Chapter 15: Mages be Trolling

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XChapter StartX

As we turn our attention to a young Orihime for this moment in time, aside from thought that would make most turn their heads three hundred and sixty degrees to try and understand her, Orihime was currently very happy with her life. For several reasons in fact, first off was the cool new house/Inn she currently was staying in, second Naruto increased number of friends with Sun-sun and the others. Thirdly was her best friend Tatsuki now living with her, four was having such delicious food and others who got why pickle mustard wrapped in bacon was good and finally the man who changed everything, Naruto.

The blonde who was currently cooking up a storm for all his houseguests brought a smile to her face. To think a blonde stranger she met in the store would quickly become such a big part in her life. It had not taken her long to compare him to Ichigo when they met but while it was easy to see the differences it was difficult to truly see how similar they were. They had a code to protect those close to them drew her heart towards them.

But spending so much time with Naruto made her look at her crush differently, Ichigo while strong had an aura sometimes felt sad but he didn't seem to want anyone to bear the burden. Naruto meanwhile also shouldered something but he was happy to let people help him or in her case help her be stronger, even if it was just a healer.

It made her wonder how she felt about Naruto, was it more like admiration or something more akin to affection. She wondered if she should talk to Rangiku or Yoruichi who seemed the closest to him most of the time. Fun fact though he had made good on his word and Naruto had begun to wear a traditional kimono around the house. It made for an amusing scene when Apachi challenged him for a fight and he fought her in the kimono.

Tatsuki had started to fight him as well when apache tired herself out; she had not even score a single hit. Sun-sun and Mila-Rose were content to just watch him fight, the former trying to figure out a good way of copying his style as it was fluid like a snake.

"Oh Orihime-chan, you alright there?" Naruto said looking to the girl lost in thoughts.

"Um I'm fine Naruto-kun, just wondering how long the food will be?" That and she wanted to see if he would give her a taste… she liked it when she got to try the food first. Luck was on her side, or her cute charms, most likely the latter as her favorite doctor liked her smile. 'At least that's what makes sense when he returns my smile.'

"Maybe ten minutes, just finishing off the stuffed lotus root. But I have some dorayaki for desert though. Here try this mini one." He lifted the small treat for Orihime who lapped it up like a puppy offered a treat. She only needed a pair of ears and a wagging tail to complete her image, which she did have from her training sessions from Lisa.


Orihime sunk her teeth into her cream-filled snack; the pancake was very fluffy and had some mitarashi sauce on it as well so even better. "Would you help set the table Orihime-chan?" the girl nodded as she retrieved the plate as he had made oden for the house tonight. Of course there were extra additions for people of Orihime's tastes.

Thankfully Naruto didn't have to tell any of his houseguests when food was ready as the smell always drew them to the dining room, a place when arguments between Apache and Mila-Rose were kept to a minimum as both didn't want to lose out of the dishes.

The hot pot dishes he made were good as there was a good blend of vegetables and meat, but everyone would agree that his ramen recipes were the greatest they ever tasted, low in fat too. As everyone sat down for their meal there was a ring at his door making a few mentally groan.

No one ate unless everyone was at the table, a rule he put in which meant the houseguests had to wait till Naruto came back. "Who the heck arrives at this sort of time?" Apache asked aloud wanting to dig in, with Sun-sun next to her and Tatsuki to her right.

"Whoever they are they better have a good excuse for disturbing meal time. It smells too good right now." Tatsuki said in agreement with her new friend.

To their utmost joy Naruto returned and sat back at the table, filling his plate and signaling the start. "Who was it Naruto-kun?" Rangiku wondered seeing something in Naruto's kimono sleeve.

"Letter from an odd messenger, but meal time is now. I'll read it afterwards don't worry Rangiku-chan. Pass the soy sauce." Naruto was trying tofure out the reason why he got a message, which bore a particular seal on it.

