Help from a Stranger

Chapter 14: New transfer students… with attitude

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XChapter StartX

"No way, this just can't be happening!" Ichigo said aloud as he viewed the moving truck from his window. It had been a couple days since they got back, school would be starting again soon and he wanted some peace before his duties as a Shinigami substitute.

However his utmost attention was drawn to the moving can in the house to the left of his. Ichigo knew that the house was a rental property after rum ours of constant noise from the clinic made the couple living there relocate and they'd gone through a few different neighbors. The rumors had been going around though that someone reached out to the owners and had bought the place up and wanted a quick move into the place.

Obviously Ichigo along with the rest of his family were curious as to who was going to be unfortunate enough to live next to them. Imagine their surprise and shock when their favorite blonde male exited the moving van, along with Rangiku, Orihime, Yoruichi in cat form and three mystery girls.

"Hmm, isn't this great my son. Our new neighbors are a fellow doctor and his entourage of beautiful females. Aren't we lucky?" Isshin asked his son slapping him on the shoulder only to receive a punch in the face.

"This ain't lucky old man, it's a nightmare waiting to happen." Ichigo just knew with the damned cat being so close to him she would be round to ease him without relent.

"Oh Masaki where did I go wrong, our son can't see the joy of living next to so many pretty girls. Has he gone to the line of desire and only wishes for more males in his li-grk." Isshin was cut off as Ichigo decided to be tougher and swung his leg out to hit his father's fuzzy face into a nearby wall.

"I'm not gay asshole!" Ichigo shouted only to get looks by his sisters. "Stop looking at me like that, I'm not gay he was just annoying me."

Yuzu patter her big brother's arm. "It's okay Ichi-nii we won't judge you for your choices." Her sister soon promptly slapped Yuzu on the back of the head.

"Don't go along with dad's stupid thought processes Yuzu. I swear you are getting worse each day." Karin said as Naruto waved the van off having managed to finish unpacking his and Orihime's stuff. He'd contacted her relatives and with some good-natured persuasion convinced them that their sweet hime would be in good hands.

"So… hello neighbors." Naruto greeted slightly enjoying the look on Ichigo's face. Probably didn't help that Yoruichi was on his shoulder and more than likely grinning at the teen. "I bet you never guessed this would happen right?"

"Um, it was a surprise when we learned Ichi-nii's school doctor was going to be moving next door, especially with Orihime-san joining you as well as your nurse and these mystery girls… who are they Naruto-sensei?" Yuzu asked looking up at the blonde.

"Three transfer students that I recently learned didn't have anywhere to stay. So seeing as how I would be moving anyway I decided to let them stay with me." Naruto said as he pulled out a lollipop for Yuzu, which she accepted happily, she always got sweets from the doctors since she was well behaved.

"Ehhh so that's how it is. You do know it looks a little strange with one man in a house full of young women right?" Karin asked looking right into his blue eyes trying to stare him down.

"Well yeah, but Orihime-chan is my friend as well as Rangiku-chan too, both of which, can look after the girls and keep me in line. I'm not an idiot when working with and living with women. Besides that I'm an excellent host as I'm sure you'll hear at one point." Naruto said giving his own stare back at the more sensible sibling. "Plus I know Tatsuki would definitely try to crack my skull if she heard I was abusing my privileges, don't you agree?"

"Yeah she would, might just steal Orihime too, to live with her as well but you seem like an ok guy so I'll let you off for now." Karin said also taking the lollipop offered; she got them less than Yuzu mainly due to how they always compared the two of them.

"Thanks Karin, nice to know someone is sensible and not as crazy as your father despite being a fellow doctor." Naruto said as he turned to Sun-sun who came beside him.

"Hello there, who are these people Naruto-san?" Sun-sun asked looking over the two or four now that Isshin had pulled his face from the wall and had grabbed his son's head in a headlock as the girl with long sleeves come over.

"This is the Kurosaki family; the twins Yuzu and Karin, the father Isshin and the son Ichigo." Naruto said pointed to each in turn as the girl raised her eyebrow at Ichigo.

