his noodles his door slid open to reveal Orihime and Tatsuki the former who smelling what Naruto was eating had stars in her eyes and quickly rushed to his side. "Is that baked beans you have in there from Europe?" she asked her mouth drooling a little.

"Yeah I got tons of the stuff last time I was there, I find it mixes well with everything. Want some?" he asked as she nodded furiously. She began eating her noodles with anime tears at how good they tasted.

"As odd as this is it doesn't really surprise me… is that bizarre?" Tatsuki asked the blonde nurse who had somehow with no one seeing him gotten another piping hot bowl of his strange mix of ramen and was eating. "Wasn't Orihime eating your…?" the martial artist tried to ask seeing that both now had bowls they were eating from, Orihime's expression unchanging from her pure joy of the ramen.

"I want to say no… but for some strange reason I won't" Naruto answered the girl as he finished his new bowl as Orihime finished hers as well. She then realized she had basically eaten his lunch in her groove and turned to apologise and spotted his empty bowl.

"Huh… Naruto-sensei didn't you only have one bowl… and sorry for eating yours" she apologised rubbing the back of her head.

Naruto gave a small chuckle before patting her on the head "No harm done, I usually have more than one bowl of my ramen when I have lunch. Still you must have sampled the magic of baked beans in tomato sauce huh?" he asked as she gave a nod now smiling seeing she hadn't upset him.

"I got to try it when they had a few of a particular brand in the store but they don't seem to sell it as much these days. But the brand you used is the best and the way it mixes with the broth of the ramen makes it even better" she said with dreamy eyes thinking of the dish she just ate.

"I'll stick to regular bento instead of that for now. But how are you finding this all Naruto-sensei?" asked Tatsuki offering her opinion on food and asking how Orihime's new friend and neighbour was getting on.

"Fine really despite the fangirls and the occasional prick coming in but I don't they'll last I tend to frighten off bullies most of the time, even when outnumbered. Plus it helps when you have a sword to threaten them with" he said pointing at the blade by the side of him. Tatsuki thought she saw the blade vibrate almost in happiness when he talked about it but shook her head of the thought.

"Is that legal?" asked Tatsuki curious how he got away with threatening the students with a weapon, especially ne who was meant to help injuries not injure them.

"It is, I don't directly threaten them with the blade and I have a permit for it just in case. I've have this sword for a long time, I can hardly be separated from it for too long nowadays" he said taking hold of the blade.

"Huh… most people might think that was creepy, but on you kinda seems right" mused Tatsuki as Orihime looked over the blades sheath.

"It's pretty you must take care of it. Ooh does it have a spirit inside of it who asks you to take care of it?" asked Orihime as Tatsuki shook her head hearing her friends imagination get the better of her again.

"I do take care of her, and in a way she does have a spirit inside her" he said making Tatsuki blink in confusion and Orihime's eyes light up. "Like most swordsmen the blades isn't just a tool, it is an instrument of art and an extension of ourselves. This one just so happens to have a spirit of a powerful swordswoman who is both kind and loyal to the wielder. Of course if you believe me on that is up to you" he smirked to them before laughing a little which Orihime and Tatsuki joined in on.

"Sorry, I like to believe so many amazing things at times, when I get bored" he said as the bell could be heard going off. "Well looks like our time together os over girls. Hope your classes go well. And Orihime-chan…" he said as the girl looked up at him. "I'd be happy to walk you home after school of you want" he offered to the girl.

"I'd like that Naruto-sensei and thank you for speaking to us in your lunch break and for the delicious ramen" Orihime bowed to Naruto and Tatsuki gave a small wave as they left and slid the door closed.

"Sweet girls and good friends the two of them, remind me of a couple of people" Naruto mused opening his draws and taking out a few more files to look them over. "Kurosaki Ichigo… cool hair" said Naruto as he saw the picture that was in the file.


As the end of day bell rang Naruto closed up his files and proceeded to lock his door and head down stairs, his sword in its bag over his shoulder. When he got to the front he saw Orihime and Tatsuki waiting for him, Tatsuki making sure she'd be alright before she headed for home herself. He gave a small wave which they did too.