It wasn't until a few hours later Naruto took the letter out again with Sun-sun sitting next to him and Nemu observing, as she tended to do now. He knew the crazy captain had recording devices in her; sadly his house had been sealed to prevent any signals being received on his devices.

Sneaking into the barracks was child's play for a master ninja when he was still there, the seal recorded changes to the passwords so no trouble hacking in. anyway back to the letter Naruto had been looking at it for several minutes now making Sun-sun poke him in the shoulder.

"Why don't you open it Naruto-san it could be important." Naruto just looked at her and let out a sigh as he turned the letter and showed the wax seal which had a swirl on it.

"It is important, this is my personal seal for letter even now but I didn't send this. Most likely something really annoying will happen when I do open it." Using a small wind blade at the end of his pinky he broke the wax seal and opened the letter.

To Naruto Uzumaki

Greetings from a fellow blonde and Naruto, yes that's right your getting a letter from yourself isn't that great. Any-who I'm a Naruto sorta connected to parallel world and found that your world is currently about to go through the events of the fifth grail war. I know that you know all about it, after all you one of the old Naruto's except you a bit more fun than some of the others, trust me.

My associate and I wish you request for you to… add some fire to the ongoing war or rather put some out with your talents as a healer. Help will arrive once you enter Fuyuki City, be kind as she'll be a bit shy around you. Take a couple of your houseguests too, maybe the healer girl and her friend to make sure she is show the world and its mysteries… oh and the science girl too, she'll be useful…. we think….

We both know now that you've been made aware the next war is coming and you being so close means you'll go to stop any of the fallout from it. It's what I got made to do at one point but I'm the better for it. Plus you'll see some old friends once you go too so it'll be a fun vacation full of blood battles and tasty food.

All the best Uzumaki Naruto, Apprentice to the Director of the Clock Tower and best-looking mage/vampire around.

P.S. – Sorry, if the seals sting.

"How peculiar… parallel worlds and timelines… with you being a part of them and a viewer of them. Mayuri-sama would want to study you more closely if he knew this Naruto-san, if only he would contact me." Nemu said unaware he was still trying, only other captains got through and most of the time it was Ukitake as he volunteered to keep in contact with Naruto.

"Grail War?" Sun-sun asked allowed not sure what sort of war that entailed.

"It's a battle royal for a powerful relic that can grant wishes… supposedly at least." Feeling a headache Naruto got a couple glasses and a sake jug form himself, pouring himself a large one. "I've only heard of them, horrible things really as it summons old heroes of legend to fight each other for a prize they would never likely obtain. I was still out of the country when the last war happened… ten or so years ago now." Naruto was already pouring his next glass.

"Left a black mark on the world, hundreds dies after the outcome and fuyuki was struck off my list of places to work at. The whole city put me off when I went there one time, but it seems I'm being forced to work there." Naruto felt the stinging sensation on his hand and saw three lines come together in a swirl.

Command Seals.

Looking into the letter it also had details of his temporary position at the local Highschool and his rented accommodations. All under his name too, it was a good thing the sake was strong as Naruto wanted to choke the man (himself) who gave him the letter as he was right, he had to go.

'And here I thought things were calming down, now I'm being sent into a war zone.' The whole thing with Soul Society was nice enough and at a pace he could deal with plus the company it brought made him smile. Having to temporarily move was just aggravating to him.

"So when do we leave and how do we explain it?" Sun-sun asked, as she was hardly going to let the man she was curious of go into danger without her.

"Based on the details next week… I'll have to make clones of everyone to avoid suspicion. We'll have to show Tatsuki how things are tonight or tomorrow as well, ergh I hate being forced to do something when I know others can solve it." Nemu tilted her head in mild confusion.

"But if the person sending the letter is you, surely it means he is doing something to take care of it as you are going to this place." Sound logic; if you didn't take the multiple Naruto's into the equation; or end up going cross-eyes in the attempt to make sense or argue her words.

"I know… that's why I'm taking my sake not out of pleasure right now." Naruto groaned rubbing his forehead.