"Is this the boy with the short temper?" Sun-sun asked with a very hidden smirk as Naruto had talked with her about the boy Aizen did tell them about since his appearance into the Shinigami lifestyle.

"I'm not short tempered, and can you let me out of your armpit old man it stinks under here." Ichigo shouted while struggling try to grab the back of his father's head to flip him over.

"Stop lying Ichigo my pits are as fresh as the morning rose!" Isshin cried back as the arrancar girl watched in amusement, it was not too dissimilar from her sister's constant squabbles over useless things. Speaking of which…

"I told you I'm taking this room!" Mila-Rose's voice cried out from an upstairs room it seemed.

"And I told you, I saw this room first. Blondie said I could pick my room first." Apache rebuffed her sister's statement, as Karin looked up at the blonde again with her sweet in her mouth.

"You have your own to deal with?" She asked as Naruto scratched his cheek with a small sweat drop

"So it seems Karin, I don't know which of us has it worse. The teen and the man child or two teenage girls who can't get along despite being adopted siblings?" Naruto mused aloud as both Karin and Sun-sun nodded and the taller girl held out her hand.

"See ya Sun-Sun." the concealed hand was grasped by the dark haired Kurosaki girl in respect for her own migraine materials. "I suspect we will have an interesting friendship."

"Yeah I think so too. Are you going to deal with your idiots soon?" Karin asked Sun-sun as the sounds of thrashing could be heard while Naruto entered the house.

"No I believe our landlord had gone to deal with it." Sun-sun replied waiting for the inevitable sound.

"Both of you quiet down, your disturbing the neighbors!" Naruto's calm tone came though, but groans of pains could be heard which was from said blond putting both girl's arms behind their backs and flipping them to the floor.

"Hmm that was quick… think we can borrow him for my brother and father?" Karin questioned looking hopeful.

"I believe Naruto-san will have too much trouble with my siblings to deal with your problems… maybe on weekends." Sun-sun offered surprised how easily she was speaking with the human. She never got the chance to meet with many others, outside of the arrancar and a lot of them where pigs or just creepy, Szayel being the prime example.

"So… do you think we can come in?" Yuzu decided to pipe in seeing how her father was holding her brother's face under his armpit for the moment.

Rangiku popped her head out the door wearing a black top with Neko written on the front and sporting a nice pair of jeans while finishing with a deep red jacket. "You can all come in now, Naruto-kun is just finishing with the two upstairs, I have the kettle boiling already, Naruto-kun is making snacks in a minute."

"Oh great, I'll join him in the kitchen." Yuzu walked through the door and had a quick look at the bare room, which was acceptable considering they just literally moved in. although as she got to the kitchen she saw it was fully ready. 'Naruto-san must really want his kitchen ready.'

"It seems the previous owners wanted to have the best kitchen, I paid a bit extra to let them leave their utensils, must have been so any tenants who lived here didn't have to worry about it." Naruto said making Yuzu jump and release a cute little squeak.

"Naruto-san!" the blonde smiled down as Mila-Rose and Apache came in behind him rubbing their shoulders. "Sorry I just wanted to see your kitchen as Ichigo said you cook for your housemates."

"It's fine I heard a few rumors on how you're the little housewife in your home. I'd like to see how your repertoire of recipes is for your family." Naruto turned his head to the other girls. "You can go and sit with your sister, I need to familiarize with my new cooking partner."

"Whatever jerk." Apache muttered under her breath before feeling their hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Turning her head back she saw Naruto deceptively smiling at her while his aura was like when their leader was annoyed at them. Not to mention the huge fox glaring at her with a grin.

"Care to repeat that Apache-san?" Naruto asked as she furiously shook her head while Yuzu looked perplexed not feeling anything due to not being the target. "Good now off you go while we make something good for lunch."

Both sisters joined Sun-sun in the main room where the others were chatting with Rangiku minus Ichigo who seemed to be in a staring contest with Yoruichi. "How the f-heck did he do that, it felt so real?" Apache held of swearing as Naruto did say he wouldn't tolerate it and she knew he had good if not perfect hearing.

"I don't know nor do I want to know, I can't believe we had to see that again because of you." Mila-rose said accusingly while apache gritted her teeth at the remark.