"You ready to go home?" he asked Orihime who smiled nodding. "See you tomorrow Tatsuki-chan" she grinned.

"Yeah see you tomorrow Naruto-sensei, just make sure she get back ok, otherwise…" she cracked hr knuckles in threat which Naruto smiled to.

"Don't worry, I can handle hoodlums if they come near us" he said as she waved heading off in her home direction. "Do you need to do anything before we get home Orihime-chan?" Naruto asked the girl who shook her head at him.

"No I'm fine I don't think I have anything that needs doing tonight anyway, although when we get home could I borrow a tin of those beans Naruto-sensei please?" she asked with big eyes really wanting a tin, it was a look no one could resist.

"Of course Orihime-chan, I'll even cook dinner with you again if that's alright with you. I don't want to impose. Also no sensei when we are out of school" he asked seeing how the girl lived alone and he didn't really want to leave her all alone.

"Thanks Naruto-san, that would be nice, usually I just have Tatsuki over for dinner if she's not busy" said Orihime happy for the company. The two walked home happily chatting over the day's events with Orihime giggling at what excuses some of the other girls had come up with to spend time in the doctors office. Naruto had also talked about how he looked at her academic ranking in the school and was impressed with how high it was making the girl blush slightly for the praise.

As they got close to home Naruto felt something brush up against his leg, looking down he found a small black cat rubbing up against it. "Oh well hello there Neko-chan" said Naruto as he picked up the little cat that meowed at him.

"Naruto-san, what are you doing with that cat?" Orihime asked looking at the bute little cat being held by Naruto's hands before he cradled it to his chest, the cat proceeding to rub against his chest.

"Seems as though I have attracted a stray cat, cute little thing though. Wonder if she's just lost and looking for her family?" he pondered thinking someone might own the cat.

"there's no collar but how do you know it's a girl Naruto-san?" asked Orihime curious to how he could tell the gender of the cat so easily.

"I have studied anatomy of human and animal when learning about medicine and care as I like to help animals as much as other people. But to answer she lacks something all males have in life" he answered not seeing the slight redness in the cats cheeks.

"What are you going to do with her then Naruto-san" Orihime questioned him, slightly hoping he kept it so she could come over and help take care of her.

"Feed her and see if she wants to stay with me. If not it's her choice, but as a gentleman and animal lover I feel it only right I feed her, especially with how adorable she looks right now" he said scratching behind the cats ears making her purr and her tail move about happily.

"Oh okay, good thing we have lots of milk in then" Orihime commented due to actually having plenty in her fridge, many reasoning shy she was as well endowed as she was, but nothing was confirmed.

"Indeed now come on little Neko-chan, let's get you something nice back at out home shall we?" he said to the cat that meowed in agreement and the two continued on home with the cat in Naruto's arms.


At home Naruto had gotten out some milk for the cat before getting started on dinner, tonight it was steamed buns filled with pork, bananas and barbeque sauce, with a side of rice covered in strawberry syrup. Desert was a chocolate cake with chilli powder over the top of it.

The cat seemed to stare when the two actually at the strange meal, although both the cat and Orihime had been listening to Naruto as he hummed a tone as had been cooking before. 'Naruto-san has a nice voice… as his cooking is great as well. Huh only a couple of days and he's become such a good friend' the bubbly girl thought to have Naruto as a friend and that Tatsuki liked him as well.

"So Orihime-chan, any boys you have a crush on?" asked Naruto making the girl spit out the water she was drinking, and getting Naruto to chuckle.

"Wh-wh-what are you asking Naruto-san. That's a little embarrassing…" said the red faced girl fiddling with her hands.

"Sorry, just thought a pretty girl like you would have one or at least be interested in someone. I didn't mean to pry, sorry" said Naruto said as the cat finished it's milk and came over to Naruto's lap to which he began stroking the cat's fur.

"Well I'm not sure it's a crush but there is a boy at school" said Orihime a little nervous poking her index fingers together. "He's a little odd but I can tell he's really nice despite not always showing it" she said remembering the orange haired boy Ichigo.