"So why are we heading to an old candy shop Naruto-sensei?" Tatsuki asked as after school he told her he had some people for he to meet.

"My friend lives there, be warned he's quirky and rather… eccentric." Naruto said as the tough girl… tough human girl as Apache was tough too. Tatsuki just shrugged her shoulders as her friendship with Orihime she got used to quirky.

"I wonder if Tessai-san has any nice snacks today?" Orihime wondered aloud as the got to the small store.

"Yo Kisuke, Tessai we're here." Naruto called out and the large spectacles man appeared instantly… with onigiri.

"Welcome Uzumaki-san, please help yourself I just made these." Orihime and Sun-sun were the first to take a rice ball, sweet ones today.

"So tall…" Tatsuki muttered at the wall of muscle that was Tessai.

"Oya our guests have arrived, what brings you here today Naruto?" Kisuke said with his ever-present fan. "Could it be this one needs to see the world's spirits?"

"Wait, what?"

"Yeah… have a read of this." Naruto handed over the letter to the former captain whose eyes went over it quick with pupils dilating at what he was reading.

"So you received a latter from yourself but it's not technically you. Informing you that another war is coming and suggested you bring the girl along… do you do anything normal?" Kisuke said bluntly like most would after meeting the blonde.

"Doubt it."

"Naruto-san is a unique existence, strange phenomena happen around him." Nemu's simple words got nods from all except Tatsuki for obvious reasons.

"Okay I'm really confused here… what's going on Naruto?" Tatsuki asked crossing her arms and giving a firm glare at Naruto, despite affecting him very little.

"Well… you know how Ichigo has felt a bit odd to you like Orihime-chan too?" he got a small nod from the girl. "The thing is… we all have powers of a spiritual nature, Ichigo for example is a Shinigami like Kisuke, Tessai and Nemu here. Orihime has strong healing abilities and I'm an immortal while Sun-sun is a spirit turned hungry beast spirit turned half Shinigami."

"Really… your serious?"

"Yeah" the stereo sound of everyone there had Tatsuki tilt her head, then the rest of her as she passed out. "Huh, never thought she'd be one to faint."

"Huh, I didn't expect her to faint. Thought she'd be more to punch one of you in the face for stupidity like I would." Apache said looking down at her sparing partner.

"Maybe she isn't a muscle bound idiot who hit before even trying to think." Mila-Rose chirped in making the two but heads and begins an argument, while exchanging insults.

To the shock of no one, they were ignored as it happened too often.

"You two should remember that you shouldn't be arguing, especially within a friends home. Or do I need to discipline the both of you?" Naruto turned his smiling face to the pair who started to shake, as did a few others. Only Orihime seemed to be immune to its effects, even with the razor sharp fox teeth in front of her the rabbit like ears distracted her.

"Oh not again, why does my humble shop have such a spirit inside it?" Kisuke asked shaking in fear behind Tessai as he did whenever Naruto's smile was in place.

"Wait, wait we're not arguing right Apache?" Mila-Rose said hugging her friend who nodded furiously.

"Yeah that's right we're the best of friends so please stop that Naruto-san please!" Sun-sun just giggled behind her sleeve at her sister's behavior, Harribel would be delighted if he taught her how to do that if they met on much safer and peaceful terms.

While the two continued to squirm Orihime moved over to shake her best friend awake, as she knew the best way to wake her without the chance of pain. "Tatsuki… there's a thug at the door demanding to fight the strongest girl around here." Quicker than she could blink Tatsuki was up and fists already clenched, making Naruto stop his illusion on the two arrancar.

"Oh you're back with us… before you ask no it wasn't a dream we all have powers." Naruto said as the tomboy retook her seat.

"Ok… first!" Tatsuki smacked the top of Orihime's head making her let out an adorable squeak of pain and rub the growing lump. "That's for not telling me sooner, I knew I felt something different around you a while ago. Second why are you all telling me now?"