"Don't start again you two, it's impolite plus Naruto-san will be quick to teach you a lesson again." Sun-sun said while turning to her new text book, having been told they'd be living an average high school life she wanted to read ahead while the other two showed no signs of getting on top of their studies, even if it was only their first days in gigais.

"Grrr, why is it you accepted this so easily Sun-sun we barely know the guy?" Apache half growled out, it was frustrating for her and her sisters to be under a man's thumb so easily especially one that was so kind.

"Because he is honest." Sun-sun answered simply while Orihime came into the room on her phone.

"No Tatsuki-chan, I'm not living at the apartment anymore. I've moved in to a new home with Naruto-sensei. It's it great, it's even next to Kurosaki-kun's house as well. Huh… wait why do you sound like your running Tatsuki-chan, Tatsuki-chan?" Orihime looked at her phone and saw that her friend had hung up.

"Orihime!" said girl looked out the window to see Tatsuki running toward the house looking quiet enraged, like an angry Oni after a human who invaded it's land.

"Eep!" Orihime knew that look and headed into the kitchen to hide from her friend. "Naruto-kun… Tatsuki-chan is heading here looking angry, hide me!" she squeaked out grabbing his back.

"Did you tell her that you moved in with me at this new house?" He asked as she nodded quickly and sighed while handing his utensils to Yuzu who was for the moment observing having cut up all the vegetables. "Come on then, we'll explain it to her."

Walking into the room with the girl behind him he opened the door as the tomboy was pulling her fist back. "As I'll often do it most fight Orihime, meet your threats head on. Like so…" Focusing his chakra to his forehead along with a subtle amount of hierro he pulled his head back and gave the incoming fist of Tatsuki and a large smacking sound echoed in the street.

"Ow teme what the hell was that? And why did you get in my way of knocking some sense into Orihime for not telling me she was moving in with a teacher?" Tatsuki asked rubbing her red and swollen hand, seriously it was harder than anything she had even hit before.

"Well it was a spur of the moment move considering the transfer students I ended up with. Besides Orihime's too sweet for the blow you were aiming to give her, Tatsuki-san, anyway feel free to come in, I'm making snacks." Naruto said as Orihime's eye light up.

"Please let them be normal," Tatsuki prayed to herself before noticing the other girls. "Yo, I take it you are new here, then?"

"Pretty much, got lumped with this bozo for now, could be worse." Apache said still miffed on how Naruto stopped her argument with Mila-Rose, she was starting to win.

She wasn't as there were no winners in their arguments.

"Yeah, when he first arrived in town I tried to kick him in the head, sadly he's a lot stronger that I expected." Tatsuki recalled their first meeting and subsequent ones with Orihime as well. He was an ok teacher if a little weird and in his own world sometimes. Plus he seemed to keep her friend happy and well fed so she didn't have to worry.

"We got that too, we tried fighting him when he met, and he outclassed us. Naruto-sensei is not what we expected in any manner Tatsuki-san." Sun-sun as she looked over the girl getting a feel of her reiatsu. While limited it seemed compressed so hadn't actually used or accessed it yet.

"So you're a fighter… you any good?" Apache seemed intrigued by the girl's fighting aura, one thing Apache did love was a fight a proper one with fists.

Tatsuki grinned as she clenched her fists "While I'd claim to be the strongest girl in Japan I can't since an injury kept me from winning and proving my title. You a bit interested in the matching of fists?" Truth be told, aside from the occasional beating of thugs she hadn't had a good challenge in a while.

"If you're going to scrap with Apache, take into the back Tatsuki-chan." Naruto's voice called out to the girls who got up and headed into the back, the arrancar was curious to how strong she still was in her gigai body.

"This I got to see, you coming Sun-sun?" Mila-rose asked the girl who shook her head at her sister joining Orihime on the couch.

"No, I'll wait for snacks and see who has won later." The girl replied as she let Orihime take control of the TV, she was still learning about modern technology; and so far she really liked what she was seeing.

Before long Naruto came back out with various dango sticks, special chili and jam ones for Orihime and surprisingly Mila-rose who seemed to enjoy the unique taste.