"He sounds nice, but you don't have to tell me Orihime-chan. Just hope if you ever decide to go for him that it goes well. A pretty and kind girl like you deserves it I believe" Naruto said with a smile making the girl go redder at the idea of her and Ichigo together, although her mind also saw a different face for a moment and a brighter hair colour than orange.

"W-Well what about you Naruto-san… Is there you're interested in at the school or around town?" Orihime asked curious, leaning forward without realizing.

"Hmmm… not particularly Orihime-chan, I only just moved. And it's been a while since I dated too, but I'll be going for someone as kind as you since it's girls like you I like the most, although sometimes if they have a playful side it can help a little" he admitted thinking he'd not really dated.

"Oh that sound nice Naruto-san, but what kinds of relationships have you had if you don't mind me asking" said Orihime wanting to know more about Naruto now, her elbows leaning against the table after it had been cleared.

"Girls I've dated… honestly there's only been one. Hinata… she was a wonderful girl, a lot like you Orihime-chan but there were complications with her family and I had to work a lot when I was younger so we couldn't spend a lot of time together. Time went on, eventually we grew apart but I never stopped caring for Hinata, but honestly since then I haven't really dated" he explained looking out the window with a far away stare.

Orihime just blinked hearing him, she may not have known him long but she knew he was really kind. But to hear that he didn't have anyone in his life 'He must have been lonely, he says he's been travelling for a long time. He must miss that girl a lot…' Orihime thought to himself.

"Anyway, enough of that I believe you probably have some homework to do don't you?" he said instantly getting rid of the mood and Orihime nodded taking out her bag.

"Yeah, just some math, and history homework I'll be fine with it" she said smiling and getting her text book anf flipping to the right page for the assignment.

"In that case I'll leave you to it Orihime-chan, I'll see you in the morning for the walk to school okay?" he said receiving another nod as he picked up the cat and waved good bye using it's paw. "Have a good night Orihime-chan" he said opening the door to leave and walked out.

"By Naruto-san sweet dreams" Orihime replied as Naruto smiled closing the door behind him.

"Well then Neko-chan… shall we take you to my home or will you reveal who you really are as you are clearly no ordinary cat" said Naruto as he walked down the stairs onto the night time street.

"Hmm, so you could tell, I'm impressed" said the cat in a deep voice and Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Why do you have a deep voice like that when you are a female?" he asked curious as the cat tilted her head at him.

"How do you know this form's gender is my real gender?" the cat asked as Naruto raised an eyebrow as if saying 'What do you take me for' and the cat realized she had no chance of fooling. "Sigh… very well follow me, but you want to bring that blade you ha…when did you get it?" the cat asked surprised seeing Naruto was holding the blade now.

"She's always with me, Neko-chan now which way do we go?" Naruto said as the cat nodded and led the way forward.

"Very well, by the way my names Yoruichi" said the cat to Naruto who gave a nod as he followed.

"Nice to meet you Yoruichi" said Naruto smiling thinking it was a rather nice name for a woman.


"This is… a candy store" said a slightly confused Naruto looking at the small shop getting the scent of sweet things in his nose.

"My friend like it, it's simple and makes a nice setting for his business" said Yoruichi as they slid the door open to the shop.

"Yoruichi you're back and you brought a young man with you" said the man with the green and white bucket hat. "Welcome to my humble shop my name is Kisuke Urhara, behind me is my assistant Tessai Tsukabishi you have already met the lovely Yoruichi Shihoin. To my right is my associates Shini Hirako and Lisa Yadomaru and we'd like to welcome to Katakura Town" said the man with a small fan in front of his face.

"A pleasure I'm sure but care to tell me what you want with me, since I feel a little exposed here" said Naruto holding his sword to his left side. All took note of this meaning that he would be ready to draw it if necessary and that he didn't necessarily trust them.

"Oh of course how could I let that slip my mind. But then again rarely does a human take on a hollow without so much as a scratch" he said as Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Hollow? Do you mean those beasts with the white masks?" Naruto asked as the hat man nodded.

"Correct, a hollow is a spirit that has been overcome by deep sorrow and end up looking for human souls to feast upon" Kisuke explained to Naruto who nodded lowering his hand and sword slightly see as he didn't feel any intent from them. "By the way how long have you been able to see the hollows regular people don't tend to have the ability to see them?" Kisuke then asked Naruto.