Naruto showed her the letter and saw it was the same hand writing as Naruto's. "That letter was sent to me by a me of another place, time and world. It explains that trouble is coming and it would be best if I went along. It also blatantly points out that I should bring you along no doubt to develop you own spiritual abilities. So me and Orihime felt it would be best to get you acquainted before we all leave for fuyuki city."

"Okay… normally I'd be tempted to hit you but you have always been honest with us and looked after Orihime since you arrived here. But you sure you could help me find out what I can do, also how you gonna deal with us leaving Karakura and our absence from school." Tatsuki asked watching as Naruto crossed his fingers and created several clones whom in turn henged into all of them.

"A non-issue now come on I have a way to figure out what it is you can do." Naruto and the other followed him down the ladders and to a degree enjoyed Tatsuki's amazed expression despite how much she tried to restrain it.

"So how we gonna due this?" Naruto gave Orihime a look and whispered in her ear, making her gasp before looking into Naruto's blue eyes and giving him a small nod as he turned back to her.

"Simple… do or die." Naruto flung off his coat and rushed at the girl whose reflexes only managed to save her from a blow.

"Woo, woo what's going on?" Naruto swung out with his forearm, which was blocked by Tatsuki. 'Holy…! What the hell? How strong is this guy?'Tatsuki was sure she heard her bone creak a little as she was sent flying while on her feet. Looking she saw Naruto wasn't in front of her, but noticing something above and jumped back to avoid Naruto axe kick, which cratered the floor.

"Better fight back Tatsuki, you have five minutes before I start using my sword." Naruto knew this was harsh of him not being as joking as he had been with the others but a grail war was not a place for jokes. He knew enough about them and how all masters played dirty with any human life, such was the way of magus' society.

Tatsuki gulped seeing Naruto, her teacher attack with blows that could crack the earth, it was frightening. For her; one of the toughest girls in Japan seeing such a fighter so much stronger than her was making her hairs stand on end. Blow after blow she dodged or redirected but there was no malice in any blow that clipped her and sent her skidding across the floor.

But despite that he would attack to strike her down, she felt her body react a bit faster each time he rushed at her. Her blood pumped faster, but her own training kept her breath steady, taking one to centre her-self. It could have been an hour before Tatsuki felt something stir within her… something strong, steadfast… and light.

"What… what is this?" Tatsuki's shocked question came as she noticed something about her hands. Naruto stopped in his tracks as he saw the entity hovering over her.

"You are a rather strange human Tatsuki, with Ichigo around your spiritual reserves began to grow but your physical aspects were trained each time to balance it out, part of me believed you had chakra like I do. But looking now, your strength is quite different." He lifted his hand and pointed at the figure. "That there is a symbol of you Tatsuki-san, it represent your strength and your will powered by your body and soul. In my travels I heard of it and tried to attain it but was unsuccessful but the sight was awakened at least. You Tatsuki are a new Stand user."

"Stand? The hell… wait…" Tatsuki saw Naruto was open and rushed forward with her Stand mirroring her movements. "Don't know what this is but take this!" Tatsuki's fist connected with Naruto's face sending him flying across the plains and into a mountain wall.

"Ergh… good punch." The large fist mark was smoking on Naruto's cheek, "Least she isn't a Joestar, would have needed to grow back a few teeth." He crawled out of the mountain and shaking off the rubble looking back at Tatsuki who was on her knees looking exhausted from using her Stand along with all the dodging she had just done.

Before it vanished he saw what it looked like. It was a male muscular figure and was bright yellow with spikes along it arms, legs and head making it look like a human sun. 'Huh maybe she'll call it the Sun… or I'll just suggest her to do that, decisions.' Shrugging Naruto made it over and picked up Tatsuki and handed her to Rangiku and Orihime so they could drop her in the onsen to heal. (1)

"Wow… she really clocked you… I wanna fight her when she's next ready." Apache said a little excited seeing her land the blow on the guy she'd been trying to hit. Admittedly Naruto might have let her hit him as payment for trying to crush her literally under his foot.