Both her and Naruto headed to the back to watch the two fighters in the back, Tatsuki seemed to be having lots of fun trading blows with Apache, grappling each other trying to gain dominance. "She is really holding her own that girl." Mila-Rose commented looking as Tatsuki elbowed Apache in the stomach to get out of her headlock.

"I haven't known her long but Tatsuki is a strong girl, before I came along she looked after Orihime. I'm thinking of adding her to our group and get her trained up. Things won't stay peaceful for us for very long and I like you are worried about Harribel." Naruto said while Mila-Rose looked down at this, her leader would be worried about what happened after they were sent on the suicide mission against Naruto.

"Do you think she'll look for us at some point?" She asked as Naruto took out another plate of dango with his quick heat kettle for some tea. "She saved us before we became like this, she is out leader it was rare that we spent time away from her."

"So you became a mini family in a way, the elder sister and her younger ones. From the minor conversation we had I saw her as someone who takes care of those important to her, Stark is the same." The dark haired girl gave him a look at mentioning the Primera's name.

"You fought the Primera?" Naruto nodded as he pushed a cup toward her.

"Yes… his spirit is someone I used to know. Still don't worry Mila-Rose, if she doesn't look for you, it's because she can't risk Aizen coming for your blood. Like it or not you represent a risk to him with you being with me. I'm somewhat of a fox in his henhouse of a plan." Naruto said sipping while Tatsuki got kicked in the face. They really were not holding back, then again they seemed very like-minded with each other.

"Are you willing to take that risk, even we know how strong Aizen is, the Segundo sometimes referenced how his rule was taken over by him. It's an obvious question but why protect someone sent to kill you and by all rights is deemed to dangerous by Soul society?" Mila-Rose asked getting a tad frantic at the end to the confusing immortal. He was so difficult to understand considering he was completely up front with them and didn't lie in any way to them, so much different from Aizen.

"I take the risk and this path as it is what I always strived to do in life, allow people who are so different to come together and live in peace. My dream long ago was for the world to be united in peace, it's an impossible dream but if I can help a few even now I am all the more happy for it. Peace is my ideal, my dream one of so many that I have seen. That is what my zanpaktou represents, the dreams of people I have met both big, small an forgotten." The wind blew in the garden blowing his hair slightly. "I'll fight to protect my dream, and I will never turn my back on people I know don't deserve punishment for existing."

Mila-Rose and a now eavesdropping Sun-sun overheard Naruto and now became cemented in the idea that they had been picked up by a wise and gentle soul who only wanted the best for those he saw as a friend.

"Draw!" Both Tatsuki and Apache called out as they held each other's hands trying to push the other down. Both a bit caked in sweat now but with huge grins on their faces.

"Wow… I've never seen another girl fight Tatsuki to a draw before." Orihime said with her cheeks filled with dango, sort of like a cute squirrel. "Apache-san is really strong."

"I'm just honestly surprised how tough that girl is yet if you look has a slim figure. Naruto-kun isn't she the one you want to pair with Ic-" she was cut off by Naruto nodded but nodded subtly to Tatsuki walking toward them, throwing them both a towel.

"She is but I can't let either know, his father knows and hopefully we can guide them to see how well they match. So you two heading for the showers then?" Naruto asked paying attention to the two.

"Yeah, Tatsuki gave me a descent work out for a change, might have to fight her again some time so I don't lose my edge." Apache said glad that throughout the fight they had not resorted to snapping at each other, just a straight fight.

"Same here, plus it'll help me keep on top of being Japan's strongest high school student, although I might have a tougher opponent this year if you join the competition Apache-san." Tatsuki said recalled how Naruto said Apache and her sisters would be transfer students… she would have someone else to beat down Chizuru most like too, Score!

"We'll see now I need to get washed, Oi Naruto there's shower wash and shampoo in the bathroom now, right?" Unknown to the girls Naruto had used the distraction to get clones to run out and get a few extra essentials like ingredients and toiletries.

"Yeah there's a variety of both, use what you like. I'd say take come clothes to change into as well Apache." Naruto had gotten them plenty of clothes judging what their styles would be, Sun-sun's for example all had a way to hide her face be it a tall collar or long sleeves, usually the latter.