"Well not at first but after a while it became easier to see them, and when I got my sword it became simpler to cut them down" Naruto answered gesturing to his sword. "But I'm not really a regular person, never was to start with. The whole seeing spirits came with practise and training, however I'm getting the sence there's more like with the Shinigami" he said earning a gasp from a few.

"Wait you're telling us you know about Shinigami but not hollows, how did you manage that?" Yoruichi asked Naruto walking back over to him on his right hand side. Naruto oddly took to petting her head as she nudged, her cute cat routine seemingly working on him.

"Some people in temples tend to see you and speak about the Shinigami who wear the black kimonos and have their swords at their side, I've seen a few already in my travels and I know it's them that allow people to pass onto the next life" he pointed out to them surprising them with his knowledge.

"Huh, that's rather interesting really. But anyway back on to subjecy matter I believe I should tell you that all of us here are Shinigami, or former in a way, including Yoruichi there" said a giggling Kisuke seeing Yoruichi enjoying her petting under the blond's hand.

"Really… well that's something" Naruto said not even the slightest twitch in his eyes to show he was freaked out by this.

"How are you not freaked out by that" asked Shinji across the room while Lisa was engrossed in her orange book.

"I've heard weirder in my years trust me, I doubt you could shock me with anything" he challenged them as Shinji gave a wide smirk.

"We're all over 100 years old and still young" he said hoping to make the boy's jaw drop.

Without batting an eyelid Naruto chose his response "So, try living past 1000 looking as good as I do" he said getting jaws dropped all around.

"Naruto-san… how can you be over 1000 and not even look it" asked Tessai seeing as all others were unable to at the time.

"My body… is unique but simply I am immortal, I can still be killed but trust me when I say that's no easy task, especially since I found my sword from within me" he explained.

'CRASH' came the sound of the table as Kisuke fell forward onto it "Wait that's your spirit sword… tha's not possible. A zanpaktou is impossible to reach when a soul is still alive" said a shell shocked Kisuke as the old man in front of him was breaching the rules of what a soul could do when alive especially since it was a particulary old soul.

"I tend to do the unexpected in life… it's a gift. Now when you are all ready mind telling me what the whole deal is bringing me here?" Naruto asked as Kisuke managed to shake his head of his many, many questions and explain their history in the Soul Society and their run ins with a man named Aizen.

"Seems as though life can still be unfair after death if that ended up happening to you. So you want me to help you guys out when the times comes for an assault of Aizen in the Soul Society. I'd be happy to help but can I ask why your asking me for help when you have no idea if I'll be of any use?" Naruto asked all of them.

"Well already you've shown us you are very skilled and able to pull of unexpected tricks. And if you're as old as you say you are you'll have more experience than any of us Oji-san" said Kisuke earning a tick mark on Naruto's head.

"Watch it gaki, at least I look good for my age unlike you with all those bags under your eyes" Naruto countered as Kisuke felt a jab at his looks. "Anyway, as I said I'll help you guys out when needed, but can I ask how Yoruichi looks in her real form, as I doubt a cat could be a captain level Shinigami no matter how awesome that would look" each of them took a moment to imagine the cat form Yoruichi wearing captain garb and standing at one of the meeting and broke out into giggles.

"I will also tell you that when you get my help you can't argue with my methods as these are what I have used in all the wars I have been in and there are a fair few. Also if this central 46 is as bad as you say I may have to interject and cause huge problems as I hate councils like that. and lastly if you say that Shinigami have special techniques using spiritual energy one of you has to teach me since I like to be well informed and lectured in an enemies techniques" he told them with a slightly serious expression that left no room for argument.

"That's agreeable, each of us are well versed in Shinigami tactics but have a specialisation in certain things likes spells, hand to hand, sword. Do you have any preferences?" Kisuke asked a little curious thinking what kind of guy they had found in Naruto.

"Who's a hand to hand with some spell training?" Naruto queried with Yoruichi raising her paw. "Really that's surprising I have to be honest but what the hell" he said with a shrug accepting it. "Any place we can train?" he asked as Yoruichi began walking into a back room and opening a hatch that had a ladder leading down.