"Really Apache-san… I'd be more than happy, but seeing that we need to get her trained up first before another spar. Don't want to push her too hard." Kisuke said as Naruto shook his head at the man.

"Actually Apache might be the best to train Tatsuki, she'll need to figure out her own power and Apache trains with her already, the only difference is you won't need your gigai… I might add some seals to her to buff her defense a bit. Now I need to deal with the paperwork and call a contact to get our temporary house in order, feel free to join Tatsuki, as you actually are Apache, so you can get her used to a person with a hole that you can see through. Nemu would you mind helping me as you have good filing skills." Nemu nodded as she followed Naruto up the ladders.


"Really you have this as your car?" Tatsuki asked Naruto after a few days of sparing and getting used to her power and buffed up speed from her stand was next to her friends in front of Naruto's Hummer.

"In my defense this baby runs of chakra and electricity so no emissions, plus it has so much room so we can all fit inside. But you know it isn't going to be all fun when we arrive. Nemu, do you have your healing kit from Kisuke?" Naruto looked to the lieutenant who gave a small nod as she climbed into the car or tank as Tatsuki has called it upon first sight.

"Urahara-san made sure to pack extra for you, he also gave us some soul candy too so we wouldn't need to worry about a quick change. But are you sure all of your copies will be able to accurately mimic all of our behaviors, even Arisawa-san's?" Nemu asked as like most people knew it's very difficult to act like another person, body posture, language tweaks, behavior and interaction with their peers. To think Naruto would be taking on no less than six identities while they were away was intriguing to her… or at least it would be to her father.

Naruto turning to the girl opened his mouth "Don't worry about it Nemu-chan, we'll be back in no time and eating bean-sprout porridge with chocolate ramen in no time at all~." Everyone looked a little weirded out since Naruto had just pulled off Orihime's voice to a T, even struck a pose similar for when Orihime was wondering what food to try next.

'Wonder if we can use that in role play?' Yoruichi and to a degree Rangiku thought hearing Naruto. It still surprised them both he hadn't taken one of them to bed, but Rangiku could see he wanted them to start it as with his charms he couldn't probably pull anyone so instead treated everyone so they feel special so that they feel confident to ask.

"Never do that again." Tatsuki said deadpanned, seriously it was too real for her especially having so little experience with the spiritual world. Sparing with Apache who sported a horn and a hole in her stomach she could see through was odd enough. Her Stand 'The Sun' was interesting as she quickly figured out some of the features to her power, number one she needed to breath to keep it out fully and any serious damage it took would reflect on her. There were a few trick she had learned to use with it but not perfectly, but for some reason when she had started pummeling back a cero blast she could swear her Stand was shouting 'ORA!' a lot.

"No promises now get in we are wasting daylight, I have to introduce myself to the Highschool tomorrow and scope out everything. Oh and I will be giving you your homework while we are there." There was a universal groan from them, it sucked how Naruto among other thing had made sure everyone in their house was getting good grades, even the Arrancar siblings. If they didn't do any work… then, no food.

It was too good and that's what made it cruel, they couldn't go back to simple stuff now.

"Yeah, yeah we get it." Apache said sitting by the window, Rangiku got in the front with Yoruichi in her lap, the rest filing into the car before they set off for the dangerous and mysterious city of Fuyuki.

The drive down was pleasant enough but entering the threshold they felt the strange but nauseating sensation. Even Mila-Rose felt it, like back when she removed her mask, the feeling that she had to be aware of her surrounding otherwise she'd be someone prey.

"Kisuke said the place we rented was cheap since it's apparently close to the local yakuza, but they are a friendly bunch based on rumors." Yoruichi said while being petted, the tall hill wasn't too much trouble to climb, especially with full four-wheel drive. The house was your more typical old Japanese house so all on one level with a large front and likely large back garden.