He'd be giving them an allowance once that started schools, in case they wanted to eat out of try out what Karakura had to offer. Both Apache and Tatsuki headed up stairs to shower while the rest remained down stairs to eat dango and enjoy what tv had to offer Yoruichi was loving the petting with her dango especially. Naruto just smiled at the small changes already happening to the three, especially how little time they'd had together.


"Good morning class, today we have three new students joining us for this year. Please introduce yourselves." Misato Ochi the teacher of Ichigo's class said as the three arrancar stood in their uniforms in front of the class. Sun-sun's had long sleeves as per her request, a few girls were jealous of the three new girls for their exotic looks. Apache's eyes, Mila-Rose's skin and Sun-sun's moe look with her sleeves, the looks of the people as they walked in made Naruto, Rangiku and Yoruichi giggle to themselves since none of them really ever had guys n girls look up at them.

"Yo I'm Apache, mess with me and I promise you'll regret it." Apache said smacking her fist to her palm. A few guys flinched seeing how she seemed a lot like Tatsuki.

"Hey name's Mila-Rose, nice to meet you all. But yeah, don't think you can deal with all this without pain." Mila-Rose gave her girls a little lift resulting in a heavy nosebleed from Chizuru at the back of the class.

"Hello My name is Sun-sun, it's a pleasure to meet you all, please treat me well… and forgive my sisters behavior, it's a lot to deal with I know." Sun-sun gave a small bow while the other two cried out for their statement knowing that Sun-sun had a smirk hidden behind her sleeve.

"Well then take your seats you three, Uzumaki-sensei informed me he's been trying to get you up to speed from where we are in class. Emilou-san take your seat next to Arisawa-san, Franceska-san you'll be next to Inoue-san and Cyna-san your next to Kurosaki-san." Misato said shaking her head at the odd transfer students that arrived. According to Naruto they were adoptive siblings having become so at an early orphanage and stuck together.

Sun-sun turned to Ichigo who nodded at her with his usual scowl, "You really gonna stay here at school?" he asked quietly while Misato took the register.

"Naruto-san believed it would help us adapt better to our setting. I for one do not mind it, it's interesting seeing how the human world lives; that and your behavior with your family is amusing." She enjoyed the small tick mark Ichigo tried his hardest to suppress.

The lesson went well since being separated across the class there was little incident with Apache and Mila-Rose, both of which enjoyed discussing he subjects when curious. By the end of class Orihime and a few of them were heading to Naruto's office, said man was in his chair as expected although he seemed to be painting right now.

"What… I get bored when there's no patients and Rangiku-chan wanted to see how I paint." Naruto said as he showed the nice mountain painting, although Rangiku wanted something very different when Naruto said he'd paint for her.

"So how were your morning class girls?" Rangiku asked the three arrancar who took their lunches from Naruto, each was specified to their tastes, Apache's with more vegetables, Mila-rose with more meat and the same with Sun-sun but hers easier to swallow.

"Went fine, it's weird being in there but I'll get used to it." Apache said digging into her potato salad.

"Yeah, but is that Chizuru girl a little…?" Mila-Rose waved her hand reference how Chizuru was an open lesbian, she'd tried groping her but was denied by her sister and Tatsuki.

"She's very enthusiastic, although leaving so many button's undone might not help Mila-Rose." Naruto said as the girl did expose a bit more cleavage than most with her short's top two buttons undone.

"Shirt was too tight if I did Naruto-san, she can grope if she think she can handle them." Mila-Rose giggled to herself at the new fun idea of teasing the lesbian.

"What did you eat to get those?" Tatsuki asked looking over the group seeing the chest on Mila-Rose despite muscle tone on the girl, she knew a fighter when she saw one. But Tatsuki was curious on how a girl got so busty despite looking so buff to a degree.

"Red meat and a few other things, you sure you want something like these Tatsuki-san? After all you see what sort of attention they get?" Sun-sun explained to the girl knowing it was of no doing of their own how their bodies developed.

"I guess just curious with how toned her muscles are. Also Naruto-sensei isn't it weird having so many girls live in your new house?" Naruto tilted his head a moment while eating his sausage, moving it away from Yoruichi's mouth.