"There's one down here if you'll follow me please" said Yoruichi as the cat jumped down the hatch and Naruto followed right after. When he dropped down he was shocked to find a sky filled with clouds in a rock filled terrain.

"Huh… this is unexpected and amazing at the same time" Naruto said with a tilted head impressed with the large underground area. This was before he found himself in a massive hug.

"Oh thank you so much Naruto-dono for seeing that" said a crying Tessai making Naruto sweat drop at his action and couldn't help but be reminded of Gai and Lee due to the manly tears streaming.

"You can let go now Tessai-san" said Naruto as he was dropped and he cracked his back from the powerful hug crushing it. "You're pretty strong Tessai, you know that. Now where's Yoruichi I wanna see how she fares against me in a quick spar" said Naruto cracking his shoulders before a sweet female voice called out to him.

"Right over here Naruto-kun" said the voice of the now naked Yoruichi, smoke still around her body as she stood up bare all to see infrnt of Naruto, Tessai covering his eyes. Naruto observed and looked over Yoruichi's body and could see toned muscles built for quick action and flexibility, no doubt a sped type warrior like himself. He noted her chocolate brown skin, dark purple hair and golden eyes.

"Nice…" said Naruto simply as Yoruichi's eye twitched then pouted as she'd hoped to get a reaction out of the man in front of her who she would admit was easy on the eyes. "I score 9/10 for you Yoruichi and nice effect with the smoke" this earned a further as Yoruichi expected at least a ten for her body score.

"Still I can do that too" said Naruto putting his hands into a half hand sign and making a puff of smoke, out of which came an equally naked Naruko (Fandubbed name for sexy jutsu girl) "What do you think Yoruichi-chan?" said the voice of Naruko as she leaned forward and her breasts jiggled being a cup size larger than Yoruichi's (Roughly Orihime's size)

Said woman walked over and grabbed Naruko's breast making her gasp as Yoruichi fondled it "Firm yet it suck in my hand nicely, not bad really reminds me of Kokaku" said Yoruichi letting go as Naruko went up in apuff od smoke and back came a red faced Naruto, not expecting the woman to fondle him, especially as it always felt extremely weird.

"That was mean…" said Naruto turning his head away as Yoruichi giggled at him, now happy she had managed to make him blush, even if it was via an unusual method.

"Yo Tessai hand me my clothes would you" waved Yoruichi as the biff spectacled man threw yoruich''s outfir to her that consisted of her black pants, orange top, arm warmers and tying her haid back. "And it wasn't mean, it was fairplay for not sputtering like a teenage boy seeing a hot naked woman in front of you" se said flicking Naruto's nose.

"Well sorry for not being a massive pervert like my readers. I tend to give women a little more respect, especially ones that can hurt me very badly if they want to" said Naruto throwing his hands into the air.

"Ohh, someone trained you well if you know that, but when you say readers what do you mean?" Yoruichi asked a little curious. Naruto from his sleave that had sealing seals, pulled a little orange book.

"These things have kept me wealthy for quite a lng time Yoruichi-chan believe me. Hell Naruko my female form is the spokesperson for events as I won't show my face to the world and let them know who wrote it" said Naruto as Yoruichi nodded in understanding knowing Kisuke's response immediately.

"I guess that makes sense, now you say you wanted a little spar. Think you can keep up with me?" she said with a sly grin which he returned.

"Only one way to find out Yoruichi-chan" he said as the two sped toward each other for their spar both knowing it would be a good fight.

XChapter EndX

And there's the first chapter of my Bleac/Naruto xover. Looking at it it seems rather simple but when Ichigo and Rukia's plt come into it I'm sure it will get better. If you think I'm doing a Naruto/Orihime pairng then you'd be right as this is a Naruto harem pairing with Orihime added to Naruto.

Now don't go complaining about how she belongs with Ichigo as even though I approve of that pairing he seems closer to Rukia really and her as only a really close child hood friend like Tatsuki. I hope you all like this story idea and I'll see about how it goes for continuing it but who knows really if I will.

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