"Everyone should unpack their things, I'll head out for some groceries and see what I can find out. Anyone wanna join?" Nemu came forward and the two set-off while the others took their bags inside to pick a room.

Fuyuki despite the odd aura it had was pleasant enough, plenty of people going about their way. "So… how have you found living in the world of the living Nemu-san we haven't really talked much about it?" Naruto asked as they entered the shopping market.

"I'm an unsure how to answer that question, I'm merely here to observe you and record data for Mayuri-sama and Yamamoto-Sotaicho. If I were to say anything on the subject I will note it has be interesting to see how easily you deal with the strangeness of getting a mission from yourself. But how do you plan to move in the events of this war?" Nemu asked keeping her tone professional… although Naruto was unsure if she had a different tone as of yet.

"Wait for all of the servants to be summoned. I'll likely be able to summon mine." Closing his eyes Naruto tried to search out the already summoned servants. Berserker… and Lancer, two of the seven had been summoned, it wouldn't be long until the others were called upon though.

"We have time to prepare though, with your skills… do you think you can set up some surveillance around the city by tapping into the security already there and some I might add." Nemu nodded, as hacking was among her numerous talents; it would take her less time than it would for Naruto to cook.

When they got home she did just that, setting up her surveillance system in her room was compact but efficient. Multiple screens showed various places around the city, some of which Naruto helped set up including some near the church which he'd felt the need to do very quickly.

"Seems a little intrusive doesn't it?" Tatsuki asked looking at the multiple screens. Her Stand was behind her with it's arms crossed like her own were.

"Yes it is… but the last war ended with a massacre many people dead from the resulting fire, I can't figure out why exactly that would happen yet. This is one of the precautions I'm taking, I have an instant teleportation technique, and the cameras have my mark to move instantly. If any battles take place I can be there quick, be it on my own or with some of you." Naruto said flicking to the school camera as the students went home for the day, only one seemed to notice something different.

"I'm not comfortable being in battle so soon, I mean yeah, I can fight on a more balanced feel with The Sun, but experience wise Apache has a lot more than me, heck even Orihime has more than me." Tatsuki shrugged her shoulder but felt the stand pat it in sympathy, something Naruto raised an eyebrow to.

"Don't be too worried Tatsuki, Apache does have her experience but from how you two fight its clear you could get a feel of an opponent quickly. Plus you have a brain you use more than the muscle head remember?" Mila-Rose pointed out to the girl somehow feeling she had pissed Apache off who was downstairs with Orihime and Sun-sun.

"Thanks Mila, you sure you aren't doing the whole summoning thing tonight Naruto?" Naruto shook his head

"No I don't know what will happen if I summon to- (YMCA Plays) that's not my tone." Looking to his phone Naruto had received a message 'Summon tonight, don't worry about it.' "The me from the other dimension; is annoying me… could have picked a better song for pity's sake. Sigh I'm summoning tonight then, after dinner. What you in the mood for?"

"I'm for steak, I take mine rare though." Naruto nodded thinking of how to spice it up for himself, Orihime and Rangiku, Mila-Rose would want it plain, as it was pure meat. He'd sort a nice salad for Apache though, but with a substitute meat or ask if she didn't mind steak, she did like meat just not as much due to her animal form.

Eventually Naruto walked into the back garden and set up the circle, as he knew enough about magic to know how to make a magic circle, Merlin and Nimue were sticklers for that. "So this is magic… don't you need a wand Naruto-kun?" Orihime asked him as he double-checked the ground where he'd made a wood platform appear.

"Not really, magic is weird, sort of like a science that's one branch of it at least, there are things called bounded fields which can let a user set up rules in an area, currently mine cuts off all access to sensors looking in on us. Now lets see if I remember this right…" Taking a breath Naruto let his reserves switch to using od from his 100 circuits.

Silver and iron to the origin.

Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone.

The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg.

The alighted wind becomes a wall.

The gates in the four directions close,

coming from the crown,

the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate.

Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill).

Repeat every five times. Simply, shatter once filled.

I announce.

Your self is under me,

my fate(doom) is in your sword.

In accordance with the approach of the Holy Grail,

if you abide by this feeling,

this reason, then answer.

Here is my oath.

I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead,

I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead.

You, seven heavens clad in three words of power,

arrive from the ring of deterrence,

O keeper of the balance!

The seals on the back of his hands burned as a figure started to emerge from the circle but smoke concealed the figure so no one could see what they looked like. "In accordance with your summon, I have come forth. I ask thee, are you thy master?" a gentle female voice asked as the smoke was moved out the way revealing the servant.

The figure was five foot, two, she had dark blue eyes that held gentleness in them as well as stern. Her hair was blonde and was waits length and braided in a ponytail going along her back. She wore a silver headband looking plate where the arrow-like part of it covered her forehead.

She also had a silver choker around her neck, a black mantle over her shoulders as well as a dark blue cloth beneath it. Her arms, abdomen and upper thighs were clad in brightly shining silver armor, glowing in the moonlight. There was also a skirt, which covered all but her right leg. Her legs had black leggings with more armor to the legs and black shoes underneath it.

Lastly in her hand was a long blade in its sheath as she was in a bowing position as a knight would to a king. The knight was a majestic female who looked closely at Naruto. "Yes I am your master… nice to see you again Jeane, it's been a long time."



For Joan there were forever memories of her childhood in France tending to the fields like the rest of her family. It had all changed when she received her first visions from the heavens, Saint Michael was one of those she saw telling her to drive the English out.

She had joined the army after gaining support to visit the Royal Court of France and offer her predictions to them, gaining her armor and leading the French to victory in Orleans.

During her time though she met a strange man who went by the name Renard, a blonde male who didn't shun her when she rose in ranks. Renard became a close friend and someone she sought council with when out of battle but he was a strong soldier through and through.

She had missed him and their conversations after her capture by the English and even more so during her trial. Her beliefs held true, as she knew she had done right by her lord and if he wished for her to be a prisoner then so be it.

On the day of her execution she remembered the jeers she got but she refused to be dragged, only wishing she had her cross to hold. But she did receive a cross from an Englishman but as she thanked him they saw Renard in the crowd and she couldn't help but feel it was his parting gift to her. Part of her knew if she had taken a different path she might have had a life with that men but the fact was she chose to take up the sword.

That path introduced her to Renard, to her friend and she would just hope she saw his face again one day. A wish she held during her time in the throne of heroes, always looking out for that blue eyes man with the gentle heart. Imagine her surprise as when she was summoned as Ruler for the fifth grail war and to see the same eyes of compassion and care.


"Ahh yes I forgot I changed my name to suite France back then. Yes it's me Jeane; it's been a long time, maybe more so for me. Come on I think you deserve to be fed first." Naruto said coming over and offering his hand which Jeane took no trouble in taking, his grip was gentle yet strong.

"Renard… you said you changed your name… if so what is it?"

"Uzumaki Naruto."


It took a bit to explain who he really was to Jeane who to the shock of many was the Saint Joan of Arc, hero of France during the hundred Years War. But it was her who was more shocked seeing her immortal friend and the people he had surrounded himself with who had such strange powers.

For Tatsuki and Orihime though it was a bit weird even for them to see such a historical figure talk so peacefully. Both knew the hardship of Jeane but to think Naruto was there even during the hundred year war just let them know how aged he was but also how kind he had remained throughout it all.

So… France is free, I am thankful for that, and to see you again Naruto. But you have summoned me for this war correct?" Jeane asked the blonde now having changed her clothes, being only a bit bigger than Tatsuki she was now in a comfy pair of jeans and a pure white shirt.

"Yes and no… in a way I've been forced into the war for someone's amusement but being here I may as well make a difference. What class have you been summoned under?" Naruto asked after shrugging his shoulders not wanting to go into depth of how he came to summoning his old comrade.