"Well I've led an interesting life… it was only a matter of time before something like this happened so it is weird, but a weird I very much like. You can still move in if your parents agree?" he knew that Tatsuki was worried for her best friend despite knowing Naruto was a good guy so offered her a room. So glad Kisuke got him planning permission for extensions, the street was perfect for extensions as the house next to them went up for sale.

Such luck was only possible for him if you think about it.

"I'll talk with them tonight, it'll be a surprise that I'd move out so soon but it would be nice to live closer to friends and be able to visit my parents with relative ease." Tatsuki said eating some of her mother's Onigiri.

"Just tell them I'll be keeping an eye on your grades and be cooking for the house. It's going to be fun turning it into an inn by the end of things… maybe I should get a kimono to go for simple landlord look?" He wondered recalling a character from a manga he read recently.

"With it being free board too I don't think they'll be complaining at all. Plus mean I can show Apache the dojo I go to easier. Think you could show some of the guys the strength of women as well Apache?" she asked the girl who grinned I return.

"Like you need to ask, I'll be earning a black belt in a week." Apache was surprised she got on with a human so well but being so like-minded she couldn't really care since there were few to have a good normal spar with back in Hueco Mundo, the closest was Grimmjow, and he was a prick to her and their leader.

"It's good to hear, I'll be seeing how things go for next door, I may have work done while we are at school so it won't disturb us too much." Naruto said already considering making a hot spring for everyone, wouldn't be too hard for him to work around plus it would produce interesting results.

Never let it be said that an Uzumaki does things half way. It will always be to the maximum effect. Hence why the Uzumaki Inn will be an amazing addition to the Kurosaki clinic.

"Just make sure you don't cause any trouble in the town, but have fun all the same." Naruto said before thinking about later on. "Who wants take out tonight?" the girls plus the cat raised their hands, mainly due to wanting to try different foods of the world. He'd go for Chinese; he loved his battered sweet and sour pork. It went amazing with his ramen when he mixed cuisine, the amazement of adding new things to the food of the gods.

"I'll get the menu out when we get home, ill leave you some time to see if you parents give you the okay Tatsuki." Said girl nodded as they continued to chat about food and other normal things. Such was the average school student life, at least for some; Ichigo kept getting called for his Shinigami duties. Thankfully Kon knew better than to act out when Naruto was in the school.


"You sure you wanna have another spar Apache?" Naruto asked since the girl had requested another match with him once they got home.

"Yes… while I guess I don't mind being here a bit safer I still want to prove myself. If I can best you one day then I can maybe be on Harribel-sama's too one day." Apache was like Tatsuki a girl of action, someone who preferred to convey certain things through her fists; Naruto represented a new goal for her, which coincided with her current one. To a degree she wanted to try and understand his character better as he was too contrasting of a man.

"Oh ok, when you're ready then." Naruto spread his feet and tossed off his lab coat for Rangiku to grab. "Come get some." He taunted slightly as the girl charged in, with her leg raised not too high as she knew he'd dodge. He still did but also redirected her force by gripping her ankle.

While their battle started Sun-sun looked through the menu for Chinese food Naruto had, the different names needed translating by Orihime to what the dish was like. "How can something be both sweet and sour, they are conflicting flavors?" A rather simple question for where food was concerned

"Oi Mila-Rose, wanna join us for a drink?" Rangiku asked as Yoruichi got dressed and sat down with a bottle of Sake and glasses in hand. The three cats of the house all grinned at the prospect of drinking.

"Sure why not, I could use a glass, normal classes are so boring, no excitement aside from lunch and a couple other things." Said things including many guys fall over from starting or Tatsuki and Apache beating more of them into the ground for trying to grab.

"Great, all the better when more of us drink. Sort of wish Kukaku could join us though." Yoruichi said slightly missing her drinking partner, Soifon too as Orihime was at times clueless to her teasing, sweet innocent teen that she was. Even then the times she did get her to blush was a result of mentioning Naruto when she'd seen him naked.

The fight continued with Naruto, with him just directing Apache's attacks. He actually enjoyed how she adjusted her attack pattern as she learned how he defended himself. Maybe he should get a stick like an old kung fu master to teach her at the same time… could be an excuse to use his beard on his face again.

He liked stroking it and looking very wise.

Eventually Tatsuki did arrive with a bag or three, which her parents had dropped off but did say they'd talk over the phone a lot. Plus she'd have to keep her grades up too since they were letting her have a bit of independence. She came upon the scene of Naruto sparing with Apache, having moved onto trading fists in a slight blur. It really did shock her the fist time the met, with her trying to kick him in the face. You could only imagine her surprise when he so easily took on her kick and didn't get angry at her, even more surprise when she found him to be friendly with Orihime.

After he entered the school there seemed to be less dull moment at lunchtime and someone to actually try out some of Orihime's strange ideas that somehow were still considered food. If she had heard he was going to buy a house for them to move in with him and Orihime, it would only be him that she'd trust, not to mention being so close to Ichigo's home.

Speaking of which where was that orange haired boy and his ever present scowl?

"Hah…you really are a tough old bastard aren't you Naruto?" Apache said smirking a little at Naruto; who didn't seem to have even broken a sweat, mainly due to he cheated. By circulating both wind and water around his body he kept it very cool so it didn't sweat much.

"Tough and old yes, a bastard I certainly am not trust me I know. Anyway you go for a shower and I'll see that the others want for their food, you can choose afterwards ok?" Apache gave a small nod as she wiped her forehead, drenched in a fair bit of sweat, not to mention her short too almost exposing her sports bra clad chest.

'It does suit her well though, that and the spats too.' Naruto wondered to himself as he took the cup of sake offered to him by Rangiku and joined the trio. "So you had a look at the menu?" he asked the girls.

"Mostly, Mila-Rose has gone for Beef Chow Mien, I'm going with Chicken in Oyster Sauce and Water Chestnuts. What about you Rangiku-chan?" Yoruichi said as the woman glanced at the menu again.

"Hmm, I think I'll go for the chicken feet and the Char Sui Bau." She said while Naruto pulled out a notebook to jot down their orders, he'd have to ask for extra pork crackers. But he didn't mind paying for a good take out now and again; even he got tired of cooking from time to time. Everyone needs a break from it all now and again.

By the time Apache came back wearing her jeans, shirt and jacket she quickly picked out a nice set of ribs and some egg fried rice and sweet n sour prawns. To say the arrancar, Shinigami and humans loved their take out buffet would be an understatement. Naruto definitely could cook better but the selection of dishes Naruto had ordered a long with their own would mean nice leftovers for their lunches for a week.

However by the end of the night there was a ring at the door and Naruto moved to answer it, opening the door he found Nemu in a school uniform with her usual blank face. "Naruto-san…Kurotsuchi-sama and Yamamoto-Sotaicho send their regards and hope you accept me into your home for observation as well." She bowed her head and Naruto shook his head at another girl for his soon to be Inn.


"Seriously… your house is almost an Eroge in the making Naruto-san, can't say I'm not jealous of you." Shini said while Naruto visited his hideout, he had a clone at the school, Sun-sun had joined him with Nemu mainly because when he said he'd be visiting she wanted to meet the people Aizen had exiled and hollowfied by his actions.

"I can hardly deny that claim, although the paths would be very complicated to complete, let alone going for the harem option as funny as it sounds." Naruto drank his coffee, which Shinji made with the machine he bought for them to use; they were in the dining area, so much more respectable now that his clones had renovated the whole inside of the building.

Most of the other Vizards were enjoying their new console that he'd got them after getting back. Love and Rose had once more claimed him as their god of both writing and all things fun.

"Still housing some of Aizen's arrancar in your house is a strange move, even more by moving so close to Ichigo, it might make it easier to put one of us closer to him when his hollow acts out." Shinji knew that the teen wouldn't always be able to call back the power of his hollow.

"He should accept it like I did long ago, when you stop seeing things from black and white so much of the world opens. Why else would those girls not try to kill me? The answer is simply I don't judge based on what I see. It's what I feel from them makes me know they are like you and me, just souls who desire a simple life, with a few tweaks here and there." Naruto knew it was easy to see things from a good and evil perspective, but he after so long a life grew a greater dislike for it form his own experience and watching people start wars because people were perceived as evil.