"Ruler, the grail has selected me as Ruler, I believe the counter force is in effect too… something feels wrong with the grail. But as ruler I can use the command seals to call all other servants together and other masters cannot read my stats. Plus with the Mana you provide me I feel quite strong as can be qualified for the Saber class too." Jeane explained as she ate some or her steak, she was enjoying it immensely, as one would if they were from the past and brought to the wonders of 21st century cooking.

"That will be useful but considering yours and my inclusion in the war we'll have to be sneaky about our operations here. Only berserker and lancer have been called so far so we have time to plan out our moves but also time for you to get properly adjusted. Don't want you getting lost in the city do we?" Naruto said getting a nod of appreciation. The meal continued as normal but when night came Jeanne joined Orihime and Tatsuki in their room.

"So you knew Naruto-kun in the past… that's so coool~ is he the same now or has he changed a lot huh, huh?" Orihime asked nearly bouncing on her knees in excitement.

"Ahh, well Naruto… Naruto feels the same but I think that's just how he is. He has that friendly aura but it's welcoming too. It was pleasant to have him around and not judge me for my gender during the war but its more surprising he was on our side too." Jeane shook her head. "He once said that he believed peace was possible but it would be a long time till his dream was fulfilled. Part of me is relieved to see him alive again."

"So you like Naruto-kun? That's sweet." Orihime had Jeanne blushing but it wasn't too surprising considering how she physically was nineteen years old. The giddy girl might have said more if not for Tatsuki pulling on her cheeks.

"Don't you go asking stuff like that, especially someone out of time as odd as this all is. I swear this whole situation gets weirder now that I've joined." Tatsuki sighed as The Sun patted her shoulder, which only served to make her eye twitch.

"Ahh you have only recently discovered your abilities Tatsuki-san?" Jeanne asked getting a nod from both her and her stand.

"Yeah, it's still a bit much for me hearing all my friends had these powers and didn't tell me." it was slightly amusing as in response to her words the sun started giving Orihime a slight noggie as if to tease her for not explaining her powers earlier.

"Perhaps, but more than likely they simply wanted to protect you. Knowing others have the power to defend themselves and you not having your own would be difficult for anyone, especially close friends. At least you have the strength now to fight alongside them now right?" Jeanne asked unknowingly using her charisma rank A- to get a nod of agreement from the tomboy.

"I guess that makes sense, just annoying how far ahead little Orihime was in terms of experience via the stuff Naruto-sensei did plus those weird guys at the old warehouse." Seeing her prone to ditsy moments best friend dodging Lisa so easily whose speed was on par with Apache was something hard to believe. Even if she didn't know that if she got caught Orihime would be forced into cosplay.

"I just wanted to make sure you didn't have to worry about me, plus it's the stuff you taught me that kept me tough Tatsuki-chan." Orihime pumped her fist to her making Tatsuki smile as she ruffled her hair, she could always trust Orihime to make her smile.

Outside on the roof Naruto was drinking sake on his own, Rangiku and Yoruichi had offered to join him but he wanted time to himself. He felt something else once they entered the city, or more when Jeanne was summoned, he felt the other servants, and his connection to nature had connected him to a degree to the leylines of fuyuki.

"To think you are here… it's been so long since those days of the early world. After I had to change things for the better…" Naruto felt Kurama call him and summoned the fox. "Hey Kurama what's up?"

"Really your asking that, we still share that link of ours your remembering the days after the war. Father wouldn't blame you for what happened, too much had changed as the years rolled by." Naruto offered a cup to his vulpine partner and friend to settle his nerves.

"I can feel that guy, he's here as well, you're going to have to fight him right." Kurama remembered the blonde brat who became king.

"Yes… but I'll have my partners my girls and the others, plus Jeanne now too. I should be fine but I may need to use that side of me, the presence he has, much darker. It's not going to be an easy ride, but things like this never are."

XChapter EndX

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