Hollows in early stages were hungry and confused, those who relished in pain of others went to hell like they deserved. To those who had matured and were simply not fighting for the sake of war or domination he wanted to befriend. He only wished some people could forget their aggression against others; the quinces were one such of an example. He had tried discussing on how a slight change would allow the spirits to be freed, but the fool of a king refused to hear reason and thus he separated from them. He wondered what became of most of them, as Uryu and his father were what seemed to be left.

Shinji not being a mind reader didn't know what Naruto was thinking and just wondered what other crazy stuff would happen now… and when was the next kart game out, he wanted his new game even more than the next Warriors game.

Sun-sun meanwhile was talking with Lisa who was showing her some of her more mature collection, all signed by Naruto obviously. "Humans can bend into such positions?" the slightly blushing girl asked while Lisa smiled at the arrancar, being essentially her spiritual reverse from hollow to Shinigami, she liked how normal her interaction and curiosity was. Plus, having another girl to chat with and show off her stuff to was fun. Mashiro's brain didn't seem to be able to comprehend the beauty of the ero… at least she hoped not, so much enthusiasm might spur Kensei to lock his door and barricade it from his lieutenant.

She'd have to test and film that at some point; it would make a great home movie.

"Yes sun-chan, girls usually are more flexible than men, but Naruto-sama does probably possess that talent as well." Lisa said not using the more familiar suffix as said blonde wasn't in the room and he didn't like the praise too much. Well he liked it from her, but less from the odd pair of love and rose who he has joked really should have gotten laid some time ago.

"Hmm… bending so your leg is behind your head…" having the slight nature of a snake Sun-sun found no problems in putting her leg behind her head with no signs of discomfort.

"Well now that's impressive, why do you hide your cute face sun-chan?" Lisa asked as the girl turned her eyes toward her.

"It's more fun."

Sun-sun and Lisa eventually joined the ongoing fighting game tournament; the current match of Rose against Mashiro was in her favor with her character releasing a charged beam of Ki.

"Apache would like this game." The arrancar muttered thinking that the game would be a good way of settling arguments or making more of them now that she gave it full thought. 'Why are they so troublesome?'

"So… what do you think of our odd group?" Lisa asked while the tournament continued.

"Odd is the perfect word for it, from all reports I never would have thought captains and lieutenants would act like this after being cast out. I find it, uplifting in a way." Sun-sun said seeing Mashiro jump for joy and Hiyori looking like she wanted to hit the screen. Which she just might have done, if not for Love, restraining her in a half nelson.

"What way?"

"Just confirming a small suspicion I have been starting to have. That man really doesn't do things for his own gain, but for others and for joy. It's different from we've ever been used to. A part of me knows Harribel-sama will join us with Naruto's help, despite the risk to his life when going against her and Aizen." Sun-sun explained while Lisa nodded at her assumptions of Naruto's character.

"He is bizarre in how he does things, as you know the whole place we have now was once a dump. But just a couple of days knowing us we had a home we really did enjoy living in. I imagine things would be much more dull if we didn't get some help from that blonde stranger." Looking at Sun-sun she held out her hand. "Wanna spar for a bit?"

"You know, I don't think I'd mind that, only shikai though Lisa-san." Sun-sun got to her feet and walked to have a battle. Two new friends made so quickly, it was a surprise but a very nice one.

Naruto himself had decided to leave a clone while he found another part of the area to train in. "Well one bankai took me 100 years, let's see if the next one can take a little less Soukyoku-chan." Naruto said drawing the blade out and concentrating the spirit to the blade flinging it out as the phoenix appeared and bowed to him.

"I'm sure you'll pass the challenge a lot easier Naruto-san, but I won't go easy on you." She flared her wings out as the heat hit his face, to which Naruto drew out Yume.

"Wouldn't be worth it if you didn't, Yume was the same for some time. I know it'll be fun all the way though. Here I come!" Naruto charged forward hoping he'd be able to take breaks as he was on cooking duty again when it was time to go home.

XChapter EndX

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